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Looking for hotels in Myanmar? Why pay more to international hotel booking websites with high service fees? On the other hand, why go through the trouble of contacting Myanmar hotels and making reservations on your own? Asia Pearl Travels is a registered Myanmar Travel Agency located in Myanmar. We make Myanmar hotel reservations with discount agent rates. We have contracts with several hotels in popular tourist destinations of Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle and Kyaikhtiyo.

We have hotels in Western Myanmar towns and beaches of Mrauk U, Sittwe, Ngapali, and Ngwe Saung for your exploration of Ancient Rakhine Kingdom and fun at the beach.

If you enjoy cool weather, beautiful scenery and trekking in the Eastern Myanmar Highland areas, book with us hotels in Pindaya, Kalaw, Pyin Oo Lwin, and Kyaing Tong.

We have more trekking places in Chin Hills and Putao where we can make arrangements for cabins, lodging, and accommodations with local trekking houses. By the way, we also sell discount air tickets for domestic flights.

And then, we have hotels in areas of Myanmar less known to the international travelers, such as Pyay where the ancient city known as Thayay-Khittra (Srikhitra) was located, historic town of Mawlamyine, once the capital of British Burma, and Hpa-an where you can visit beautiful Mount Zwekabin.

Are you still looking for hotels and accommodations with bed & breakfast in some other parts of Myanmar? Do you need a 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars hotel, or just a monastery stay under a million stars for meditation retreats? No Problem. Simply contact us!

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Booking Hotels in Myanmar is easy. Simply contact us!

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Recommended Hotels in Myanmar(Sortable)
Bagan Amazing Bagan Resort Hotel 3 Stars Mid-Range
Bagan Arthawka Hotel 2 stars Budget
Bagan Aye Yar River View Hotel 3 stars Luxury
Bagan Bagan Hotel, River View 3 stars Luxury
Bagan Bagan Thande Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Bagan Kaday Aung Hotel 2 stars Budget
Bagan Kumudara Hotel 2 stars Budget
Bagan Pagoda City Hotel 2 stars Budget
Bagan Thazin Garden Hotel 2.5 stars Mid-Range
Bagan The Hotel @ Tharaba Gate 3 stars Luxury
Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort 3 stars Luxury
Chill Hills Mountain Oasis 2 stars Mid-Range
Hpa-an Zwekabin Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Inle Lake Golden Island Cottage 1,2 3 stars Mid-Range
Inle Lake Hupin Khaung Daing Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Inle Lake Hupin Hotel (Nyaung Shwe) 3 stars Mid-Range
Inle Lake Inle Lake View Resort Hotel 3 stars Luxury
Inle Lake Inle Paradise Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Inle Lake Inle Princess Resort Hotel 3 stars Luxury
Inle Lake Inle Resort Hotel 3 stars Luxury
Inle Lake Paramount Inle Resort Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Kalaw Dream Villa Hotel 2 stars Budget
Kalaw Hill Top Villa Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Kalaw Honey Pine Hotel 2 stars Budget
Kyaikhtiyo Golden Rock Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Kyaik htiyo Mountain Top Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Kyaington Princess Hotel 2 stars Budget
Mandalay Great Wall Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Mandalay Hotel Mandalay 3 stars Mid-Range
Mandalay Mandalay City Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Mandalay Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel 3 stars Luxury
Mandalay Royal City Hotel 2 stars Budget
Mandalay Rupar Mandalar Hotel 4 stars Luxury
Mandalay Sedona Mandalay Hotel 4 stars Luxury
Mandalay Silver Star Hotel 2 stars Budget
Maw la myine Attran Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Maw la myine Cinderella Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Maw la myine Ngwe Moe Hotel 2 stars Budget
Mrauk U Mrauk U Princess Resort 3 stars Luxury
Mrauk U Royal City Hotel 2 stars Budget
Mrauk U Shwe Thazin Hotel (Mrauk U) 2 stars Mid-Range
Ngapali Amazing Ngapali Resort 3 stars Mid-Range
Ngapali Ngapali Thande Beach Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Ngwe saung Yuzana Resort Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Pindaya Conqueror Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Pindaya Golden Cave Hotel 2 stars Budget
Pindaya Pindaya Inle Inn 2.5 stars Luxury
Putao Putao Trekking House 2 stars Mid-Range
Pyay Lucky Dragon Hotel 2.5 stars Mid-Range
Pyin Oo Lwin Gandamar Myaing Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Pyin Oo Lwin Royal Parkview Hotel 2.5 stars Mid-Range
Pyin Oo Lwin Thiri Myaing Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Sittwe New Palace Hotel 2 stars Budget
Sittwe Noble Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Sittwe Shwe Thazin Hotel (Sittway) 2 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Asia Plaza Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Central Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Chatrium Hotel 5 stars Luxury
Yangon Governor's Residence 4 stars Luxury
Yangon Kandawgyi Palace Hotel 4 stars Luxury
Yangon Micasa Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Panda Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Panorama Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Park Royal Hotel Yangon 5 stars Luxury
Yangon Seasons of Yangon Hotel 2 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Sedona Yangon Hotel 5 stars Luxury
Yangon Summit Parkview Hotel Yangon 3 stars Mid-Range
Yangon Yuzana Hotel 3 stars Budget
Yangon Yuzana Garden Hotel 3 stars Mid-Range

Reasons for you to visit Myanmar and book Myanmar Hotels

Myanmar is the final frontier of tourist destinations. With the recent political and economic reforms, Myanmar has started to attract sizable numbers of tourists as well as entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, and business travelers looking for opportunities in a country once isolated and shunned by the outsiders.

For the majority of international travelers, including statesmen from around the world, the former capital Yangon is still the doorway to enter this land of mystery. Yangon is expecting more visitors, as Myanmar plans to host Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in 2013 and ASEAN Summit in 2014.

Your visit to Yangon will be incomplete without touring Shwedagon Pagoda. Yangon is changing fast, with improved infrastructure and notably several new vehicles on the road. Kandawgyi Lake with Karaweik floating restaurant, and Inya Lake offer several restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, shady trees and flower gardens nearby. Yangon offers several hotels from Budget to Luxury 5 star hotels like the one US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once stayed.

Majority of first time visitors to Myanmar visit Bagan to see thousands of ancient temples and monuments dating back to the 11th century, including Ananda Temple, and Ananda Oak Kyaung, Gawdawpalin, Thatbyinnyu, Dhamayangyi, Manuha Temple, Shwezigon, Htilominlo, Bu Paya, Tharabar Gate, and Mya Zedi Pillar.

There are several decent hotels in Bagan, but the recent trend is that there are more demand for hotels than available rooms, so book early and book with us to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

And then, there is Mandalay, the Royal City of the last Myanmar Dynasty before the British colonial rules, which lasted for more than 100 years. It is common for tourists to stay overnight in Mandalay hotels and make day trips to U Bein Bridge in Amarapura, Ancient city of Ava (Inwa), Pahtodawgyi and Mingun Bell in Mingun, Monwya, Sagaing and Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo.)

Pyin Oo Lwin, sometimes spelled Pyin U Lwin, has a pleasantly cool weather conditions, even in the summer. You can still find colonial-style buildings, churches, and horse-drawn carriages. Other attractions include botanical garden, Peikchin Myaung cave with many Buddha Images and Pwekauk waterfall. It's not necessary to make a day trip to Pyin Oo Lwin and back to Mandalay by the nightfall, as there are some good hotels in Pyin Oo Lwin, once known as Maymyo.

Attractions in Mandalay itself include Mandalay Palace and the moat, Zegyo market, Mandalay Hill, Mahamuni Buddha Temple, The Golden Palace Monastery, and the World's Largest book at Kuthodaw Pagoda. There are several budget, mid-range, and luxury hotels in Mandalay. In 2012, there is an addition of a five star hotel by the name of "Shwe Pyi Thar" in Mandalay. If you don't mind paying a "little" extra for a night of luxury, then go for it!

The first time travelers to Myanmar also tend to visit 14 miles long and 7 miles wide Inle Lake to witness the natural beauty of this lake on the highland area with migrating birds, floating farms, houses on stilts above the water, and unique one-legged rowing style of Inle fishermen. Most of the hotels in the lake are on the stilts too, and they are uniquely shaped to resemble the residence of local Shan Sawbwas (Chiefs) to attract tourists.

In the middle of the Inle Lake is the Phaungdaw Oo pagoda, and "jumping cats" monastery nearby. Ancient Indein ruins are located inland on the west. Inle lake is not far away from Kalaw, Taunggyi, and Pindaya Caves.

Pindaya Caves at Shwe U Min Pagoda in Pindaya are located high on the cliff of a hill overlooking the lake, and filled with countless Buddha images of all sizes and shapes carved from wood, stone, marble, and bronze by the pilgrims over many centuries.

If you plan to visit Pindaya, you might as well drop by the beautiful town of Kalaw surrounded by pine trees and misty blue mountain ranges. Kalaw is the land of many colorfully attired national races of Myanmar. and an ideal place for trekking along hills and valleys.

South eastern part of Myanmar offers yet an another reason for you to visit Myanmar and book Myanmar hotels. For the devout Buddhists, Kyaikhtiyo is a pilgrimage site and a holy place. The Golden Rock is a Wonder of the World not to be missed! At this time, there are only a few standard hotels in Kyaikhtiyo. Fortunately, some foreign investors are looking into building new hotels in this area.

Your visit to Kyaikhtiyo will be a road trip from Yangon. Just a few hours driving distance to the south of Kyaikhtiyo at the mouth of Thanlwin River is Mawlamyine, once the capital of British Burma. There is a huge reclining Buddha image near Mawlamyine known as "Win Sein Taw Ya".

Other sightseeing around Mawlamyine include islands along the coast such as Bilu Kyun, Gaungse Kyun, a peninsula resort town of Kyaikkami, and Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery (terminal end of infamous World War II death railway).

While visiting Mawlamyine, tourists also take a boat ride up Thanlwin river or take a road trip to Hpa-an to see Mount Zwekabin and Kaw Gunn limestone caves with Buddha Statues. Some 20 years ago, who would have thought that Kayin State will become a tourist destination? But situation has changed now, and we will definitely recommend Zwekabin Hotel in Hpa-an. On your way back to Yangon, perhaps you you could drop by Nwa La bo near Thaton.

We will give you another 90,000 reasons to visit Myanmar and book Myanmar Hotels. Ancient Rakhine civilization centered around Mrauk U in Western part of Myanmar had built numerous temples, second only to Bagan in numbers. While in Mrauk U, visit Koethaung Temple, which means 90,000 temples. Too many? Then how about Shite Thaung Temple or 80,000 temples? Other attractions in Mrauk U include Dokkanthin Temple Ratanapon Pagoda, and Mahamuni temple.

Finally, here is the 90,001th reasons to visit Myanmar and book Myanmar hotels: Myanmar Travel Agency Asia Pearl Travels. We give quality services and agent rates for value of your money. Visit Myanmar. Book Myanmar hotels. Book early, and be sure to book them with Asia Pearl Travels!

Did you know?

Old and worn out US dollar bills, those with torn-edges and even some showing creases from repeated folding are not accepted by Myanmar merchants and government offices. Banks and money exchangers may give you lower exchange rates.

We need to stress this IMPORTANT point again and again so that your visit to Myanmar is not ruined by this "small" oversight.

You can now withdraw local currency "Kyat" at the ATM using your Credit Card in some areas such as Yangon International Airport. To be on the safe side, bring crisp new dollar bills, or else, contact us for help. We at Asia Pearl Travels accept major credit cards for booking hotels through PayPal.

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