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Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကိုင် | kine2 - hold MP3 Audio File
  2. ခိုင် | khine2 - durable MP3 Audio File
  3. ဆိုင် | hsine2 - shop MP3 Audio File
  4. တိုင် | tine2 - report MP3 Audio File
  5. ထိုင် | htine2 - sit MP3 Audio File
  6. နိုင် | nine2 - victorious MP3 Audio File
  7. ပိုင် | pine2 - possess MP3 Audio File
  8. ပြိုင် | pyine2 - compete MP3 Audio File
  9. ယိုင် | yine2 - unsteady MP3 Audio File
  10. ဝိုင်း | wine3 - circular MP3 Audio File

Lesson 46: Burmese words with vowel 'Ine'

The list of Burmese words with the vowel 'Ine' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

Most of the words in this category are spelled with | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top of the character, followed by | ta1-choun3-ngin2 at the bottom, and င် | nga1 thut at the right side. In one exception, ဏ် | nga1 ji3 thut is used instead of nga1 thut.

The words spelled in this way will be in the second tone.

To change into the first tone, add | out-myit at the bottom. Words in this category with the first tone are less frequent compared to the second and third tones.

To change into the third tone from the second tone, add | shay1-ga1-pout on the right side.

Ine1 - Ine2 - Ine3 | အိုင့် - အိုင် - အိုင်း

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကိုင် | kine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to hold; to grasp with hand(s). ကိုင်ထား | kine2-hta3 MP3 Audio File - keep on holding. (2) to feel with hand; touch; fondle. E.g., ပူပြီလား ကိုင်ကြည့်။။ | pu2 byi2 la3, kine2 kji1 - Is it hot already? Feel it with your hand. (3) to use. E.g., ဆရာကိုင် စာအုပ် | hsa1-ya2-kine2 sa2-oat - book for teachers' use. (different version from students' textbook.) (4) to do book-keeping or handle cash as in စာရင်းကိုင် | sa1-yin3 kine2 MP3 Audio File - accountant; ငွေကိုင် | ngway2 kine2 MP3 Audio File - cashier. (5) to repair engine as in အင်ဂျင်ကိုင် | in2-jin2 kine2 - repair automobile by removing the whole engine block to clean up the pistons, change gaskets, and replace spark plugs, etc. for optimum performance. (6) to handle; deal with. (7) to hold someone liable and responsible for his own words.

  2. ကိုင်း | kine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) land formed at the river-mouth by silt and reeds. (2) [Colloquial] similar to ကဲ | keare3 - (See keare3.) (3) bent.

  3. ကိုင်း | gine3 MP3 Audio File - handle; frame as in မျက်မှန်ကိုင်း | myet-hmun2 gine3 - frame of eyeglasses.

  4. ကျိုင်း | kjine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) locust. (2) physically well-developed as in ထွားကျိုင်း | htwa3 kjine3. Other Usage: ကျိုင်းတုံ | kjine3 tone2 - Kyaing Ton (Kengtung) - a town in Eastern Shan state.

  5. ကြိုင် | kjine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) fragrant; pleasant scent. (2) part of some female Burmese names.

  6. ခိုင့် | khine1 - MP3 Audio File the first tone indicates the possessive word for a person with the name ခိုင် | khine2. E.g., ဒါခိုင့်စာအုပ်။ | da2 khine1 sa2-oat - That's Khine's book. The person with the name Khine2 could say this to mean, "That's my book."

  7. ခိုင် | khine2 - MP3 Audio File (1) durable and strong as in ခိုင်ခံ့ | khine2-khan1. (2) lasting as in ခိုင်မြဲ | khine2-myeare3. (3) stalk (of flower, etc..) as in အခိုင် | a-khine2. (4) sufficient and irrefutable as in ခိုင်လုံ | khine2-lone2. E.g., ခိုင်လုံသော သက်သေ | khine2-lone2-dthau3 thet-thay2 - irrefutable evidence. Related word: ရာခိုင်နှုန်း | ya2-khine2-hnome3 - percentage. (5) part of some female or male Burmese names.

  8. ခိုင်း | khine3 - MP3 Audio File order or ask someone to do something. E.g., သူ့ကိုလုပ်ခိုင်းလိုက်။ | thu1 go2 loat khine3 lite - Ask him to do. (Note: this word leans more toward 'order' than 'ask', and not appropriate to be used for someone older or with higher social rank and status.)

  9. ချိုင် | chine2 MP3 Audio File - to prune tree; trim the branches and leaves of plants.

  10. ချိုင့် | chine1 MP3 Audio File - dented. E.g., ကား ဒီနား နည်းနည်းချိုင့်သွားတယ်။ | ka3 de2-na3 neare3-neare3 chine1 thwa3 deare2 - The car dented a little here.

  11. ချိုင့် | jine1 MP3 Audio File - (1) pot-hole; depression in the ground. Related word: ချိုင့်ဝှမ်း | jine1-whun3 - large crater. (2) typical round-shaped Burmese metal lunch container with handle on top that has at least 3 stacks for rice, dishes, and soup.

  12. ချိုင်း | jine3 MP3 Audio File - armpit. E.g., ချိုင်းကြားကလိထိုး | jine3-ja3 ga1-li1 hto3 -tickle between armpit. Related words:

    1. ချိုင်းထောက် | jine3-htout - crutches.
    2. ချိုင်းမွေး | jine3-hmway3 - armpit hair; underarm hair.

  13. ဂိုဏ်း | gine3 MP3 Audio File - sect; gang. Related Words:

    1. ဂိုဏ်းခွဲ | gine3 khweare3 - religious or political faction; separatist; schism
    2. ဂိုဏ်းဂဏ | gine3 ga1-na1 - gang; sect; political group.
    3. ဂိုဏ်းအုပ် | gine3 oat - head of religious sect.

  14. ငိုင် | ngine2 MP3 Audio File - lost in thought; to day-dream with some feeling of sadness and loneliness.

  15. စိုင် | sine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) wild ox. (2) heap; chunk. Related word: အစိုင်အခဲ | a-sine2 a-kheare3 - solid.

  16. စိုင်း | sine3 MP3 Audio File - to ride a horse with speed. Related word: ထင်ရာစိုင်း | htin2 ya2 sine3 - unrestrained and does what one pleases without an aim or objective. Other Usage: part of ethnic Shan name "Sai" as in

    1. စိုင်းစိုင်းခမ်းလှိုင် | sine3 sine3 khan3 hline2 - Sai Sai Kham leng (hip-hop singer).
    2. စိုင်းမောက်ခမ်း | sine3 mout khan3 - Dr. Sai Mauk Kham (former Vice President).

  17. ဆိုင် | hsine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) shop; store. Examples:

    1. ကုန်စုံဆိုင် | kone2-sone2 hsine2 MP3 Audio File - grocery store.
    2. စာအုပ်ဆိုင် | sa2 oat hsine2 MP3 Audio File - bookstore.
    3. စားသောက်ဆိုင် | sa3-thout-hsine2 MP3 Audio File - eatery; restaurant.
    4. ဆိုင်ရှင် | hsine2 shin2 MP3 Audio File - shopkeeper.
    5. လက်ဖက်ရည်ဆိုင် | la1-pfet-yay2 hsine2 MP3 Audio File - tea shop.

    (2) concern with; has something to do with. E.g., မင်းနဲ့ဘာဆိုင်လို့လဲ။ | min3 neare1 ba2 hsine2 lo1 leare3 - What does it have anything to do with you? What business of yours? (3) to meet face to face with; to encounter as in ရင်ဆိုင် | yin2 hsine2.

  18. ဆိုင်း | hsine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to pause; to suspend as in ဆိုင်းငံ့ | hsine3 ngan1. E.g., လုပ်ငန်း ခေတ္တဆိုင်းငံ့ထားသည်။ | loat-ngan3 khit-ta1 hsine3-ngan1 hta3 dthi2 - Business is temporarily suspended. (2) [English] to sign a signature as in ဆိုင်း ထိုး | hsine3 hto3. MP3 Audio File E.g., ဘောက်ချာမှာဆိုင်းထိုးပါ။ | bau2-cha2 hma2 hsine3 hto3 ba2 - Please sign on the voucher. (3) musical tune. (4) Myanmar Orchestra as in ဆိုင်းဝိုင်း | hsine3 wine3 which consists of drums, gongs, oboe, cymbals, timing bells, bamboo, and sticks. Other Usage: ဆိုင်းဘုတ် | hsine3 boat - signboard; billboard.

  19. တိုင် | tine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to report crime or inform misconduct of someone as in ရဲတိုင် | yeare3 tine2 MP3 Audio File - to make a police report. (2) pillar; post; mast. Related word: တိုင်ကပ်နာရီ | tine2-kut na2 yi2 - wall clock. (3) ask for opinion and discuss about something as in တိုင်ပင် | tine2-bin2. Other usage: တိုင်ကီ | tine2-ki2 - tank (container) for water, fuel, etc..

  20. တိုင်း | tine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to measure. (2) administrative region. E.g., ရန်ကုန်တိုင်းဒေသကြီး | yan2-gome2 tine3 day2-tha1-ji3 - Yangon Division consisting of satellite towns and townships. Related words:

    1. တိုင်းမှူး | tine3-hmu3 - divisional military commander; Head of divisional immigration office.
    2. တိုင်းရင်းသား | tine3-yin3-dtha3 - native of the country including various ethnical tribe people.
    3. တိုင်းသူပြည်သား | tine3-thu2 pyi2 dtha3 - the people of the country.

  21. တိုင်း | dine3 MP3 Audio File - suffix after nouns to mean "every". E.g., လူတိုင်း | lu2 dine2 - every person; everyone.

  22. ထိုင် | htine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to sit. Related words:

    1. ထိုင်ခုံ | htine2-gome2 - chair; seat; stool.
    2. ထိုင်ခုံ တစ်လုံး | htine2-khone2 ta1 lone3 MP3 Audio File - a chair.
    3. ထိုင်စား | htine2 sa3 - just sit and eat without working.

    (2) sediments in the liquid to settle down as in အနည်ထိုင် | a-neare2 htine2.

  23. ထိုင်း | htine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) damp and moist. (2) dull and slow as in ထိုင်းမှိုင်း | htine3 hmine3. (3) Thailand. Related word: ထိုင်းလူမျိုး | htine2 lu2 myo3 - Thai; people of Thailand.

  24. ဒိုင် | dine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) trader who buys commodities such as rice and beans in large quantity for wholesale. (2) dealer in gambling and casino. (3) referee or umpire in a sporting match as in ဒိုင်လူကြီး | dine2 lu2 ji3. MP3 Audio File Other usages:

    1. ဒိုင်ခွက် | dine2 khwet - [English] dial. The dial of telephone before the invention of touch-tone buttons and touch screen on smart phones; instrument panel in automobile or airplane.
    2. ဒိုင်နမို | dine2-na1-mo2 - [English] dynamo.
    3. ဒိုင်နိုဆော | dine2-no2-hsau3 - [English] dinosaur.
    4. ဒိုင်ဗင်ထိုး | dine2-bin2 hto3 MP3 Audio File - [English 'diving' + Burmese 'hto'] to dive.
    5. ဒိုင်ယာရီ | dine2-ya2-yi2 - [English] diary; personal journal.

  25. ဒိုင်း | dine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) Shield used by the soliders in the old days, and by the present day police to combat demonstrators. (2) 'Bang' sound of the gun. Other usage: ဒိုင်းနမိုက် | dine3-na1-mite - [English] dynamite.

  26. နိုင် | nine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to win; to conquer; victorious. (2) Part of some Burmese names as in မင်းကိုနိုင် | min3 ko2 nine2 - Min Ko Naing - a leading democracy activist in Myanmar whose name means "Conqueror of King". (3) domineer as in လင်ကိုနိုင် | lin2 go2 nine2 - wife who domineers over the husband. (4) able to handle the workload and responsibilities. E,g., နိုင်ရဲ့လား။ | nine2 yeare1 la3 - Are you sure you can carry that? (5) highly probable. မလုပ်နဲ့၊ သေနိုင်တယ်။ | ma1 loat neare1. thay2 nine2 deare2 - Don't do it. You can die. Other usages:

    1. နိုင်ငံ | nine2-ngan2 - country; suffix used after some countries as in မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ | myan2-ma2 nine2-ngan2 - Myanmar (Burma).
    2. နိုင်ငံကူးလက်မှတ် | nine2-ngan2 ku3 let-hmut - passport.
    3. နိုင်ငံခြား | nine2-ngan2-ja3 - foreign country; abroad.
    4. နိုင်ငံခြားရေးဝန်ကြီး | nine2-ngan2-ja3-yay3-woon2-ji3 MP3 Audio File - foreign minister.
    5. နိုင်ငံခြားရေးဝန်ကြီးဌာန | nine2-ngan2-ja3-yay3-woon2-ji3 hta2-na1 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    6. နိုင်ငံခြားသား | nine2-ngan2-ja3-dtha3 - foreigner.
    7. နိုင်ငံတော်အတိုင်ပင်ခံပုဂ္ဂိုလ် | nine2-ngan2-dau2 a-tine2-pin2-khan2 POAT-ko2 MP3 Audio File - State Counsellor.
    8. နိုင်ငံရေး | nine2-ngan2-yay3 - politics.
    9. နိုင်ငံရေးသမား | nine2-ngan2-yay3 tha1-ma3 MP3 Audio File - politician.
    10. နိုင်ငံသား | nine2-ngan2-dtha3 - nationality.
    11. နိုင်ဂျီးရီးယား | nine2 ji3 yi3 ya3 - Nigeria.
    12. နိုင်လွန် | nine2-loon2 - nylon.

  27. နှိုင်း | hnine3 MP3 Audio File - compare. E.g., ဒီနှစ်ခု နှိုင်းယှဉ် ကြည့်ပါ။ | de2 hna1 khu1 hnine3 shin2 kji1 ba2 - Compare those two and see.

  28. ပိုင် | pine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to own; to possess. Examples:

    1. ပိုင်ရှင် | pine2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - owner.
    2. အိမ်ပိုင်ရှင် | ain2 pine2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - landlord.

    (2) be authoritative, have influence, or accomplished in certain field. (3) the right to do something. E.g., a spokesperson has ပြောပိုင်ခွင့် | pyau3 pine2 khwin1 - the right to say (to make official statements.) (4) measure word for a monk's robe as in သင်္ကန်းတစ်ပိုင် | thin2-gun3 da1-bine2 - a piece of monk's robe. (5) [English] pi, i.e., ratio of circumference to diameter of the circle approximately ≈ 3.14159265358979323846. (6) [English] pie.

  29. ပိုင့် | pine1 MP3 Audio File - [English] pint, measurement for alcohol and liquors.

  30. ပြိုင် | pyine2 MP3 Audio File - to compete. Related words:

    1. ပြိုင်ပွဲ | pyine2 bweare3 - competition.
    2. ပြိုင်ဖက် (or) ပြိုင်ဘက်| pyine2 bet - rival.

  31. ပြိုင် | byine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) in unison as in ပြိုင်တူ | byine2 tu2. (2) parallel lines as in မျဉ်းပြိုင် | myin3 byine2.

  32. ပြိုင်း | byine3 MP3 Audio File - prominently as in ပြိုင်းပြိုင်း | byine3 byine3. E.g., နံရိုးပြိုင်းပြိုင်း | nun2-yo3 byine3 byine3 - ribs are showing.

  33. ပွိုင့် | pwine1 MP3 Audio File - [English] (1) font size. (2) caliber or diameter of a gun. (3) place where something is located as in မီးပွိုင့် | mi3 pwine1 - traffic light.

  34. ဖိုင် | pfine2 MP3 Audio File - file. (Also, ဖိုင်တွဲ | pfine2 tweare3.)

  35. ဖိုင့် | pfine1 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] plump.

  36. ဗိုင်း | bine3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] cotton. The same as ဝါဂွမ်း | wa2-goon3. E.g., ဗိုင်းငင် | bine3 ngin2 - traditional way of spinning the cotton into threads.

  37. ဗျိုင်း | byine3 MP3 Audio File - egret; heron ( a type of white bird with long neck and long legs. The larger species is called ဗျိုင်းငန်း | byine3 ngan3.)

  38. ဘိုင် | bine2 MP3 Audio File - broke; lacking funds as in ဘိုင်ကျ | bine2 kja1.

  39. မိုင် | mine2 MP3 Audio File - [English] Mile.

  40. မြိုင် | myine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) not a single item but surrounded by supplementary items. E.g., ဟင်းမျိုးစုံ မြိုင်ဆိုင် | hin3 myo3-zone2 myine2-hsine2 - menu complete with variety of dishes. (2) forest. Related word: မော်လမြိုင် | mau2 la1 myine2 - Mawlamyine (City in southern Myanmar close to Thailand.)

  41. မှိုင် | hmine2 MP3 Audio File - sitting alone with sadness in the face.

  42. မှိုင်း | hmine3 MP3 Audio File - thick smoke. Related word: မှိုင်းတိုက် | hmine3 tite - (1) to blow smoke in a particular direction to permeate the smell of smoke. (2) to mislead someone by creating smoke screen (action to obscure the real truth).

  43. ယိုင် | yine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) unstable (pole, pillar etc.) that can be swayed from vertical position. (2) unsteady as in ယိုင်တီးယိုင်တိုင် | yine2-ti3 yine2-tine2. ဒယိမ်းဒယိုင် | da1-yain3-da-yine2 MP3 Audio File - walk unsteadily like a drunkard.

  44. ရိုင် | yine2 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] long mat to wrap the crops. Other usage: ရိုင်ဖယ် | yine2-pfeare2 - [English] rifle.

  45. ရိုင်း | yine3 MP3 Audio File - rude; obscene; impolite; uncivilized as in ရိုင်းစိုင်း | yine3-sine3. (2) reference to undomesticated animals and wild plants. For example, banana from အရိုင်းပင် | a-yine3 pin2 - (wild variety) has seeds.

  46. လိုင် | line2 MP3 Audio File - no meaning in itself. Usages:

    1. လိုင်စင် | line2-sin2 - [English] licence.
    2. လိုင်နင် | line2-nin2 - [English] lining.
    3. လိုင်ဘေးရီးယား | line2 bay3 yi3 ya3 - Liberia.
    4. မလိုင်မုန့် | ma1-line2-mone1 - sweet creamy Indian pastry.

  47. လိုင်း | line3 MP3 Audio File - (1) [English] line; route. E.g., လိုင်းကား | line3 ka3 - public bus transport with route numbers. (2) mobile phone, phone line, or wi-fi connection. E.g., လိုင်းမမိချင်ဘူး။ | line3 ma1-mi1 chin2 bu3 - Connection is not so good.

  48. လှိုင် | hline2 MP3 Audio File - (1) in abundance. (2) permeate with scent. (3) part of some Burmese names. E.g., မင်းအောင်လှိုင် | min3 oun2 hline2 - Min Aung Hlaing (name of Commander-in-Chief of armed forces with Senior General rank.)

  49. လှိုင်း | hline3 MP3 Audio File - wave.

  50. ဝိုင် | wine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) [English] wine. (2) Uncommon Burmese name: မိုးစက်ဝိုင် | mo3-zet wine2 - Moe Set Wine - name of Miss Myanmar 2013 who participated in Ms. Universe 2013 in Moscow.

  51. ဝိုင်း | wine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) having a circular shape. (2) to surround. Related word: အသိုင်းအဝိုင်း | a-thine3 a-wine3 - friends, family, and people that one has close personal relations with. Related words:

    1. ဝိုင်းတော်သား | wine3 dau2 dtha3 - members of the bands; associates.
    2. ဝိုင်းဝန်း | wine3 woon3 - individuals acting together in cooperative effort.

"Who is the girl with lovely round eyes? Is she a friend? That cute slim girl... Is she your new friend? Is she a genuine friend, or fake? You don't care too much about me, do you?" ဝိုင်း | WINE3 means round. Although Westerners may prefer the illusion of big round eyes aided by mascara and eye shadows, Burmese people seem to be quite happy with lovely small round eyes. မျက်လုံး | myet lone3 = eye + ဝိုင်းဝိုင်းလေး | wine3 wine3 lay3 = lovely and round which somewhat implies light and small.

Lovely round eyes

"Who is the girl with lovely round eyes? Is she a friend? That cute slim girl... Is she your new friend? Is she a genuine friend, or fake? You don't care too about me much, do you?" ဝိုင်း | WINE3 means round. Although Westerners may prefer the illusion of big round eyes aided by mascara and eye shadows, Burmese people seem to be quite happy with lovely small round eyes. မျက်လုံး | myet lone3 = eye + ဝိုင်းဝိုင်းလေး | wine3 wine3 lay3 = lovely and round which somewhat implies light and small. သဇင် | Thazin [15 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Friday, June 3, 2016
Thazin | သဇင် | tha1 zin2
  1. သိုင်း | thine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) martial art. (2) a piece of clothing or strap of the bag to be slung across one's shoulder as in စလွယ်သိုင်း | sa1-lweare2 thine3. (3) to wrap or to tie with a rope, bandage, etc..

  2. ဟိုင်း | hine3 MP3 Audio File - (1) [infrequent use] - past the marriageable age as in အပျိုဟိုင်း | a-pyo2 hine3 - old spinster. (2) [American] Hi.

  3. အိုင် | ine2 MP3 Audio File - (1) pond; puddle. (2) [literary] dramatic word to express bloodshed and tears. Other Usage: အိုင်ယာလန် | ine2 ya2 lun2 - Ireland.

  4. အိုင့် | ine1 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] concave.

  5. အိုင်း | ine3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] sore with pus. Other Usage: အိုင်းစတိုင်း | ine3-sa1-tine3 - Albert Einstein.