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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's in Industrial Engineering (USA).

His contributions to the semiconductor industry included techniques recognized by Sematech as ‘Administrative Quality Best Practices’ during his process engineering days with now defunct IC chip making division of Hewlett-Packard in Singapore.

Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in six countries and knowledgeable in unrelated areas including self-taught programming languages. His free online Burmese lessons serve as an effective communication bridge that connects international community with ordinary Myanmar people.

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ချိန် | chain2 - weigh MP3 Audio File
  2. ငြိမ် | nyain2 - quiet MP3 Audio File
  3. စိန် | sain2 - diamond MP3 Audio File
  4. စိမ်း | sain3 - green MP3 Audio File
  5. တိမ် | tain2 - cloud MP3 Audio File
  6. ထိန်း | htain3 - control MP3 Audio File
  7. ပိန် | pain2 - thin; slim MP3 Audio File
  8. လိမ် | lain2 - tell a lie MP3 Audio File
  9. သိန်း | thain3 - hundred thousand MP3 Audio File
  10. အိမ် | ain2 - house MP3 Audio File

Lesson 47: Burmese words with vowel 'Ain'

The list of Burmese words that end with the vowel 'Ain' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

Words in this phonetic group have the pattern of | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top of the character or consonant modified character followed by either န် | na1 thut, or မ် | ma1 thut on the right side. Words spelled in this stage will be in the second tone.

To change into the first tone, add | out ga1 myin1 at the bottom.

To change into the third tone from the second tone, add | shay1 ga1 pout on the right side.

One exception is the word ဘီး meaning 'wheel', which is spelled as be3, but pronounced bain3.

If you are looking for more complete entries, please refer to Myanmar English Dictionary.

Ain1 - Ain2 - Ain3 | အိမ့် - အိမ် - အိမ်း

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကိန်း | kain3 MP3 Audio File - [Math] number as in ကိန်းဂဏန်း | kain3 ga1-nun3.

    ကိန်းစုတန်း | kain3-zu1 dun3 - [Math] polynomial.

    ကိန်းစစ် | kain3-zit - [Math] real number.

    ကိန်းစဉ်တန်း | kain3-zin2 dun3 - [Math] series.

    ကိန်းတန်း | kain3-dun3 - [Math] expression.

    ကိန်းထွေ | kain3-htway2 - [Math] complex number.

    ကိန်းနှော | kain3-hnau3
    ကိန်းရော | kain3-yau3 - [Math] mixed number.

    ကိန်းပြည့် | kain3-byay1 - [Math] whole number.

    ကိန်းယောင် | kain3-youn2 - [Math] imaginary number.

    ကိန်းရင်း | kain3-yin3 - [Math] root.

    ကိန်းရှင် | kain3-shin2 - [Math] variable.

    ကိန်းသေ | kain3-dthay2 - [Math] constant.

  2. ကျိန် | kjain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) put a curse (evil spell).

    ကျိန်စာ | kjain2-za2 - a curse.

    ကျိန်စာသင့် | kjain2-za2 thin1 - effected by a curse; be spellbound; be under the spell.

    (2) swear (for a revenge, etc..)

    (3) swear under oath as in ကျမ်းကျိန် | kjan3 kjain2.

    (4) curse obscenities as in ကျိန်ဆဲ | kjain2 zeare3.

  3. ကျိန်း | kjain3; kjain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) glaring light to be hard on the eyes as in မျက်စိကျိန်း | myet-si1 kjain3.

    (2) teeth to have tingling nerve sensation after biting an ice or chewing sour food as in သွားကျိန်း | thwa3 kjain3.

    (3) monks to sleep.

    (4) [Math] number, the same as ကိန်း | kain3.

    ကျိန်းသေ | kjain3 thay2 - be definite.

  4. ကြိမ် | kjain2 MP3 Audio File ; jain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) cane; ratten as in ကြိမ်လုံး | kjain2-lone3.

    ကြိမ်ဒဏ် | kjain2 dun2 - punishment by caneing.

    ကြိမ်တို့ | kjain2 toh1 - goad.

    (2) measure word for number of times as in အကြိမ် | a-kjain2.

    ပထမအကြိမ် | pa1-hta1-ma1 a-kjain2 - first time.

    တစ်နေ့တစ်ကြိမ် | ta1-nay1 da1-jain2 - once a day.

  5. ကြိမ်း | kjain3 MP3 Audio File - scold as in ကြိမ်းမောင်း | kjain3-moun3.

  6. ချိန် | chain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) weigh.

    ချိန်ခွင်နှင့် ချိန်ပါ။ | chain2-gwin2 hnin1 chain2 ba2. - Weigh with the weighing scale (a balance).

    (2) aim at.

    သေနတ်ဖြင့် ချိန်ထားသည်။ | tha1-nut pfyin1 chain2 hta3 dthi2 - The gun is aimed at (someone.)

    ချိန်ကိုက် | chain2 kite - check the alignment of engineering structure with plumb-line and spirit level.

    ချိန်ကိုက်ဗုံး | chain2-kite bone3 - time bomb.

  7. ချိန်း | chain3 MP3 Audio File - make an appointment, meeting, date, etc..

    ချိန်းတဲ့ညမှာပျော်လိုက်မည်၊ စနေနေ့ည ၉နာရီ။ | chain3 deare1 nya1 hma2 pyau2 lite myi2, sa1-nay2 nay1 nya1 ko3 na2 yi2 - I will enjoy the night of our date, at 9 O'clock on Saturday night. (lyrics from a Burmese song).

  8. ဂိမ်း | gain3 MP3 Audio File - [English] reference to the online games on the Internet.

  9. ဂျိန်း | jain3 MP3 Audio File - Jain religion founded by Mahavera, who was a contemporary of the Buddha as in ဂျိန်းဘာသာ | jain3 ba2-dtha2.

  10. ငြိမ် | nyain2 MP3 Audio File - be still and quiet.

    ငြိမ်ငြိမ်နေ | nyain2 nyain2 nay2 - Don't move around.

  11. ငြိမ့် | nyain1 MP3 Audio File - have a comfortable ride (e.g., in a luxury car on a good highway as opposed to a bumpy ride.)

    Other usage:

    အငြိမ့် | a-nyain1 - night time stage show featuring traditional songs and dance accompanied by comedians.

  12. ငြိမ်း | nyain3; nyain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) fire to be extinguished.

    (2) hostilities, war or suffering to end.

    (3) abbreviated form for "retired" usually shown in brackets next to the name and the job title.

    ငြိမ်းချမ်းရေး | nyain3-chan3-yay3 - peace.

    အငြိမ်းစား | a-nyain3-za3 - retiree; pensioner.

    စရိတ်ငြိမ်း | za1-yate nyain3 - inclusive of expenses and charges so that there will be no additional charges; free of charge.

  13. စိန် | sain2 MP3 Audio File - diamond.

    Other usages.

    စိန်ခေါ် | sain2 khau2 - challenge.

    စိန်ပြေးတန်း | sain2-pyay3 dun3 - children's game of run and catch.

    စိန်ပြောင်း | sain2-byoun3 - mortar (a muzzle loading weapon that fires shells from a short barrel at high angle.)

  14. စိမ် | sain2 MP3 Audio File - soak in liquid.

    အဝတ်မလျှော်ခင် ဆပ်ပြာရည်ထဲ စိမ်ထား။ | a-woot ma1-shau2-khin2 hsut-pya2-yay2 hteare3 sain2 hta3 - Soak the clothes in water with detergent before washing.

    Other usage:

    စိမ်ပြေနပြေ | sain2-byay2 na1-byay2 MP3 Audio File - (take one's own sweet time) leisurely.

    စိမ်ပြေနပြေ မလုပ်နေနဲ့ | sain2-byay2 na1-byay2 ma1-loat nay2 neare1 - hurry up!

  15. စိမ့် | sain1; sain1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) seep in as in စိမ့်ဝင် | sain1 win2.

    (2) have chilling feeling.

    (3) marsh; swamp.

    စိမ့်စမ်း | sain1-zun3 - natural spring from underground.

  16. စိမ်း | sain3; sain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) green (color.)

    (2) unripe (fruit.)

    (3) uncooked; raw as in အသားစိမ်း ငါးစိမ်း | a-tha3-zain3 nga3 zain3 - raw meat and fish.

    (4) unfriendly; become like strangers.

    လူစိမ်း | lu2 zain3 - stranger.

    စိမ်းစားငါးပိ | sain3-za3 nga1-pe1 - shrimp paste.

    စိမ်းစားဥ | sain3-za3 u1 - a type of white colored edible root like beet that is sweet and eaten raw after removing the skin.

    စိမ်းစို | sain3 so2 - verdant.

    စိမ်းဖန့်ဖန့် | sain3 pfun1-pfun1 - a tint of green; pale green.

    စိမ်းလန်း | sain3 lun3 - green and lush.

  17. ဆိမ့် | hsain1 MP3 Audio File - rich in taste like butter, milk, or cream.

  18. ဇိမ် | zain2 MP3 Audio File - something enjoyable, pleasurable or luxurious.

    ဇိမ်ကျ | zain2 kja1 - in the state of enjoyment.

    ဇိမ်ခံ | zain2 khan2 - enjoy luxury.

    ဇိမ်ခံပစ္စည်း | zain2-gun2 pyit-si3 - luxurious good.

    ဇိမ်ရှိ | zain2 shi1 - pleasurable.

  19. တိမ် | tain2; tain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) cloud as in မိုးတိမ် | mo3 tain2 - rain cloud.

    တိမ်တောင် | tain2 doun2 - cumulus (globular cloud).

    တိမ်မျှင် | tain2 hmyin2 - cirrus (white cloud at the altitude about 4 to 8 miles from the ground.)

    တိမ်လွှာ | tain2 hlwa2 - stratus (cloud at lower altitude.)

    (2) cataract that involves clouding of the natural lens of the eye as in မျက်စိတိမ် | myet-si1 tain2.

    (3) rivers and streams to be shallow.

    (4) idea and thinking to be superficial and shallow.

    တိမ်ကော | tain2 gau3 - become extinct.

  20. တိမ်း | tain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) tilt; tip over.

    တိမ်းစောင်း | tain3 soun3 - veer.

    (2) sway.

    လေယူရာတိမ်း | lay2 yu2 ya2 tain3 - sway in the direction of the wind.

    တိမ်းညွတ် | tain3 nyoot - have inclination toward someone or something.

    တိမ်းမှောက် | tain3 hmout - vehicle to capsize.

    တိမ်းရှောင် | tain3 shoun2 - evade; avoid.

  21. ထိန် | htain2 MP3 Audio File - bright glow.

    ထိန်ထိန်လင်း | htain2-htain2 lin3 - be bright with light.

    Other usage:

    ကထိန် | ka1-htain2 - festivities where offering to Buddhist monasteries is done on lucky-draw basis anytime between the first day of သီတင်းကျွတ် | tha1-din3-joot and full-moon day of တန်ဆောင်မုန်း | da1-zoun2-mone3 corresponding to October-November period.

  22. ထိန့် | htain1 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] have resounding noise.

  23. ထိန်း | htain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) look after; care for.

    ကလေးထိန်း | kha1-lay3 dain3 - nanny.

    ယာဉ်ထိန်း | yin2 dain3 - traffic police.

    (2) herd goats and sheeps.

    (3) restrain; hold back; control.

    စိတ်ကိုထိန်းပါ | sate go2 htain3 ba2 - Calm down!

    (4) preserve artwork, tradition, etc., or maintain one's dignity as in ထိန်းသိမ်း | htain3 thain3. MP3 Audio File

  24. ထိမ် | htain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) cover up; conceal as in ထိမ်ဝှက် | htain2 hwet.

    (2) withhold information as in ထိမ်ချန် | htain2 chan2.

  25. ထိမ်း | htain3 MP3 Audio File - mark and recognize (an important occasion or event.)

    ထိမ်းမြား လက်ထပ် မင်္ဂလာဆောင် | htain3-mya3 let-htut min2-ga1-la2 hsoun2 - marry; wed.

    အထိမ်းအမှတ် | a-htain3 a-hmut - commemoration; a token of remembrance.

  26. ဒိန် | dain2 MP3 Audio File - yogurt as in ဒိန်ချဉ် | dain2 jin2.

    ဒိန်ခဲ | dain2-geare3 - cheese.

  27. ဒိန်း | dain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) thundering noise : "Bang"; the sound of artillery firing.

    ဒိန်းမတ် | dain3-mut - Denmark.

    ဒိန်းလူမျိုး | dain3 lu2-myo3
    ဒိန်းမတ်နိုင်ငံသား | dain3-mut nine2-ngan2-dtha3 - Danish.

  28. ဒိမ်း | dain3 MP3 Audio File

    မုဒိမ်း | ma1-dain3 - rape; sexual assault.

    မုဒိမ်းခိုးသား | mu1-dain3 kho3-dtha3 - thieves, robbers, bandits and the like.

  29. နိမ် | nain2 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] fall; subside.

  30. နိမ့် | nain1 MP3 Audio File - be lower in status, height, elevation.

    နိမ့်ဆင်း | nain1 hsin3 - slope down; go down gradually .

  31. နှိမ် | hnain2 MP3 Audio File - be looked down upon; belittle.

    အနှိမ်ခံရတယ်။ | a-hnain2 khan2 ya1 deare2 - sujected to being looked down by people who have low opinion.

    ဈေးနှိမ် | zay3 hnain2 - buyer calls the price that is much lower than the market value.

  32. နှိမ့် | hnain1 MP3 Audio File - to lower.

    နှိမ့်ချ | hnain1 cha1 - be humble (if done by oneself), or belittle (if done by others.)

  33. ပိန် | pain2 MP3 Audio File - slim; thin; lean; skinny.

    ပိန်ညှော် | pain2 hnyau2 - scrawny.

  34. ပိန်း | pain3; pain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) [infrequent use] solid color.

    (2) compact and concentrated mass.

    ပိန်းရိုက် | pain3 yite - apply thick cosmetics.

  35. ပိန်း | pain3 MP3 Audio File - taro root as in ပိန်းဥ | pain3 u1. MP3 Audio File

    ပိန္နဲ | pain3 neare3 MP3 Audio File - jackfruit (tree, fruit, etc..)

    ပိန္နဲပင် | pain3 neare3 bin2 - jackfruit tree.

    ပိန္နဲသီး | pain3 neare3 dthi3 MP3 Audio File - jackfruit.

  36. ပိမ့် | pain1 MP3 Audio File - dented.

  37. ပြိန် | pyain2 MP3 Audio File or byain2 MP3 Audio File - stupid; worthless.

    လူပြိန်လူဖျင်း | lu2-byain2 lu2-byin3 - stupid and worthless person.

  38. ပြိန်း | pyain3 MP3 Audio File or byain3 MP3 Audio File - stupid as in လူပြိန်း | lu2-byain3 - stupid person.

  39. ဖိန်း | pfain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) [infrequent use] feel feverish.

    (2) [English] feign; to bluff; to pretend.

    Other usage:

    ဖိန်းနွှဲခါ | pfain3-hnweare3-kha2 - the day after tomorrow.

  40. ဘီး | bain3 MP3 Audio File - wheel.

    (Note: the same word can also be pronounced bi3 - comb.)

    (၁၈)ဘီးကား | hseare1-shit bain3 ka3 - eighteen wheeler; vehicle with 18 wheels.

    ဘီးခွန် | bain3 goon2 - wheel tax. (road tax.)

    ကားဘီး | ka3 bain3 - automobile tire.

  41. ဘိန်း | bain3 MP3 Audio File - opium; poppy.

    ဘိန်းစား | bain3 za3 - opium addict; drug addict.

    ဘိန်းမုန့် | bain3 mone1 - Burmese pancake made with rice flour, palm sugar, coconut, peanuts, and poppy seeds.

  42. မိန့် | main1 MP3 Audio File - utter spoken words and speeches by respectable persons.

    မိန့်ခွန်း | main1-goon3 - public speech.

    အမိန့် | a-main1 - order.

    အမိန့်ရှိပါ | a-main1 shi1 ba2 - a formal phrase to pick up and answer the phone call.

  43. မိန်း | main3 MP3 Audio File - root word for girl, woman.

    မိန်းကလေး | main3 ga1-lay3 - girl.

    မိန်းမ | main3-ma1 - woman; wife.

    မိန်းမလျာ | main3-ma1-sha2 - sissy; unmanly person.

    Other usage:

    မိန်းမော | main3-mau3 - lose consciousness.

  44. မြိန် | myain2 MP3 Audio File - relish; enjoy tasty food.

    မြိန်ရေရှက်ရေ | myain2-yay2 shet-yay2 - (enjoy meal or conversation) to one's satisfaction.

  45. မှိန် | hmain2 MP3 Audio File - become dim; fade.

  46. မှိန်း | hmain3; hmain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) take a nap.

    (2) be relaxed and in dreamy state under the influence of drugs.

    (3) harpoon.

  47. ယိမ်း | yain3; yain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) sway.

    (2) a type of synchronized Burmese female group dance.

ယိမ်း | yain3 dance is not a rain dance, but a type of synchronized Burmese female group dance. The word itself means to sway. As you can see, there are lots of swaying movements. One distinguished feature of Myanmar traditional dance is that the whole hand movements from finger tips to the wrists and upper arms are soft, supple, flexible and gentle motions with a smooth continuous flow as though mimicking the flapping of the wings of flamingo birds in slow motion. This clip features well-known Myanmar singers. Girls from left to right: အေးမြတ်သူ၊ ဝိုင်းစုခိုင်သိန်း၊ သဇင်၊ ရတနာမိုင် (Aye Myat Thu, Wine Su Khine Thein, Thazin, Yadanar My). Boys from left to right: ဖိုးကာ၊ အစ္စဏီ၊ ဟဲလေး၊ Dယံ၊ ဂရေဟမ် (Phoe Kar, Issani, Helay, D Yan, Graham)

Myanmar Yain Dance

ယိမ်း | yain3 dance is not a rain dance, but a type of synchronized Burmese female group dance. The word itself means to sway. As you can see, there are lots of swaying movements. One distinguished feature of Myanmar traditional dance is that the whole hand movements from finger tips to the wrists and upper arms are soft, supple, flexible and gentle motions with a smooth continuous flow as though mimicking the flapping of the wings of flamingo birds in slow motion. This clip features well-known Myanmar singers. Girls from left to right: အေးမြတ်သူ၊ ဝိုင်းစုခိုင်သိန်း၊ သဇင်၊ ရတနာမိုင် (Aye Myat Thu, Wine Su Khine Thein, Thazin, Yadanar My) Boys from left to right: ဖိုးကာ၊ အစ္စဏီ၊ ဟဲလေး၊ Dယံ၊ ဂရေဟမ် (Phoe Kar, Iz Sa Ni, Helay, D Yan, Graham) [51 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Saturday, June 4, 2016
  1. ရှိန် | shain2 MP3 Audio File - warm.

    နေရှိန်လာပြီ | nay2 shain2 la2 byi2 - It's started to get hot (in late morning hours.)

    အရှိန် | a-shain2 - speed.

    အရှိန်ယူ | a-shain2 yu2 - accelerate.

    အရှိန်အဝါ | a-shain2 a-wa2 - power and influence (of a person.)

  2. ရှိန်း | shain3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] intensify; fervent.

  3. ရှိမ်း | shain3 MP3 Audio File - warm feeling on the skin or tongue.

    ပူရှိမ်း | pu2 shain3 - warm feeling felt when massaging oil or cream is rubbed on the body.

  4. လိင် | lain2 MP3 Audio File - sex; sexual organ; male-female differentiation.

    ဒွိလိင် | dwe1 lain2 MP3 Audio File - unisex or gender neutral.

    ပုလ္လိင် | pone3 lain2 MP3 Audio File - male.

    လိင်ဆက်ဆံ | lain2 hset-hsun - have sexual intercourse.

    လိင်အင်္ဂါ | lain2 in2-ga2 - sexual organ.

    ဣတ္ထိလ္လိင် | ate-hti1 lain2 MP3 Audio File - female.

  5. လိမ် | lain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) tell a lie.

    လူလိမ်လူညာ | lu2-lain2 lu2-nya2 - swindler.

    (2) twist and intertwined (i.e., of wires and cables.)

    လိမ္မာ | lain2-ma2 MP3 Audio File - polite and well-behaved.

    လိမ္မော် | lain2-mau2 MP3 Audio File - orange.

    လိမ္မော်ရောင် | lain2-mau2 youn2 MP3 Audio File - orange color.

  6. လိမ့် | lain1; lain1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) roll.

    (2) word indicating future event equivalent to 'will'.

    သူလာလိမ့်မယ်။ | thu2 la2 lain1 meare2 - He will come.

  7. လိမ်း | lain3 MP3 Audio File - apply or rub on the skin or hair.

    ခေါင်းလိမ်းဆီ | goun3-lain3 zi2 - hair lotion; hair cream.

    မိတ်ကပ်လိမ်း | mate-kut lain3 MP3 Audio File - put on (makeup) cosmetics.

  8. လှိမ့် | hlain1 MP3 Audio File - make something roll.

    ကော်ပြန့်ကို ဆီပေါ်လှိမ့် | kau2-pyan1 go2 hsi2 pau2 hlain1 - roll the spring-roll (eggroll) over oil.

  9. သိန် | thain2 MP3 Audio File - dignity and reputation as in ဂုဏ်သိန်သရေ | gome2-thain2 tha1-yay2.

  10. သိန်း | thain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) hundred thousand.

    (2) part of some Burmese names as in ဦးသိန်းစိန် | u3 thain3 Sain2 - U Thein Sein, 8th president of Myanmar (March 2011 - March 2016).

  11. သိမ် | thain2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) small or narrow (description of body parts such as waist.)

    သိမ်မွေ့ | thain2-mway1 - delicate.

    (2) Buddhist ordination hall.

    သိမ်ဝင် | thain2 win2 - be ordained as a Buddhist monk.

  12. သိမ့် | thain1 MP3 Audio File - tremble and shake like during an earthquake as in သိမ့်သိမ့်တုန် | thain1 thain1 tone2.

  13. သိမ်း | thain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) keep something.

    (2) close shop.

    ဆိုင်သိမ်းတော့မယ်။ | hsine2 thain3 dau1 meare2 - the shop is (or we are) about to close for the day.

    ပစ္စည်းသိမ်း | pyit-si3 thain3 - pack things, or put things back in proper place after use.

    သိမ်းဆည်း | thain3 hseare3 - put things in safe or proper place.

    သိမ်းပိုက် | thain3 pike - confiscate, take (territory, etc.) by force.

  14. သိမ်း | thain3 MP3 Audio File - falcon as in သိမ်းငှက် | thain3 hnget.

  15. ဟိန်း | hain3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) tigers, lions, etc. to roar.

    (2) sound to reverberate.

    (3) be grand and imposing.

    (4) lambast as in ဟိန်းဟောက် | hain3 hout.

  16. အိန် | ain2 MP3 Audio File

    ဣန္ဒြေ | ain2-da1-ray2 MP3 Audio File - composure; dignity; modesty.

    ဣန္ဒြေဆောင် | ain2-da1-ray2 hsoun2 - put on an air of modesty.

    ဣန္ဒြေဆည် | ain2-da1-ray2 hseare2 - maintain composure.

    ဣန္ဒြေပျက် | ain2-da1-ray2 pyet - lose composure.

  17. အိမ် | ain2 MP3 Audio File - house; home; dwelling.

    အိမ်၊ ခြံ၊ မြေ ရောင်းဝယ်ရေး | ain2-chan2-myay2 youn3-weare2-yay3 MP3 Audio File - real estate agent.

    အိမ်ငှား | ain2 hnga3 - tenant.

    အိမ်စာ | ain2 za2 - homework; house sparrow.

    အိမ်စောင့်အစိုးရ | ain2-zoun1 a-so3-ya1 - caretaker government.

    အိမ်ဆိုင် | ain2 zine2 - shop-house.

    အိမ်တစ်လုံး | ain2 ta1-lone3 MP3 Audio File - a house.

    အိမ်တွင်းရေး | ain2 dwin3 yay3 - private affairs of household.

    အိမ်ထောင်ကျ | ain2-doun2 kja1 - be married.

    အိမ်ထောင်စုစာရင်း | ain2-doun2-zu1 sa1-yin3 - important one page legal document for people in Myanmar that shows the list of family members, age, relation, occupation, and address. The document is the proof that the person lives in the address shown in the document. The photocopy of the document must be presented in several government and non-government offices such as when applying for a job.

    အိမ်ထောင်ဖက် | ain2-doun2 bet - spouse.

    အိမ်ထောင်ပရိဘောဂ | ain2-doun2 pa1-ri1-bau3-ga1 - household furniture.

    အိမ်နီးချင်းတိုင်းပြည် | ain2 ni3 jin3 tine3-pyi2 - neighboring country.

    အိမ်နီးနားချင်း | ain2 ni3 na3 jin3 - neighbor.

    အိမ်ဖော် | ain2 bau2 MP3 Audio File - domestic help; maid.

    အိမ်ရှေ့မင်းသား | ain2-shay1 min3-dtha3 - prince who is heir to the throne.

    အိမ်ရှင် | ain2 shin2 MP3 Audio File - house owner.

    အိမ်ရှင်မ | ain2 shin2 ma1 - homemaker.

    အိမ်ပိုင်ရှင် | ain2 pine2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - landlord.

    အိမ်မြှောင် | ain2-hmyoun2 - (1) house lizard that dwells on the wall or ceiling and feeds on flying insects. (2) magnetic compass. (3) minute or hour hand of a clock or a watch.

    အိမ်သုံးစရိတ် | ain2-thone3 za1-yate - household expenses; household expenditure.

  18. အိမ့် | ain1 MP3 Audio File - rock gently.

    အိမ့်ချစ် | ain1-chit - Eint Chit (Female Myanmar Singer).

  19. အိမ်း | ain3 MP3 Audio File - exclamation: "indeed!" or "Hmmm..." အိမ်း ဒါလည်းဟုတ်တာပဲ | ain3 da2 leare3 hote da2 beare3 - Hmmm... that too is right!