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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's in Industrial Engineering (USA).

His notable contributions to the semiconductor industry were the techniques recognized by Sematech as ‘Administrative Quality Best Practices’ during his process engineering days with now defunct IC chip making division of Hewlett-Packard in Singapore.

Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in six countries and knowledgeable in unrelated areas including self-taught programming languages. His free online Burmese lessons serve as an effective communication bridge among tourists and growing numbers of foreign business managers with the Myanmar people.

Myanmar Script Learning Guide


This is Online Audio Support for Myanmar Script Learning Guide (PDF) with 743 Audio files. Similar sounding words with different spellings share the same audio files. Words in the same category are sortable. Detailed explanations and other resources on Myanmar Script can be found in Lesson 33: Learn to Read Burmese Script.


VOWEL A | E | U | O | Ay | O | Au | Un | In | Eare | Ain | Ome | Ine | Oon | Oun | Ate | Et | Oot | Out | Ike | Ut | Oat | It | Double Stacked Words | Practical Examples
Vowel A (Sortable)
က ka1 as in Canadian
kha1 as in Christmas
ga1 as in magazine
ga1 as in Greek
nga1 as in cling
sa1 as in small
hsa1 as in sa (more hissing)
za1 as in Israel
za1 as in Elizabeth
ta1 as in tantalize
hta1 as in translate
hta1 as in traffic
da1 as in derivative
da1 as in Dracula
na1 as in Panama
pa1 as in pagoda
pfa1 as in park
ba1 as in blame
ma1 as in Malaysia
ya1 as in Ayatollah
la1 as in lagoon
wa1 as in Watson
tha1 as in three
ha1 as in Hanoi
ah1 as in American
လှ hla1
ကာ ka2 as in Cartoon
ခါ kha2
ငါ nga2
စါ sa2 as in Sardine
ဆာ hsa2 as in NASA
ညာ nya2 as in Tanya
တာ ta2 as in Toyota
ဒါ da2 as in Da Vinci
နာ na2 as in seminar
ပါ pa2 as in Permission
ဗျာ bya2
ဘာ ba2 as in Bahrain
မာ ma2 as in Martini
ရာ ya2 as in Yamaha
ရှာ sha2 as in Canadian
ရွာ ywa2
လာ la2 as in color
ဝါ wa2 as in Wataloo
သာ tha2 as in Mother Theresa
ဟာ ha2 as in halal
အာ ah2 as in Argentina
ကား ka3 as in Car
ခါး kha3 as in Gurkha
ငါး nga3
စား sa3 as in Serbia
ဆား hsa3 as in service
ညား nya3
တား ta3 as in termite
ထား hta3
ဓါး da3 as in darling
နား na3 as in banana
ပါး pa3 as in pearl
ဖား pfa3
ဘား ba3 as in bar
မား ma3 as in mother
ဖျား pfya3
ယား ya3 as in Yugoslavia
ရှား sha3 as in Sherman
လား la3 as in Dalai Lama
ဝါး wa3 as in war
သား tha3 as brother
အား ah3 as in ardent
ကျား kja3
ပြား pya3
Vowel E (Sortable)
ကိ ki1 as in keep
စိ si1 as in seat
ညိ nyi1
တိ ti1 as in teeth
ထိ hti1
နိ ni1 as in neat
ပိ pi1 as in Pete
ဖိ pfe1
ဘိ bi1 as in beat
မိ mi1 as in meat
ရိ yi1 as in yeast
သိ thi1 as in Canadian
အိ e1 as in eat
e1 as in eat
ရှိ shi1 as in sheet
စီ si2 as in seclude
ဆီ hsi2 as in taxi
ညီ nyi2
တီ ti2 as in Aunty
ထီ hti2
ဒီ de2 as in delete
နီ ni2 as in Manila
မီ mi2 as in Milan
ရီ yi2
သီ thi2
အီ e2 as in Egyptian
စည် si2 as in Taxi
တည် ti2 as in Timor
မည် myi2 as in meander
ရည် yi2
သည် dthi2
ပြည် pyi2
e2 as in equator
ကီး ki3 as in key
စီး si3 as in see
ဆီး hsi3
ဇီး zi3 as in zebra
တီး ti3 as in Tina
ထီး hti3
နီး ni3 as in near
မီး mi3 as in Miami
သီး thi3 as in thesis
အီး e3 as in easy
ပြီ byi2
ပြီး pyi3
ကြည် kji2
ကြည့် kji1
ကြည်း kji3
စည်း si3 as in secret
တည်း ti3
နည်း ni3
Vowel U (Sortable)
ကု ku1
ခု khu1
ဆု hsu1 as in soup
တု tu1 as in tooth
ထု htu1
ဒု du1 as in dude
နု nu1 as in nude
ပု pu1 as in putrid
ဘု bu1 as in boot
သု thu1
လု lu1 as in Luke
ကူ ku2 as in Kuwait
ခူ khu2
ဂူ gu2 as in guru
စူ su2 as in supervisor
ဆူ hsu2 as in tsunami
တူ tu2 as in together
ထူ htu2
ပူ pu2 as in pudding
ဖူ pfu2
ဖြူ pfyu2
ယူ yu2 as in University
လူ lu2 as in lubrication
သူ thu2 as in Lithuania
အူ u2
ကူး ku3 as in cool
ခူး khu3
စူး su3
ဆူး hsu3
တူး tu3 as in two
ထူး htu3
ဒူး du3 as in do
နူး nu3 as in noose
ပူး pu3 as in police
ဖူး pfu3
ဘူး bu3 as in boo
မူး mu3
ရူး yu3 as in user
လူး lu3 as in Lucas
ဦး u3 as in Uzi