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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's in Industrial Engineering (USA).

His contributions to the semiconductor industry included techniques recognized by Sematech as ‘Administrative Quality Best Practices’ during his process engineering days with now defunct IC chip making division of Hewlett-Packard in Singapore.

Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in six countries and knowledgeable in unrelated areas including self-taught programming languages. His free online Burmese lessons serve as an effective communication bridge that connects international community with ordinary Myanmar people.

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကြက် | kjet - chicken MP3 Audio File
  2. ချက် | chet - cook MP3 Audio File
  3. ခွက် | khwet - glass; cup; bowl MP3 Audio File
  4. စက် | set - machine MP3 Audio File
  5. ဆက် | hset - connect MP3 Audio File
  6. တက် | tet - climb MP3 Audio File
  7. ထွက် | htwet - come out MP3 Audio File
  8. ပျက် | pyet - out of order MP3 Audio File
  9. ရက် | yet - day; date MP3 Audio File
  10. လက် | let - hand MP3 Audio File

Lesson 50: Burmese words with Single Tones 'Wet', 'Set', Mad', 'Yet' Group

Unlike the words with tone variations, there are eight categories of single tone words in Burmese. Single tones in most cases are spelled by the consonant character accompanied by a closing character and small "c" shape "thut" on top of that closing character. The Single tone category that sounds like "At", "Bet", "Det", "Get" can be spelled with the closing character ka1 plus "thut" : က်.

Consonant modification symbols are added for words like "Jet": ဂျက်. Tone change symbols are not used.

Remember, there are no closing sounds in Burmese. So, unless otherwise indicated, the word like "Jet": ဂျက် should be pronounced without closing "t" consonant.

Some of those single tones sound and romanized like existing English words. If you are viewing this page with google translator, beware that those words meant to show how they sound in English will be translated into your language, which was not the intention. Be sure to refer back to the original English page to see how the words sound.

As with other Burmese vocabulary entries starting from lesson 36, the listing is quite comprehensive and almost like a mini-dictionary useful for spelling check when writing in Burmese. Just pick up the words that interest you for learning purposes, or use these lessons in combination with Google Custom Search Engine for dictionary look up of words when needed.

If you are looking for more complete entries, please refer to Myanmar English Dictionary.

At | အက်

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကက် | ket MP3 Audio File

    (1) drum for storage of rice.

    (It has capacity for Burmese volumetric measurement 64 တင်း | tin3.)

    (2) back side of the bullock-carriage where passengers sit.

    Other usages:

    ကက်ဆက် | ket-hset - [English] cassette.

    ကက်တလောက် | ket-ta1-lout - [English] catalog; catalogue.

  2. ကျက် | kjet MP3 Audio File

    (1) cooked from the raw state; done with cooking.

    ထမင်းကျက်ပြီလား။ | hta1-min3 kjet byi2 la3 - Is the rice cooked?

    (2) memorize; learn by heart as in စာကျက် | sa2 kjet - learn the school reading material.

    (3) wound to heal.

    အနာကျက်သွားပြီ။ | a-na2 kjet thwa3 byi2 - the wound has healed.

    Other usages:

    ကျက်စား | kjet sa3 - inhabit; animals to graze.

    ကျက်မိ | kjet mi1 - recognize someone from frequent encounters.

    ကျက်သရေ | kjet-tha1-yay2 - grace and dignity.

  3. ကြက် | kjet MP3 Audio File - fowl.

    ကြက်ကင် | kjet kin2 - barbecue chicken.

    ကြက်ကင် (၁) ကောင်မှာလိုက် | kjet kin2 da1-goun2 hma2 lite MP3 Audio File - Go ahead and order a barbecue chicken.

    ကြက်ကြော် | kjet kjau2 MP3 Audio File - fried chicken.

    ကြက်ခြေခတ် | kjet chay2 khut - put an 'X' mark. (lit: chicken feet + cross out.)

    ကြက်ခြေနီအသင်း | kjet-chay2-ni2 a-thin3 - the Red Cross Society (chicken + feet + red + team.)

    ကြက်ဆင် | kjet hsin2 - turkey.

    ကြက်ငှက်တုပ်ကွေးရောဂါ | kjat hnget toat-kway3 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - bird flu.

    ကြက်တူရွေး | kjet tu2 yway3 - parrot.

    ကြက်တောင် | kjet toun2 MP3 Audio File - shuttle cock (in badminton game.)

    ကြက်တောင်ပံ | kjet toun2-bun2 - chicken wing.

    ကြက်တောင်ရိုက် | kjet-toun2 yite - play badminton.

    ကြက်တွန် | kjet toon2 - crow of the cock.

    ကြက်ပေါင်ကြော် | kjet poun2 jau2 - fried chicken drum stick.

    ကြက်ဖ | kjet pfa1 - cock; rooster.

    ကြက်မ | kjet ma1 - hen.

    ကြက်မွေး | kjet mway3 - feather.

    ကြက်မွေးမြူရေး | kjet mway3-myu2-yay3 - poultry farming.

    ကြက်သား | kjet tha3 MP3 Audio File - chicken meat.

    ကြက်သားစွပ်ပြုတ် | kjet-tha3 soot-pyoat MP3 Audio File - chicken soup.

    ကြက်သားဒံပေါက် | kjet-tha3 dun2-bout MP3 Audio File - chicken biryani.

    ကြက်သားမှုန့် | kjet-tha3 hmone1 MP3 Audio File - chicken flavor seasoning powder.

    ကြက်သားလုံးကြော် | kjet-tha1-lone3 kjau2 MP3 Audio File - minced chicken balls.

    ကြက်သွေးရောင် | kjet thway3 youn2 - dark red; crimson color. (chicken + blood + color)

    ကြက်လျှာစွန်း | kjet sha2 zoon3 - triangular-shaped land. (chicken + tongue + corner)

    ကြက်အစိမ်းကြော် | kjet a-sain3 jau2 MP3 Audio File - fried vegetable with chicken.

    ကြက်ဥ | kjet u1 MP3 Audio File - chicken egg.

    ကြက်ဥခေါက်ကြော် | kyet-u1 khout-kjau2 MP3 Audio File - omelet.

    ကြက်ဥပေါင်မုန့်ကြော် | kjet-u1 poun2-mone1 kjau2 MP3 Audio File - French toast.

    ကြက်ဥပြုတ် | kyet-u1 pyoat MP3 Audio File - boiled egg.

    ကြက်ဥပြုတ်မကျက်တစ်ကျက် | kyet-u1 pyoat ma-kjet da1-jet MP3 Audio File - half-boiled egg.

    Other usages:

    ကြက်ဆူပင် | kjet-hsu2 bin2 - castor oil plant.

    ကြက်မောက်သီး | kjet-mout thi3 MP3 Audio File - rambutan.

    ကြက်သီးထ | kjet-thain3 hta1 - have goose pimples.

    ကြက်သွန်နီ | kjet-thoon2 ni2 MP3 Audio File - onion.

    ကြက်သွန်ဖြူ | kjet-thoon2 byu2 MP3 Audio File - garlic.

    ကြက်သွန်မြိတ် | kjet-thoon2 mate MP3 Audio File - spring onion.

    ကြက်ဟင်းခါးသီး | kjet-hin3-ga3 dthi3 MP3 Audio File - bitter melon; bitter gourd.

  4. ကွက် | kwet; kwet MP3 Audio File

    (1) pattern especially square or rectangular.

    ကွက်ကျော်မြင် | kwet-kjau2 myin2 - see one step ahead.

    (2) be confined to certain areas.

    ကွက်ကျား | kwet-kja3 - sporadically.

    နေရာကွက်ကျား မိုးရွာမည်။ | nay2-ya2 kwet-kja3 mo3 ywa2 myi2 - There will be scattered showers.

    ကွက်တိ | kwet ti1 - just the right amount; something that is an exact fit.

    ရပ်ကွက် | yut-kwet - section of township that comprises of neighborhood households; ward.

    ကွက်လပ် | kwet-lut - vacant area; 'blank'.

    ကွက်လပ်ဖြည့်ပါ | kwet-lut pfyay1 ba2 - Fill in the blank.

    အကွက် | a-kwet - a plot of land.

  5. ကြွက် | kjwet MP3 Audio File

    (1) rat; mouse.

    (2) muscle as in ကြွက်သား | kjwet tha3.

    ကြွက်တက် | kjwet tet - have muscle cramp.

    Other usage:

    ကြွက်နို့ | kjwet no1 - wart.

  6. ခက် | khet MP3 Audio File

    (1) difficult.

    ခက်ဆစ် | khet hsit - difficult word.

    (2) branch as in အကိုင်းအခက် | a-kine3 a-khet.

    (3) hard and tough as in ခက်မာ | khet ma2.

    ခက်ထန် | khet htan2 - harsh.

    ခက်ရင်း | kha1-yin3 MP3 Audio File - fork.

Don't worry if you don't understand what he is saying. Neither did I the first time I watched, nor the second. Before watching for the third time, I reminded myself to pay attention to the lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen. Ah yes, this time I understood. Young, energetic, refreshing, entertaining, and certainly, a good piece for show and tell, but it sure is difficult to understand.

Traditional Myanmar Thingyan chants are close counterparts to rap music, so young Burmese people have no trouble adapting to this genre of music. Myanmar hiphop has the element of rap with a mix of instrumental like this. waiလျှံ (William) and ရတနာမိုင် (Yadanar My) in their earlier careers. [39 seconds]

I won't bother to translate this clip. If there is a word of wisdom that you can learn from this, it will be ခက် | khet meaning difficult.

Myanmar Hiphop is Difficult to understand

Don't worry if you don't understand what he is saying. Neither did I the first time I watched, nor the second. Before watching for the third time, I reminded myself to pay attention to the lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen. Ah yes, this time I understood. Young, energetic, refreshing, entertaining, and certainly, a good piece for show and tell, but it sure is difficult to understand. Traditional Myanmar Thingyan chants are close counterparts to rap music, so young Burmese people have no trouble adapting to this genre of music. Myanmar hip hop has the element of rap with a mix of instrumental like this. waiလျှံ (William) and ရတနာမိုင် (Yadanar My) in their earlier days. [39 seconds] I won't bother to translate this clip. If there is a word of wisdom that you can learn from this, it will be ခက် | khet meaning difficult.

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Monday, May 30, 2016
  1. ချက် | chet MP3 Audio File

    (1) cook as in ချက်ပြုတ် | chet pyoat.

    ထမင်းချက် | hta1-min3 chet MP3 Audio File - cook rice.

    ဟင်းချက် | hin3 chet MP3 Audio File - cook dishes.

    (2) distill liquor as in အရက်ချက် | a-yet chet.

    (3) refine; brew; process as in ရေနံချက် | yay2-nun2 chet - process crude oil.

    (4) navel.

    ချက်ကြိုး | chet kjo3 - umbilical cord.

    (5) 'click' sound of firearm triggering mechanism.

    (6) vital point or position.

    ချက်ချင်း | chet-chin3 MP3 Audio File - immediately.

    အချက်အချာ | a-chet a-cha2 - central position.

    အချက်အလက် | a-chet a-let - fact; information.

    မှတ်ချက်ချ | hmut-chet cha1 - make a remark.

  2. ခွက် | khwet MP3 Audio File - cup; glass; bowl.

  3. ဂျက် | jet MP3 Audio File

    (1) [English] jet as in ဂျက်လေယာဉ် | jet lay2-yin2 - jet plane.

    (2) [English] jack (of playing cards.)

  4. ငှက် | hnget MP3 Audio File - bird.

    ငှက်ကုလားအုတ် | hnget ka1-la1-oat - ostrich.

    ငှက်ကြီးဝန်ပို | hnget-ji3 woon2-bo2 - pelican.

    ငှက်သုံးကောင် | hnget thone3 goun2 MP3 Audio File - three birds.

    ငှက်သိုက် | hnget thite - bird-nest (a delicacy.)

    Other usages:

    ငှက်ဖျားရောဂါ | hnget-pfya3 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - malaria.

    ငှက်ပျော | nga1-pyau3 - banana.

    (Note: In addition to ငှက်ပျောသီး | nga1-pyau3 dthi3 MP3 Audio File - the fruit of banana, the bud ငှက်ပျောဖူး | nga1-pyau3 bu3 can be cooked and eaten. Banana stem ငှက်ပျောအူ | nga1-pyau3 u2 is used in Burmese favorite fish gravy rice-noodle မုန့်ဟင်းခါး | mone1 hin3 ga3 - Mont Hin Ga.)

    ငှက်ပျောသီး တစ်ဖီး | nga1-pyau3-thi3 ta1-pfe3 MP3 Audio File - a bunch of banana.

    ငှက်ပျောသီး တစ်လုံး | nga1-pyau3-thi3 ta1-lone3 MP3 Audio File - a banana.

  5. စက် | set MP3 Audio File

    (1) machine; prefix or suffix used to specify the type of machine.

    အပ်ချုပ်စက် | ut-choat set - sewing machine.

    စက်ကတ်ကြေး | set kut-kji3 - mechanical or electrical hair-clipper.

    စက်ခေါင်း | set goun3 - locomotive engine.

    စက်ဆရာ | set hsa1-ya2 - mechanic.

    စက်ဆီ | set hsi2 - engine oil.

    စက်ပြင် | set pyin2 MP3 Audio File - mechanic; machine repairman.

    စက်ပစ္စည်း | set pyit-si3 - machine parts.

    စက်ဘီး | set-bain3 - bicycle.

    စက်ဘီးစီး | set-bain3 si3 MP3 Audio File - ride a bicycle. [Sports] Cycling.

    စက်ဘီး တစ်စီး | set-bain3 da1-zi3 MP3 Audio File - a bicycle.

    စက်ဘီး (၂)စီး ငှားမယ် | set-bain3 hna1-si3 hnga3 meare2 MP3 Audio File - (We) will rent two bicycles.

    စက်မဲ့လေယာဉ် | set-meare1 lay2-yin2 - glider.

    စက်မှုပညာရှင် | set-hmu1 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - technician.

    စက်မှုအင်ဂျင်နီယာ | set-hmu1 in2-jin2-ni2-ya2 MP3 Audio File - mechanical engineer.

    စက်မှုလက်မှုကျောင်း | set-hmu1 let-hmu1 kjoun3 - technical school.

    စက်မောင်းသမား | set moun3 tha1-ma3 MP3 Audio File - machine operator.

    စက်ယန္တရား | set yan3-da1-ya3 - machinery.

    စက်ရုံ | set yone2 MP3 Audio File - factory; manufacturing plant.

    စက်ရုံမန်နေဂျာ | set-yone2 mun2-nay2-ja2 MP3 Audio File - factory manager.

    စက်ရုံလုပ်သား | set-yone2 loat-tha3 MP3 Audio File - factory worker.

    စက်ရုံအင်ဂျင်နီယာ | set-yone2 in2-jin2-ni2-ya2 MP3 Audio File - industrial engineer.

    စက်ရုပ် | set yoat - robot.

    စက်လှေ | set hlay2 - mechanized boat.

    စက်လှေ ခေါ်ပေးပါ | set hlay2 khau2 pay3 ba2 MP3 Audio File - Please call a motorized boat for me.

    စက်လှေခါး | set hlay2-ga3 - escalator.

    စက်သီး | set thi3 - pulley.

    စက်သေနတ် | set tha1-nut - machine gun.

  6. စက် | set MP3 Audio File - circle; wheel; cycle as in စက်ဝိုင်း | set-wine3.

    မိုးကုပ်စက်ဝိုင်း | mo3-goat set-wine3 - horizon.

    စက်ကွင်း | set kwin3 - sphere of power and influence.

    စက်တော်ရာ | set-tau2 ya2 - foot-print of the Buddha.

    စက်တော်ဖြန့် | set-tau2 pfyan1 - royalty to make a trip.

    စက်တော်ခေါ် | set-tau2 khau2 - royalty to sleep.

    Other usages:

    စက်ဆုပ်ရွံရှာ | set-hsoat yoon2-sha2 - loathe.

    စက်တင်ဘာ | set-tin2-ba2 - [English] September.

    စက္ကူ | set-ku2 MP3 Audio File - paper.

    စက္ကူပန်း | set-ku2 bun3 MP3 Audio File - a type of flower: Bougain Villaea.

    စက္ကန့် | set-kun1 MP3 Audio File - [English] 1/60 of minute; second.

    စက္ခု | set-khu1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] eye.

    စက္ခုပသာဒ | set-khu1 pa1-dtha2-da1 MP3 Audio File - [Pali] faculty of vision.

    စကြာ | set-kja2 MP3 Audio File - circular; heavenly weapon; markings in the foot of the Buddha and the "Arahant" or the accomplished monks; journey made by respected persons.

    စကြဝဠာ | set-kja2 wa1-la2 - the Universe.

  7. ဆက် | hset MP3 Audio File

    (1) join, connect.

    ဂဟေဆက် | ga1-hay2 hset - join two metal pieces by welding.

    (2) establish communication as in ဆက်သွယ် | hset thweare2.

    ဆက်သွယ်ရေး | hset-thweare2-yay3 - communications.

    ဆက်သွယ်ရေးအရာရှိ | hset-thweare2-yay3 a-ya2-shi1 MP3 Audio File - communications officer.

    ဖုန်းဆက် | pfone3 hset - make a phone call.

    (3) introduce someone as in မိတ်ဆက် | mate hset.

    (4) offer respectfully as in ဆက်သ | hset-tha1.

    စားတော်ဆက် | sa3-tau2-zet - restaurant; eating house. sa3-tau2 hset - offer meal to royalty.

    (5) continue.

    ခရီးဆက် | kha1-yi3 hset - continue the journey.

    ဆက်လက် | hset-let - 'Next' used in the sentence such as 'Next, the official goes on to inspect something.'

    (6) the next generation; descendant as in မျိုးဆက် | myo3 zet.

    (7) extortion money or tax by warlords as in ဆက်ကြေး | hset kjay3.

    (8) succeed throne as in ဆက်ခံ | hset khan2.

    (9) 'In connection with' as in ဆက်စပ် | hset sut - 'as for'; 'with regard to'.

    (10) have relation with as in ဆက်ဆံ | hset hsun2.

    ကာမဆက်ဆံ | ka2-ma1 hset-hsun2 - have sexual intercourse.

  8. ဇက် | zet MP3 Audio File - nape of the neck.

  9. ညက် | nyet MP3 Audio File

    (1) grind to powder or paste.

    ညက်ညက်ကြေ | nyet-nyet kjay2 - crushed to powder.

    (2) skin to be smooth and delicate.

  10. ညှက် | hnyet MP3 Audio File - tiny; diminutive.

  11. တက် | tet MP3 Audio File

    (1) climb up.

    တောင်တက် | toun2 tet MP3 Audio File - climb mountain.

    (2) rise.

    ဈေးတက် | zay3 tet - rise in prices.

    ဖီလင်တက် | pfe2-lin2 tet - [slang] be sentimental. [English 'feeling' + Burmese 'tet'.]

    တက်တက်ကြွကြွ | tet-tet kjwa1-jwa1 - active as opposed to sluggish and apathetic.

    တက်လမ်း | tet lun3 - opportunity for advancement and promotion in one's career.

    (3) attend school,tuition, classes as in ကျောင်းတက် | kjoun3 tet - attend school.

    (4) get into a vehicle; board the aircraft; mount on a horse.

    ဘတ်စကားပေါ်တက် | but-sa1-ka3 pau2 tet - get into the bus.

    (5) coated with dust as in ဖုန်တက် | pfone2 tet.

    (6) rust as in သံချေးတက် | thun2-ji3 tet.

    (6) ascend the throne as in နန်းတက် | nun3 tet.

    (7) have fits.

    (8) oar; peddle.

    Other Usages:

    တက်တက်စင် | tet-tet sin2 - entirely.

    တက်တက်စင်အောင် မှား၏။ | tet-tet sin2 oun2 hma3 e1 - It is completely wrong.

    တက်မ | tet ma1 - rudder.

    အတက် | a-tet - outgrowth; sprout; shoot.

    တက္ကစီ | tet-si2 MP3 Audio File - [English] taxi.

    တက္ကစီခေါ် | tet-si2 khau2 MP3 Audio File - call taxi.

    တက္ကစီ ခေါ်ပေးပါ | tet-si2 khau2 pay3 ba2 MP3 Audio File - Please call taxi for me.

    တက္ကသိုလ် | tet ka1-dtho2 MP3 Audio File - University.

  12. တွက် | twet MP3 Audio File - do the math; calculate; compute as in တွက်ချက် | twet chet. MP3 Audio File

    တွက်ခြေမကိုက် | twet-chay2 ma1-kite - be in a deficit situation where the expenses are more than profits.

  13. ထက် | htet; htet MP3 Audio File

    (1) be sharp like the edge of the blade.

    (2) keen intellect; bright as in ဉာဏ်ထက် | nyan2 htet.

    (3) powerful; effective as in အစွမ်းထက် | a-soon3 htet.

    (4) comparative term used as conjunction to indicate more in degree or amount. (See lesson 30.)

    စိတ်အားထက်သန် | sate-ah3 htet-thun2 - be enthusiastic.

    ထက်တိုင် | htet tine2
    ထက်ထိ | htet hti1 - up to certain point; till.

    ယနေ့ထက်တိုင် မလာသေး။ | ya1-nay1 htet tine2 ma1-la2 thay3 - still has not come till today.

    ထက်ဝက် | ta1-wet
    ထက်ခြမ်း | ta1-chan3 - half.

  14. ထွက် | htwet MP3 Audio File

    (1) come out.

    ချွေးထွက် | chway3 htwet - perspire. (sweat + come out).

    (2) go away; leave; depart.

    ထွက်စမ်း | htwet zun3 - Out! Go away!

    ခရီးထွက် | kha1-yi3 htwet - make a trip; embark on a journey.

    (3) quit job as in အလုပ်ထွက် | a-loat htwet.

    ထွက်စာတင် | htwet sa2 tin2 - submit a letter of resignation.

    (4) produce.

    ထွက်ကုန်ပစ္စည်း | htwet-kone2 pyit-si3 - manufactured goods.

    (5) exit; escape route as in ထွက်ပေါက် | htwet pout.

    ထွက်ပြေး | htwet pyay3 - run away; escape.

  15. ဒက် | det MP3 Audio File - dandruff.

  16. နက် | net MP3 Audio File

    (1) black (color)as in အနက် | a-net.

    နက်မှောင် | net hmoun2 - pitch black.

    (2) deep; steep as in နက်ရှိုင်း | net-shine3.

    နက်နဲ | net-neare3 - profound.

    နက်နက်နဲနဲ | net-net neare3-neare3 - deeply; profoundly.

    Other usages:

    နက်ဖြန် | net-pfyan2 - tomorrow.

    နက္ခတ် | net-khut MP3 Audio File - stars.

    နက္ခတ်တာရာ | net-khut ta2-ya2 - stars and planets.

  17. နှက် | hnet MP3 Audio File - hit and beat up someone as in ရိုက်နှက် | yite hnet.

  18. ပက် | pet MP3 Audio File

    (1) splash.

    ရေပက် | yay2 pet - splash with water.

    (2) wild boar to gore.

    Other Usages:

    ပက်ကျိ | pet-kji1 - snail; slug.

    ပက်စက် | pet-set - be obnoxious; be deserving of censure.

    ပက်စီ | pet-si2 MP3 Audio File - Pepsi.

    ပက်လက် | pet-let - on one's back.

    ပက်လက်ကုလားထိုင် | pet-let ka1-la1-htine2 - reclining chair.

    ပက်လက်လန် | pet-let lun2 - falls on one's back.

    ပက်လက်လှန် | pet-let hlun2 - turn the body in reclining position with face up; turn something to be in such a state.

  19. ပျက် | pyet MP3 Audio File

    (1) break down; out of order.

    ကားပျက်နေတယ်။ | ka3 pyet nay2 deare2 - the car has broken down.

    (2) be destroyed; be ruined as in ပျက်စီး | pyet si3.

    The word also refers to a person ruined by one's own immoral behavior.

  20. ပြက် | pyet MP3 Audio File - jest; to make fun of someone as in ပြက်ရယ်ပြု | pyet yeare2 pyu1.

  21. ပွက် | pwet MP3 Audio File - boil and bubble up as in ပွက်ပွက်ဆူ | pwet-pwet hsu2.

  22. ဖက် | pfet; pfet; pfet MP3 Audio File

    (1) embrace; hug.

    (2) leaf used to roll cheroots and wrap food.

    မုန့်ဖက်ထုပ် | mone1 pfet hoat - snack made of dough and sweet stuffing wrapped in leaf.

    (3) two items or persons that match and go together well as in လိုက်ဖက် | lite pfet.

    (4) a piece out of a pair. E.g., a pair of sandals is called ဖိနပ်တစ်ရန် | pfa1-nut ta1-yan2.

    ဖိနပ်တစ်ဖက် ပျောက်နေတယ်။ | pfa1-nut ta1-pfet pyout nay2 deare2 - One side of sandals is missing.

    Other usages:

    ဖက်ဖူးရောင် | pfet-pfu3 youn2 - light yellowish green color. ( See lesson 10.)

    ဖက်ဆစ်ဝါဒ | pfet-hsit wa2-da1 - [English] fascism.

  23. ဖျက် | pfyet MP3 Audio File

    (1) destroy.

    ဖျက်ဆီး | pfyet-hsi3 - destroy; vandalize.

    ဖျက်ဆီးခြင်း | pfyet-hsi3 jin3 - vandalism.

    ဖျက်ဆီးသူ | pfyet-hsi3 dthu2 - vandal.

    ဖျက်သင်္ဘော | pfyet thin3-bau3 - destroyer (warship).

    ဖျက်သိမ်း | pfyet thain3 - abolish.

    (2) erase.

    ခဲဖျက် | kheare3 byet - pencil eraser made of rubber.

  24. ဗြက် | byet MP3 Audio File - width; breadth. ( Commonly known as အနံ | a-nun2.)

  25. ဗွက် | bwet MP3 Audio File - mud.

    ဗွက်ထ | bwet hta1 - be muddy.

  26. ဘက် | bet MP3 Audio File - direction; suffix for direction.

    ညာဘက် | nya2 bet - right side.

    ဘက်စုံ | bet sone2 - all-round; knowledgeable in several disciplines.

    ဘက်လိုက် | bet lite - be biased.

    ဘက်တံ | bet tan2 - [English + Burmese] bat; racket.

    ဘက်ထရီ | bet-hta1-ri2 MP3 Audio File - [English] battery.

  27. မက် | met MP3 Audio File - be greedy.

    ပိုက်ဆံမက်တယ် | pike-hsun2 met deare2 - (He has) greed for money.

    မက်မော | met-mau3 - be passionate towards something.

    Other usages:

    မက်ထရစ် | met-hta1-rit - [English] matriculation examinations.

    မက်မန်းသီး | met-mun3 dthi3 MP3 Audio File - damson fruit.

    မက်မွန်သီး | met-moon2 dthi3 MP3 Audio File - peach.

  28. မျက် | myet MP3 Audio File

    မျက်စိ | myet-si1 MP3 Audio File - eyes.

    မျက်ကန်း | myet kun3 - blind; someone who does not see the impending dangers and consequences.

    မျက်ကန်းတစ္ဆေမကြောက် | myet kun3 ta1-hsay2 ma1-kjout - [Traditional Saying] A blind is not afraid of the ghost.

    မျက်ခုံးမွေး | myet-khone3 mway3 MP3 Audio File - eyebrow.

    မျက်ခွံ | myet-khoon2 MP3 Audio File - eyebrow.

    မျက်စိစူး | myet-si1 su3 - be dazzled by blinding bright light.

    မျက်စိနောက် | myet-si1 nout - irritated by the annoying sight.

    မျက်စိပွင့် | myet-si1 pwin1 - enlightened by new found knowledge.

    မျက်စိမှုန် | myet-si1 hmone2 - suffer from poor eyesight.

    မျက်စိရှက် | myet-si1 shet - embarrassed as a result of seeing something indecent.

    မျက်စိရှုပ် | myet-si1 shoat - annoyed by the sight of something or someone.

    မျက်စိအထူးကုဆရာဝန် | myet-si1 a-htu3 ku1 hsa1-ya2-woon2 MP3 Audio File - ophthalmologist.

    မျက်ဆန် | myet-hsun2 - eyeball.

    မျက်တောင်ခတ် | myet-toun2 khut - blink.

    မျက်တောင်မွေး | myet-toun2 mway3 MP3 Audio File - eyelash.

    မျက်ဖြူဆိုက် | myet-pfyu2 site - show the white of the eyes near death.

    မျက်မြင်သက်သေ | myet-myin2 thet-thay2 - eye witness.

    မျက်မှောက် | myet-hmout - present time.

    မျက်မှောင်ကြုတ် | myet-hmoun2 kjoat - frown.

    မျက်မှန် | myet-hmun2 - eyeglasses; spectacles.

    မျက်မှန်ပညာရှင် | myet-hmun2 pyin2-nya2 shin2 MP3 Audio File - optician.

    မျက်ရည်ယိုဗုံး | myet-yay2 yo2 bone3 - tear gas.

    မျက်ရည်လည် | myet-yay2 leare2
    မျက်ရည်ဝဲ | myet-yay2 weare3 - be in tears; have teary eyes.

    မျက်နှာ | myet-hna2 MP3 Audio File - face; North, East, South, West directions.

    အရှေ့မျက်နှာ | a-shay1 myet-hna2 - East.

    မျက်နှာကြက် | myet-na1-jet - ceiling.

    မျက်နှာချင်းဆိုင် | myet-hna1-chin3 zine2 - facing.

    မျက်နှာငယ် | myet-hna2 ngeare2 - feel inferior.

    မျက်နှာစိမ်း | myet hna1-zain3 - stranger.

    မျက်နှာထား | myet-hna1-hta3 - facial expressions that shows whether a person is proud, kind, resentful, etc..

    မျက်နှာပူ | myet-hna2 pu2 - feel uneasy especially when having to rely too much on others who are not so willing to help.

    မျက်နှာပျက် | myet-hna2 pyet - lose face; reputation to be ruined.

    မျက်နှာဖုံး | myet-na1-pfone3 - mask; book cover.

    မျက်နှာဖြူ | myet hna1-pfyu2 - Caucasian.

    မျက်နှာမကောင်း | myet-hna2 ma1-koun3 - look sad; be with long face.

    မျက်နှာလိုက် | myet-hna2 lite - be biased; practice favoritism.

    မျက်နှာသေ | myet hna1-dthay2 - poker face.

    မျက်နှာသစ် | myet-hna2 thit MP3 Audio File - freshen up by washing the face especially when waking up in the morning.

    မျက်နှာသုတ်ပဝါ | myet-hna2 thoat pa1-wa2 - towel; face towel.

    မျက်မှန်းတန်း | myet-hmun3 tan3 - recognize each other's faces through frequent encounters although do not know each other.

    မျက်ရိပ်ပြ | myet-yate pya1 - give a signal through facial cue.

    မျက်လှည့် | myet-hleare1 - magic; sleight of hand.

  29. မြက် | myet MP3 Audio File - grass.

    မြက်ခင်း | myet-khin3 - lawn.

    မြက်ဖြတ်စက် | myet-pfyut set - lawn mower.

  30. ယက် | yet MP3 Audio File - (1) stroke with the hand when swimming. (2) row with an oar.

  31. ယှက် | shet; shet MP3 Audio File

    (1) intertwine.

    ယှက်သန်း | shet-thun3 - suffused with colors.

    (2) clasp hands.

    (3) disturb, bother, or annoy someone as in နှောင့်ယှက် | hnoun1 shet.

    (4) measure word to count slices of food such as pancakes.

  32. ရက် | yet; yet; yet; yet MP3 Audio File

    (1) day.

    ရက်စွဲ | yet-sweare3 - date.

    ရက်စွဲ။ ။ ၁ နိုဝင်ဘာ ၂၀၁၄ | yet-sweare3 : tit no2-win2-ba2 hna1-htoun1 hseare1-lay3 - Date: 1 Nov 2014.

    ရက်ချိန်း | yet chain3 - appointment date.

    ရက်ခြား | yet cha3 - alternative days.

    ရက်ပိုင်း | yet-pine3 - in a few days.

    ရက်ပိုင်းအတွင်း ပြီးအောင်လုပ်ပါ။ | yet-pine3 a-twin3 pyi3 oun2 loat ba2 - Please complete the work within a few days.

    ရက်ရာဇာ | yet ya2-za2 - auspicious day.

    ရက်သတ္တပတ် | yet thut-da1-but - week.

    (2) liquid that is extracted.

    အရက် | a-yet - liquor (alcohol).

    (3) weave.

    (4) bold; decisive.

    (5) verb suffix particle to mean cold-hearted and lack of consideration for others.

    လုပ်ရက်တယ်။ | loat yet deare2 - So cold hearted. How could he do such a thing?

    ရက်စက် | yet-set - be cruel.

    ရက်ရော | yet-yau3 - be generous.

  33. ရွက် | ywet; ywet; ywet MP3 Audio File

    (1) carry on one's head.

    (2) leaf of a tree; suffix to indicate the type of leaf.

    သရက်ရွက် | tha1-yet ywet - mango leaf.

    (3) measure words for counting sheets such as paper.

    ရွက်တိုင် | ywet-tine2 - mast of ships.

    ရွက်ဖျင် | ywet pfyin2 - canvas.

    ရွက်လှေ | ywet hlay2 - sailing boat.

    ရွက်လှေလှော် | ywet-hlay2 hlau2 MP3 Audio File - sail a boat.

    ရွက်သင်္ဘော | ywet thin3-bau3 - sailing ship.

  34. ရှက် | shet MP3 Audio File

    (1) be ashamed.

    (2) feel shy; be bashful.

    ရှက်ရမ်းရမ်း | shet yan3-yan3 - behave obnoxiously in response to embarrassment.

    ရှက်သွေးဖြန်း | shet-thway3 pfyan3 - blushed.

  35. လက် | let; let; let MP3 Audio File - hand from arm to fingers.

    လက်ကောက် | let-kout - bracelet.

    လက်ကောက်ဝတ် | let-kout-woot MP3 Audio File - wrist.

    လက်ကိုင် | let kine2 - handle; grip.

    လက်ကိုင်ငွေ | let-kine2 ngway2 - available cash in hand.

    လက်ကိုင်တုတ် | let-kine2 doat - walking stick.

    လက်ကိုင်ပဝါ | let-kine2 pa1-wa2 - handkerchief.

    လက်ကိုင်အိတ် | let-kine2 ate - handbag.

    လက်ကျန် | let kjan2 - accounting balance at hand after expenses; leftovers.

    လက်ကျန်ရှင်းတမ်း | let-kjan2 shin3-dun3 - balance sheet with debit and credit columns.

    လက်ခ | let kha1 - service charge.

    လက်ခစား | let-kha1 za3 - worker who earns per piecework.

    လက်ခမောင်းခတ် | let-kha1-moun3 khut - Traditional Burmese boxing act of whacking one's own arm with the palm to show courage.

    လက်ခလယ် | let kha1-leare2 MP3 Audio File - middle finger.

    လက်ခံ | let khan2 - accept; receive.

    လက်ခံဖြတ်ပိုင်း | let-khan2 pfyut-pine3 - receipt; voucher.

    လက်ခုပ်တီး | let-khoat ti3 - clap hands.

    လက်ချက် | let-chet - misdeed; perpetration.

    လက်ချောင်း | let-choun3 MP3 Audio File - finger.

    လက်စဖျောက် | let-sa1 pfyout - destroy the evidence.

    လက်စွပ် | let-soot - ring worn on the finger.

    လက်ဆင့်ကမ်း | let-hsin1-kun3 MP3 Audio File - [Sports] Relay race in Track & Field.

    လက်ဆောင် | let-hsoun2 - present; gift.

    လက်ဆစ် | let-hsit MP3 Audio File - finger joints; wrist.

    လက်ဆုပ်လက်ကိုင် | let-hsoat let-kine2 - caught red-handed; hard evidence.

    လက်ဆွဲပုံး | let-hsweare3 bone3 - bucket; pail.

    လက်ဆွဲအိတ် | let-hsweare3 ate - handbag.

    လက်ညှိုး | let-hnyo3 MP3 Audio File - index finger.

    လက်တံ | let-tan2 - hand of a clock or instrument.

    လက်တို | let-toh2 - short-sleeved shirt.

    လက်တည့်စမ်း | let-teare1 sun3 - try out a gun, etc. by shooting at the target.

    လက်တွေ့ | let-tway1 - practical experience.

    လက်တွဲ | let tweare3 - join hands; hold hands.

    လက်တွန်းလှည်း | let toon3-hleare3 - shopping cart; push-cart.

    လက်ထိတ် | let-htate - handcuffs.

    လက်နှိပ်စက် | let-hnate set - typewriter.

    လက်နှိပ်ဓာတ်မီး | let-hnate dut-mi3 - flashlight.

    လက်ပူးလက်ကြပ် | let-pu3 let-kjut MP3 Audio File - caught in the act red-handed.

    လက်ပိုက်ကြည့် | let-pike kji1 - take no action.

    လက်ပစ်ဗုံး | let-pyit bone3 - hand-grenade.

    လက်ပတ်နာရီ | let-pup na2-yi2 - wristwatch.

    လက်ပြန် | let-pyan2 - backhand.

    လက်ဖနောင့် | let pfa1-noun1 MP3 Audio File - heel or base of the palm that connects to the wrist.

    လက်ဖမိုး | let pfa1-mo3 MP3 Audio File - back of the palm.

    လက်ဖဝါး | let pfa1-wa3 MP3 Audio File - palm.

    လက်ဖွဲ့ | let pfweare1 - wedding present.

    လက်ဗွေ | let bway2 - finger print.

    လက်မ | let-ma1 MP3 Audio File - thumb.

    လက်မောင်း | let-moun3 MP3 Audio File - arm (of hand.)

    လက်မျက်စိ | let myet-si1 MP3 Audio File - protruding carpal bone at the wrist.

    လက်မှုပညာ | let-hmu1 pyin2-nya2 - handicraft.

    လက်မှုပညာရှင် | let-hmu1 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - artisan.

    လက်မြှောက် | let hmyout - give up; surrender; "Put your hands up!"

    လက်ယာ | let-ya2 - right hand side.

    လက်ယာရစ် | let-ya2 yit - clockwise.

    လက်ရေး | let-yay3 - hand writing.

    လက်ရိပ်ပြ | let-yate pya1 - give a hand signal.

    လက်ရွေးစင် | let-yway3-zin2 - selected (team).

    လက်ရှိ | let-shi1 - what is at hand in the present.

    လက်လုပ်လက်စား | let-loat let-sa3 - daily wage earner.

    လက်လျှော့ | let shau1 - give up.

    လက်လွှဲ | let hlweare3 - delegate authority.

    လက်လွှတ် | let hloot - let go.

    လက်ဝါး | let-wa3 - palm of the hand.

    လက်ဝါးကပ်တိုင် | let-wa3 kut tine2 - cross; crucifix.

    လက်ဝဲ | let-weare3 - left hand side.

    လက်ဝှေ့ | let-hway1 MP3 Audio File - boxing.

    လက်သမား | let tha1-ma3 MP3 Audio File - carpenter.

    လက်သီး | let-thi3 MP3 Audio File - fist.

    လက်သူကြွယ် | let dtha1-jweare2 MP3 Audio File - the ring finger.

    လက်သင် | let thin2 - learner; novice.

    လက်သည်း | let-theare3 MP3 Audio File - finger nail; claw.

    လက်သည်းညှပ် | let-theare3 hnyut - nail clipper.

    လက်သုတ်ပဝါ | let-thoat pa1-wa2 - napkin.

    လက်သန်း | let-thun3 MP3 Audio File - little finger.

    လက်သိပ်ထိုး | let-thate hto3 - make under the table dealings.

    လက်သုပ် | let thoat - Burmese salad.

    လက်ဟန်ခြေဟန် | let-hun2 chay2-hun2 - gesture.

    လက်အုပ်ချီ | let-oat chi2 - show gesture of respect by raising palms together.

    လက္ခဏာ | let-kha1-na2 - lines in the palm interpreted in palm reading; signs; marks; characteristics.

    Other Usages:

    လက်ကား | let ka3 - wholesale.

    လက်ကားရောင်းသူ | let-ka3 youn3-dthu2 MP3 Audio File - wholesaler.

    လက်ထက် | let htet - reign.

    လက်ထောက် | let-htout - assistant.

    လက်ထောက်ပါမောက္ခ | let-htout pa2-mout-kha1 MP3 Audio File - assistant professor.

    လက်နက် | let-net - weapon.

    လက်နက်ချ | let-net cha1 - surrender.

    လက်ဖက် | la1-pfet - pickled tea leaves.

    လက်ဖက်ခြောက် | la1-pfet chout - dried green tea leaves.

    လက်ဖက်ရည် | la1-pfet yay2 MP3 Audio File - tea drink with sweetened evaporated milk.

    လက်ဖက်ရည်ကြမ်း | la1-pfet yay2 jan3 MP3 Audio File - Chinese style plain green tea drink.

    လက်ဖက်ရည်ဆိုင် | la1-pfet yay2 hsine2 MP3 Audio File - tea shop.

    လက်ဖက်ရည်ဇွန်း | la1-pfet yay2 zoon3 - tea spoon.

    လက်ဖက်ရည် တစ်ခွက် | la1-pfet yay2 ta1-khwet MP3 Audio File - a cup of tea.

    လက်ဖက်သုပ် | la1-pfet thoat MP3 Audio File - pickled tea leaves salad.

    လက်မှတ် | let-hmut - ticket; certificate.

    လက်မှတ်ထိုး | let-hmut hto3 MP3 Audio File - sign one's name.

    လက်လီ | let-li2 - retail.

    လက်လီရောင်းသူ | let-li2 youn3-dthu2 MP3 Audio File - retailer.

    လက်အောက် | let-out - subordinate.

    (2) light to flash. .

    (3) measure word for counting certain elongated items such as umbrella, sword and eye-glasses.

    ထီးတစ်လက် | hti3 ta1-let - an umbrella.

    Other Usage:.

    လက်ဘနွန် | let-ba1-noon2 - Lebanon.

  36. လျက် | yet MP3 Audio File - lick.

    လျက်ဆား | yet hsa3 - Burmese herbal, salt and mineral mixture with medicinal value to aid in digestion among other cures.

  37. လျက် | yet MP3 Audio File

    (1) despite.

    နီးလျက်နဲ့ဝေး | ni3 yet neare1 way3 - So near, and yet so far. (not close despite living close.)

    (2) while.

    မှောက်လျက်ကျ | hmout yet kja1 - fall while in upside down position.

  38. ဝက် | wet MP3 Audio File - pig.

    ဝက်သား | wet tha3 - pork.

    ဝက်ခေါက် | wet khout - rind of pork.

    ဝက်ဆီ | wet hsi2 - lard.

    ဝက်ထီး | wet hti3 - boar.

    ဝက်နံရိုးကင် | wet-nun2-yo3 ghin2 MP3 Audio File - roasted pork ribs.

    ဝက်ပေါင်ခြောက် | wet poun2 jout - ham.

    ဝက်မ | wet ma1 - sow.

    ဝက်ဝံ | wet woon2 - bear.

    ဝက်သားပေါင်း | wet-tha1-boun3 MP3 Audio File - dimsum; steamed dumpling with pork.

    ဝက်အစိမ်းကြော် | wet a-sain3 jau2 MP3 Audio File - fried vegetables with pork.

    ဝက်အူချောင်း | wet-u2-joun3 - sausage.

    ဝက်အူချောင်းကြော် | wet-u2-joun3 kjau2 MP3 Audio File - fried Chinese sausage.

    Other usages:

    ဝက်ခြံ | wet chan2 MP3 Audio File - pimple; acne.

    ဝက်ရူးပြန် | wet yu3 pyan2 - have epilepsy seizure.

    ဝက်သက်ရောဂါ | wet-thet yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - measles.

    ဝက်အူ | wet u2 - screw.

    ဝက်အူစုပ် | wet u2 soat - apply a screw.

    ဝက်အူရစ် | wet-u2-yit - thread of a screw.

    ဝက်အူလှည့် | wet-u2 hleare1 - screw driver.

    ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက် | wet-site - [English] Website.

    ဝက်ဘ်ဆိုက်ရေးသူ | wet-site yay3-dthu2 MP3 Audio File - webmaster.

  39. ဝှက် | whet MP3 Audio File

    (1) hide; conceal.

    စကားဝှက် | za1-ga1-whet - riddle.

  40. သက် | thet; thet; thet MP3 Audio File - age; life as in အသက် | a-thet.

    ဆယ်ကျော်သက် | hseare2 jau2 thet - teenager.

    သက်ကြီးဝါကြီး | thet-kji3 wa2-ji3 - elders.

    သက်တူရွယ်တူ | thet-tu2 yweare2-du2 - same age group; contemporary.

    သက်တော်စောင့် | thet-tau2-zoun1 - bodyguard.

    သက်တမ်း | thet-tan3 - validity period; life span.

    သက်တမ်းတိုး | thet-tan3 toe3 - make an extension of an official document to increase validity period.

    သက်ပြင်းချ | thet-pyin3 cha1 - breathe a sigh of relief.

    သက်မဲ့ | thet-meare1 - lifeless; inanimate object.

    သက်ရှိ | thet-shi1 - living thing.

    သက်သတ်လွတ်အစာ | thet-thut-loot a-sa2 MP3 Audio File - vegetarian food (life + kill + free + food.)

    Other Usages:

    ခါးသက်သက် | kha3 thet-thet - somewhat bitter taste.

    ဆင်းသက် | hsin3 thet - descend.

    တမင်သက်သက် | ta1-min2 thet-thet - deliberately; on purpose.

    သက်ဆိုင် | thet-hsine2 - be related topic or subject matter.

    သက်ဆိုင်ရာ | thet-hsine2-ya2 - authority in the related area or field.

    သက်ညှာ | thet hnya2 - be considerate; be lenient; show mercy.

    သက်တံ | thet-tan2 - rainbow.

    သက်သာ | thet-tha2 - lessen in degree of discomfort and pain; cheaper.

    သက်သေ | thet-thay2 - evidence.

    သက်သောင့်သက်သာ | thet-thoun1-thet-tha2 - at ease.

    သက္ကတ | thet-ka1-ta1 MP3 Audio File - Sanskrit.

    သက္ကရာဇ် | thet-ka1-rit MP3 Audio File - calendar year.

  41. သွက် | thwet MP3 Audio File

    (1) agile.

    (2) fast turnover rate and good sales figures in business as in အရောင်းသွက် | a-youn3 thwet.

  42. ဟက် | het MP3 Audio File

    (1) cut open with a knife or a sharp tool.

    (2) without reserve or holding back especially when laughing out loud as in ဟက်ဟက်ပက်ပက် | het-het pet-pet.

  43. အက် | et; et MP3 Audio File

    (1) become cracked; crack; appearance of cracks on the surface.

    (2) crack, unclear voice or sound (e.g., from a bad radio reception) as in အသံအက် | a-thun2 et.

    (3) [English] legislative Act as in အက်ဥပဒေ | et u1-ba1-day2.

    Other Usages:

    အက်စကီးမိုး | et-sa1-ki2-mo3 - [English] Eskimo.

    အက်စတိုးနီးယား | et-sa1-toe3-ni3-ya3 - Estonia.

    အက်စစ် | et-sit - [English] acid.

    အက္ခရာ | et-kha1-ya2 - alphabet, character, letter, or script of the written language.