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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (USA). His contributions to semiconductor industry include Administrative Quality Best Practices during his working years as a process engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in 6 countries and exposed to different cultures and knowledgeable in unrelated areas. This includes self-taught programming languages. Currently, he is contributing to Tourism in Myanmar by making his online Burmese lessons freely available and accessible to all.

Audio Pronunciation
Ah1 "a" in "art" with silent "rt"
Ah2 "ar" in "Argentina" with silent "r"
Ah3 "ar" in "Artist" with slilent "r"
De1 "de" in "deep" with silent "p"
De2 "de" as in "demote"; "demand"
De3 "dee" as in "deer"; "decent"
Ko1 "colt" with silent "lt"
Ko2 as in "co-author"; "cocaine"
Ko3 "cold" wit silent "ld"
Yu1 "u" in "Youth" with silent "th"
Yu2 "u" as in "university"; "utensil"
Yu3 "u" as in "user"; "Unix"
Shan1 as in "shunt" with silent "t"
Shan2 "shun" as in "chandelier"
Shan3 as in "shun"
Au1 as in "auction"
Au2 as in "Australia";"auditor"
Au3 as in "August"
May1 "maize" with silent "ze"
May2 "may" as in "May I?"
May3 "ay" in "amazing"
Sin1 "sink" with silent "k"
Sin2 "sin" as in "sincerely"
Sin3 "sin" as in "sinful"; "Singapore"
Un1 "aunt" with silent "t"
Un2 "un" in "understanding"; "umbrella"
Un3 "un" as in "under"
Meare1 "melt" with silent "lt"
Meare2 "mel" in "Melbourne" with silent "l"
Meare3 "mare" of "nightmare"
Tain1 "taint" with silent "t"
Tain2 "tain" as in "Captain"
Tain3 "tain" as in "maintain"
Bine1 "Bryant" without "r"
Bine2 as in "carbine"
Bine3 as in "combine"
Dome1 as in "don't"
Dome2 close to "dominate"
Dome3 as in "dome"
Toon1 "doont" in "couldn't"
Toon2 "mon" in "monastery"
Toon3 "oon" as in "cartoon"
Koun1 "count" with silent "t"
Koun2 "coun" in "counter-strike"
Koun3 "coun" as in "counsel"
ate cake, jade, eight, paid, bake
et wet, set, mad, yet
oot cook, put, look
out out, south, mouse, doubt
ike/ite sight, pipe, night, dice, like
ut up, nut, sucks
oat oat, coat, goat, soak
it it, pit, sit

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. စွန် | soon2 - kite MP3 Audio File
  2. စွမ်း | soon3 - capable MP3 Audio File
  3. ဇွန်း | zoon3 - spoon MP3 Audio File
  4. ညွှန် | hnyoon2 - show the way MP3 Audio File
  5. တွန်း | toon3 - push MP3 Audio File
  6. နွမ်း | noon3 - exhausted MP3 Audio File
  7. လွန် | loon2 - went past MP3 Audio File
  8. လွမ်း | loon3 - miss someone MP3 Audio File
  9. ဝန် | woon2 - load MP3 Audio File
  10. သွန် | thoon2 - throw away MP3 Audio File

လွမ်း | loon3 MP3 Audio File

When you miss someone, you can use the word လွမ်း| loon3. လွမ်းနေတယ်။| loon3 nay2 deare2 means missing someone. We get that feeling when we are away from home or someone that we love.

Most of us live our lives under the illusion that our happiness, and loved ones will last forever. We tend to forget the impermanent nature of our existence until someone close dies. Only then reality hits us.

The images below are the sobering reminders. Once the most powerful people on earth, the former leaders of the Superpowers, US President Richard Nixon, and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev couldn't help, but cried at the funerals of their beloved wives.

Pat Nixon died on June 22, 1993. Raisa Gorbachev funeral was held on September 23, 1999.

miss you in Burmese

Lesson 49: Burmese words with vowel 'Oon'

The list of Burmese words with the vowel 'Oon' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

Words in this category are first modified with | wa1-hsweare3 below the character. E.g., ကွ | kwa1. The exception is the words with the character | wa1 itself.

Most of the words will have either မ် | ma1 thut, or န် | na1 thut on the right side. It is less common to have | thay3-thay3-tin2 on top.

As with many other vowel groups, add tone change symbol | out-myit at the bottom to change into the first tone.

To change into the third tone from the second tone, add | shay1-ga1-pout on the right side.

Oon1 - Oon2 - Oon3 | အွန့် - အွန် - အွန်း

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကွန် | koon2 MP3 Audio File - fishing net as in ပိုက်ကွန် | pike-koon2. E.g., (1) ပိုက်ကွန်ပစ် | pike-koon2 pyit - cast the net to catch fish. Related word: ကွန်ရက် | koon2-yet - network. (Note: can be used for social network.) Other usages:

    1. ကွန်ကရစ် | koon2-ka1-yit - [English] Concrete.
    2. ကွန်ပျူတာ | koon2-pu2-ta2 - [English] Computer.
    3. ကွန်ပျူတာ တစ်လုံး | koon2-pyu2-ta2 ta1 lone3 MP3 Audio File - Computer.
    4. ကွန်မြူနစ် | koon2-myu2-nit - [English] Communist.

  2. ကွန့် | koon1 MP3 Audio File - radiate out from a source. Related word: ကွန့်မြူး | koon1-myu3 - inspired with bright ideas. Some Buddhist texts interpret this as radiating brilliant lights from the head as in ရောင်ခြည်တော် ကွန့်မြူးတော်မူခြင်း | youn2-chi2-tau2 koon1-myu3 dau2 mu2 chin3.

  3. ကွန်း | koon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) temporary resting place for royalty.(2) Shrine for spirit "Nat".

  4. ကွမ်း | koon3 MP3 Audio File - betel, a type of vine. Betel leaves are used for wrapping areca nut, lime, etc., and chewed as ကွမ်းယာ | koon3-ya2.

  5. ကျွန် | kjoon2 MP3 Audio File - slave. Related words:

    1. ကျွန်တော် | kja1-nau2 - self reference "I" by male.
    2. ကျွန်တော့် | kja1-nau1 - possessive word "my", "mine" by male.
    3. ကျွန်ုပ် | kja1-noat - [literary] self reference "I" by both sexes.
    4. ကျွန်မ | kja1-ma1 - self reference "I" by female; possessive word "my", "mine" by female.

  6. ကျွန်း | kjoon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) teak. (2) [archaic] cease to exist.

  7. ကျွမ်း | joon3 MP3 Audio File - gymnastics as in ကျွမ်းဘား | joon3-ba3. Related word: ကျွမ်းထိုး | joon3 hto3 - somersault. (Note: the same word can also be pronounced kjwun3 with different meaning. See kjwun3.)

  8. ခွန် | khoon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) tax as in အခွန် | a-khoon2. (2) strength as in ခွန်အား | khoon2-ah3.

  9. ခွန်း | khoon3 MP3 Audio File - speech as in မိန့်ခွန်း | main1-goon3.

  10. ချွန် | choon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) sharpen. (2) excel. Related word: လူရည်ချွန် | lu2-yay2-choon2 - outstanding student. (Note: awards are given with this title to outstanding students.)

  11. ချွန်း | choon3 MP3 Audio File - iron hook to drive an elephant.

  12. ဂွမ်း | goon3 MP3 Audio File - cotton wool.

  13. စွန် | soon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) kite (bird). (2) kite flown on a string. Related word: စွန်လွှတ် | soon2 hloot - fly a kite. Other usage: စွန်ပလွံသီး | soon2-pa1-loon2-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Dates.

  14. စွန့် | soon1 MP3 Audio File - to throw away; to discard. Related words:

    1. စွန့်ကြဲ | soon1 kjeare3 - give away in charity.
    2. စွန့်လွှတ် | soon1 hloot - disown; relinquish.

  15. စွန့် | soon1 MP3 Audio File - to take a risk as in စွန့်စား | soon1-sa3. Related word: စွန့်စားခန်း | soon1-za3-khan3 - adventure.

  16. စွန်း | soon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) stained; smeared. (2) to the extreme edge as in အစွန်း | a-soon3.

  17. စွမ်း | soon3 MP3 Audio File - have potency; have the capability. Related words: (1) စွမ်းပကား | soon3-pa1-ka3 - ability; power; strength. ( Similar to စွမ်းအား | soon3-ah3.) (2) စွမ်းအင် | soon3-in2 - energy as in လျှပ်စစ် စွမ်းအင် | hlyut-sit soon3-in2 - electrical energy. (3) အစွမ်းကုန် | a-soon3-kone2 - with all might and utmost effort.

  18. ဆွမ်း | hsoon3 MP3 Audio File - rice, food, and items donated to the monks. Related words:

    1. ဆွမ်းခံ | hsoon3-khan2 - monks going for alms.
    2. ဆွမ်းကပ် | hsoon3-kut (or) ဆွမ်းလောင်း | hsoon3-loun3 - the act of offering rice, food, and items to the monks.

  19. ဇွန် | zoon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) [English] the month of June. (2) a type of white flower bearing plant.

  20. ဇွန်း | zoon3 MP3 Audio File - spoon. E.g., ဇွန်းနဲ့ခက်ရင်း ရမလား။ | zoon3 neare1 kha1-yin3 yah1 ma1 la3 - Can we have spoon and fork?

  21. ညွန် | nyoon2 MP3 Audio File - marsh; mire.

  22. ညွန့် | nyoon1 MP3 Audio File - (1) taper upwards.(2) The best pick; the best choice. Related word: ညွန့်ပေါင်း | nyoon1-poun3 - coalition; all-star team.

  23. ညွှန် | hnyoon2 MP3 Audio File - to direct; to show the way. Related words: (1) ဧည့်လမ်းညွှန် | eare1 lun3-hnyoon2 MP3 Audio File - tourist guide. (2) ညွှန်ကြားရေးမှုး | hnyoon2-kja3-yay3 hmu3 MP3 Audio File - director. (3) ညွှန်ကြားရေးမှုးချုပ် | hnyoon2-kja3-yay3 hmu3 choat MP3 Audio File - director general. ဒု-ညွှန်ကြားရေးမှုး | du1 hnyoon2-kja3-yay3-hmu3 MP3 Audio File - director general.

  24. ညွှန်း | hnyoon3 MP3 Audio File - make a reference to something.

  25. တွန် | toon2 - MP3 Audio File (1) crow of the cock. (2) hissing sound of a snake. Related word: တွန်ကြူး | toon2-kju3 - singing a pleasant tune.

  26. တွန့် | toon1 - MP3 Audio File (1) wrinkle of the skin. (2) crease of fabric, paper, and other materials. (3) warp; recoil. Related word: တွန့်လိမ် | toon1 lain2 - twisted.

  27. တွန်း | toon3 - MP3 Audio File (1) push. (2) urge. Related words:

    1. ချောက်တွန်း | jout toon3 - urge someone to do something with the intend of bringing misfortune.
    2. တွန်းလှည်း | toon3 hleare3 - trolley.
    3. တွန်းအား | toon3 ah3 - thrust; propulsion.

  28. ထွန် | htoon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) a harrow. (2) to plough a field as in လယ်ထွန် | leare2 htoon2.

  29. ထွန့် | htoon1 MP3 Audio File as in ထွန့်ထွန့်လူး | htoon1-htoon1 lu3 - to roll in excruciating pain.

  30. ထွန်း | htoon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to turn on the light or to shine the light as in မီးထွန်း | mi3-htoon3. (2) sand bank to appear as in သောင်ထွန်း | thoun2-htoon3. (3) ထွန်းကား | htoon3 ka3 - city or country to develop into a economically successful and vibrant state; blessed with children.

  31. ဒွန် | doon2 MP3 Audio File - [seldom used.] pair as in ဒွန်တွဲ | doon2 tweare3.

  32. ဒွန်း | doon3 MP3 Audio File - [seldom used.] beggar as in ဒွန်းစဏ္ဍား | doon3-sun3-da3.

  33. နွံ | noon2 MP3 Audio File - mire; marsh.

  34. နွမ်း | noon3 MP3 Audio File or nwun3 - (1) flowers to wither. (2) colors to fade. (3) exhausted as in ပင်ပန်းနွမ်းနယ် | pin2-pan3 nwun3-neare2.

  35. ပွန် | poon2 MP3 Audio File - to accomplish one's duties and responsibilities as in ကျေပွန် | kjay2 pyoon2.

  36. ပွန်း | poon3 MP3 Audio File - suffer abrasion. Related word: ပွန်းပဲ့ | poon3 peare1 - chipped off. Other usage: ခင်ပွန်း | khin2 boon3 - [formal] husband.

  37. ပြွန် | pyoon2 MP3 Audio File - tube; pipe; water duct; straw.

  38. ပြွမ်း | pyoon3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] all mixed together.

  39. ဖွန်း | pfoon3 MP3 Audio File - Tibetan-Burmese ethnic group living to the North of Bhamo in Kachin State.

  40. မွန် | moon2 MP3 Audio File - inhabitants of lower Myanmar who speak Mon-Khmer language. Mon people were the early settlers and practitioners of Buddhism in ancient Burma before Bagan civilization. Other Usage: မွန်ဂိုလီးယား | moon2 go2 li3 ya3 - Mongolia.

  41. မွန် | moon2 MP3 Audio File - good and desirable as in ကောင်းမွန် | koun3-moon2. Related word: မွန်မြတ် | moon2 myut - praiseworthy; noble.

  42. မွန်း | moon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) suffocated and unable to breath, e.g., when drowning. (2) prefix and reference to time from late morning to afternoon when sun is at a certain position. E.g., မွန်းတည့်ချိန် | moon3 teare1 chain2 MP3 Audio File - Noon at 12:00 PM. Related words:

    1. မွန်းလတ် | moon3 lut - [Seldom used.] morning about 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
    2. မွန်းလွဲ | moon3-lweare3 MP3 Audio File - [formal] afternoon; anytime between noon and evening hours.

  43. မွမ်း | moon3 MP3 Audio File - decorate; adorn. Related word: မွမ်းမံ | moon3-mun2 - enhance; upgrade.

  44. မွှန် | hmoon2 MP3 Audio File - grasping for air due to smoke and fumes.

  45. မွှန်း | hmoon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to recite aloud. (2) to decorate as in စိန်ဖြင့်မွှန်း | sain2 pfyin1 hmoon3 - embellished with diamonds.

  46. မွှမ်း | hmoon3 MP3 Audio File - decorate; adorn. Related word: အမွှမ်းတင် | a-hmoon3 tin2 - eulogize; praise.

  47. ယွန်း | yoon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) veer off; deviate. (2) to move. (3) indigenous people with Shan blood living around Kyaing Tong and Tachileik.

  48. ယွန်း | yoon3 MP3 Audio File - lacquer as in ယွန်းထည် | yoon3 hteare2 - lacquerware.

  49. ရွှန်း | shoon3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] - brilliant; bright light.

  50. ရွှမ်း | shoon3 MP3 Audio File - juicy as in အရည် ရွှမ်း | a-yay2 shoon3 - succulent fruit.

  51. လွန် | loon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) go beyond; exceed. (2) action or speech that goes beyond acceptable limits. E.g., လွန်ကျူး | loon2 kju3 - violate. (3) go against the wish of elders or authority as in လွန်ဆန် | loon2 hsun2. Related words:

    1. လွန်မြောက် | loon2 myout - after passing through certain time period or difficulties.
    2. လွန်လွန်ကျွံကျွံ | loon2-loon2 kjoon2-kjoon2 - excessively.

  52. လွန် | loon2 MP3 Audio File - (1) rope. Related word: လွန်ဆွဲ | loon2 hsweare3 - tug-of-war. (2) drill piece.

  53. လွန့် | loon1 MP3 Audio File - wriggle.

  54. လွန်း | loon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) shuttle of a loom in weaving process. Related word: လွန်းပျံယာဉ် | loon3 pyan2 yin2 - space shuttle. (2) suffix used after verb or adjective to mean "excessive" or "too much".

  55. လွမ်း | loon3 MP3 Audio File or lwun3 - to yearn for; to long for; miss someone or home. Related word: လွမ်းသူ့ပန်းခွေ | loon3-thu1 pan3-khway2 - memorial wreath.

Are you lonesome tonight? Are you missing someone? Don't we all have a story to tell? There are two pronunciations to the Burmese word ( လွမ်း | loon3 ). We understand the feeling no matter how you say it: loon3 or lwun3 someone.

Missing You

Are you lonesome tonight? Are you missing someone? Don't we all have a story to tell? There are two pronunciations to the Burmese word ( လွမ်း | loon3 ). We understand the feeling no matter how you say it: "loon3" or "lwun3" someone. [33 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Hun Htun | ဟန်ထွန်း
  1. လွှမ်း | hloon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to overwhelm, e.g., by disease. (2) လွှမ်းခြုံ | hloon3 choan2 - to wrap, e.g., by a blanket. (3) လွှမ်းမိုး | hloon3 mo3 - to dominate.

  2. ဝန် | woon2 MP3 Audio File - burden; load. suffix or prefix for employees or officals carrying duties. Related words:

    1. ကိုယ်ဝန် | ko2 woon2 - pregnancy.
    2. စေတနာ့ ဝန်ထမ်း | say2-da1-nah1 woon2-dun3 MP3 Audio File - volunteer.
    3. ဆရာဝန် | hsa1-ya2-woon2 MP3 Audio File - doctor.
    4. ဝန်ကြီး | woon2-ji3 - MP3 Audio File minister of president's cabinet in executive branch.
    5. ဝန်ကြီးချုပ် | woon2-ji3 choat MP3 Audio File - prime minister.
    6. ဝန်ကြီးဌာန | woon2-ji3 hta2-na1 - ministry of government.
    7. ဝန်ခံ | woon2-khan2 - admit; confess.
    8. ဝန်ခံချက် | woon2-khan2 chet - confession.
    9. ဝန်ချတောင်းပန် | woon2-cha1 toun3-ban2 - apologize.
    10. ဝန်ဆောင်ခ | woon2-hsoun2 kha1 - service charge.
    11. ဝန်ဆောင်မှု | woon2-hsoun2 hmu1 - service.
    12. ဝန်တို | woon2-toh2 - jealous.
    13. ဝန်တင်ခ | woon2-tin2 kha1 - freight charges.
    14. ဝန်ထမ်း | woon2-dun3 MP3 Audio File - employee; staff.
    15. ဝန်လေး | woon2-lay3 - burdensome (psychological or physical.)
    16. အစိုးရဝန်ထမ်း | a-so3-yah1 woon2-dun3 MP3 Audio File - government employee.
    17. အရောင်းဝန်ထမ်း | a-youn3 woon2-dun3 MP3 Audio File - sales representative.
    18. အလုပ်သင်ဆရာဝန် | a-loat-thin2 hsa1-ya2-woon2 MP3 Audio File - house surgeon.

  3. ဝန်း | woon3 MP3 Audio File - surround; encircle. Related word: ပတ်ဝန်းကျင် | pup-woon3-kjin2 - surroundings; environment.

  4. ဝမ်း | woon3 MP3 Audio File or wun3- stomach; abdomen; bowels; womb. Related words:

    1. ဝမ်းကွဲ | woon3-gweare3 - cousins.
    2. ဝမ်းချူ | woon3-chu2 - apply enema.
    3. ဝမ်းချုပ် | woon3-choat - constipated.
    4. ဝမ်းနည်း | woon3-neare3 - sorry; sad.
    5. ဝမ်းနုတ်ဆေး | woon3-hnoat hsay3 - laxative.
    6. ဝမ်းဗိုက် | woon3-bite - abdomen.
    7. ဝမ်းမှန် | woon3-hmun2 - have regular bowel movements.
    8. ဝမ်းရောဂါ | woon3 yau3 ga2 - cholera.

    9. ဝမ်းလျှော | woon3-shau3 - diarrhea; frequent and watery bowel movements. ဝမ်းလျှောနေတယ် | woon3 shau3 nay2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - I have diarrhoea.

    10. ဝမ်းသာ | wun3-thwa2 - happy; glad. တွေ့ရတာ ဝမ်းသာပါတယ် | tway1 yah1 ta2 wun3-tha2 ba2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - Nice (or glad) to meet you!

    11. ဝမ်းသွား | woon3-thwa3 - defecate.
    12. အသက်မွေးဝမ်းကျောင်း | a-thet mway3 woon3 joun3 - earn for livelihood.

    Other usage:

    ဝမ်းဘဲ | woon3-beare3 - duck.

  5. သွန် | thoon2 MP3 Audio File - pour out; discard. E.g., ထမင်းကျန် ဟင်းကျန် သွန်လိုက်။ | hta1-min3 kjan2 hin3 kjan2 thoon2 lite - Throw away the leftover food. Other usage: သွန်သင် | thoon2 thin2 - teach, especially moral code of conducts.

  6. သွန်း | thoon3 MP3 Audio File - (1) cast, e.g., to make bronze casting. (2) pour water as in သွန်းလောင်း | thoon3 loun3. ကဆုန်ညောင်ရေသွန်းပွဲ | ka1-hsone2 nyoun2-yay2-thoon3 pweare3 Kasone Full Moon (Vesak) Day when devotess pour water on Bo trees at famous pagodas.

  7. သွမ်း | thoon3 MP3 Audio File - bad as in ဆိုးသွမ်းသော အကျင့် | hso3-thoon3 thau3 a-kjin1 - bad behavior.

  8. ဟွန်း | hoon3 MP3 Audio File - horn (that makes warning noise.) E.g., ဟွန်းတီးလိုက်။ | hoon3 ti3 lite - hit the horn.

  9. အွန် | oon2 MP3 Audio File - as in အွန်တာရီရို | oon2-ta2-ri2-yo2 - Ontario, Canada.

  10. အွန်း | oon3 MP3 Audio File - as in ဟူစိန်အွန်း | hu2-sain2 oon3 - Hussein Oon, former Malaysian Prime Minister.