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Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကိုက် | kite - bite MP3 Audio File
  2. ကြိုက် | kjite - like MP3 Audio File
  3. စိုက် | site - plant tree MP3 Audio File
  4. ဆိုက် | hsite - plane to land MP3 Audio File
  5. တိုက် | tite - building MP3 Audio File
  6. ဗိုက် | bite - stomach MP3 Audio File
  7. မိုက် | mite - foolish MP3 Audio File
  8. ရိုက် | yite - hit MP3 Audio File
  9. လိုက် | lite - follow MP3 Audio File
  10. အိုက် | ike - feel warm MP3 Audio File

Kjite Hti3 Yo3 | ကျိုက်ထီးရိုး


In Mon language, ကျိုက် | kjite means stupa or Pagoda, and Kyaikhtiyo is the most well-known.

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, situated at 1,100 meter (3,600 ft) above the sea level, is one of major tourist attractions and a pilgrimage site for Myanmar people.

The pagoda is built on a boulder hanging precariously at the edge of the vertical ridge.

The mysterious boulder is about 25 feet high and 50 feet in circumference.

The base camp 210 kilometer (130 miles) away from Yangon is now accessible by air-conditioned weekend train as an alternative to a five hour drive from Yangon.

There is a 11 kilometer (6.8 mile) hiking trek from the base camp as well as a paved road to the bus terminal closer to the hotels and the Pagoda at top of the mountain.

Kyaikhtiyo Map

Lesson 52: Burmese words with Single Tones 'Kite', 'Like', 'Mike' Group

Vocabulary list continues for single tone word that sound like 'Kite', 'Like', 'Mike'. Those words should be pronounced without closing consonants. So, when the word is romanized as 'like', do not stress on closing 'k' sound.

Most of the words in this category are spelled with | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top of the character, followed by | ta1-choun3-ngin2 at the bottom, and က် | ka1 thut at the right side.

Some of those single tone words sound and romanized like existing English words. If you are viewing this page with google translator, beware that those words meant to show how they sound in English will be translated into your language, which was not the intention. Be sure to refer back to the original English page to see how the words sound.

If you are looking for more complete entries, please refer to Myanmar English Dictionary.

Ike | အိုက်

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကိုက် | kite MP3 Audio File gite

    (1) bite.

    (2) cut with scissors.

    (3) have ache and pain.

    (4) be suitable.

    (5) be the right amount.

    (6) be profitable as in တွက်ခြေကိုက် | twet-chay2 kite.

    (7) gite - yard (3 feet.)

    Other usages:

    ကိုက်လန် | kite lun2 - kai lun (Chinese mustard 芥兰.) MP3 Audio File

    ကိုက်လန်ကြော် | kite-lun2 jau2 MP3 Audio File - fried kailan.

  2. ကျိုက် | kjite MP3 Audio File

    (1) [Mon Language] pagoda.

    ကျိုက်ထီးရိုး | kjite hti3 yo3 - Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda.

    (2) Burmese male to tuck the Longyi ခါးတောင်းကျိုက် | ga1-doun3 kjite for physical activities by folding the length of the front portion between thighs and tuck in at the back side thus thighs are exposed as if wearing shorts.

    ကျိုက်ကျိုက်ဆူ | kjite-kjite hsu2 - be boiling hot and bubbling up with effervescence.

  3. ကြိုက် | kjite MP3 Audio File

    (1) like something or someone.

    (2) happen to be; meet by chance; occur at the same time as in ကြုံကြိုက် | kjone2 kjite.

  4. ခိုက် | khite; khite MP3 Audio File

    (1) cause damage as in ထိခိုက် | hti1 khite.

    (2) 'while' word to mean during some kind of activity.

    အချိန်ရှိခိုက်လုံ့လစိုက် | a-chain2 shi1 khite lone1-la1 site - [Proverb] Make an effort while there is time.

    သွားခိုက်လာခိုက် | thwa3-khite la2-khite - while going and coming.

    ခိုက်ခိုက်တုန် | khite khite tone2 - be shivering with cold.

  5. ခြိုက် | chite MP3 Audio File

    (1) be concave and dented.

    (2) fond of something or someone; to like as in နှစ်ခြိုက် | hnit chite.

    နှစ်နှစ်ခြိုက်ခြိုက် | hnit-hnit chite-chite - comfortably and with enjoyment (e.g., sleep well).

  6. ဂိုက် | gite MP3 Audio File - [English] guise.

    ဂိုက်ထုတ် | gite htoat - dress up and be pretentious.

  7. ဂျိုက် | jite MP3 Audio File - [English] jack (a tool for lifting a car when changing tire.)

  8. ငိုက် | ngite MP3 Audio File - head to droop due to drowsiness or sleepiness.

  9. စိုက် | site MP3 Audio File

    (1) cultivate crops, vegetable, and trees by sowing seeds, stems, etc. in the soil.

    စိုက်ပျိုးရေး | site-pyo3-yay3 - agriculture.

    (2) sharp object to be penetrated or lodged into something.

    (3) put an effort as in လုံ့လစိုက် | lone1-la1 site.

    (4) invest capital, principal amount of money.

    (5) temporarily loan the money for someone's use.

  10. ဆိုက် | hsite MP3 Audio File - aircraft to land; ship to make port call; vehicle on the road to park.

    ဆိုက်ဆိုက်မြိုက်မြိုက် | hsite-hsite myite-myite - (reach the destination) without any problem; smooth-sailing.

    Other usage:

    ဆိုက်ကား | hsite ka3 - [English: side + car] tricycle / trishaw with the capacity to carry two passengers sitting back to back at the side of the pedaler.

    ဆိုက်ကားဆရာ | hsite-ka3 hsa1-ya2 MP3 Audio File - trishaw driver.

  11. ဆိုဒ် | hsite - corrupted English word 'size' commonly used commercially such as by photo studios.

  12. တိုက် | tite; tite MP3 Audio File

    (1) brick building which can be a house or high-rise apartment as in တိုက်ခန်း | tite khan3.

    (2) building with a specific function.

    ဆေးတိုက် | hsay3 dite - clinic (medicine + building).

    (3) continent.

    အာရှတိုက်သား | ah2-sha1 tite tha3 - Asian (Asia + continent + dweller).

    တိုက်ချင်းပစ်ဒုံးပျံ | tite-chin3-pyit dome3-byan2 - Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

    Other usages:

    တိုက်ဖွိုက်ရောဂါ | tite-pfwite yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - [English] typhoid.

    တိုက်ကွမ်ဒို | tite-kwan2-doh2 MP3 Audio File - [English] Taekwondo.

    (4) collide.

    ကားတိုက် | ka3 tite - have automobile collision; involve in a car accident.

    တိုက်ဆိုင် | tite hsine2 - coincide.

    (5) wind to blow as in လေတိုက် | lay2 tite.

    (6) brush, polish; scrub or iron clothes.

    သွားတိုက် | thwa3 tite MP3 Audio File - brush teeth.

    ပါလစ်တိုက် | pa2-lit tite - polish to shine.

    အိုးတိုက် | o3 tite - scrub to clean.

    (7) attack as in စစ်တိုက် | sit tite - engage in war.

    တိုက်စစ် | tite sit - offensive play in game; attack in war.

    တိုက်စစ်မှုး | tite-sit hmu3 MP3 Audio File - the captain of the soccer team.

    တိုက်လေယာဉ် | tite lay2-yin2 - fighter plane.

    တိုက်ရေယာဉ် | tite yay2-yin2 - gunboat.

    တိုက်သင်္ဘော | tite thin3-bau3 - battleship.

    (8) rob as in ဓားပြတိုက် | da1-mya1 tite.

    (9) incite hatred as in ရန်တိုက် | yan2 tite.

  13. ထိုက် | htite MP3 Audio File - be deserving as in ထိုက်တန် | htite tan2.

  14. ဒိုက် | dite MP3 Audio File - floating rubbish.

  15. နှိုက် | hnite MP3 Audio File - put the hand into pocket, bag, etc. to take something out.

    မဲနှိုက် | meare3 hnite - pick the lucky-draw.

    ခါးပိုက်နှိုက် | ga1-bite hnite - pickpocket.

  16. | hnite MP3 Audio File - [literary] 'at'; location indictator similar to colloquial မှာ | hma2.

  17. ပိုက် | pike; pike MP3 Audio File

    (1) hold in the arm close to the body.

    (2) net as in ပိုက်ကွန် | pike koon2.

    (3) [English] pipe as in ရေပိုက် | yay2 pike - water pipe.

    Other usage:

    ပိုက်ဆံ | pike-hsun2 - money.

  18. ပြိုက် | byite MP3 Audio File - measure word to count frequency of rain.

    ချွေးတပြိုက်ပြိုက်ကျ | chway3 da1-byite-byite kja1 - sweat heavily.

  19. ဖိုက် | pfite MP3 Audio File - [English] fight. Such English words can be sandwiched between Burmese phrases.

    ဖိုက်တင်ကား | pfite-tin2 ka3 - action movie.

    ဗျူးကောင်းတဲ့ နေရာမှာ ဖိုက်ကြစို့ | byu3 koun3 deare1 nay2-ya2 hma2 pfite kja1 zo1 - Let's fight where the background scenery (view) is good.

  20. ဗိုက် | bite MP3 Audio File - stomach; belly.

    ဗိုက်ဆာတယ်ဗျို့။ | bite hsa2 deare2 byo1 - I am so hungry (stomach + be hungry + ending word + proclamation).

    ဗိုက်နာ | bite na2 - have stomach-ache.

    ဗိုက်ကြီး | bite kji3 - be pregnant.

    ဗိုက်ရွှဲ | bite shweare3 - beer-belly.

  21. ဗျိုက် | byite MP3 Audio File - wet land with grassy vegetation and shrubs as in ဗျိုက်တော | byite tau3.

  22. မိုက် | mite; mite MP3 Audio File

    (1) dark in the night as in မှောင်မိုက် | hmoun2 mite.

    (2) [slang] equivalent to American slang "cool". E.g., မိုက်တယ်ကွ။ | mite deare2 kwa1 - impressive!

    မိုက်မဲ | mite meare3 - stupid and foolish.

    မိုက်ရိုင်း | mite yine3 - rude.

    (3) [English] microphone.

  23. မြှိုက် | hmyite MP3 Audio File

    (1) become scorched or singed due to intense heat or dry condtitions.

    (2) cheat; deceive.

  24. ရိုက် | yite MP3 Audio File

    (1) hit; strike; administer corporal punishment such as caneing.

    (2) take picture, video, movie.

    ဓာတ်ပုံရိုက် | dut-pone2 yite MP3 Audio File - take photograph.

    (3) play golf, tennis, badminton, table-tennis etc. that involves hitting the ball or shuttle with the club, racket, paddle, or bet.

    ဂေါက်သီးရိုက် | gout-thi3 yite MP3 Audio File - play golf.

    (4) play cards as in ဖဲရိုက် | pfeare3 yite. MP3 Audio File

  25. ရှိုက် | shite MP3 Audio File

    (1) sob as in ငိုရှိုက် | ngo2 shite.

    (2) breath in as in ရှူရှိုက် | shu2 shite.

    အရှိုက်ထိ | a-shite hti1 - receive a physical blow; get hit in the vulnerable spot.

  26. လိုက် | lite; lite MP3 Audio File

    (1) follow; come along; go along.

    လိုက်မလား | lite ma1-la3 - Do you want to come along (with us)?

    လိုက်ခဲ့ | lite kheare1 MP3 Audio File - Come along with me.

    လိုက်နာ | lite na2 - obey (follow + listen to advice.)

    (2) hunt as in အမဲလိုက် | a-meare3 lite.

    (3) become a professional by following the path and practice.

    ရှေ့နေလိုက် | shay1-nay2 lite - make a living as a lawyer.

    (4) indulge by going after the sense pleasure.

    မိန်းမလိုက်စားတယ်။ | main3-ma1 lite sa3 deare2 - (He is) a womanizer.

    (5) elope with a man as in ခိုးရာလိုက် | kho3 ya2 lite.

    (6) compatible; go well together.

    အင်္ကျီအဖြူနဲ့ ဘောင်းဘီအညိုနဲ့ လိုက်တယ် | ain3-ji2 a-pfyu2 neare1 boun3-be2 a-nyo2 neare1 lite deare2 MP3 Audio File - White shirt goes well with brown trousers.

    (7) particle used for emphasis "so much" or extreme to such a degree as in လိုက်တာ | lite da2.

    ပူလိုက်အိုက်လိုက်တာ။ | pu2 lite ike lite da2 - The weather is so hot.

    လှလိုက်တာ | hla1 lite da2 MP3 Audio File - It's so beautiful!

    (8) verb-suffix particle word to give green light or go ahead to do something.

    စားလိုက် | sa3 lite MP3 Audio File - Go ahead and eat it all.

    (9) verb-suffix particle word to indicate whether something did or did not happen.

    မြင်လိုက်လား | myin2 lite la3 MP3 Audio File - Did you see that?

    Other usages:

    လိုက်ကာ | lite ka2 - drapes; moveable screen.

    လိုက်ချီး | lite-chi3 MP3 Audio File - lichee.

    လိုက်ပွဲ | lite pweare3 MP3 Audio File - extra dish for second helping.

  27. လှိုက် | hlite MP3 Audio File

    (1) have an unsettling feeling sometimes accompanied by excitement or fear.

    လှိုက်ဖို | hlite pfo2 - feel sorrow; worry.

    လှိုက်လှိုက်လှဲလှဲ | hlite-hlite hleare3-hleare3
    လှိုက်လှဲစွာ | hlite-hleare3 zwa2 - whole-heartedly.

  28. ဝိုက် | wite MP3 Audio File - have a motion that does not follow a straight path but curved such as when throwing a curved ball in baseball or kicking a freekick in soccer by some professionals.

    သွယ်ဝိုက် | thweare2-wite - speak indirectly and tactfully.

  29. ဝှိုက် | white MP3 Audio File

    စနိုးဝှိုက် | sa1-no3 white - [English] Snow White.

  30. သိုက် | thite MP3 Audio File

    (1) group; bunch.

    (2) nest as in အသိုက် | a-thite.

    သိုက်မြိုက်စည်ကား | thite-myite si2-ga3 - celebration or festival that is well-attended and alive with a teeming crowd.

    (3) mineral deposit as in သတ္တုသိုက် | thut-tu1 thite.

    သိုက်တူး | thite tu3 - hunt or dig for hidden treasure.

  31. ဟိုက် | hite; hite MP3 Audio File

    (1) low-neck (dress).

    ရင်ဟိုက်အင်္ကျီ | yin2-hite ain3-ji2 - blouse that shows the cleavage.

    (2) exclamation equivalent to "Gosh!" or "Oh, my God!"

    Other Usage:

    ဟိုက်ဒရိုဂျင် | hite-da1-ro2-jin2 - [English] Hydrogen.

  32. အိုက် | ike MP3 Audio File - feel warm and stuffy due to hot weather.

    Other usages:

    အိုက်စကရင် | ike-sa1-ka1-rin2 - [English] ice-cream.

    အိုက်တင် | ike-tin2 - [English] acting.

    အိုက်တင်မခံနေနဲ့။ | ike-tin2 ma1-khan2 nay2 neare1 - Don't be so modest.

    (That phrase is used to tell someone that if he really wants something, stop pretending like he does not.)

    အိုက်စလန် | ike-sa1-lun2 - Iceland.