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Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကြွပ် | kjoot - crispy MP3 Audio File
  2. ချွတ် | choot - take off clothes MP3 Audio File
  3. စွပ် | soot - insert MP3 Audio File
  4. ဇွတ် | zoot - stubborn pursuit MP3 Audio File
  5. ပွတ် | poot - rub MP3 Audio File
  6. မွှတ် | hmoot - fluent MP3 Audio File
  7. ရွတ် | yoot - recite MP3 Audio File
  8. လွတ် | loot - to be free MP3 Audio File
  9. လွှတ် | hloot - to release MP3 Audio File
  10. ဝတ် | woot - wear clothes MP3 Audio File

Lesson 56: Burmese words with Single Tones: 'Book', 'Cook', 'Look' Group

Vocabulary list continues for single tone words that sound like 'Book', 'Cook', 'Hook', 'Look', 'Put', 'Soup', 'Took', 'Wood'. Those words are romanized with oot ending for consistency, so when you see the romanization boot, it should be pronounced like the English word book with silent k, and poot MP3 Audio File should be read as the english word put.

Most of the words in this category will have | wa1-hsweare3 at the bottom of the character or modified consonant character. The exception is the character | Wa1 itself.

Most words will end with either တ် | ta1-thut or ပ် | pa1-thut on the right side.

For example, ဘွတ် | boot in the word ဘွတ်ဖိနပ် | boot pfa1-nut is the Burmese translation of English word boots, although Burmese people will pronounce it more like "book" with silent "k".

A couple of rare exceptions are spelled with ဋ် | ta1-tha1-lin3-jate thut as in ဝဋ် | woot. MP3 Audio File

Some of those single tone words sound and romanized like existing English words. If you are viewing this page with google translator, beware that those words meant to show how they sound in English will be translated into your language, which was not the intention. Be sure to refer back to the original English page to see how the words sound.

Oot | အွတ်

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကွတ် | koot MP3 Audio File - [English] quart.

  2. ကွပ် | koot MP3 Audio File - (1) to supervise as in ကွပ်ကဲ | koot-keare3; to discipline and admonish as in ကွပ်ကဲ ဆုံးမ | koot-keare3 hsone3-ma1. (2) to sew linings around the four edges of mats and blankets. (3) low wooden bed as in ကွပ်ပျစ် | koot-pyit. (4) to execute someone by the order of the king in the old days as in ကွပ်မျက် | koot-myet. (5) castrate as in သင်းကွပ် | thin3-koot.

  3. ကျွတ် | kjoot MP3 Audio File - (1) to be free from fetters. E.g., ဝဋ်ကျွတ်သွားပြီ။ | woot kjoot thwa3 byi2 - [Buddhism] to be released from lower realm of existence and sufferings in the rounds of re-births. In general colloquial sense, it refers to be finally freed from responsibilities and bondage or association. (2) drop off; wardrobe malfunction. E.g., ဟာ ... ပုဆိုးကျွတ်သွားပြီ။ | ha2 ... pa1-hso3 kjoot thwa3 byi2 - Oops, the Sarong (for male) has dropped-off! (3) personal freedom and space; unhindered; clearance, for example, between two vehicles with ample space as in လွတ်လွတ်ကျွတ်ကျွတ် | loot-loot kjoot kjoot - . (4) blood-sucking leech that infests the grassy land in the rainy season. (5) [English] inner tube of car tire.

  4. ကြွပ် | kjoot MP3 Audio File - (1) brittle in the same sense as ဆတ် | hsut - but the latter is used for brittleness in branches of certain types of trees. (2) crispy. E.g., အာလူးကြော် ဘယ်လိုနေလဲ၊ ကြွပ်ရဲ့လား။ | ah2-lu3-kjau2 beare2 lo2 nay2 leare3. kjoot yeare1 la3 - How are the potato fries? Crispy enough?

  5. ကြွပ် | joot MP3 Audio File -(1) callus. (2) crust at the bottom of cooking pot hardened by heat as in ကြွပ်တက် | joot tet.

  6. ခွပ် | khoot MP3 Audio File - cocks and peacocks to fight each other using claws and beaks.

  7. ချွတ် | choot MP3 Audio File - (1) to take off clothings, hat, or footwear. ကဲ၊ အင်္ကျီချွတ် | keare3, ain3-ji2 choot - OK now, take-off your shirt. (2) to scrape and clean as in ကြေးချွတ် | ji3 choot. (3) a glitch; something is wrong, e.g., machine that is not in good order as in ချွတ်ယွင်း | choot-ywin3. Related word: ချွတ်ယွင်းချက် | choot-ywin3 chet - error or weakness in ideology or workmanship.

  8. ဂျွတ် | joot MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] itch.

  9. စွတ် | soot MP3 Audio File - (1) wet; soak as in စွတ်စို | soot-so2. Related word: စွတ်စိုထိုင်းမှိုင်း | soot-so2 htine3-hmine3 - gloomy and wet weather condition. (2) sled; sleigh as in စွတ်ဖား | soot-pfa3. (3) heedlessly.

  10. စွပ် | soot MP3 Audio File - (1) to insert. (2) to put on socks, gloves, stockings, finger ring, mask, T-shirt. Related words:

    1. စွပ်ကျယ် | soot-kjeare2 MP3 Audio File - T-shirt.
    2. လက်စွပ် | let-soot MP3 Audio File - finger ring.

    (3) to accuse as in စွပ်စွဲ | soot-sweare3. Related word: စွပ်စွဲချက် | soot-sweare3 chet - allegation; criminal charges. Other Usages:

    1. ကြက်သားစွပ်ပြုတ် | kjet-tha3 soot-pyoat MP3 Audio File - Chicken soup.

    2. ကြက်သား စွပ်ပြုတ်ထဲကို ငရုတ်ကောင်း အနည်းငယ် ဖြူးပါ။ | kjet-tha3 soot-pyoat hteare3 go2 nga1-yoat-goun3 a-neare3-ngeare2 pfyu3 ba2 - Sprinkle a dash of pepper in the chicken soup.

    3. စွပ်ပြုတ် | soot-pyoat -[English] soup.

  11. ဆွတ် | hsoot MP3 Audio File - (1) to pick flower, fruits, and fresh leaves. (2) to win a title, or trophy. E.g., | - စကြဝဠာ အလှမယ် သရဖူ ကို ဆွတ်ခူးခဲ့သည်။ set-kja2-wa1-la2 a-hla1-meare2 tha1-ra1-pfu2 go2 hsoot khu3 kheare1 dthi2 - (She) won the crown (title) of Ms. Universe.

  12. ဇွတ် | zoot MP3 Audio File - (1) to pursue something with stubborn persistence as in ဇွတ်တရွတ် | zoot ta1-yoot. (2) to tolerate the pain and persist despite knowing that the action brings unfavorable circumstances as in ဇွတ်မှိတ် | zoot hmate.

  13. ညွတ် | nyoot MP3 Audio File - (1) tree branches to droop. (2) lean towards certain views or personality as in တိမ်းညွတ် | tain3-nyoot. E.g., မဆွတ်ခင်ကညွတ် | ma1-hsoot khin2 gah1 nyoot - a young maiden falling in love for someone is compared to a branch of flower drooping down for the picker.

  14. ညွှတ် | hnyoot MP3 Audio File - (1) to bend a flexible branch or stick. (2) a noose or a snare constructed with such triggering mechanism as in ညွှတ်ကွင်း | hnyoot-kwin3.

  15. တွတ် | toot MP3 Audio File or doot MP3 Audio File - (1) to be talkative, especially after a child learns to talk as in တတွတ်တွတ် | ta1 doot-doot. E.g., ဒီကလေး စကား တတွတ်တွတ် ပြောနေတယ်။ | de2 kha1-lay3 za1-ga3 ta1 doot-doot pyau3 nay2 deare2 - (The child) is chattering non-stop. (2) to blow a bugle as in ခရာတွတ် | kha1-ya2 toot.

  16. တွပ် | toot MP3 Audio File - fish to nibble the food.

  17. ထွဋ် | htoot MP3 Audio File - part of some Burmese names as in တင်ထွဋ် | tin2 htoot (male), and

    သျှားထွဋ် အိန္ဒြာ | sha3 htoot ain2-dra2, Sharr Htut Eaindra (female), Miss Myanmar 2014 who participated in the 2015 Miss Universe contest.

  18. ထွတ် | htoot MP3 Audio File - topmost; supreme position. Related words:

    1. အထွတ်အထိပ် | a-htoot a-htate - culmination, climax, peak.
    2. အထွတ်အမြတ် | a-htoot a-myut - exalted position.

  19. ပွတ် | poot MP3 Audio File - (1) to rub. (2) to turn the lathe in order to make the pot, etc. round and smooth. (3) scrub as in ပွတ်တိုက် | poot tite. Related word: သွားပွတ်တံ | dtha1-boot tan2 - toothbrush.

  20. ပြွတ် | pyoot MP3 Audio File - (1) clustered; too crowded as in ပြွတ်သိပ် | pyoot-thate. (2) syringe; syringe-mechanism toy that draws water into the cylinder to be squirted in Myanmar Water Festival as in ပြွတ်တံ | pyoot tan2.

  21. ဖွတ် | pfoot MP3 Audio File - (1) monitor lizard. (2) lousy; useless person as in ဖွတ်ကျား | pfoot-kja3.

  22. ဗွတ် | boot MP3 Audio File - prefix for certain types of songbirds such as nightingales. Examples:

    1. ဗွတ်ကလုံ | boot ka1-lone2 - red-whiskered nightingale.
    2. ဗွတ်ကုလား | boot ka1-la2 - Eurasian jay.
    3. ဗွတ်ဖင်နီ | boot ka1-la2 - red-vented nightingale.

  23. ဘွတ် | boot MP3 Audio File - [English] boots; shoes as in ဘွတ်ဖိနပ် | boot pfa1-nut. In romanization, boot should be pronounced like book with silent "k".

  24. မွတ် | moot MP3 Audio File - (1) hungry; starving as in ဆာလောင်မွတ်သိပ် | hsa2-loun2 moot-thate. (2) smooth as in ချောမွတ် | chau3-moot. Other usage: မွတ်စလင် | mu2-sa1-lin2 - Muslim.

  25. မွှတ် | hmoot MP3 Audio File - (1) fluent. E.g., ဒီလူ မြန်မာစကားပြောတာ မွှတ်နေတာပဲ။ | de2 lu2 myan2-ma2 za1-ga3 pyau3 ta2 hmoot nay2 da2 beare3 - This man speaks Burmese fluently. (2) smooth.

  26. ယွတ် | yoot MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] sway; deviate.

  27. ရွတ် | yoot MP3 Audio File - (1) recite as in ရွတ်ဆို | yoot-hso2 or ရွတ်ဖတ် | yoot-pfut. (2) tendon as in အရွတ် | a-yoot. (3) scar tissue as in အမာရွတ် | a-ma2-yoot or အနာရွတ် | a-na2-yoot. Other usage: ကမာရွတ် | ka1-ma2-yoot - Name for a neighborhood also known as လှည်းတန်း | hleare3-dan3 in the vicinity of the University of Yangon.

  28. ရွှတ် | shoot MP3 Audio File - (1) jest as in နောက်ရွှတ် | nout-shoot. (2) in a flash of time as in ရွှတ်ခနဲ | shoot kha1 neare3.

  29. လွတ် | loot MP3 Audio File - (1) be free from as in လွတ်ကျွတ် | loot-kjoot. Related words:

    1. လွတ်ငြိမ်းချမ်းသာခွင့် | loot-nyain3 chan3-tha2 khwin1 - amnesty.
    2. လွတ်ပေါက် | loot-pout - escape route; loophole
    3. လွတ်မြောက်ရေး | loot-myout-yay3 - liberation; emancipation
    4. လွတ်လပ်ရေး | loot-lut-yay3 - independence

  30. လွှတ် | hloot MP3 Audio File - (1) to release. (2) to send someone for help or service. E.g., လူတယောက် လွှတ်လိုက်။ | lu2 ta1 yout hloot lite - Send someone. Other usage: လွှတ်တော် | hloot-tau2 - legislative body in the parliament.

  31. ဝဋ် | woot MP3 Audio File - [Buddhism] retributions or consequences of misdeeds in the past. Related word: ဝဋ်လည် | woot-leare3 - suffer the similar consequences as one's negative actions or bad "karma" in the past.

  32. ဝတ် | woot - MP3 Audio File (1) wear; put on clothes, shoes, etc.. Related words:

    1. ဝတ်စားတန်ဆာ | woot-sa3 da1-za2 - dress and ornaments.
    2. ဝတ်စုံ | woot-sone2 - uniform; suit.
    3. ဝတ်ရုံ | woot-yone2 or ဝတ်လုံ | woot-lone2 - official robe; University graduation gown, and ဝတ်လုံလိုက် | woot-lone2 lite is to practice law.

    4. ဝတ်လစ်စားလစ် | woot-lit sa1-lit - naked; nude; disrobed.

    (2) responsibility as in ဝတ္တရား | woot-ta1-ya3. Related word: ဝတ်ကျေတမ်းကျေ | woot-kjau2 tan3-kjay2 - superficial show of duty, for example, as a host; not wholeheartedly. (3) small particle relating to flowers. Examples:

    1. ဝတ်ဆံဖို | woot-hsun2 pfo2 - stamen.
    2. ဝတ်ဆံမ | woot-hsun2 ma1 - stigma.
    3. ဝတ်မှုန် | woot-hmone2 - pollen.
    4. ဝတ်မှုန်ကူး | woot-hmone2 ku3 - pollinate.
    5. ဝတ်မှုန်ရွှေရည် | woot hmone2 shway2 yi2 - Myanmar actress Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi.

    6. ဝတ်ရည် | woot-yay2 - nectar.

  33. သွတ် | thoot MP3 Audio File - stuffed into the container and enclosed as in စည်သွတ်ဘူး | si2-thoot bu3 - preserved food in a tin can.

  34. သွပ် | thoot MP3 Audio File - zinc. Related word: သွပ်ပြား | thoot pya3 - galvanized (coated with zinc) iron sheet used as roofs in some houses.

  35. အွတ် | oot MP3 Audio File - crow of a Burmese cock as in အောက်အီးအီးအွတ် | out-e3-e3-oot - 'cock-a-doodle-doo' by English or American cocks.