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Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ခုတ် | khoat - cut down MP3 Audio File
  2. ဆုတ် | hsoat - reverse the car MP3 Audio File
  3. ထုတ် | htoat - take out MP3 Audio File
  4. ထုပ် | htoat - pack MP3 Audio File
  5. နုတ် | hnoat - pull out MP3 Audio File
  6. ပြုတ် | pyoat - boil; fall down MP3 Audio File
  7. ဖုတ် | pfoat - bake MP3 Audio File
  8. ရုပ် | yoat - shape MP3 Audio File
  9. လုပ် | loat - do MP3 Audio File
  10. ဟုတ် | hote - be true; yes MP3 Audio File

Lesson 55: Burmese words with Single Tones: 'Boat', 'Coke', 'Poke' Group

Vocabulary list continues for single tone words that sound like 'Boat', 'Coke', 'Load'. Those words should be pronounced without closing consonants. So, when the word is romanized as 'boat', do not stress on the closing 't' sound.

Most of the words in this category will have | ta1-choun3-ngin2 at the bottom of the character or modified consonant character with either တ် | ta1 thut or ပ် | pa1 thut on the right side. In exceptional cases, သ် | tha1 thut is used as in ဥပုသ် | u1 boat - Sabbath day observance for the Buddhists.

At least one word in this category is identified with က် | ka1 thut.

There can also be double-stacked words like ပုဂ္ဂိုလ် | poat-go2. In this case, it is spelled with | ga1 and hidden thut.

Some of those single tone words sound and romanized like existing English words. If you are viewing this page with google translator, beware that those words meant to show how they sound in English will be translated into your language, which was not the intention. Be sure to refer back to the original English page to see how the words sound.

If you are looking for more complete entries, please refer to Myanmar English Dictionary.

Oat | အုတ်

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကုတ် | koat MP3 Audio File

    (1) scratch to relief itch.

    (2) birds or animals to use claws to scratch or attack.

    (3) get leverage or hold.

    (4) strive.

    Other Usages:

    ကုက်ကတ် | koat kut - painstakingly; inconveniently.

    ကုက်ကုက်ကတ်ကတ် | koat-koat kut-kut - go through hardship with difficulty.

    ကုက်ကုက်ကျစ်ကျစ် | koat-koat kjit-kjit - live frugally under unfavorable conditions.

    ကုက်ခြစ် | koat chit - make scratches or scratch marks.

    ကုက်ဖဲ့ | koat pfeare1 - break or tear apart something using finger nails or claws.

    ကုတ်အင်္ကျီ | koat ain3-ji2 - [English] coat.

  2. ကုပ် | koat MP3 Audio File

    (1) droop down.

    (2) grasp with hands or claws.

    ကုပ်ကမြင်း | koat ka1-myin3 - a youngster who appears innocent in front of elders, but misbehaves behind their back.

  3. ကုပ် | goat MP3 Audio File - as in လည်ကုပ် | leare2 goat - nape; back of the neck.

  4. ကျုပ် | kjoat MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] the first person term, pronoun "I", which can be used by both sexes.

    In modern times, the word sounds a bit unfriendly. See lesson 4 for different usages of "I".) The more common terms are ကျွန်တော် | kja1-nau2 spoken by male, and ကျွန်မ | kja1-ma1 spoken by female. The literary equivalent is ကျွန်ုပ် | kja1-noat.

  5. ကြုတ် | kjoat MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] box with cover; casket.

  6. ခုတ် | khoat MP3 Audio File - cut; chop down as in ခုတ်ထစ် | khoat htit.

    ခုတ်ထွင်ရှင်းလင်း | khoat-htwin2 shin3-lin3 - clear land for cultivation or construction by chopping down trees.

    ခုတ်ဖြတ် | khoat pfyut - cut off.

    ခုတ်မောင်း | khoat moun3 - run or operate the train or steam-ship.

    ခုတ်လှဲ | khoat hleare3 - cut down; fell tree.

  7. ချုပ် | choat MP3 Audio File

    (1) curb the freedom of movement; imprison someone as in ချုပ်နှောင် | choat hnoun2.

    (2) sew clothes; stitch.

    စက်ချုပ်ကျွင်းကျင် | set-choat kjoon3-kjin2 MP3 Audio File - skilled sewing machine operator.

    အဝတ်ချုပ် | a-woot choat - sew clothing; make garment.

    အပ်ချုပ်ဆိုင် | ut-choat hsine2 - tailoring shop.

    (3) summarize.

    အကျဉ်းချုပ် | a-kjin3 joat - summary.

    (4) be constipated as in ဝမ်းချုပ် | woon3 choat.

    (5) make legally binding contractual agreement as in စာချုပ်ချုပ် | sa2-joat choat.

    ချုပ်ကိုင် | choat-kine2 - have control and authority over in the chain-of-command.

    (6) Used as suffix word for a number of high ranking officers in division, state, government ministries, offices or organizations.

    ကာကွယ်ရေးဦးစီးချုပ် | ka2-gweare2-yay3 u3-zi3-joat MP3 Audio File - Commander-in-chief.

    စာတည်းမှုးချုပ် | sa2-de3-hmu3 joat MP3 Audio File - comptroller.

    စာရင်းချုပ် | sa1-yin3 joat MP3 Audio File - chief editor.

    စာရင်းစစ်ချုပ် | sa1-yin3-sit joat MP3 Audio File - auditor general.

    ညွှန်ကြားရေးမှုးချုပ် | hnyoon2-kja3-yay3-hmu3 joat MP3 Audio File - director general.

    ပါမောက္ခချုပ် | pa2-mout-kha1 joat MP3 Audio File - rector.

    ဗိုလ်ချုပ် | bo2-joat MP3 Audio File - major general.

    ဗိုလ်မှုးချုပ် | bo2-hmu3 joat MP3 Audio File - brigadier.

    ဘဏ္ဍာရေးမှုးချုပ် | bun2-da2-yay3-hmu3 joat MP3 Audio File - chief finance officer (CFO).

    ရှေ့နေချုပ် | shay1-nay2 joat MP3 Audio File - attorney general.

    ဝန်ကြီးချုပ် | woon2-ji3 joat MP3 Audio File - prime minister.

    အမှုဆောင်အရာရှိချုပ် | a-hmu1-zoun2 a-ya2-shi1 joat MP3 Audio File - chief executive officer (CEO).

    Other usages:

    ချုပ်ချယ် | choat-cheare2 - be oppressive.

    ချုပ်ငြိမ်း | choat nyain3 - cease.

    ဒုက္ခခပ်သိမ်း ချုပ်ငြိမ်း | doat-kha1 khut-thain3 choat nyain3 - [Buddhism] cessation of all suffering.

  8. ခြုတ် | choat MP3 Audio File

    ခြုတ်ခြယ် | choat cheare2 - bother; annoy by a manipulative person.

    (Note: ချုပ်ချယ် | choat cheare2 with different spelling means oppressive.)

  9. ဂျုတ် | joat MP3 Audio File - rake; plough used in sugar-cane cultivation.

  10. ငုတ် | ngoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) stump of a tree that remains after the tree has been felled.

    (2) stake, pole as in ငုတ်တိုင် | ngoat tine2.

    Other usage:

    ငုတ်တုတ်ထိုင် | ngoat-toat htine2 - not knowing what to do, one sits alone bewildered.

  11. ငုပ် | ngoat MP3 Audio File - dive into water; submerge in water.

    ရေငုပ် | yay2 ngoat MP3 Audio File - [Sports] scuba diving.

    ရေငုပ်သင်္ဘော | yay2-ngoat thin3-bau3 - submarine.

  12. စုတ် | soat; soat; soat MP3 Audio File

    (1) ragged, torn, and tattered as in စုတ်ပြတ် | soat pyut.

    (2) tear; be torned.

    (3) brush for oil or water-color painting as in စုတ်တံ | soat tan2.

    စုတ်ထိုး | soat hto3 - to body paint; tattoo.

    Other usage:

    စုတ်ချွန်းချွန်း | soat choon3-choon3 - unkempt, nerdy and skinny (face.)

  13. စုပ် | soat MP3 Audio File

    (1) suck.

    (2) absorb.

    ဆီစုပ် | hsi2 soat - food to absorb cooking oil during deep-frying.

    စုပ်ဝဲ | soat weare3 - whirlpool.

  14. ဆုတ် | hsoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) withdraw; retreat as in ဆုတ်ခွာ | hsoat khwa2.

    (2) reverse the vehicle for parking.

    ဆုတ်၊ ဆုတ်၊ | hsoat, hsoat MP3 Audio File
    ဆုတ်၊ ဆုတ်၊ ဆုတ် | hsoat, hsoat, hsoat - It's OK to back up the vehicle.

    ဆုတ်ယုတ် | hsoat yoat - deteriorate.

    Other Usages:

    အဆုတ် | a-hsoat MP3 Audio File - lungs.

    အဆုတ်ရောဂါ | a-hsoat yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - lung disease.

  15. ဆုပ် | hsoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) grasp with the hand; hold on to dogma and views as in ဆုပ်ကိုင် | hsoat kine2.

    (2) clench the fingers into fist as in လက်သီးဆုပ် | let-thi3 hsoat.

    ပေါက်ပေါက်ဆုပ် | pout-pout hsoat - pop-corn.

  16. တုတ် | toat; toat MP3 Audio File

    (1) plump; chubby; stocky; big (size or circumference.)

    (2) [slang] eat.

    ဒီလူ အကုန်တုတ် ပစ်လိုက်ပြီ။ | de2 lu2 a-kone2 toat pyit lite byi2 - This man has eaten it all.

    (3) doat MP3 Audio File - stick.

    တုတ်နဲ့ရိုက် | doat neare1 yite - strike with a stick.

  17. တုပ် | toat MP3 Audio File

    (1) tie; bind.

    လက်ကိုကြိုးနဲ့တုပ် | let go2 kjo3 neare1 toat - tie the hands with the rope.

    (2) bee to sting.

    ပျားတုပ်ခံရတယ်။ | pya3 toat khan2 ya1 deare2 - I get stung by the bees.

    Other Usage:

    သွေးလွန်တုပ်ကွေး | thway3-loon2 toat-kway3 MP3 Audio File - dengue fever.

  18. ထုတ် | htoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) take out; extract; draw.

    ပိုက်ဆံထုတ်။ | pike-hsun2 htoat - take out your money.

    ချလန်ထုတ် | cha1-lun2 htoat MP3 Audio File - take or get the receipt.

    (2) dismiss from job as in အလုပ်ထုတ် | a-loat htoat.

    (3) expel from school as in ကျောင်းထုတ် | kjoun3 htoat.

    (4) authorities to declare orders as in အမိန့်ထုတ် | a-main1 htoat.

    (5) produce; manufacture.

    ကုန်ပစ္စည်းထုတ် | kone2-pyit-si3 htoat - manufacture goods.

    (6) publish as in ထုတ်ဝေ | htoat way2.

    ထုတ်ဝေသူ | htoat-way2-dthu2 - publisher.

  19. ထုပ် | htoat MP3 Audio File - pack; wrap.

    ပါဆယ်ထုပ် | pa2-hseare2 htoat - pack take out food order in styrofoam boxes.

    ခေါက်ဆွဲကြော်နှစ်ပွဲပါဆယ်ထုပ်ပေးပါ။ | khout-hsweare3-jau2 hna1-pweare3 pa2-hseare2 htoat pay3 ba2 - two boxes of fried noodles to go.

    ထုပ်ဆီးတိုး | htoat-hsi3 toe3 - Myanmar outdoor game played by two teams, where the objective is for one team to pass through the defended area without being tagged, and the other team to defend the areas.

    အထုပ်အပိုး | a-htoat-a-po3 - clothes and belongings packed inside a sack, or inside the luggage in modern times.

  20. ဒုက် | doat MP3 Audio File

    ဒုက္ခ | doat-kha1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] troublesome; get into trouble. The original Pali word usually translated into English as "suffering" in Buddhism refers to troublesome temporal existence characterized by old age, sickness and death. It is the realization that nothing is ultimately satisfying.

  21. နုတ် | hnoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) pull out; extract.

    သွားနုတ် | thwa3 hnoat - extract teeth.

    (2) [Math] subtract.

    အနုတ် | a-hnoat - below zero.

    (3) remove.

    နုတ်ထွက် | hnoat htwet - resign from job.

    နုတ်ထွက်စာ | hnoat-htwet sa2 - letter of resignation.

    နုတ်သိမ်း | hnoat thain3 - take back orders, decrees, and statements; strip off entitlement, ranks, etc..

  22. နှုတ် | hnoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) mouth; prefix for mouth related words.

    နှုတ်ခမ်း | hna1-khan3 MP3 Audio File - lips

    နှုတ်ခမ်းကွဲ | hna1-khan3 kweare3 - have chapped lips.

    နှုတ်ခမ်းစူ | hna1-khan3 su2 - pout the lips.

    နှုတ်ခမ်းမွေး | hna1-khan3 hmway3 MP3 Audio File - mustache; whiskers.

    နှုတ်သီး | hnoat thi3 - (1) beak of bird. (2) spout of kettle. (3) snout of dog or crocodile, etc..

    နှုတ်ခမ်းသား | hna1-khan3 dtha3 - brim; rim of a pot, etc..

    (2) spoken words; prefix for words relating to spoken words.

    နှုတ်ကတိ | hnoat ga1-de1 - verbal promise.

    နှုတ်ကြမ်း | hnoat kjan3 - be abusive in speech.

    နှုတ်ချို | hnoat cho2 - sweet (talk); superficial (talks and empty promises.)

    နှုတ်ဆက် | hnoat hset - greet; bid farewell.

    နှုတ်ပိတ် | hnoat pate - prevent someone from sharing sensitive information with others.

    နှုတ်ဖျား | hnoat pfya3 - word at the tip of the tongue that one cannot recall immediately.

    နှုတ်သီးကောင်းလျှာပါး | hnoat-thi3 goun3 sha2 ba3 - quick in retort; shrewd in speech.

    နှုတ်သွက်လျှာသွက်ပြော | hnoat-thwet sha2-thwet pyau3 - be talkative and speak without thinking, usually in a trivial conversation.

  23. ပုဂ် | poat MP3 Audio File

    ပုဂ္ဂိုလ် | poat-go2 MP3 Audio File - a respectable person.

    ပုဂ္ဂိုလ်စွဲ | poat-go2 zweare3 - the act of blindly following a leader; personality cult.

  24. ပုစ် | poat MP3 Audio File

    ပုစ္ဆာ | poat-hsa2 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] question; problem; exercises at the end of the lesson.

  25. ပုတ် | poat MP3 Audio File

    (1) tap someone with hand.

    (2) dribble basketball.

    ပုတ်ခတ် | poat khut - slander; criticize and make political attacks.

  26. ပုဒ် | poat MP3 Audio File ; boat

    (1) word.

    (2) measure word for songs, verses, articles.

    သီချင်းလေးတစ်ပုဒ်ဆိုမယ်။ | tha1-chin3-lay3 da1-boat hso2 meare2 - I'm going to sing a song.

    ပုဒ်မ | poat ma1 - double vertical line punctuation mark ( ။ ) equivalent to full stop (period).

    ပုဒ်မခွဲ | poat-ma1 gweare3 - [Law] sub-section of an Act.

    ပုဒ်ဖြတ် | poat pfyut - single vertical line punctuation mark ( ၊ ) equivalent to a comma; [Law] sub-section of an Act.

  27. ပုပ် | poat MP3 Audio File - (1) rot and decay; some type of food to go through fermentation process.

    ခေါပုတ် | khau3 boat MP3 Audio File - a type of black sticky rice made by Ethnic Shan or Kachin people which is grounded and baked or fried.

    ပဲပုပ် | peare3 boat - salted and fermented soya bean.

    ပုပ်စော်နံ | poat-sau2 nun2 - stink.

    (2) time or space to be wasted.

    အချိန်ပုပ် | a-chain2 poat - time to be wasted.

    (3) be indulgent in sleep or in food.

    ဒီကောင်မလေး အစားပုပ်တယ်။ | de2 koun2-ma1 lay3 a-sa3 poat deare2 - This girl eats excessively.

  28. ပုသ် | boat MP3 Audio File

    ဥပုသ်နေ့ | u1 boat nay1 - Sabbath day for the Burmese Buddhists.

  29. ပြုတ် | pyoat MP3 Audio File or softer byoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) dislodge; dislocate; fall down.

    သစ်ပင်ပေါ်က ပြုတ်ကျတယ်။ | thit-pin2 pau2 ga1 pyoat kja1 deare2 - (Someone) fell down from the tree.

    (2) lose job or investment.

    ဒီလူ အလုပ်ပြုတ်သွားပြီ။ | de2 lu2 a-loat pyoat thwa3 byi2 - That man lost his job.

    (3) boil.

    ခေါက်ဆွဲပြုတ် | khout-hsweare3 pyoat MP3 Audio File - boiled noodle (instant noodle soup variety.)

    ပဲပြုတ် | peare3 byoat MP3 Audio File - steamed garden pea (a type of bean similar to green pea).

    ပြောင်းဖူးပြုတ် | pyoun3-bu3 pyoat - boiled corn-on-the-cob.

  30. ပြုပ် | byoat MP3 Audio File - cluster of lumps.

    ဖားပြုပ် | pfa1-byoat - toad with lumps on the skin as opposed to frogs with smooth skin.

  31. ဖုတ် | pfoat; pfoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) bake.

    (2) ant-lion as in ဖုတ်ကောင် | pfoat koun2.

    (3) evil spirit that re-animates the dead body; zombie.

    Other Usage:

    အဖုတ် | a-pfoat - (1) roasted or baked food. (2) tuft of hair. (3) [slang] female genital hair.

  32. ဖြုတ် | pfyoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) detach; take off.

    အင်္ကျီ ကြယ်သီးဖြုတ် | ain3-ji2 kjeare2-dthi3 pfyoat - unbutton the shirt.

    (2) remove from position; fire someone.

    မန်နေဂျာ အလုပ်သမားကို အလုပ်ဖြုတ် | mun2-nay2-ja2 a-loat-tha1-ma3 go2 a-loat pfyoat - Manager fires the worker.

  33. ဗုဒ် | boat MP3 Audio File

    ဗုဒ္ဓ | boat-da1 MP3 Audio File - the Buddha.

    ဗုဒ္ဓဟူး | boat-da1-hu3 MP3 Audio File - Wednesday.

    ဗုဒ္ဓဟူးနေ့ | boat-da1-hu3 nay1 - Wednesday.

    ဗုဒ္ဓဟူးဂြိုဟ် | boat-da1-hu3 jo2 - planet Mercury.

  34. ဘုတ် | boat MP3 Audio File

    ဘုတ်ဆုံမ | boat-hsone2 ma1 - plump girl.

    ဘုတ်ထိုင်း | boat htine3 - dull person.

  35. မုတ် | moat MP3 Audio File

    (1) another word for ပုလဲ | pa1-leare3 - pearl.

    မုတ်ကောင် | moat koun2 - pearl oyster.

    (2) [infrequent use] animal urine.

    Other usages:

    ငါးမုတ် | nga1-moat - pomfret.

    မုတ်ဆိတ် | moat-hsate - beard.

    မုတ်ဆိတ်ရိတ် | mote-hsate yate MP3 Audio File - shave beard.

    မုတ်သုံ | moat-thone2 - monsoon.

  36. မြုပ် | myoat MP3 Audio File - sink or be submerged in water.

  37. မြှုပ် | hmyoat MP3 Audio File - bury as in မြှုပ်နှံသင်္ဂြိုလ် | myoat-hnun2 dtha1-jo2.

    အမြှုပ် | a-myoat - bubble.

  38. မှုတ် | hmoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) blow with mouth.

    (2) spray paint as in ဆေးမှုတ် | hsay3 hmoat.

  39. ယုတ် | yoat MP3 Audio File - be less; be deficient.

    ယုတ်မာ | yoat ma2 - despicable.

    ဆုတ်ယုတ် | hsoat yoat - deteriorate.

    ကျက်သရေယုတ် | kjet-tha1-yay2 yoat - lack grace and dignity.

    Other usages:

    ယုတ္တိ | yoat-ti1 MP3 Audio File - credibility; logic; something that makes sense.

    မင်းပြောတယ့်စကားက ယုတ္တိလုံးဝမရှိဘူး။ | min3 pyau3 deare1 za-ga3 ga1 yoat-ti1 lone3-wa1 ma1-shi1 bu3 - What you have said is totally ridiculous.

  40. ရုတ် | yoat MP3 Audio File - words that carry the meaning of something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

    ရုတ်ခနဲ | yoat kha1-neare3- suddenly and unexpectedly.

    ရုတ်ခြည်း | yoat-chi3 - immediately; at once.

    ရုတ်တရက် | yoat-ta1-yet - unexpectedly.

    ရုတ်ရုတ်ရက်ရက် | yoat-yoat yet-yet
    ရုတ်ရုတ်ရုတ်ရုတ် | yoat-yoat yoat-yoat - in a state of commotion.

    Other usages:

    တရုတ် | ta1-yoat - Chinese.

    တရုတ်ပြည် | ta1-yoat pyi2 - the People's Republic of China (PRC).

  41. ရုပ် | yoat; yoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) withdraw.

    ရုပ်သိမ်း | yoat thain3 - end the meeting, ceremony, etc..

    (2) retract (hands or legs).

    (3) collect the clothes hanging on the clothesline in the sun as in အဝတ်ရုပ် | a-woot yoat.

    (4) physical form, especially that resembles the human shape.

    ကျောက်ဖြစ်ရုပ်ကြွင်း | kjout-pfyit yoat-kjwin3 - fossil.

    ရုပ်နဲ့နာမ် | yoat neare1 nun2 - [Buddhism] name and form; [Pali] rupa + nama.

    ရုပ်ကလာပ် | yoat ka1-lut - corpse.

    ရုပ်ချော | yoat chau3 - pretty; handsome.

    ရုပ်ဆိုး | yoat hso3 - ugly.

    ရုပ်ပျက်ဆင်းပျက် | yoat-pyet hsin3-byet - in an outlandish and non-traditional way (dressed); disfigured.

    ရုပ်ဖျက် | yoat pfyet - disguise.

    ရုပ်ဖြောင့် | yoat-pfyoun1 - handsome.

    ရုပ်မြင်သံကြား | yoat-myin2 thun2-ja3 - television.

    ရုပ်ရှင် | yoat shin2 - movies.

    ရုပ်ရှင်ကြည့် | yoat-shin2 kji1 MP3 Audio File - watch movie.

    ရုပ်ရှင်မင်းသမီး | yoat-shin2 min3-dtha1-mi3 - actress.

    ရုပ်ရှင်မင်းသား | yoat-shin2 min3-dtha3 - actor.

    ရုပ်သေး | yoat thay3 - puppet.

    သရုပ်ဆောင် | tha1-yoat-hsoun2 - acting; prefix in front of the name of the actor.

    အရုပ် | a-yoat - toy; doll.

  42. ရှုပ် | shoat; shoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) be untidy. be jumbled up.

    အခန်းရှုပ်တယ်။ | a-khan3 shoat deare2 - The room is messy.

    ရှုပ်ယှက်ခတ် | shoat-shet khut - in chaos; in disorder.

    (2) be crowded; be congested.

    ဒီအချိန် ကားရှုပ်တယ်။ | de2 a-chain2 ka3 shoat deare2 - It is rush hour now with traffic jams.

    (3) meddle; interfere.

    လာမရှုပ်နဲ့။ | la2 ma1-shoat neare1 - Stop meddling!

  43. လုတ် | loat; loat MP3 Audio File

    (1) mouthful of food.

    (2) measure word for mouthful of food.

    တစ်လုတ်စားဖူးသူ့ကျေးဇူး | ta1-loat sa3 bu3 thu1 kjay3-zu3 - [Proverb] A bite of food, gratitude.

  44. လုပ် | loat MP3 Audio File

    (1) do.

    မြန်မြန်လုပ် | myan2-myan2 loat - Do it fast!

    (2) work.

    ဘာအလုပ် လုပ်လဲ။ | ba2 a-loat loat leare3 - What do you do for a living?

    လုပ်တယ်ကွာ | loat deare2 kwa2 MP3 Audio File - I'm going to go ahead in do it. (frustrated tone)

    လုပ်နိုင်သေးတယ် | loat nine2 thay3 deare2 MP3 Audio File - It still can be done.

    လုပ်မယ် | loat meare2 MP3 Audio File - I will do it; I am about to do it.

    လုပ်ပါ | loat ba2 MP3 Audio File - Please do it now.

    လုပ်ရဲတယ် | loat yeare3 deare2 MP3 Audio File - (I/he/she) dare to do it.

    လုပ်ရက်တယ် | loat yet deare2 MP3 Audio File - How could (you/he/she) do such an inconsiderate thing?

    လုပ်သင့်တယ် | loat thin1 deare2 MP3 Audio File - You should do it.

    မလုပ်နဲ့ | ma1-loat neare1 MP3 Audio File - Don't do it! (order).

    မလုပ်ပါနဲ့ | ma1-loat ba2 neare1 MP3 Audio File - Please don't do it!

    အလုပ်လုပ် | a-loat loat MP3 Audio File - to work (verb) + work to do (noun).

    အလုပ်ကြမ်းလုပ် | a-loat-kjan3 loat MP3 Audio File - do a menial work.

    Other usages:

    လုပ်ကြံပြော | loat-kjan2 pyau3 - tell lies; fabricate; make up the facts.

    လုပ်ကြံမှု | loat-kjan2 hmu1 - assassination.

    လုပ်ကျွေး | loat-kjway3 - become a responsible person for the food and living expenses of an another person who does not work.

    လုပ်ခ | loat kha1 - service fee.

    လုပ်ငန်း | loat-ngan3 - business; suffix for the type of industry.

    ခရီးသွားလုပ်ငန်း | kha1-yi3-thwa3 loat-ngan3 - travel Industry.

    လုပ်ထုံးလုပ်နည်း | loat-htone3 loat-ni3 - established methods and procedures.

    လုပ်ပိုင်ခွင့် | loat-pine2-gwin1 - right to act; licensed to practice or engage in the business.

    လုပ်သားပြည်သူ | loat-tha3 pyi2-dthu2 - workers and fellow citizens.

    လုပ်အားပေး | loat-ah3 pay3 - volunteer.

  45. လှုပ် | hloat MP3 Audio File

    (1) shake.

    (2) quake as in ငလျင်လှုပ် | nga1-lyin2 hloat - earthquake to tremor and rumble.

    Other usages:

    စိတ်လှုပ်ရှား | sate hloat-sha3 - be anxious.

    တုန်လှုပ်ချောက်ချား | tone2-hloat chout-cha3 - be trembling with fear.

    လှုပ်ရှား | hloat-sha3 - move about.

  46. ဝုတ် | woat; woat MP3 Audio File

    (1) [poetic] meander.

    (2) sound of a dog barking.

    ဝုတ် ဝုတ် ဝုတ် | woat, woat, woat - woof, woof, woof.

  47. သုက် | thoat MP3 Audio File - semen.

  48. သုတ် | thoat; thoat MP3 Audio File

    (1) wipe clean.

    ဖုန်သုတ် | pfone2 thoat MP3 Audio File - dust off.

    ပါးစပ်သုတ် | ba1-zut thoat MP3 Audio File - wipe clean mouth area.

    လက်သုတ်ပဝါနဲ့ပါးစပ်သုတ်။ | let-thoat pa1-wa2 neare1 ba1-zut thoat - Wipe the mouth clean with napkin.

    (2) spread jam, butter, etc. on bread.

    (3) snatch as in အလစ်သုတ် | a-lit thoat.

    (4) to paint.

    အိမ်ကိုဆေးသုတ် | ain2 go2 hsay3 thoat - paint the house.

    (5) measure word to count number of groups.

    အသုတ် | a-thoat - group.

    ပထမအသုတ် | pa1-hta1-ma1 a-thoat - first group.

    သုတ်သုတ်သုတ်သုတ် | thoat thoat thoat thoat - briskly walk in the midst of busy schedule.

    သုတ်သင် | thoat-thin2 - wipe out; exterminate.

    သုတ္တန် | thoat-tan2 - [Pali] Sutta; Buddhist Sermon or Scripture.

  49. သုဒ် | thoat; thoat MP3 Audio File

    သုဒ္ဒ | thoat-da1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] the poor.

    သုဒ္ဓကိန်း | thoat-da1 kain3 MP3 Audio File - [Math] prime number; an integer that can only be divided by itself and 1 such as 3,5,7,11,13,17,19, etc..

  50. သုပ် | thoat MP3 Audio File - salad mixture.

    ခေါက်ဆွဲသုပ် | khout-hsweare3 thoat MP3 Audio File - noodle vegetable salad.

    ထမင်းသုပ် | hta1-min3 thoat MP3 Audio File - rice vegetable salad.

    မုန့်ဖက်သုပ် | mone1-pfet thoat - rice noodle vegetable salad.

    လက်ဖက်သုပ် | la1-pfet thoat MP3 Audio File - pickled tea leaves salad.

    အစုံသုပ် | a-sone2 thoat - noodle and rice vegetable salad.

  51. သုသ် | thoat MP3 Audio File

    သုသာန် | thoat-thun2 MP3 Audio File - cemetery; graveyard.

    သေသွားသောသူသည်သုသာန်သို့သွားသည်။ | thay2 thwa3 dthau3 thu2 dthi2 thoat-thun2 dtho1 thwa3 dthi2 - The death goes to the graveyard.

  52. ဟုတ် | hote MP3 Audio File - be true.

    ဟုတ်ကဲ့ | hote-keare1 MP3 Audio File - affirmative answer "Yes"; polite positive agreement.

    ဟုတ်ကဲ့ပါ | hote-keare1 ba2 MP3 Audio File - Yes, that's right!; OK!

    ဟုတ်တာပေါ့။ | hote da2 bau1 - Of course!

    ဟုတ်တယ် | hote deare2 MP3 Audio File - Yes (to yes or no choice).

    ဟုတ်တယ်နော် | hote deare2 nau2 MP3 Audio File - (1) Hey, you're right! (2) reconfirmation before going ahead with something: "You are sure about this, right?"

    ဟုတ်တယ်ဗျာ | hote deare2 bya2 MP3 Audio File - I agree! (male)

    ဟုတ်တယ်ရှင့် | hote deare2 shin1 MP3 Audio File - Yes, I concur. (female)

    ဟုတ်တိပတ်တိ | hote-ti1 pup-ti1 - substantially; something substantial amount to speak of (usually put in the negative form.)

    ဟုတ်တိပတ်တိဘာမှမဖြစ်လာဘူး။ | hote-ti1 pup-ti1 ba2 hma1 ma1-pfyit la2 bu3 - He accomplished nothing to speak of.

    ဟုတ်ပါတယ် | hote ba2-deare2 MP3 Audio File - Yes, that's right! (correct fact).

    ဟုတ်ပါ့၊ ဟုတ်ပါ့ | hote pa1, hote pa1 MP3 Audio File - Absolutely!

    ဟုတ်မှဟုတ်ရဲ့လား | hote hma1 hote yeare1 la3 MP3 Audio File - a phrase to show one is having doubt.

    ဟုတ်မှလုပ် | hote hma1 loat MP3 Audio File - Do only if you are sure it's the right thing to do.

    ဟုတ်မှလည်းလုပ်ကြဦး | hote hma1 leare3 loat ja1 ome3 MP3 Audio File - Careful! Do only if you people think it is absolutely right thing to do.

    ဟုတ်ရဲ့လား။ | hote yeare1 la3 MP3 Audio File - Are you sure?

    ဟုတ်လား။ | hote la3 MP3 Audio File - Yes? Is that so? Is that correct?

  53. ဥသ် | oat MP3 Audio File

    ဥသျှစ်သီး | oat-shit thi3 MP3 Audio File - beal fruit.

  54. ဥက် | oat MP3 Audio File

    ဥက္ကာ | oat-ka2 MP3 Audio File - meteor.

    ဥက္ကာခဲ | oat-ka2 geare3 - meteorite.

    ဥက္ကာပျံ | oat-ka2 byan2 - meteor; shooting star.

  55. အုတ် | oat MP3 Audio File - brick as in အုတ်ခဲ | oat kheare3.

    အုတ်ကြွပ် | oat-kjoot - brick tile.

    အုတ်ဂူ | oat gu2 - brick tomb.

    အုတ်တိုက် | oat tite - brick building.

    အုတ်မြစ်ချ | oat-myit cha1 - lay foundation.

    Other usages:

    အုတ်အုတ်ကျက်ကျက် | oat-oat kjet-kjet
    အုတ်အုတ်သဲသဲ | oat-oat theare3-dtheare3 - noisily (by a large crowd).

  56. ဦး | oat MP3 Audio File

    ဦးထုပ်တစ်လုံး | oat-htoat ta1-lone3 MP3 Audio File - a hat.

  57. ဥတ် | oat MP3 Audio File

    ဥတ္တရယဉ်စွန်းတန်း | oat-ta1-ra1 yin2-zoon3-dun3 MP3 Audio File - Tropic of Cancer.

  58. အုပ် | oat; oat; oat MP3 Audio File

    (1) cover with something on top.

    ငါးဟင်းကိုအုပ်ဆောင်းနဲ့အုပ်ထား။ | nga3-hin3 go2 oat-hsoun3 neare1 oat hta3 - Cover the curry fish with mesh cover.

    (2) garnish cooked food with parsley, etc..

    ပုစွန်ဟင်းကို နံနံပင်အုပ် | ba1-zoon2 hin3 go2 nun2-nun2-pin2 oat - garnish the curry prawn dish with cilantro (a type of parsley).

    (3) administer; take control; govern as in အုပ်ချုပ် | oat-choat.

    အုပ်ချုပ်ရေးမှုး | oat-choat-yay3 hmu3 - administrator.

    အုပ်ထိန်းသူ | oat-htain3 dthu2 - guardian.

    (4) [slang] devour food.

    ဆာလို့အကုန်အုပ်ပစ်လိုက်ပြီ။ | hsa2 lo1 a-kone2 oat pyit lite byi2 - I was so hungry, I ate everything.

    (5) group or collection of animals, people, and things.

    (6) measure word for groups or collection of things.

    စာအုပ်နှစ်အုပ် | sa2-oat hna1-oat - two books.