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Discover Kachin State

Trekking House in Putao

Welcome to Northern-most part of Myanmar where winter snow melts from the Himalaya range of mountains, and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy river begins its long and timeless journey across Myanmar.

The only way to reach the unreachable part of Myanmar for a tourist is to go through a Myanmar Travel Agency such as Asia Pearl Travels, where we can apply for the necessary paper work.

Book a trekking house in Putao for food, lodging, and trekking guides.

Unspoiled natural beauty is better than man-made Ski Resorts. Come visit the snow-capped mountains in Kachin State to explore & appreciate nature, and for trekking.

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Book a trekking house in Putao

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Recommended Bed & Breakfast in Putao

Putao Trekking House in Kachin State, Myanmar
Putao Trekking House
2 stars( Mid-Range $$ )

Putao trekking house based in Putao offers exclusive trekking programs in dense forests and snow-capped mountains of Kachin State in the Eastern Himalayas; Bungalows are built with eco-friendly forest materials. All rooms come with attached bathroom, hot and cold shower, secure, lockable with windows offering scenic view. Lobby has bar, fire place, dinning area and common area for recreation and relaxation. Share twin accommodation in trekking house and local home stay; mattress, pillow and blanket provided; English speaking escort leader, local trekking guide and porters, meal, drinking water provided.

Kachin Jinphaw women in traditional dress

Did you know?

There are mountains in Kachin State which are permanently snow capped throughout the year. In 2011, Burmese business tycoon Tay Za had scrapped the plan to build a ski Resort there to preserve the environment and nature."

Where is Putao?

Putao on Myanmar Map.

Putao Attractions

Beautiful scenery, snow capped mountains, and a fantastic view of the beginning of the Ayeyarwaddy river draw tourists as well as photographers and video producers to the Putao region. For those folks interested in unspoiled beauty of nature and trekking, Putao is truly a dream that comes true.