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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (USA). His contributions to semiconductor industry include Administrative Quality Best Practices during his working years as a process engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in 6 countries and exposed to different cultures and knowledgeable in unrelated areas. This includes self-taught programming languages. Currently, he is contributing to Tourism in Myanmar by making his online Burmese lessons freely available and accessible to all.

Audio Pronunciation
Ah1 "a" in "art" with silent "rt"
Ah2 "ar" in "Argentina" with silent "r"
Ah3 "ar" in "Artist" with slilent "r"
De1 "de" in "deep" with silent "p"
De2 "de" as in "demote"; "demand"
De3 "dee" as in "deer"; "decent"
Ko1 "colt" with silent "lt"
Ko2 as in "co-author"; "cocaine"
Ko3 "cold" wit silent "ld"
Yu1 "u" in "Youth" with silent "th"
Yu2 "u" as in "university"; "utensil"
Yu3 "u" as in "user"; "Unix"
Shan1 as in "shunt" with silent "t"
Shan2 "shun" as in "chandelier"
Shan3 as in "shun"
Au1 as in "auction"
Au2 as in "Australia";"auditor"
Au3 as in "August"
May1 "maize" with silent "ze"
May2 "may" as in "May I?"
May3 "ay" in "amazing"
Sin1 "sink" with silent "k"
Sin2 "sin" as in "sincerely"
Sin3 "sin" as in "sinful"; "Singapore"
Un1 "aunt" with silent "t"
Un2 "un" in "understanding"; "umbrella"
Un3 "un" as in "under"
Meare1 "melt" with silent "lt"
Meare2 "mel" in "Melbourne" with silent "l"
Meare3 "mare" of "nightmare"
Tain1 "taint" with silent "t"
Tain2 "tain" as in "Captain"
Tain3 "tain" as in "maintain"
Bine1 "Bryant" without "r"
Bine2 as in "carbine"
Bine3 as in "combine"
Dome1 as in "don't"
Dome2 close to "dominate"
Dome3 as in "dome"
Toon1 "doont" in "couldn't"
Toon2 "mon" in "monastery"
Toon3 "oon" as in "cartoon"
Koun1 "count" with silent "t"
Koun2 "coun" in "counter-strike"
Koun3 "coun" as in "counsel"
ate cake, jade, eight, paid, bake
et wet, set, mad, yet
oot cook, put, look
out out, south, mouse, doubt
ike/ite sight, pipe, night, dice, like
ut up, nut, sucks
oat oat, coat, goat, soak
it it, pit, sit

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကြိတ် | kjate - grind; run over MP3 Audio File
  2. ချိတ် | chate - connect MP3 Audio File
  3. ဂိတ် | gate - gate; terminal MP3 Audio File
  4. စိတ် | sate - mind MP3 Audio File
  5. တိတ် | tate - quiet MP3 Audio File
  6. ထိပ် | htate - top; edge MP3 Audio File
  7. ပိတ် | pate - close; switch off MP3 Audio File
  8. မိတ် | mate - "friend" word MP3 Audio File
  9. အိတ် | ate - bag MP3 Audio File
  10. အိပ် | ate - sleep MP3 Audio File

Lesson 54: Burmese words with Single Tones: 'Bake', 'Cake', 'Make' Group

Vocabulary list continues for single tone words that sound like 'Bake', 'Cake', 'Make'. Those words should be pronounced without closing consonants. So, when the word is romanized as 'bake', do not stress on the closing 'k' sound.

Most of the words in this category will have | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top of the character or modified consonant character with either တ် | ta1 thut or ပ် | pa1 thut on the right side.

Less common words with Pali roots are spelled with | tha1 ji3 with hidden | thut on top , and is equivalent to သ်သ | tha1-thut plus tha1. For example, weight measurement ပိဿာ | pate-tha2 can be broken down as ပိသ် + သာ | pate + tha2.

In double-stacked words, it is possible to get this sound with က စ ဇ တ ဒ ပ ဗ | ka1 - sa1 - za1 - ta1 - da1 - pa1 - ba1 on the right side of the consonant with hidden | thut on top. For example, နိဗ္ဗာန် | nate-bun2, (Nirvana or Nibbana), the ultimate goal Buddhist practice, can be broken down as နိဗ် + ဗာန် | nate + bun2.

Some of those single tone words sound and romanized like existing English words. If you are viewing this page with google translator, beware that those words meant to show how they sound in English will be translated into your language, which was not the intention. Be sure to refer back to the original English page to see how the words sound.

Ate | အိတ်

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကိတ် | kate MP3 Audio File - [English] cake as in

    1. ကိတ်မုန့် | kate-mone1.
    2. ကိတ်မုန့်ဆိုင် | kate mone1 hsine2 MP3 Audio File - bakery, confectionery.
    3. ပလိန်းကိတ် | pa1-lain3 kate - plain cake.
    4. ဖရုကိတ် | fa1-ru1 kate - fruit cake.

  2. ကိစ် | KATE MP3 Audio File as in ကိစ္စ | KATE-sa1 MP3 Audio File - matter; something to be done. E.g., ကိစ္စမရှိပါဘူး။ | kate-sa1 ma1 shi1 ba2 bu3 - It doesn't matter; no problem!

  3. ကျိတ် | kjate MP3 Audio File - secretly and with effort. E.g., ကျိတ်ပြီးလုပ် | khate pyi3 loat - doing something in secret with much effort and energy put it in. Other Usages:

    1. ဆီးကျိတ်ကင်ဆာ | hsi3-kjate kin2-hsa2 MP3 Audio File - prostate cancer.
    2. အကျိတ် | a-kjate - gland; tumor.

  4. ကျိပ် | jate MP3 Audio File - measure word for 10X people. E.g., ရဲဘော်သုံးကျိပ် | yeare3-bau2 thone3 jate - 30 comrades.

  5. ကြိတ် | kjate MP3 Audio File - (1) grind; mill, especially grains to produce cooking oil. (2) run over by a car or a train. E.g., ကားကြိတ်ခံရတယ်။ | ka3 kjate khan2 yah1 deare2 - someone or an animal was run over by the car. (Note: In case of the American Christmas song, "Grandmother run over by the reindeer, use the word နင်း | nin3, which means being stepped over. Complete translation: အဘွား သမင် အနင်း ခံရတယ်။ | a-pfwa3 tha1-min2 a-nin3 khan2 yah1 deare2 - ( grandmother + deer + was stepped over.) Related word: ကြိတ်ကြိတ်တိုး | kjate-kjate-toe3 - packed to capacity with crowd and characterized by shoving and pushing around.

  6. ချိတ် | chate MP3 Audio File - (1) link; connect, which can be physical as well as personal connections in the social network. (2) tow as in ချိတ်ဆွဲ | chate hswere3.

  7. ချိတ် | jate MP3 Audio File - (1) hook to hang clothes, pots and pans, etc.. (2) safety pin as in ချိတ်အပ် | jate ut.

  8. ချိပ် | chate MP3 Audio File - sealing wax.(2) safety pin as in ချိပ်တံဆိပ် | chate da1-zate - seal.

  9. ဂိတ် | gate MP3 Audio File - (1) [English] gate; entrance. (2) airport or bus terminal. E.g., အဝေးပြေးကားဂိတ် | a-way3 pyay3 ka3 gate - highway bus terminal. Related words:

    1. ဂိတ်ကြေး | gate kjay3 - toll.
    2. ဂိတ်ထိုး | gate hto3 - taxis to line up at the designated area and wait for the passengers.

  10. စိတ် | sate - MP3 Audio File psychological aspects of the human being such as thoughts, ideas, fantasies, free will, and determination. Related words:

    1. ကရုဏာစိတ် | ga1-yu1-na2 sate MP3 Audio File - compassion.
    2. စိတ်ကူးယဉ် | sate ku3 yin2 - to fantasize.
    3. စိတ်ကောက် | sate kout - (mind + crooked) = display one's displeasure by not talking. Usually, it is associated with childish behavior.

    4. စိတ်ကောင်းရှိ | sate-koun3 shi1 - (mind + good + have) = someone has kindness, gentleness and compassion.

    5. စိတ်ကုန် | sate-kone2 - (mind + runout) = run out of patience. E.g., စိတ်ကုန်တယ် | sate kone2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - I am fed up. I have run out of patience.

    6. စိတ်ကျဝေဒနာ | sate-kja1 way2-da1-na2 MP3 Audio File - depression; psychological disorder characterized by pessimism and inadequacy.

    7. စိတ်ကြီး | sate kji3 - (mind + big) = demanding and unforgiving nature.
    8. စိတ်ကြီးဝင် | sate kji3 win2 - arrogant and conceited.
    9. စိတ်ကြိုက်လုပ် | sate-kjite loat - same as စိတ်တိုင်းကျလုပ် | sate-tine3-kja1 loat - do as one wishes; do as one's heart desires.

    10. စိတ်ကြွဆေး | sate-kjwa1 hsay3 - amphetamine; narcotics; YABA.
    11. စိတ်ခု | sate-khu1 - similar to . စိတ်ကောက် | sate kout, but there is an element of resentment, and does not have the childish behavior of sate kout.

    12. စိတ်ချလက်ချ | sate-cha1 let-cha1 - relax and not worry.
    13. စိတ်ချမ်းသာ | sate chan3-tha2 - feel peaceful; having untroubled state of mind. E.g., စိတ်မချမ်းသာဘူး | sate ma1 chan3-tha2 bu3 MP3 Audio File - I am unhappy.

    14. စိတ်စော | sate-sau3 - (mind + early) = anxiously awaiting for something to happen, or having desire with restlessness to do something ahead of proper time.

    15. စိတ်ဆိုး | sate-hso3 - angry. E.g., စိတ်မဆိုး ပါနဲ့ | sate ma1 hso3 ba2 neare1 MP3 Audio File - Please don't be angry with me.

    16. စိတ်စန္ဒ | sate-sun2-da1 - strong desire especially to get something done.
    17. စိတ်ညစ် | sate-nyit - (mind + filthy) = mind is troubled by the thought of something that one does not like.

    18. စိတ်ညှို့ | sate-hnyo1 - hypnotize.
    19. စိတ်တူကိုယ်မျှ | sate-tu2-ko2-mya1 - feel the same; share the grief and pain.
    20. စိတ်တူသဘောတူ | sate-tu2 tha1-bau3 tu2 - with regard to something that is done with mutual agreement and not coerced.

    21. စိတ်တို | sate-toh2 - (mind + short) = short-tempered.
    22. စိတ်ထောင်းကိုယ်ကြေဖြစ် | sate-htoun3 ko2-kjay2 pfyit - suffer from severe mental stress that affects the physical and mental well-being of a person.

    23. စိတ်ဓာတ်ကျ | sate-dut kja1 - demoralized.
    24. စိတ်နာ | sate-na2 - (mind + painful) = feel hurt. E.g., စိတ်နာတယ်။ | sate-na2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - I feel hurt.

    25. စိတ်ပညာ | sate-pyin2-nya2 - psychology.
    26. စိတ်ပညာရှင် | sate pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - psychologist.
    27. စိတ်အထူးကုဆရာဝန် | sate a-htu3-ku1 hsa1-ya2-woon2 MP3 Audio File - psychiatrist.
    28. စိတ်ပူ | sate-pu2 - (mind + hot) = worried. E.g.,

      1. စိတ်ပူခြင်း | sate-pu2 chin3 MP3 Audio File - [literary] worry.
      2. စိတ်မပူပါနဲ့။ | sate ma1 pu2 ba2 neare1 MP3 Audio File - Don't worry!

    29. စိတ်ပျက် | sate-pyet - (mind + ruined) = disappointed. E.g., စိတ်ပျက်စရာပဲ။ | sate-pyet sa1-ya2 beare3 - (Situation is) disappointing.

    30. စိတ်ဖြေ | sate-pfyay2 - (mind + answer) = console oneself.
    31. စိတ်မရှိပါနဲ့ | sate ma1 shi1 ba2 neare1 MP3 Audio File - Please don't be angry.

    32. စိတ်မော | sate-mau3 - (mind + tired) = anxious from expecting something to happen. E.g., စိတ်မောတယ်။ | sate-mau3 deare2 - I feel anxious.

    33. စိတ်မြန် | sate-myan2 - (mind + fast) = impulsive.
    34. စိတ်ရောဂါ | sate yau3-ga2 - mental illness.
    35. စိတ်ရောဂါသည် | sate yau3-ga2-theare2 - mental patience.
    36. စိတ်ရှည် | sate shay2 - (mind + long) = patient; tolerant. E.g., စိတ်ရှည်ရှည်ထားပါ။ | sate shay2-shay2 hta3 ba2 - Please be patient.

    37. စိတ်ရှုပ် | sate shoat - (mind + untidy) = unable to think clearly; confused.
    38. စိတ်လေး | sate lay3 - (mind + heavy) = having anxiety about something that needs to be done; mild form of phobia.

    39. စိတ်လှုပ်ရှားခြင်း | sate-hloat-sha3-chin3 MP3 Audio File - excitement. E.g., စိတ် လှုပ်ရှား နေတယ် | sate hloat sha3 nay2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - (He is/ She is / I am) excited.

    40. စိတ်ဝင်စါးစရာ | sate-win2-za3 sa1-ya2 - interesting. E.g.,

      1. စိတ်ဝင်စါးစရာ ကောင်းတယ်။ | sate-win2-za3 sa1-ya2 koun3 deare2 - That's interesting!

      2. စိတ်ဝင်စားစရာပဲ | sate win2-za3 sa1-ya2 beare3 MP3 Audio File - That's interesting!

    41. စိတ်အားငယ် | sate-ah3-ngeare2 - (mind + strength + small) = despondent and feel like all alone in the world without anyone coming for help. E.g., စိတ်အားမငယ်ပါနဲ့။ | sate-ah3-ma1-ngeare2 ba2 neare1 - Be strong! (We are with you.)

    42. စိတ်အားထက်သန် | sate-ah3 htet-thun2 - enthusiastic with full of energy.
    43. စိတ်အေး | sate-ay3 - worry and anxiety to die down; feel relieved. E.g., အခုမှပဲ စိတ်အေး သွားတယ်။ | a-khu1 hma1 beare3 sate ay3 thwa3 deare2 - Only now, I can relax my mind.

    44. တည်ငြိမ်စိတ် | ti2-nyain2 sate MP3 Audio File - calmed and peacful mind.
    45. မနာလိုစိတ် | ma1-na2-lo2 sate MP3 Audio File - jealous mind.
    46. ဝမ်းနည်းစိတ် | wun3-neare3 sate MP3 Audio File - Sorrow.

  11. စိတ် | sate MP3 Audio File or zate MP3 Audio File - fruit cut into slices; a slice of fruit. E.g., ဖရဲသီးတစ်စိတ် | pfa1-yeare3-thi3 ta1-zate - a slice of watermelon. (Note: Use different 'slice' word for bread. E.g., ပေါင်မုန့်တစ်ချပ် | poun2-mone1 ta1-chut - a slice of bread.)

  12. ဆိတ် | hsate MP3 Audio File - (1) goat. E.g., ဆိတ်သားဟင်း | hsate tha3 hin3 - mutton. (2) quiet as in တိတ်ဆိတ် | tate hsate. (3) pinch with finger nails. (4) birds and fowls to peck with the beak.

  13. ဆိပ် | hsate MP3 Audio File or zate MP3 Audio File for some words. - (1) suffix for river jetty, pier to dock ship or boat, seaport, airport, E.g.,

    1. လေဆိပ် | lay2 zate - airport.
    2. ဆိပ်ကမ်း | hsate-kan3 - harbor.
    3. ဆိပ်ကမ်း ပို့ပေးပါ | hsate-kun3 po1 pay3 ba2 MP3 Audio File - Please take me to the seaport.
    4. ပုလဲဆိပ်ကမ်း | pa1-leare3 hsate-kan3 - Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

  14. တိတ် | tate MP3 Audio File - quiet; silent. E.g., တိတ်တိတ်နေ | tate-tate nay2 - Be quiet! Related word: တိတ်တိတ်ပုန်း | tate-tate pone3 - secretly, frequently used to describe extramarital affairs.

  15. တိပ် | tate MP3 Audio File - [English] tape as in တိပ်ခွေ | tate-khway2 - applicable for any audio or video recordings on CD/DVD, etc.. Related word: တိပ်ရီကော်ဒါ | tate-yi2-kau2-da2 - [English] tape-recorder.

  16. ထိတ် | htate MP3 Audio File - (1) frightened as in ထိတ်လန့် | htate-lun1. (2) shackles; fetters as in လက်ထိတ် | let htate - handcuffs. E.g., ဒီလူကို လက်ထိတ်ခတ်လိုက်။ | de2 lu2 go2 let htate khut lite - Handcuff this man.

  17. ထိပ် | htate MP3 Audio File - top; tip or edge of something as in ထိပ်ဖျား | htate-pfya3; summit as in တောင်ထိပ် | toun2 htate - top of the mountain. Related words:

    1. ထိပ်တန်း | htate-tan3 - top in class or category; the front row.
    2. ထိပ်ပြောင် | htate pyoun2 - receding hair line resulting in bald head.
    3. ထိပ်ဖူး | htate pfu3 - tip of the rocket where space capsule or warhead is located.
    4. ထိပ်ဝ | htate wa1 - mouth or opening of bottles, volcanoes, etc..
    5. လမ်းထိပ် | lun3-htate - corner of the street when giving direction from somewhere along the street. E.g., လမ်းထိပ်ကဆိုင်မှာရှိတယ်။ | lun3-htate gah1 hsine2 hma2 shi1 deare2 - It's available at the shop at the street corner.

    6. ထိပ်သီး | htate-thi3 - top level. E.g., ထိပ်သီးညီလာခံ | htate-thi3 nyi2-la2-khan2 - Summit Conference where top level government officials from different countries meet.

  18. နိသ် | NATE MP3 Audio File as in နိဿယ | NATE-tha1-ya1 MP3 Audio File - word-by-word translation of the Buddhist text in Pali.

  19. နှိပ် | hnate MP3 Audio File - (1) press down. E.g., အနီရောင် ခလုတ်ကို နှိပ်ပါ။ | a-ni2-youn2 kha1-loat go2 hnate ba2 - Press the red button. Related Words:

    1. ပုံနှိပ်တိုက် | pone2 hnate tite MP3 Audio File - printing house; publishing house; press.
    2. လက်နှိပ်စက် | let-hnate-set - typewriter.

    (2) massage. E.g.,

    1. ဒီနေရာ နှိပ်ပေးပါ။ | de2 na1-ya2 hnate pay3 ba2 - Massage me here (this location).
    2. အနှိပ်သည် | a-hnate-theare2 MP3 Audio File - masseur.

    (3) to stamp the official seal as in တံဆိပ်နှိပ် | da1-zate hnate. (4) oppress; suppress as in နှိပ်ကွပ် | hnate-koot. (5) torment; torture as in နှိပ်စက် | hnate-set. E.g., နှိပ်စက်ခံရတယ်။ | hnate-set khan2 yah1 deare2 - He was tortured.

  20. နိဗ် | NATE MP3 Audio File as in နိဗ္ဗာန် | NATE bun2 MP3 Audio File - [Buddhism] Nirvana; Nibbana. Non-conditioned state beyond cause and effect. Deathless state where birth and cycle of suffering known as Dukkha ceases to exist. နိဗ္ဗာန်ဈေး | nate-bun2 zay3 - Lucky draws for children of all ages during religious festive months (October-November).

  21. ပိတ် | pate MP3 Audio File - (1) shut windows and doors. E.g., ပြတင်းပေါက်ပိတ်လိုက်။ | pya1-din3-pout pate lite - Shut the window. (2) close. E.g., ဆိုင်ဘယ်အချိန်ပိတ်လဲ။ | hsine2 beare2 a-chain2 pate leare3 - What time does the shop close? What time do you close? (3) clogged. E.g., နှာခေါင်းပိတ်နေတယ်။ | hna1-khoun3 pate nay2 deare2 - I have stuffy nose. (4) public or school holidays. E.g., ရုံးပိတ်ရက် | yone3 pate yet - (office + close + day) = public holiday. (5) turn off water; switch off electricity or any appliances and equipment that run on electricity. E.g.,

    1. ရေ ပိတ် | yay2 pate MP3 Audio File - turn off the water.
    2. မီး ပိတ် | mi3 pate MP3 Audio File - switch off the light.
    3. တီဗွီပိတ် | ti2-bwi2 pate MP3 Audio File - switch off TV.

    (6) block; blockade as in ပိတ်ဆို့ | pate-hso1. E.g., စီးပွားရေးပိတ်ဆို့မှု | si3-bwa3-yay3 pate-hso1-hmu1 - economic sanctions.

  22. ပိတ် | pate MP3 Audio File - cotton or any other fabric to make clothes and drapes as in ပိတ်စ | pate-sa1.

  23. ပိသ် | PATE MP3 Audio File as in ပိဿာ | PATE tha2 MP3 Audio File - weight measurement Viss, equivalent to 3.6 lb or 1.632932532 kg. One PATE tha2 is divided into 100 ticals known as ကျပ်သား | kjut tha3.

  24. ပြိတ် | PATE MP3 Audio File as in ပြိတ္တာ | PATE ta2 MP3 Audio File - hungry ghost.

  25. ပြိသ် | PYATE MP3 Audio File as in ပြိဿ | PYATE tha1 MP3 Audio File - [astrology] Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac.

  26. ဖိတ် | pfate MP3 Audio File - (1) invite as in ဖိတ်ခေါ် | pfate khau2. Related words:

    1. ဖိတ်စာ | pfate sa2 - invitation card or letter.

    2. အဖိတ်နေ့ | a-pfate nay1 - a day before the Buddhist Sabbath day ဥပုသ်နေ့ | u1-boat-nay1 when Buddhist nuns can be seen going around the neighborhood to collect donation. (See U1 Boat Nay1.)

    (2) spill something, especially food or drink.

  27. ဗြိစ် | BYATE MP3 Audio File as in ဗြိစ္ဆာ | BYATE hsa2 MP3 Audio File - [astrology] Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac.

  28. ဘိက် | BATE MP3 Audio File as in

    1. ဘိက္ခု | BATE khu1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] Bhikkhu; Buddhist Monk.
    2. ဘိက္ခုနီ | BATE khu1 ni2 - [Pali] Buddhist nun.

  29. ဘိတ် | bate MP3 Audio File - come in last, for example, in a race as in ဘိတ်ဆုံး | bate hsone3 or impolite word ဘိတ်ချေး | bate chi3 with the same meaning.

  30. မိတ် | mate MP3 Audio File - friend; mate. Related words:

    1. မိတ်ဆက် | mate hset - introduce to someone. E.g., မိတ်ဆက်ပေးမယ်။ | mate hset pay3 meare2 - I'll introduce you to him or her.

    2. မိတ်ဆွေ | mate hsway2 MP3 Audio File - friend (used in public messages and billboards.)
    3. မိတ်ဆွေတို့ | mate hsway2 doh1 MP3 Audio File - friend. (used in public messages and billboards.)
    4. မိတ်ဖွဲ့ | mate pfweare1 - make friend.
    5. မိတ်လိုက် | mate lite - animal to mate or find a mate.
    6. မိတ်သင်္ဂဟ | mate-thin2-ga1-ha2 - friends and acquaintances.

  31. မိတ် | mate MP3 Audio File - skin rash due to heat; miliaria. Other Usage: မိတ်ကပ် | mate kut - [English] makeup; cosmetics. E.g., မိတ်ကပ်လိမ်း | mate-kut lain3 MP3 Audio File - put on makeup; apply cosmetics.

  32. မိတ် | MATE MP3 Audio File as in

    1. မိတ္တူ | MATE-tu2 - photocopy.
    2. မိတ္တူကူး | MATE-tu2 ku3 MP3 Audio File - make photocopy.

  33. မိသ် | MATE MP3 Audio File as in

    1. မိဿ | MATE tha1 MP3 Audio File - [astrology] Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.
    2. မိဿလင် | MATE-tha1-lin2 MP3 Audio File - ginger-like herb with smoother outer skin.
    3. မောင်းမမိဿံ | moun3-ma1 MATE-thun2 - female attendents of royalty.

  34. မြိတ် | myate MP3 Audio File - fringe as in စောင် အမြိတ် | soun2 a-myate - ornamental border of the blanket.

  35. မြိတ် | myate MP3 Audio File or [Mon Language] bate - MP3 Audio File coastal city of Myeik in southern Myanmar.

  36. မှိတ် | hmate MP3 Audio File - (1) put out or switch off the light.(2) close the eyes. E.g., မျက်စိမှိတ်ထား။ | myet-si1 hmate hta3 - keep your eyes closed. Related word: မှိတ်တုတ်မှိတ်တုတ် | hmate-toat hmate-toat - blinking of light; flashing; twinkling of stars.

  37. ရိတ် | yate MP3 Audio File - (1) shave hair and beard. E.g., မုတ်ဆိတ် ရိတ် | mote-hsate yate MP3 Audio File - shave beard. (2) reap crops. (3) mow grass on the lawn. E.g., မြက်ရိတ်စက် | myet yate set - lawnmower.

  38. ရိပ် | yate MP3 Audio File - (1) early evening hours when sun starts to go down as in နေရိပ်ချိန် | nay2 yate chain2. (2) shadow as in အရိပ် | a-yate. (3) under the shade as in သစ်ပင်ရိပ်အောက်မှာ | thit-pin2 yate out hma2 - under the shade of the tree. (4) sign of anyone as in လူရိပ် | lu2 yate. Other Usages:

    1. ရိပ်ခနဲ | yate kha1-neare3 - in a flash. E.g., ရိပ်ခနဲ တွေ့လိုက်တယ်။ | yate kha1-neare3 tway1 lite deare2 - I saw it just for a split second.

    2. ရိပ်မိ | yate mi1 - get the inkling or the hint.

    3. ရိပ်ရိပ်ရိပ်ရိပ် | yate yate yate yate - Background scenery, especially trees closer to the roadside changes and passes by along the road when driving.

    4. ရိပ်သာ | yate-tha2 - retreat center or quiet residential area. E.g., အရာရှိရိပ်သာ | a-ya2-shi1 yate-tha2 - residential area for government officials. တက္ကသိုလ်ရိပ်သာလမ်း | tet-ka1-tho2 yate tha1 lun2 - University Avenue, for example, is the main road in the most expensive residential area near Yangon University.

  39. လိပ် | late MP3 Audio File - (1) roll something. E.g., ကော်ပြန့်လိပ်ကြော် | gau2-byan1-late kjau2 - springroll; eggroll. (2) address of home, office, or a place as in လိပ်စာ | late-sa2. (3) turtle; tortoise. (4) hemorrhoids; piles as in လိပ်ခေါင်းရောဂါ | late-goun3 yau3-ga2. MP3 Audio File (4) structure with roof shaped like a dome as in လိပ်ခုံး | late-khone3. (5) butterfly (flying insect); consciousness; spirit as in လိပ်ပြာ | late-pya2. Related word: လိပ်ပြာသန့် | late-pya2 thun1 - have clear conscience.

  40. ဝိစ် | WATE MP3 Audio File as in ဝိစ္ဆာ | WATE-hsa2 MP3 Audio File - [grammar] prefix | a1 or suffix တိုင်း | dine3 is attached to a word, and the word is then repeated to mean "every" of such a thing. E.g,

    1. လူတိုင်း လူတိုင်း | lu2 dine3 lu2 dine3 - every person.
    2. အမြို့မြို့ အရွာရွာ | a-myo1-myo1 a-ywa2-ywa2 - each and every city and town.

  41. ဝိဇ် | WATE MP3 Audio File as in ဝိဇ္ဇာ | WATE-za2 MP3 Audio File - (1) knowledge; wisdom. (2) expert "guru" in certain field of knowledge. (3) B.A, Bachelor's degree in Arts.

  42. သိက် | THATE MP3 Audio File as in သိက္ခာ | THATE-kha2 MP3 Audio File - (1) dignity. E.g., သိက္ခာကျ | thate-kha2 kja1 means losing one's dignity. Anyone can lose such a dignity by one's own immoral actions and behavior. If someone verbally attacks or make malicious accusation to someone with သိက္ခာ | thate-kha2, only the attacker will lose his သိက္ခာ | thate-kha2 because he is lowering his own moral standard by making a false speech. (2) number of years as monkhood.

  43. သိဒ် | THATE MP3 Audio File as in သိဒ္ဓိ | THATE-di1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] (1) perfection. (2) male's name with the same meaning.

  44. သိပ် | thate MP3 Audio File - (1) [colloquial] very; extremely. E.g., သိပ်လှတာပဲ။ | thate hla1 ta2 beare3 - It's very pretty. (2) crammed up and packed to capacity as in ပြွတ်သိပ် | pyoot-thate. E.g., လူတွေ ပြွတ်သိပ် နေတာပဲ။ | lu2-dway2 pyoot-thate nay2 da2 beare3 - The place is too crowded. (3) pacify a child or a baby to sleep as in ချော့သိပ် | chau1-thate. (4) fill up the container to the capacity with certain type of foodstuff for fermentation. (5) keep something for at least overnight, for example, to keep a fruit to ripe. (6) high density and compact as in သိပ်သည်း | thate-thi3.

  45. သိပ် | THATE MP3 Audio File as in

    1. ရန်ကုန်ဝိဇ္ဇာသိပ္ပံတက္ကသိုလ် | yan2-gome2 WATE-za2 THATE-pan2 TET ka1-tho2 - Yangon University of Arts & Science, formerly known as RASU.

    2. သိပ္ပံ | THATE-pan2 MP3 Audio File - Science.
    3. သိပ္ပံပညာရှင် | THATE-pan2 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - scientist.

  46. ဟိတ် | hate MP3 Audio File - (1) arrogant and bombastic as in ဟိတ်ကြီးဟန်ကြီး | hate-ji3 hun2-ji3. (2) equivalent to "Hey" to shout at someone, for example, to a trespasser.

  47. အိတ် | ate MP3 Audio File - bag. Related Words:

    1. ကျောပိုးအိတ် | kjau3-po3 ate - backpack; bookbag; backsack; knapsack; rucksack.
    2. လွယ်အိတ် | lweare2 ate - shoulder bag especially to carry books.
    3. ပိုက်ဆံအိတ် | pike-hsun2 ate - any size of bag to put money; wallet, purse; shoulder bag; handbag.
    4. အိတ်ထဲမှာ | ate hteare3 hma2 MP3 Audio File - inside the bag.
    5. အိတ်ထောင် | ate-htoun2 - pocket.

  48. ဣစ် | ATE MP3 Audio File as in ဣစ္ဆာသယ | ATE-hsa2 tha1 ya1 - [Pali] desire.

  49. ဣတ် | ATE MP3 Audio File as in

    1. ဣတ္ထိယ | ATE-hti1-ya1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] woman.
    2. ဣတ္ထိလိင် | ATE-hti1-lain2 MP3 Audio File - [grammar] feminine gender.

  50. ဣဋ္ဌ် | ATE MP3 Audio File as in ဣဋ္ဌာရုံ | ATE-hta2 yone2 - [Pali] object of sense desire.

  51. အိပ် | ate MP3 Audio File - sleep. Related words:

    1. အိပ်ခန်း | ate-khan3 - bedroom.
    2. အိပ်ချင်မူးတူး | ate-chin2-mu3-tu3 MP3 Audio File - feeling drowsy after awakened by someone or something in the middle of sleep.
    3. အိပ်ချိန် | ate-chain2 - bed-time.
    4. အိပ်ငိုက် | ate-ngite - feel sleepy due to tiredness, lack of sleep, or heavy meal, etc..
    5. အိပ်စင် | ate-sin2 - bunk; berth.
    6. အိပ်ဆေး | ate-hsay3 - sleeping pill.
    7. အိပ်ပျော် | ate-pyau2 - fall asleep. Christians could refer to this word as ခရစ်တော်၌ အိပ်ပျော် | kha1-rit-tau2 hnite ate-pyau2 - Sleep in Christ; passed away.
    8. အိပ်မွေ့ချ | ate-mway1-cha1 - hypnotize.
    9. အိပ်ရာထ | ate-ya2 hta1 MP3 Audio File - get up from bed.
    10. အိပ်ရေးပျက် | ate-yay3 pyet - lose sleep.
    11. အိပ်ရေးဝ | ate-yay3 wa1 - have a good night sleep; slept well. E.g., အိပ်ရေးဝရဲ့လား။ | ate-yay3 wah1 yeare1 la3 - Did you sleep well?

  52. ဣသ် | ATE MP3 Audio File as in ဣဿာမစ္ဆရိယ | ATE-tha2-myit-sa1-ri1-ya1 - [Pali] jealousy and envy; stingy to give due credit to someone one is jealous of.