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Accommodations in Kyaikhtiyo

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At present time, there are only a handful of standard hotels around Kyaikhtiyo. Some of the hotels such as Mountain Top Hotel, Golden Rock Hotel and Kyaikhtiyo Hotel are located closer to the (Golden Rock) Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda at the top of the mountain, and those are ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the wonderful sunrise and sunset at Kyaikhtiyo. There is a walking path going all the way to the top. Vehicles go up only to the level of Mountain Top Hotel.

Since there are limited number of hotels in Kyaikhtiyo, it's best to book a room before you visit. Let us help you to check out vacancies and give you the best possible deals on Kyaikhtiyo Hotels.

Do you need porters or need a truck for your Kyaikhtiyo trip in addition to booking hotels? Contact us for more info. Also check out our itinerary for Kyaikhtiyo tour.

Week-end air-conditioned railway coaches run from Yangon to the base town of "Kyaikhto". The train leaves Yangon Central Railway Station at 6:25 AM in the morning, and arrives Kyaikhto at 11AM. The train stays overnight in Kyaikhto and leaves for Yangon the next day (Sunday) at noon. Arrival time at Yangon Central Railway station is 4:35 in the evening. The schedule will stop temporarily during the rainy season. As of 2014, tickets are sold at 3500 Kyat each.

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Recommended Hotels in Kyaikhtiyo

Golden Rock Hotel in Kyaikhtiyo
Enlarge View
the lobby
Souvenir & Beverages
Interior View
Golden Rock Hotel
2 stars( Mid-Range $$ )

A recipient of Millennium Golden Award, an International Award for Customer Satisfaction. the Golden Rock Hotel is Located in the middle of the Kyaikhtiyo mountain about 1 mile away (or 50 minutes hike) to the Golden Rock Pagoda at the top and accessible by road from the base camp.

The individual buildings are strategically placed on more than three acres of wooded terrain on different elevations to ensure privacy of each room.

Each deluxe room has attached bathroom with hot & cold shower, Satellite TV, phone, individually-controlled Air Conditioning, Mini-bar, Ceiling fan, Solid teak furniture, and teak flooring.

A full service Restaurant and bar offers traditional Myanmar cuisine as well as Chinese food and vegetarian dishes.

Mountain Top Hotel in Kyaikhtiyo
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Lobby View
Standard Room
Deluxe Room
Mountain Top Hotel
2 stars( Mid-Range $$ )

Just 5 minute walk to the Golden Rock Pagoda at the top of the Kyaikhtiyo Mountain 3,600 ft. above the sea level, the Mountain Top Hotel is ideally situated for those who wish to make frequent visit to the pagoda while enjoying a spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Each Deluxe Room has attached bathroom with hot & cold shower, Satellite TV, Mini-bar, Ceiling fan, Hand crafted, solid teak furniture, and Telephone. Each Standard Room is equipped with the same facilities except TV, Min-bar, and Phone.

24 hours room service, Laundry Service, Restaurant and Transport arrangements.

Visit Kyaikhtiyo

Did you know?

The town where Kyaikhtiyo is located is called "Kyaikhto". You can hire porters to carry your luggage from the base camp to the hotel near the top of the mountain in Kyaikhtiyo.

Where is Kyaikhtiyo?

Map showing Kyaikhtiyo.

Kyaikhtiyo Map

Kyaikhtiyo Map showing hotels

Kyaikhto Attractions

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, of course. The "Golden Rock" sits at the edge of the vertical ridge and protrudes out in a precarious position. It is as though the rock is about to roll off from the cliff anytime.

For the devout Buddhist, Kyaikhtiyo is a pilgrimage site and a holy place. For tourists and other visitors, this is a Wonder of the World not to be missed!