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Learn Myanmar Language in conversational and literary form. Learn to speak and read Burmese. The Free Online Colloquial Burmese (Myanmar language) lessons include Burmese script, MP3 audio, PDF files and easy Burmese grammar study materials with color-coded parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, particles, postpositional markers, and interjections.

Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (USA). His contributions to semiconductor industry include Administrative Quality Best Practices during his working years as a process engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in 6 countries and exposed to different cultures and knowledgeable in unrelated areas. This includes self-taught programming languages. Currently, he is contributing to Tourism in Myanmar by making his online Burmese lessons freely available and accessible to all.

Audio Pronunciation
Ah1 "a" in "art" with silent "rt"
Ah2 "ar" in "Argentina" with silent "r"
Ah3 "ar" in "Artist" with slilent "r"
De1 "de" in "deep" with silent "p"
De2 "de" as in "demote"; "demand"
De3 "dee" as in "deer"; "decent"
Ko1 "colt" with silent "lt"
Ko2 as in "co-author"; "cocaine"
Ko3 "cold" wit silent "ld"
Yu1 "u" in "Youth" with silent "th"
Yu2 "u" as in "university"; "utensil"
Yu3 "u" as in "user"; "Unix"
Shan1 as in "shunt" with silent "t"
Shan2 "shun" as in "chandelier"
Shan3 as in "shun"
Au1 as in "auction"
Au2 as in "Australia";"auditor"
Au3 as in "August"
May1 "maize" with silent "ze"
May2 "may" as in "May I?"
May3 "ay" in "amazing"
Sin1 "sink" with silent "k"
Sin2 "sin" as in "sincerely"
Sin3 "sin" as in "sinful"; "Singapore"
Un1 "aunt" with silent "t"
Un2 "un" in "understanding"; "umbrella"
Un3 "un" as in "under"
Meare1 "melt" with silent "lt"
Meare2 "mel" in "Melbourne" with silent "l"
Meare3 "mare" of "nightmare"
Tain1 "taint" with silent "t"
Tain2 "tain" as in "Captain"
Tain3 "tain" as in "maintain"
Bine1 "Bryant" without "r"
Bine2 as in "carbine"
Bine3 as in "combine"
Dome1 as in "don't"
Dome2 close to "dominate"
Dome3 as in "dome"
Toon1 "doont" in "couldn't"
Toon2 "mon" in "monastery"
Toon3 "oon" as in "cartoon"
Koun1 "count" with silent "t"
Koun2 "coun" in "counter-strike"
Koun3 "coun" as in "counsel"
ate cake, jade, eight, paid, bake
et wet, set, mad, yet
oot cook, put, look
out out, south, mouse, doubt
ike/ite sight, pipe, night, dice, like
ut up, nut, sucks
oat oat, coat, goat, soak
it it, pit, sit

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကင် | kin2 - barbecue MP3 Audio File
  2. ခင် | khin2 - friendly MP3 Audio File
  3. စင် | sin2 - clean MP3 Audio File
  4. ဆင်း | hsin3 - go down MP3 Audio File
  5. ထင် | htin2 - think MP3 Audio File
  6. ပြင် | pyin2 - repair MP3 Audio File
  7. ဖွင့် | pfwin1 - open; switch on MP3 Audio File
  8. မြင် | myin2 - see MP3 Audio File
  9. သင် | thin2 - teach; learn MP3 Audio File
  10. ဟင်း | hin3 - dish MP3 Audio File

Lesson 44: Burmese words with vowel 'In'

The list of Burmese words with the vowel 'In' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

Spelling in this category is pretty much straight forward. Most of the characters or consonant modified characters will have င် | nga1-thut on the right side. Some exceptions are spelled with ဉ် | nya1-ga1-lay3 thut.

To change into the first tone from the second tone, add | out-myit below the character. E.g., ရင့် | yin1 means mature.

To change into the third tone from the second tone, add a | shay1-ga1-pout on the right side instead. E.g., ရင်း | yin3 - means invest.

In1 - In2 - In3 | အင့် - အင် - အင်း

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကင် | kin2 MP3 Audio File - bake; broil; barbecue. E.g., ကြက်ကင်၊ ဘဲကင် ရမည်။ | kjet-kin2 beare3-kin2 yah1 myi2 - Roasted chicken and ducks are available. Other usages:

    1. ကင်ဆာရောဂါ | kin2 hsa2 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - [English] Cancer.
    2. ကင်ညာ | kin2 nya2 - Kenya.
    3. ကင်မရာ | kin2-ma1-ra2 - [English] Camera.
    4. ကင်မရွန်း | kin2 ma1 yoon3 - Cameron.

  2. ကင်း | kin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) free from. E.g., ဘေးရန်ကင်းပါစေ။ | bay3-yan2 kin3 ba2 zay2 - May you be free from danger. (2) uninvolved as in ကင်းရှင်း | kin3-shin3. E.g., နိုင်ငံရေးကင်းရှင်း | nine2-ngan2-yay3 kin3-shin3 - not involved in politics. (3) exempted from tax and other restrictions as in ကင်းလွတ်ခွင့် | kin3-loot-khwin1.

  3. ကင်း | kin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to patrol; guard as in ကင်းစောင့် | kin3 soun1 - on guard duty, and ကင်းလှည့် | kin3 hleare1 - to patrol. Related word: ကင်းထောက်လေယာဉ် | kin3-htout lay2-yin2 - reconnaissance plane.

  4. ကင်း | kin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) scorpion as in ကင်းမြီးကောက် | kin3 myi3 gout. Related word: ကင်းမြီးကောက်ထောင် | kin3 myi3 gout htoun2 - to stand upside down on one's hands. (2) ကင်းခြေများ | kin3 chay2 mya3 - centipede. (3) ကင်းမွန် | kin3 moon2 MP3 Audio File - cuttle-fish. (4) ကင်းလိပ်ချော | kin3 late chau3 - tree or grass dwelling small lizard with smooth skin.

  5. ကင်း | kin3 MP3 Audio File - the fifth Burmese character expressed in superscript and stacked on top an another character ( င်္ ) to close the consonant known as ကင်းစီး | kin3 si3. Examples:

    1. မင်္ဂလာပါ။ | min3 gla1 ba2 - formal greeting.
    2. အင်္ဂလိပ်စာ | in3-ga1-late-sa2 - English.
    3. သင်္ဘော | thin3-bau3 - ship.
    4. ခြင်္သေ့ | chin2-thay1 - lion.

  6. ကျင် | kjin2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] human excrements as in ကျင်ကြီး | kjin2 ji3, and ကျင်ငယ် | kjin2 ngeare2 - urine.

  7. ကျင် | kjin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to go around and survive in the area that one is adapted; grazing ground for the animals in as in ကျင်လည်ကျက်စား | kyin2-leare2 kjet sa3. (2) to be expert in something as in ကျွမ်းကျင် | kyoon3-kjin2. (3) to pan for gold in the river as in ရွှေကျင် | shway2 kjin2.

  8. ကျင့် | kjin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to train; to practice as in လေ့ကျင့် | lay1-kjin1. Related word: လေ့ကျင့်ခန်း | lay1-kjin1-khan3 - exercise. (2) get used to doing something, habit formation as in အကျင့် | a-kjin1. E.g., ဒီမိန်းမ အကျင့်မကောင်းဘူး။ | de2 main3-ma1 a-kjin1 ma1-koun3 bu3 - That woman has bad attitudes. (refers to moral behavior and inter-personal relation as in အကျင့်စာရိတ္တ | a-kjin1 za2-rate-ta1.)

  9. ကျင်း | kjin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) pit; hole in the ground; trench. E.g., ကျင်းတူး | kjin3 tu3 - to dig a hole or trench in the ground. (2) shipyard as in သင်္ဘောကျင်း | thin3-bau3 kjin3. (3) to celebrate; hold a meeting or social gathering as in ကျင်းပ | kjin3-pa1. E.g., အစည်းအဝေး ကျင်းပ | a-si3-a-way3 kjin3-pa1 - hold a meeting. (4) to rinse with the water. E.g., ရေနဲ့ ပလုတ်ကျင်း | yay2 neare1 pa1-loat kjin3 - gargle with water.

  10. ကျဉ် | kjin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) tingle sensation. E.g., ခြေထောက်ကျဉ်နေတယ်။ | chay2-dout kjin2 nay2 deare2 - my foot goes to sleep. (2) two different types of ပုရွက်ဆိတ် | pa1-ywet-hsate - ants as in ကျဉ်နီ | kjin2-ni2 - red ant, and ကျဉ်နက် | kjin2-net - black ant.

  11. ကျဉ်း | kjin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) narrow; not wide; not spacious. E.g., အခန်းကျဉ်းတယ်။ | a-khan3 kjin3 deare2 - the room is small. (2) mental and physical confinement as a result of living in a small living space as in ကျဉ်းကျပ် | kjin3-kjut. E.g., ကျဉ်းကျဉ်းကျပ်ကျပ် နေရတယ်။ | kjin3-kjin3 kjut-kjut nay2 yah1 deare2 - We have to live in a crammed little space. Related words:

    1. အကျဉ်းထောင် | a-kjin3 htoun2 - prison.
    2. အကျဉ်းသား | a-kjin3 dtha3 - prisoner.

  12. ကြင် | kjin2 MP3 Audio File - loving as in ကြင်နာမေတ္တာ | kjin2-na2 myit-ta2 - loving kindness. Related words: (1) ကြင်ရာ | kjin2-ya2 - spouse. (2) ကြင်ရာတော် | kjin2-ya2 dau2 - queen consort or king consort. (3) အကြင်လင်မယား | a-kjin2 lin2-ma1-ya3 - loving husband and wife who are recently married.

  13. ကွင်း | kwin3 MP3 Audio File - field. E.g., ဘော်လုံးကွင်း | bau2-lone3 kwin3 - football (soccer) field. Related word: ကွင်းဆင်း | kwin3 hsin3 - to make a field trip.

  14. ကြွင်း | kjwin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) the one that remains. E.g., အကြွင်းကျန်ဘဝ | a-kjwin3 kjan2 ba1-wa1 - lonely life after passing away of spouse. (2) [Math] remainder after division as in အကြွင်း | a-kjwin3. Related word: အကြွင်းမဲ့ | a-kjwin3 meare1 - absolute (can be used in certain terms such as 'absolute rule', or 'absolute faith', but not in 'absolute zero temperature'.)

  15. ခင် | khin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) friendly. E.g., ခင်မင်တတ်သောသူ | khin2-min2 tut dthau3 thu2 - friendly person. (2) part of some male or female Burmese names. Other usages:

    1. ခင်ပွန်း | khin2-boon3 MP3 Audio File - [formal] husband. (Note: ယောက်ျား | yout-kja3 is the informal word for husband.)

    2. ခင်ဗျား | kha1-mya3 - [formal] You. (See lesson 4 for different ways to say 'you'.)

  16. ခင်း | khin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to spread out or roll out carpet, mat, etc.. (2) sheets used for covering such as အိပ်ရာခင်း | ate-ya2 khin3 - bedsheet and စါးပွဲခင်း | za1-bweare3 khin3 - table-cloth. E.g., စါးပွဲခင်း အရင်ခင်းလိုက်။ | za1-bweare3-khin3 a-yin2 khin3 lite - spread the table-cloth first.

  17. ချင် | chin2 MP3 Audio File - want as in လိုချင် | lo2 chin2. Examples:

    1. သွားချင်လား။ | thwa3 chin2 la3 - Do you want to go?
    2. စားချင်လား။ | sa3 chin2 la3 - Do you want to eat?

  18. ချင့် | chin1 MP3 Audio File - to weigh pros and cons as in ချင့်ချိန်သုံးသပ် | chin1-chain2 thone3-thut.

  19. ချင်း | chin3 MP3 Audio File or jin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) one at a time. E.g., တစ်ဦးချင်းဝင်ပါ။ | ta1-u3-chin3 win2 ba2 - Please enter one at a time. (2) the person who can be သူငယ်ချင်း | tha1-ngeare2-jin3 - a friend or classmate that one knows since young, or အချင်းချင်း | a-chin3-chin3 - a person from the same classification, organization, family, country, etc.. (3) immediately as in ချက်ချင်း | chet-chin3. E.g., ရောက်ရောက်ချင်းဖုန်းဆက်ပါ။ | yout-yout-chin3 pfone3 hset ba2 - As soon as you reach there, call at once. (4) Ethnical Chin tribe in Myanmar Western Chin State as in ချင်းလူမျိုး | chin3 lu2 myo3.

  20. ချင်း | jin3 MP3 Audio File - ginger.

  21. ချဉ် | chin2 MP3 Audio File - sour in taste. Related words:

    1. ခရမ်းချဉ်သီး | kha1-yan3-chin2-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Tomato.
    2. ချဉ်ပေါင် | chin2-boun2 MP3 Audio File - Roselle.
    3. ချဉ်ပေါင်ကြော် | chin2-boun2 kjau2 - fried roselle.
    4. ချဉ်ရည်ဟင်း | chin2-yay2 hin3 - sour soup.
    5. ချဉ်စပ် | chin2-zut - hot & sour flavor such as Thai Tomyam flavor.

    Other usage: ခါချဉ်ကောင် | kha2-chin2 koun2 - a type of red-ant; wasp.

  22. ချဉ်း | chin3 MP3 Audio File - approach as in ချဉ်းကပ် | chin3-kut.

  23. ခြင် | chin2 MP3 Audio File - mosquito. Examples:

    1. ခြင်ဆေး ထွန်း | chin2-hsay3 htoon3 - light up the mosquito repellent coil.
    2. ခြင်ထောင် ချ | chin2-htoun2 cha1 MP3 Audio File - set up the mosquito net.

  24. ခြင် | CHIN2 MP3 Audio File as in ခြင်္သေ့ | CHIN2-thay1 MP3 Audio File - lion.

  25. ခြင်း | chin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) basket typically made from cane as in ခြင်းတောင်း | chin3-toun3. (2) cane ball used in South East Asian sport 'Sepak Takraw' ပိုက်ကျော်ခြင်း | pike kjau2 chin3 MP3 Audio File and Myanmar 'Chin lone' ခြင်းလုံး | chin3-lone3. To play Myanmar 'Chin lone' is ခြင်းလုံးခတ် | chin3-lone3 khut, where 4 or 5 people stand in a circle and pass around the ball by using all parts of the body except hands. This sport demonstrates team-work and ball control by keeping it in the air for as long as possible.

  26. ခြင်း | chin3 MP3 Audio File - the state of events. E.g., ဖြစ်ခြင်း၊ ပျက်ခြင်း သဘောတရား | pfyit-chin3 pyet-chin3 tha1-bau3 ta1-ya3 - [Buddhism] the principle of arising and disintegration of phenomenon.

  27. ခွင် | khwin2 MP3 Audio File - bend a little.

  28. ခွင် | gwin2 MP3 Audio File - exact fit as in အံဝင်ခွင်ကျ | un2-win2 gwin2-kja1. This phrase compares the exact fit to the gwin2, tripod grid-iron in the kitchen that snugly fits the bottom of the pot over the fire.

  29. ခွင့် | khwin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) permission. E.g., သိမ်းထားခွင့် | thain3 hta3 khwin1 - permission to keep. (2) opportunity as in အခွင့်အရေး | a-khwin1 a-yay3 or အခွင့်အလမ်း | a-khwin1 a-lun3 - opportunity for growth and success. (3) take leave of absence as in ခွင့်ယူ | khwin1 yu2. (4) to forgive as in ခွင့်လွှတ် | khwin1 hloot. E.g., ခွင့်လွှတ်ပါ။ | khwin1 hloot ba2 - forgive me.

  30. ခွင်း | khwin3 MP3 Audio File - to pierce; to penetrate. Examples:

    1. လေးဖြင့်ခွင်းသည်။ | lay3 pfyin1 khwin3 dthi2 - pierce with the arrow from the bow.
    2. အမှောင်ခွင်း၍ အလင်းဆောင်အံ့။ | a-hmoun2 khwin3 yway1 a-lin3 hsoun2 un1 - I shall break the darkness of evil and bring the light of wisdom.

  31. ဂျင် | jin2 MP3 Audio File - top (a toy with pointed bottom on which it can be made to spin.)

  32. ဂျင်း | jin3 MP3 Audio File - [English] jeans. E.g., ဂျင်းဘောင်းဘီ | jin3 boun3-be2 MP3 Audio File - A pair of jeans.

  33. ငင် | ngin2 MP3 Audio File - to pull, especially cotton into threads. E.g., လသာတုန်းဗိုင်းငင် | la1 tha2 dome3 bine3 ngin2 - Make cotton threads while the moon shines. (Traditional saying which advices to make opportunity of the situation at hand whatever it may be, rather than wasting time.)

  34. ငြင်း | nyin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to deny the accusation. (2) to make verbal argument as to who is right or wrong. E.g., လာမငြင်းနေနဲ့။ | la2 ma1 nyin3 nay2 neare1 - Don't come arguing with me. (or) Don't deny. Don't tell me you didn't do it. (3) reject; deny permission as in ငြင်းပယ် | nyin3-peare2.

  35. စင် | sin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) stage; raised platform; podium as in ဇာတ်စင် | zut sin2 - stage for dance and entertainment shows. E.g., မီးစင်ကြည့်ပြီးက | mi3-sin2 kji1 pyi3 ka1 - Dance according to the type of lighted stage. (A traditional saying which says one must adapt and change with the situation.) (2) arbor, a framework to support climbing plants. E.g., ဘူးစင် | bu3 sin2 - arbor for marrow plant (a type of squash.)

  36. စင် | sin2 MP3 Audio File - clean; pure; unblemished as in အပျိုစင် | a-pyo2 sin2 - virgin. E.g., စင်အောင်ဆေး | sin2 oun2 hsay3 - wash until clean. Related word: မစင် | ma1-sin2 - feces. Other usage: အမှန်စင်စစ် | a-hmun2 sin2 sit - in reality. Other Usage: စင်ကာပူ | sin2 ga1 pu2 - Singapore.

  37. စင် | zin2 MP3 Audio File as in စင်ရော် | zin2 yau2 - sea-gull. (Note: this word is often mis-spelled as ဇင်ရော် | zin2 yau2.)

  38. စင်း | sin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) straight as the path of the arrow. (2) measure word for quantity of arrows. E.g., မြားတစ်စင်း | hmya3 ta1 zin3 - an arrow. (3) to stretch out. E.g., လည်စင်း | leare2 sin3 - to stretch out the neck to be executed.

  39. စဉ် | sin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) spatter; splash. E.g., ထဘီရွှံ့စဉ်ကုန်ပြီ။ | hta1-main2 shoon1 sin2 kone2 byi2 - Sarong got splashed with muddy water. (2) in order; ordered list.

  40. စဉ့် | sin1 MP3 Audio File - glaze. E.g., စဉ့်အိုး | sin1 o3 - glazed earthen pot. Other usage: ကစဉ့်ကလျား | ka1-sin1 ka1-lya3 - in disorder.

  41. စဉ်း | sin3 MP3 Audio File - mince; chop into small pieces. E.g., တောက်တောက်စဉ်း ပြီးကြော် | tout-tout-sin3 pyi3 kjau2 - mince the vegetable, meat, etc., and fry. Related word: စဉ်းတီတုံး | sin3 ti2 tone3 - chopping board.

  42. စဉ်း | sin3 MP3 Audio File - to think; to consider as in စဉ်းစား | sin3 sa3. MP3 Audio File E.g., စဉ်းစဉ်းစားစား လုပ်ကြပါ။ | sin3-sin3 sa3-sa3 loat ja1 ba2 - Think careful first before you act. Related word: ကောက်ကျစ်စဉ်းလဲ | kout-kjit sin3-leare3 - deceptive and cunning.

  43. ဆင် | hsin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to resemble. E.g., အဖေနဲ့သား ရုပ်ချင်းဆင်တယ်။ | a-pfay2 neare1 tha3 yoat chin3 hsin2 deare2 - father and son look alike. Related word: ဆင်တူယိုးမား | hsin2-tu2 yo3 ma3 - things that resemble, especially imitation, and counterfeit products. (2) to assemble; to put together. (3) to make excuses as in ဆင်ခြေပေး | hsin2-chay2 pay3. (4) to restrain the urges; to control oneself as in ဆင်ခြင် | hsin2-chin2. E.g., မင်းဆင်ခြင်ပါ။ | min3 hsin2-chin2 ba2 - Behave yourself! (5) to adorn as in ဆင်ယင် မွမ်းမံ | hsin2-yin2 moon3-mun2, or ဆင်မြန်း | hsin2-myan3.

  44. ဆင် | hsin2 - MP3 Audio File elephant. Related words:

    1. ဆင်ခြေထောက် ရောဂါ | hsin2-chay2-dout yau3 ga2 MP3 Audio File - elephantiasis.
    2. ဆင်ခြေဖုံး | hsin2-chay2-pfone3 - suburb; residential areas on the outskirts of the city.
    3. ဆင်ခြေလျှော | hsin2-chay2-shau3 - slope; gradient.
    4. ဆင်စွယ် | hsin2-sweare2 - tusk; ivory.
    5. ဆင်နားရွက် တံခါး | hsin2-na1-ywet da1-ga3 - swing door.
    6. ဆင်ဝင် | hsin2-win2 - porch.
    7. လေဆင်နှာမောင်း | lay2 hsin2 hna1 moun3 - tornado.

    Other usage:

    ဆင်ဆာ | hsin2-hsa2 - [English] censor.

  45. ဆင့် | hsin1 - MP3 Audio File to stack up, usually similar items such as dining plates on top of each other. (2) ranking as in အဆင့် | a-hsin1. E.g., ပထမအဆင့် | pa1-hta1-ma1 a-hsin1 - first in class. The same word could also mean tier or shelf, i.e., on the top shelf.

  46. ဆင်း | hsin3 - MP3 Audio File (1) to go down; disembark; alight from. E.g., လိုင်းကားပေါ်ကဆင်း | line3-ka3 pau2 gah1 hsin3 - go down from the public bus. Related word: အတက် အဆင်း | a-tet a-hsin3 - the activity of going up and down. (2) to enter the water as in ရေထဲဆင်း | yay2 hteare3 hsin3. (3) to leave home for work as in အလုပ်ဆင်း | a-loat hsin3. E.g., ဒီနေ့ အလုပ်ဆင်း ရမယ်။ | de2 nay1 a-loat hsin3 yah1 meare2. (4) be let off; be over as in ကျောင်းဆင်းချိန် | kjoun3 hsin3 chain2 - the time the bell rings at the end of school session. (5) to graduate from as in ရန်ကုန်တက္ကသိုလ်ဆင်း | yan2-gome2 tet-ka1-tho2 hsin3 - Yangon University graduate. (6) to stretch out one's legs as in ခြေဆင်း | chay2 hsin3. Other usage: ဆင်းရဲ | hsin3 yeare3 - poor.

  47. ဆင်း | hsin3 MP3 Audio File - appearance; the look; beauty as in အဆင်း | a-hsin3. E.g., နှမလေးရဲ့ အဆင်းပင်၊ ပစ္စည်းပါပဲ ရှင်။ | hna1-mah1-lay3 yeare1 a-hsin3 pin2, pyit-si3 ba2 beare3 shin2 - Beauty of this little sister is the asset in itself, of course. Related word: ဆင်းတုတော် | hsin3-du1 dau2 - image of the Buddha.

  48. ဇင် | zin2 MP3 Audio File - thick (jean like) fabric for making uniforms of blue-collar workers, firemen, etc. Other Usage: ဇင်ဘာဘွေ | zin2 ba2 bway2 - Zimbabwe.

  49. ညင် | nyin2 MP3 Audio File - to be gentle in speech and manner as in ညင်သာ | nyin2 tha2.

  50. ညင်း | nyin3 MP3 Audio File - gentle as in လေညင်း | lay2 nyin3 - gentle breeze.

  51. ညှင်း | hnyin3 MP3 Audio File - a type of skin disease caused by fungi.

  52. ညှဉ်း | hnyin3 MP3 Audio File - torture as in ညှဉ်းဆဲ | hnyin3 hseare3. Related word: ညှဉ်းပန်းနှိပ်စက် | hnyin3-pan3 hnate-set - torment; oppress.

  53. တင် | tin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to put something somewhere. E,g., စားပွဲပေါ်တင်ထား။ | za1-bweare3 pau2 tin2 hta3 - Put it on the table. (2) to put the blame on someone as in အပြစ်တင် | a-pyit tin2. (3) to thank and show gratitude as in ကျေးဇူးတင် | kjay3-zu3 tin2. (4) to break records as in စံချိန်တင် | sun2-chain2 tin2. (5) soil deposited in the river as in နုန်းတင် | nome3 tin2. (6) stranded as in သောင်တင် | thoun2 tin2. (7) to raise the selling price; price hike as in ဈေးတင် | zay3 tin2. (8) to load the cargo into container as in ကုန်တင် | kone2 tin2. (9) to be in debt; deficit as in အကြွေးတင် | a-kjway3 tin2. (10) to make historical records as in မှတ်တမ်းတင် | hmut-tan3 tin2. (11) to submit an application as in လျှောက်လွှာတင် | shout-hlwa2 tin2. (12) to make offering to the gods as in နတ်တင် | nut tin2. (13) to cock; set the trigger of the firearm back for firing as in မောင်းတင် | moun3 tin2. (14) to prepare or do something in advance as in ကြိုတင် | kjo2 tin2. (15) to say something in euphonic (metaphor) as in တင်စား | tin2-za3. (16) to submit the report of facts, explanations, and recommendations as in တင်ပြ | tin2-pya1. (17) to submit the proposal as in အဆိုတင်သွင်း | a-hso2 tin2-thwin3. (18) people above 30-40 years of age who don't look old; aging slowly as in အရွယ်တင် | a-yweare2 tin2. (19) part of some Burmese names as in တင်ဦး | tin2 u3 - Tin Oo (or) Tin U.

  54. တင် | tin2 MP3 Audio File - buttocks; hips as in တင်ပါး | tin2-ba3. MP3 Audio File

  55. တင်း | tin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) taut; tight. (2) stern face; tense situation as in တင်းမာ | tin3 ma2. (3) strict; rigid as in တင်းကျပ် | tin3 kjut. Related words:

    1. တင်းတိမ် | tin3-tain2 - contented.
    2. တင်းပုတ် | tin3-boat - heavy club.

    Other usage: shelter for animal as in နွားတင်းကုပ် | nwa3 tin3-goat - shed for cows.

  56. တင်း | tin3 MP3 Audio File - volumetric measure word for grain in baskets. One tin3 is 16 ပြည် | pyi2, and approximately a bushel.

  57. တင့် | tin1 MP3 Audio File - decorations, adornments, etc., which look good, proper, respectable, and befitting as in တင့်တယ် | tin1 teare2. Other usage: တင့်ကား | tin1 ka3 - [English] tank (armored military vehicle.)

  58. တွင် | twin2 MP3 Audio File or softer dwin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) preposition "in", "at", "among". E.g., အသားတွင် ဝက်၊ အသီးတွင် သရက်၊ အရွက်တွင် လက်ဖက် | A-tha3 dwin2 wet, a-thi3 dwin2 tha1-yet, a-ywet dwin2 la1-pfet. In meat, pork is the best; in fruits, mangoes are the one; in leaves, pickled tea salad is chosen. (Burmese traditional saying.) (2) [literary] be called; known as. (2) to go down in history. (3) continuously and repeatedly as in တွင်တွင်ပြော | twin2 twin2 pyau3 - recite repeatedly.

  59. တွင်း | twin3 MP3 Audio File or softer dwin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) hole in the ground; pit; burrow made by animals. E.g., ရေတွင်းတူး | yay2-dwin3 tu3. to drill the ground (a well) to obtain water. Related word: တွင်းထွက်ပစ္စည်း | twin3 htwet pyit-si3 - minerals and precious stones obtained by mining. (2) inside; interior as in အတွင်း | a-twin3. E.g., အိမ်တွင်းသုံးပစ္စည်း | ain2-dwin3-thone3 pyit-si3 household appliances. (3) private matters; internal affairs as in အတွင်းရေး | a-twin3 yay3. Related word: အတွင်းရေးမှုး | a-twin3 yay3 hmu3 - secretary of an organization who is in the inner circle.

  60. ထင် | htin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) think; be of certain opinion; to expect something. E.g., ထင်တာတစ်မျိုး၊ ထွက်လာတာတစ်မျိုး။ | htin2 ta2 ta1 myo3, htwet la2 ta2 ta1 myo3. I expected one thing; what turned out to be was another. Related word: ထင်ကြေးပေး | htin2 jay3 pay3 - to form an opinion; to bet on something by guessing. (2) clearly visible; distinguished; outstanding; E.g. ထင်ပေါ်ကျော်ကြား | htin2-pau2 kjau2 kja3 - famous; well-known. Related words:

    1. ထင်ရှား | htin2-sha3 - obvious. E.g., အထင်အရှားပဲလေ။ | a-htin2-a-sha3 beare3 lay2 -It's obvious, don't you see?

    2. ထင်ယောင်ထင်မှား | htin2-youn2 htin2-hma3 - deception to make something appear as if another. E.g., ထင်ယောင်ထင်မှား ဖြစ်အောင် လုပ်တယ်။ | htin2-youn2 htin2-hma3 pfyit oun2 loat deare2 - misled someone to believe in falsehood.

  61. ထင်း | htin3 MP3 Audio File - firewood. E.g., ထင်းခွေ ထွက်သွားတယ်။ | htin3 khway2 htwet thwa3 deare2 - went out to gather firewood. Related words:

    1. ထင်း တစ်စည်း | htin3 ta1 zi3 MP3 Audio File - a bundle of sticks.
    2. ထင်းပေါက် | htin3 pout - to split firewood with an axe.
    3. ထင်းရှူးပင် | htin3 shu3 pin2 - pine tree.

  62. ထွင် | htwin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to invent. E.g., တီထွင်သူ | ti2-htwin2 thu2 - inventor. (2) to clear away thorn, bones, bushes. E.g., ငါးအရိုးထွင် | nga3 a-yo3 htwin2 - debone the fish to get the fillet.

  63. ထွင်း | htwin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to carve wood or ivory to make sculptures. (2) to bore or drill through as in ဥမင်လိုဏ်ခေါင်း ထွင်းဖေါက် | u1-min2 hline2-goun3 htwin3-pfout - to bore through the underground tunnel.

  64. ဒင် | din2 MP3 Audio File - butt of a gun.

  65. ဒင်း | din3 - MP3 Audio File (See correct spelling thin3.) Other usage: ဒင်္ဂါး | din3-ga3 - minted coin. E.g., ရွှေဒင်္ဂါး | shway2 din3-ga3 - gold coin.

  66. နင့် | nin1 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] 'your', 'about you'. (This word is used among friends, or to someone of the same age or younger that one knows well. It's impolite to use this word to strangers.) E.g., နင့်အကြောင်း ပြောနေကြတယ်။ | nin1 a-kjoun3 pyau3 nay2 ja1 deare2 - People are gossiping about you.

  67. နင် | nin2 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] 'you'. (This word is used among friends, or to someone of the same age or younger that one knows well. It's impolite to use this word to strangers.) E.g., နင်အခု ဘယ်မှာလဲ။ | nin2 a-khu1 beare3 hma2 leare3 - Where are you now?

  68. နင်း | nin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to step on. (2) to give a body massage by walking on someone prostrating with the chest down. (3) pedal E.g., ဆိုက်ကားနင်းစား နေတယ်။ | hsite-ka3 nin3 sa3 nay2 deare2 - make a living pedaling a trickshaw / trishaw (tricycle that carries two passengers, one facing the back.)

  69. နှင် | hnin2 MP3 Audio File - to drive out; banish; expel. Related word: ပြည်နှင်ဒဏ် | pyi2 hnin2 dun2 - deportation (to the foreigner); exile (to the countryman).

  70. နှင့် | hnin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) [literary] and. E.g., ကညာပျိုနှင့် ဇရာအို | ka1-nya2-pyo2 hnin1 za1-ya2-o2 - young maiden and aged old man. (2) [literary] with. E.g., သွားနှင့်ကိုက် | thwa3 hnin1 kite - bite with teeth. (3) [literary] combine with | ma1 to form negative imperative. E.g., မလုပ်နှင့်။ | ma1 loat hnin1 - Don't do it. ( All three of the above examples are equivalent of colloquial နဲ့ | neare1.) (4) to do something in advance. E.g., တို့အရင်စားနှင့်မယ်။ | doh1 a-yin2 sa3 hnin1 meare2 - We will go ahead and eat something first.

  71. နှင်း | hnin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) mist; dew; snow. (2) part of some Burmese female names. Other usages:

    1. နှင်းဆီပန်း | hnin3 hsi2 pan3 - rose flower.
    2. နှင်းခူ | hnin3 khu2 - eczema.
    3. နှင်းသီး | hnin3 thi3 MP3 Audio File - a type of lychee; Malay Rose Apple.

  72. နွှင် | hnwin2 MP3 Audio File - the same as နွှာ | hnwa2 - to peel off. E.g., အာလူးအခွံနွှင် | ah2-lu3 a-khoon2 hnwin2 - to peel off the potato skin.

  73. ပင် | pin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) suffix for trees; plants as in အပင် | a-pin2 in general, and more specific as in သရက်ပင် | tha1-yet pin2 - mango tree, as well as numerical classifier (measure word) to count those. E.g., သရက်ပင် ဘယ်နှစ်ပင် စိုက်ထားလဲ။ | tha1-yet pin2 beare2-hna1-pin2 site hta3 leare3 - How many mango trees have you planted? Related words:

    1. ပင်ကို | pin2 ko2 - innate; original.
    2. ပင်ကို ကြိယာ | pin2-ko2 kri1-ya2 MP3 Audio File - A type of Burmese verb that has innate meaning descrbing action.

    3. ပင်စောက် | pin2 zout - tall-stemmed tree.
    4. ပင်စည် | pin2 zi2 - tree trunk.
    5. ပင်စိမ်း | pin2 zain3 MP3 Audio File - basil.
    6. ပင်နီအင်္ကျီ | pin2-ni2 ain3-ji2 - Wheat color Burmese formal jacket for men that has a symbol and status of patriotism.

    7. ပင်မှည့်သီး | pin2-hmeare1-thi3 MP3 Audio File - passion fruit.
    8. ပင်ရင်း | pin2 yin3 - main branch for shops; foot of a tree.

    Other usages:

    1. ပင်ပန်း | pin2 bun3 - tiring.
    2. ပင်စင် | pin2 sin2 - [English] pension.
    3. ပင်လယ် | pin2 leare2 - sea.
    4. ပင်အပ် | pin2 ut - [English] pin.

  74. ပင့် | pin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to lift up; to raise. (2) to invite monks, teachers, or doctors. (3) to support. E.g., မီးလောင်ရာ လေပင့် | mi3 loun2 ya2 lay2 pin1 - Wind blows where there is fire, thus making the fire stronger. [Burmese traditional saying.] Other usage: ပင့်ကူ | pin1 gu2 - spider.

  75. ပင်း | pin3 MP3 Audio File - blocked as in နားပင်း | na3-pin3- hearing impairment. E.g. နားပင်းနေလား။ | na3-pin3 nay2 la3 - Are you deaf? Other usage: ပင်းမင်း | pin3-min3 - professional launderer.

  76. ပဉ္စဂံ | PYIN2-sa1-gun2 MP3 Audio File - Pentagon; a five-sided polygon.

  77. ပဉ္စမ | PYIN2-sa1-ma1 MP3 Audio File - the fifth.

  78. ပျင်း | pyin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) lazy as in အပျင်းထူ | a-pyin3 htu2. Related word: ပျင်းရိ | pyin3 yi1 - lazy and sluggish. (2) boredom. E.g., ပျင်းနေပြီလား။ | pyin3 nay2 byi2 la3 - Are you bored?

  79. ပျဉ် | pyin2 MP3 Audio File - timber; plunk as in ပျဉ်ပြား | pyin2 bya3. Related word: ပျဉ်ထောင်အိမ် | pyin2-htoun2 ain2 - wooden house.

  80. ပျဉ်း | pyin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) suffix for different types of hardwood as in ပျဉ်းကတိုး၊ ပျဉ်းမ၊ ပျဉ်းဖြူ | pyin3-ga1-doe3, pyin3-ma1, pyin3-pfyu2. (2) hood of cobra as in ပါးပျဉ်း | ba1-byin3. E.g., မြွေဟောက် ပါးပျဉ်းထောင်နေတယ်။ | mway2-hout ba1-byin3 htoun2 nay2 deare2 - Cobra has raised its head and showing its hood.

  81. ပြင် | pyin2 MP3 Audio File - to get ready; prepare as in ပြင်ဆင် | pyin2-hsin2. MP3 Audio File E.g., ပြင်ဆင်ပြီးပြီလား။ | pyin2-hsin2 pyi3 byi2 la3 - Are you ready? (2) to repair; to fix. E.g., ကားပြင်ဖို့လိုတယ်။ | ka3 pyin2 pfo1 lo2 deare2 - need to repair the car. (3) to beautify as in အလှပြင်ဆိုင် | a-hla1 pyin2 hsine2 - beauty parlor; professional shop for hair styling, make-up, manicure, skin care, etc.. (4) correction, revision, amendment as in ပြင်ဆင်ချက် | pyin2-hsin2 chet. (5) outside; exterior as in ပြင်ပ | pyin2 pa1, or အပြင် | a-pyin2. Other Usage: ပြင်သစ် | pyin2 thit - France.

  82. ပြင်း | pyin3 MP3 Audio File - strong; intense as in ပြင်းထန် | pyin3-htan2. E.g., ဒူးရင်းသီး အနံ့ပြင်းတယ်။ | du3-yin3-thi3 a-nun1 pyin3 deare2 - Durian has a strong smell.

  83. ပွင့် | pwin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) blooming of flower; blossom. E.g., ပန်းတွေပွင့်နေပြီ။ | pan3 dway2 pwin1 nay2 byi2. Flower has blossomed. (2) measure word for number of flowers. E.g., စံပယ်ပန်းနှစ်ပွင့် | za1-beare2-pan3 hna1 pwin1 - two jasmine flowers. (3) to be open. E.g., တံခါးပွင့်နေတယ်။ | da1-ga3 pwin1 nay2 deare2 - the door is open. (4) to attain, knowledge, wisdom, perception; attainment of Buddhahood.

  84. ဖင် | pfin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) anus. (Anatomy word: စအို | sa1-o2.) (2) butt; buttock; hips. (Polite word: တင်ပါး | tin2 ba3.) (3) bottom side of bottles, pots, cups, glasses, cooking pans and bowls. Related words:

    1. ဖင်ထိုင်ခုံ | pfin2 htine2 khone2 - low stool.
    2. ဖင်ပေါ့ | pfin2 pau1 - be subservient and carry out the orders without delay.
    3. ဖင်လေး | pfin2 lay3 - tardiness; sluggishness.
    4. ဖင်မြဲ | pfin2 myeare3 - to hold steady and secured job position.
    5. ဖင်ဘူးတောင်းထောင် | pfin2 bu3 doun3 htoun2 - on hands and knees with buttocks sticking out in the air.

    Other Usage: ဖင်လန် | pfin2 lun2 - Finland.

  85. ဖင့် | pfin1 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] delay as in ဖင့်နွှဲ | pfin1 hnweare3.

  86. ဖျင် | pfyin2 MP3 Audio File - canvas.

  87. ဖျင်း | pfyin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) poor quality. Related word: poor performance as in ညံ့ဖျင်း | nyan1 pfyin3. E.g., ညံ့ဖျင်းသောသူ | nyan1 pfyin3 dthau3 thu2 - indolent person whose performance is near the bottom of ranking. (2) rough finishing of timber.

  88. ဖျဉ် | pfyin2 MP3 Audio File - mediate or intervene between fights as in ဖျန်ဖျဉ် | pfyan2 pfyin2.

  89. ဖျဉ်း | pfyin3 MP3 Audio File - hot and slight burning sensation on the skin as in စပ်ဖျဉ်းဖျဉ်း | sut pfyin3 pfyin3 - hot sensation such as when therapeutic balm is rubbed on the skin.

  90. ဖြင့် | pfyin1 MP3 Audio File - with; by using. E.g., ကွန်ပျူတာဖြင့်စာစီပါ။ | koon2-pyu2-ta2 pfyin1 sa2 si2 ba2 - Do the word processing using the computer. (with computer). (2) [colloquial] 'as for'. E.g., သူကမကြောက်တတ်ဘူး၊ ကျွန်မဖြင့်ကြောက်လိုက်တာ။ | thu2 gah1 ma1 kjout tut bu3. Kja1-mah1 pfyin1 kjout lite da2 - He had no fear. As for me (female term), I was so afraid.

  91. ဖွင့် | pfwin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to open. E.g., ဆိုင်ဘယ်အချိန်ဖွင့်လဲ။ | hsine2 beare2 a-chain2 pfwin1 leare3 - What time does the shop open? (2) inaugurate; official commencement. (3) to switch on; to turn on; to activate. E.g., မီးဖွင့်။ | mi3 pfwin1 - switch on the light. ရေ ဖွင့် | yay2-pfwin1 MP3 Audio File - turn on the water. အဲကွန်ဖွင့် | eare3-koon2 pfwin1 MP3 Audio File - turn on air-conditioner. ပန်ကာ ဖွင့် | pan2-ka2 pfwin1 MP3 Audio File - turn on the fan. (4) to elaborate and explain the meaning in details as in အနက်ဖွင့် | a-net pfwin1. (5) to disclose the deepest feelings and emotions to someone close as in ရင်ဖွင့်ပြော | yin2 pfwin1 pyau3.

  92. ဖွံ့ | pfwin1 MP3 Audio File - develop as in ဖွံ့ဖြိုး | pfwin1-pfyo3.

  93. ဘင် | bin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) male ancestor five generations back in the order of ဘ၊ ဘိုး၊ ဘေး၊ ဘီ၊ ဘင်၊ ဘဲ | ba1, bo3, bay3, be2, bin2, beare3. (2) Western-style drum used in the band as in ဘင်ခရာ | bin2 kha1-ya2 - drum and bugle marching band. Other usage: ဘင်ဂျို | bin2-jo2 - [English] Banjo.

  94. ဘင် | BIN2 MP3 Audio File as in ဘင်္ဂါလီ | BIN2-ga2-li2 MP3 Audio File - Bengali originating from present day Bangladesh.

  95. ဘင်း | BIN3 MP3 Audio File as in ဘင်္ဂလားဒေ့(ရှ်⁠⁠) | BIN3 ga1 la3 day1(sh) - Bangladesh. ဘင်္ဂလားပင်လယ်အော် | BIN3 ga1 la3 pin2-leare2-au2 - Bay of Bengal.

  96. မင် | hmin2 MP3 Audio File - ink. Related word: မင်ကြောင် | hmin2-kjoun2 - less often used word for ထိုးကွင်း | hto3-gwin3 - tattoo.

  97. မင် | min2 MP3 Audio File - (1) friendly as in ခင်မင် | khin2-min2. (2) having emotional attachment similar to the phrase တပ်မက်တွယ်တာသည်။ | tut-met tweare2-ta2 dthi2. Other usages:

    1. မင်္ဂလာ | min2-ga1-la2 - something auspicious; festive; cheerful; cordial; welcoming.
    2. မင်္ဂလာပါ။ | min2-gla2 ba2 MP3 Audio File - formal greeting. (see lesson 2.)
    3. မင်္ဂလာဆောင် | min2-gla2 hsoun2 - to get married with a formal wedding ceremony.

  98. မင်း | min3 MP3 Audio File - (1) suffix used after the names of kings (e.g., သီပေါမင်း | thi1-bau3 min3 - King Thibaw), and in present day, it roughly means 'honorable' as in လူကြီးမင်း | lu2-ji3 min3 - honorable gentleman. (2) [colloquial] informal word 'you' to a younger person or to someone about the same age. (3) to the extreme degree for some words such as အိုမင်းသည့်အထိ | o2-min3 dthi1 a-hti1 - until the ripe old age. Related words:

    1. မင်းသမီး | min3-dtha1-mi3 - leading female performer; leading actress.
    2. မင်းသား | min3-dtha3 - leading male performer; leading actor.

  99. မျဉ်း | myin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) straight line as in မျဉ်းကြောင်း | myin3 joun3. Related words:

    1. မျဉ်းကျား | myin3 ja3 - zebra ( pedestrian) crossing.
    2. မျဉ်းစောင်း | myin3-zoun3 - slash symbol: '/'.
    3. မျဉ်းပြိုင် | myin3-byine2 - parallel lines.
    4. မျဉ်းမတ် | myin3-mut - vertical line.
    5. မျဉ်းလဲ | myin3-leare3 - horizontal line.

  100. မြင် | myin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) see. E.g., မြင်ရလား။ | myin2 yah1 la3 - Are you able to see? (2) to foresee. E.g., ဒီလူလာဘ်မြင်တယ်။ | de2 lu2 lut myin2 deare2 - This man can predict the fortune and money-making like an oracle. Related words:

    1. မြင်ကွင်း | myin2-gwin3 - field of vision.
    2. မြင်ကွင်းကျယ် | myin2-gwin3-kjeare2 - wide angle view; panorama view.

  101. မြင့် | myin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) high; tall. E.g., ဒီလူအရပ်မြင့်တယ်။ | de2 lu2 a-yut myin1 deare2 - This man is tall. Related word: မြင့်မြတ် | myin1-myut - noble.

  102. မြင်း | myin3 MP3 Audio File - horse. Related words:

    1. မြင်းကျား | myin3 ja3 - zebra (animal).
    2. မြင်းစီး | myin3 si3 MP3 Audio File - Equestrian.
    3. မြင်းခွာရွက် | myin3-khwa2-ywet MP3 Audio File - Pennywort.
    4. မြင်းဇောင်း | myin3 zoun3 - stable.
    5. မြင်းပွဲ | myin3 pweare3 - horse race.

    6. မြင်းလှည်း | myin3 hleare3 - horse-driven cart. မြင်းလှည်း ခေါ်ပေးပါ | myin3-hleare3 khau2 pay3 ba2 MP3 Audio File - Please call horse-driven carriage.

    7. မြင်းသံခွာ | myin3 thun2 khwa2 - horseshoe.

  103. မှင် | hmin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) bristle as in အမွေးအမှင် | a-hmway3 a-hmin2. (2) [infrequent use] composure; poise. E.g., မှင်သေမျက်နှာ | hmin2-thay2 myet-hna2 - expressionless; poker face. Other usage: မှင်စာ | hmin2-za2 - goblin.

  104. မျှင် | hmyin2 MP3 Audio File - cut into long thin strips. E.g., မျှစ်ကို အမျှင်ဖြစ်အောင် မျှင် | hmyit goh2 a-hmyin2 pfyit oun2 hmyin2 - slice the bamboo shoots into long strands before cooking.

  105. မျှဉ်း | hmyin3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] - to take one's own sweet time.

  106. မြွှင်း | hmwin3 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] - cut meat or fish into segments.

  107. ယင် | yin2 MP3 Audio File - fly (insects with wings) as in ယင်ကောင် | yin2 goun2.

  108. ယင်း | yin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) window blinds as in ယင်းလိပ် | yin3 late. (2) [literary] 'that' similar to ထို | hto2.

  109. ယဉ် | yin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) graceful. (2) get used to. E.g., မျက်စိယဉ်နေပြီ။ | myet-si1 yin2 nay2 byi2 - I am used to seeing such things. Related words:

    1. ယဉ်ကျေး | yin2-kjay3 - polite; courteous.
    2. ယဉ်ကျေးမှု | yin2-kjay3 hmu1 - culture.

    Other usages:

    1. မြောက်ယဉ်စွန်းတန်း | myout yin2-zoon3-dun3 - Tropic of Cancer.
    2. တောင်ယဉ်စွန်းတန်း | toun2 yin2-zoon3-dun3 - Tropic of Capricorn.

  110. ယာဉ် | yin2 MP3 Audio File - vehicle. Related words:

    1. ယာဉ်ကြော | yin2 jau3 - traffic lane.
    2. ယာဉ်ထိန်း | yin2 htain3 - traffic police.
    3. ယာဉ်မောင်း | yin2 moun3 - driver.

  111. ယှဉ် | shin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) place something next to or parallel to something else. E.g., ကားနှစ်စီး ယှဉ်ရပ်ထားတယ်။ | ka2 hna1-si3 shin2 yut hta3 deare2 - Two cars are parked parallel to each other. (2) to compete as in ယှဉ်ပြိုင် | shin2 pyine2. Related word: ယှဉ်ဖက် | shin2 pfet - rival.

  112. ရင် | yin2 MP3 Audio File - breast as in ရင်သား | yin2-dtha3; (body) chest as in ရင်ဘတ် | yin2-but. MP3 Audio File Related words:

    1. ရင်ကွဲပက်လက် | yin2-kweare3 pet-let - broken-hearted.
    2. ရင်ခွဲရုံ | yin2-khweare3 yone2 - mortuary.
    3. ရင်ခွင်ပိုက် | yin2-khwin2 pite - hold in the bosom.
    4. ရင်ဆိုင် | yin2 hsine2 - face; confront.
    5. ရင်တမမ | yin2 ta1 ma1-ma1 - in suspense; thrilling.
    6. ရင်ထုမနာ | yin2-htu1 ma1-na2 - wail, lament, and beat one's breast.
    7. ရင်နာ | yin2 na2 - feeling hurt.
    8. ရင်ပေါ့ | yin2 pau1 - feel relieved.
    9. ရင်ပေါင်တန်း | yin2 boun2 tan3 - abreast.
    10. ရင်ပုံသား | yin2 bone2 dtha3 - white meat of chicken breast.
    11. ရင်ပြင် | yin2 byin2 - platform surrounding the pagoda.
    12. ရင်ဘတ်စည်တီး | yin2-but si2 ti3 - wail, lament, and beat one's breast.
    13. ရင်လေး | yin2 lay3 - with heavy heart.
    14. ရင်ရှား | yin2 sha3 - to wrap the sarong high up covering the breasts.
    15. ရင်သားကင်ဆာ | yin2-dtha3 kin2-hsa2 MP3 Audio File - breast cancer.

  113. ရင် | yin2 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] if. E.g., (1) ပူလိုက်တာ၊ မိုးရွာရင်ကောင်းမယ်။ | pu2 lite-da2, mo3-ywa2 yin2 koun3 meare2 - It's so hot. It will be good if it rains.

  114. ရင့် | yin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) mature ( fruits, tree, and age.) (2) appears older than one's age. (3) experienced as in ရင့်ကျက် | yin1 kjet.

  115. ရင်း | yin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) invest as in ရင်းနှီးမြှုပ်နှံ | yin3-hni3 hmyoat-hnun2. (2) ရင်းနှီး | yin3-hni3 could also mean to be close to someone. Related word: ရင်းရင်းနှီးနှီး | yin3-yin3 hni3-hni3 - cordially. (3) while. E.g., ရေချိုးရင်း သီချင်းဆို | yay2-cho3 yin3 tha1-chin3 hso2 - Sing a song while taking a bath. (4) wound to get healed as in အနာရင်း | a-na2 yin3. (5) base. Examples:

    1. သစ်ပင်အရင်း | thit-pin2 a-yin3 - base of the tree.
    2. ခုတင်ခြေရင်း | ga1-din2 chay2-yin3 - foot side of the bedframe.

    Related word: ဆွေမျိုးရောင်းရင်း | sway2-myo3 youn3-yin3 - relatives and childhood friends who form the 'core' of one's life.

  116. ရှင် | shin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) [colloquial] female answering the call. (2) utterance of surprise by female. (3) [colloquial] 'you' as spoken by female in some circumstances. (4) ending word spoken by female. E.g., ဟုတ်ပါတယ်ရှင်။ | hote ba2 deare2 shin2 - Yes, that's right. (See lesson 4 for all the above four cases.) (5) to be alive as in အသက်ရှင် | a-thet shin2. Related word: ရုပ်ရှင် | yoat shin2 - movie; motion picture. (6) alert person with sharp eyes as in မျက်စိရှင် | myet-si1 shin2. (7) owner as in ဆိုင်ရှင် | hsine2 shin2 - owner of the shop. (8) king; monarch as in ရှင်ဘုရင် | shin2 ba1-yin2. (9) title in front of monks' names. E.g., ရှင်အရဟံ | shin2 a-ra1-hun2. Related word: ရှင်လောင်း | shin2 loun3 - would-be-novice-monk, and ရှင်လောင်းလှည့် | shin2 loun3 hleare1 is the ceremony of becoming a novice monk by dressing up and going around, complete with traditional music.

  117. ရှင့် | shin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) [colloquial] 'your' spoken by female. E.g., ဒါရှင့်ကားလား။ | da2 shin1 ka3 la3 - Is this your car? (2) [colloquial] 'yes' and other ending words spoken by female. E.g., ဟုတ်ကဲ့ရှင့်။ | hot keare1 shin1 - yes.

  118. ရှင်း | shin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to clear up; to tidy up. E.g., စားပွဲ ရှင်း | za1-bweare3 shin3 MP3 Audio File - clean up the table. အခန်းရှင်း | a-khan3 shin3 - tidy up the room. (2) to be free from. E.g., ဘေးအန္တရာယ် ကင်းရှင်းပါစေ။ | bay3 un2-da1-yeare2 kin3-shin3 ba2 zay2 - May you be free from perils. (3) not crowded. E.g., ဒီဆိုင်လူရှင်းတယ်။ | de2 hsine2 lu2 shin3 deare2 - This shop is not crowded. (4) to settle accounts; to make payment. E.g., စာရင်းရှင်းမယ်။ | sa1-yin3 shin3 meare2 - Bill, please.

  119. ရှဉ့် | shin1 MP3 Audio File - squirrel.

  120. ရွှင် | shwin2 MP3 Audio File - joyful. E.g., ရွှင်လန်းချမ်းမြေ့ပါစေ။ | shwin2-lun3 chan3-myay1 ba2 zay2 - May you find peace and happiness. Related words:

    1. ရွှင်မြူး | shwin2-myu3 - jubilant.
    2. ရွှင်ရွှင်ပြုံးပြုံး | shwin2-shwin2 pyone3 pyone3 - cheerful with all smiles.
    3. လူရွှင်တော် | lu2-shwin2-dau2 - comedian.

  121. လင် | lin2 MP3 Audio File - husband. Related words:

    1. လင်ငယ် | lin2 ngeare2 - a man kept by a married woman as an illegitimate husband.
    2. လင်တရူး | lin2 ta1 yu3 - a woman in distress either because of the death of her husband, or want a husband.

    3. လင်နောက်လိုက် | lin2 nout lite - elope with a man.
    4. လင်ပါသား | lin2 pa2 tha3 MP3 Audio File - step-son of a woman.
    5. လင်မယား | lin2 ma1-ya3 MP3 Audio File - husband and wife.

  122. လင့် | lin1 MP3 Audio File - [poetic] (1) to wait for. Related word: မျှော်လင့် | hmyau2-lin1 - to hope. (2) be late. (3) emphasis to some verbs.

  123. လင်း | lin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) bright; ample of light. E.g., အခန်းထဲ မီလင်းနေလား။ | a-khan3-hteare3 mi3 lin3 nay2 la3 - Is the light on in the room? Other usage: လင်းနို့ | lin3 no1 - bat ( nocturnal mouselike mammal with wings.)

  124. လျင် | hlyin2 MP3 Audio File - swift; fast as in E.g., လျင်မြန် | hlyin2 myan2. Related words:

    1. ခြေလျင် | chay2 lyin2 - on foot. (the same as ခြေကျင်လျှောက် | chay2 jin2 shout.)
    2. ခြေလျင်တပ် | chay2 lyin2 tut - infantry.

  125. လွင် | lwin2 MP3 Audio File - [infrequent use] (1) vivid. (2) lacking seriousness. (3) clear and distinct voice. Related word: လွင်ပြင် | lwin2 byin2 - outdoor flat open space; plain.

  126. လွင့် | lwin1 MP3 Audio File - to be blown away as in လွင့်စဉ် | lwin1 sin2.

  127. လျှင် | hlyin2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] (1) conditional statement; if. E.g., မိုးရွာလျှင်ထီးဆောင်း | mo3-ywa2 hlyin2 hti3 hsoun3 - If it rains, use an umbrella. (Colloquial equivalent is ရင် | yin2.) (2) 'each' relating to quantity. E.g., တစ်နေ့လျှင် ရေ ၆ခွက်သောက်ပါ။ | ta1-nay1 hlyin2 yay2 chout-khwet thout ba2 - Each day, drink 6 glasses of water.

  128. လျှင်း | hlyin3 MP3 Audio File - absolutely; without exception; zero tolerance as in အလျှင်း | a-hlyin3. E.g., အလျှင်းမသိ | a-hlyin3 ma1-thi1 - absolutely no knowledge about it whatsoever.

  129. ဝင် | win2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to enter. E.g., ဝင်လာခဲ့၊ တံခါးဖွင့်ထားတယ်။ | win2 la2 kheare1, da1-ga3 pfwin1 hta3 deare2 - Come in, the door is open. အိမ်သာ ဝင် | ain2-tha2 win2 MP3 Audio File - go to the bathroom. (2) to become a member as in အသင်းဝင် | a-thin3-win2 - club member. (3) to become part of. E.g., ဒီခွေးက လူရာဝင်ချင်တယ်။ | de2 khway3 gah1 lu2 ya2 win2 chin2 deare2 - This dog wants to mingle with people.

    Related words:

    1. ဝင်ကုန် | win2-kone2 - imported goods.
    2. ဝင်ငွေ | win2-ngway2 - income.
    3. ဝင်စား | win2-za3 - possessed by supernatural force.
    4. ဝင်ရိုး | win2-yo3 - axle of wheels.
    5. မြောက်ဝင်ရိုးစွန်း | myout win2-yo3-zoon3 - North Pole.
    6. တောင်ဝင်ရိုးစွန်း | toun2 win2-yo3-zoon3 - South Pole, where ဝင်ရိုးစွန်း | win2-yo3-zoon3 refers to polar regions. (axle + extreme).

  130. ဝင် | WIN2 MP3 Audio File as in ဝင်္ကပါ | WIN2-ga1-ba2 MP3 Audio File - maze; labyrinth.

  131. ဝင့် | win1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] brag as in ဝင့်ကြွား | win1 kjwa3.

  132. သင် | thin2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to teach as in သင်ပေး | thin2 pay3. (2) to learn as in သင်ယူ | thin2 yu2. Related words:

    1. သင်ခန်းစာ | thin2-gun3-za2 - lesson.
    2. သင်တန်း | thin2-dun3 - training course; seminar.
    3. ကျောက်သင်ပုန်း | kjout thin2-bone3 - blackboard.

    Other usages:

    1. သင်တုန်းဓား | thin2-dome3 da3 - shaving knife.
    2. သင်ဖြူးဖျာ | thin2-byu3 pfya2 - mat with smooth surface made from the tree bark.

  133. သင် | thin2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] you. E.g., အသင်မည်သူနည်း။ | a-thin2 myi2 thu2 ni3 - Who are you?

  134. သင် | THIN2 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. သင်္ကေတ | THIN2-kay2-ta1 MP3 Audio File - symbol.
    2. သင်္ကန်း | THIN2-gun3 MP3 Audio File - monk's robe.
    3. သင်္ခါရ | THIN2-kha2-ra1 MP3 Audio File - impermanent nature of existence that is subject to change.

    4. သင်္ခါရက္ခန္ဓာ | THIN2-kha1-ra1 khan2-da2 - [Buddhism] mental formation - includes the concept of "I", and all volitional activities: attention, will, determination, concentration, greed, hate, desire, conceit and conditioned responses.

    5. သင်္ချာ | THIN2-cha2 MP3 Audio File - math.

  135. သင့် | thin1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] to you. E.g., သင့်ကိုအလိုရှိသည်။ | thin1 go2 a-lo2 shi1 dthi2 - You are needed.

  136. သင့် | thin1 MP3 Audio File - (1) suitable; appropriate; fitting as in သင့်တော် | thin1 tau2. (2) struck by disaster as in ရေဘေးသင့် | yay2 bay3 thin1 - destroyed by flood. (3) fair and reasonable price or compensation as in သင့်ငွေ | thin1 ngway2. (4) having amicable relation; to get along well; living in harmony as in သင့်မြတ် | thin1 myut. E.g., သင့်သင့်မြတ်မြတ် နေကြပါ။ | thin1-thin1 myut-myut nay2 ja1 ba2 - Try to get along well with each other.

  137. သင်း | dthin3 MP3 Audio File or din3 MP3 Audio File - Reference to a person or people that one dislike, i.e., 'them', but not directly spoken as 'you'. E.g., သင်းတို့အားလုံးကို ငရဲပြည်ပို့မယ်။ | din3-doh1 ah3-lone3 go2 nga1-yeare3-pyi2 po1 meare2 - I will send all of them to hell.

  138. သင်း | thin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) fragrant; sweet smelling.(2) animal castration. (3) social unit; club; group as in အသင်း | a-thin3. Related word: အပေါင်းအသင်း | a-poun3 a-thin3 - people that one socialize and associate with.

  139. သင်း | THIN3 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. သင်္ကြန် | THIN3-jan2 - Water Festival during New Year Celebrations.
    2. သင်္ချိုင်းကုန်း | THIN3-jine3 gome3 - cemetary; graveyard, burial ground.
    3. သင်္ဘော | THIN3-bau3 - ship.
    4. သင်္ဘောကျင်း | THIN3-bau3 jin3 - shipyard.
    5. သင်္ဘောဆိပ် | THIN3-bau3 zate MP3 Audio File - river jetty; shipping port; harbor; quay.
    6. သင်္ဘော တစ်စီး | thin3-bau3 ta1 zi3 MP3 Audio File - a boat; a ship.
    7. သင်္ဘောသား | THIN3-bau3 dtha3 - sailor; seaman.
    8. သင်္ဘောသီး | THIN3-bau3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Papaya.

  140. သွင် | thwin2 MP3 Audio File - continuously; continuous flow as in သွင်သွင် | thwin2-thwin2.

  141. သွင်း | thwin3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to put inside; to import. Related word: သွင်းကုန် | thwin3-kone2 - imported goods. (2) to score a goal or a point in sports by putting the ball into the target. (3) to make data entry; to register as in စာရင်းသွင်း | sa1-yin3 thwin3.

  142. ဟင့် | hin1 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] negative response, 'no' as in ဟင့်အင်း | hin1 in3. E.g., Question: ကြိုက်တယ်မဟုတ်လား။ | kjite deare2 ma1 hote la3 - You like it, don't you? Answer: ဟင့်အင်း | hin1 in3 - 'No'.

  143. ဟင် | hin2 MP3 Audio File - Exclamation; response to a surprise. E.g., ဟင်၊ ဘာကြီးလဲမသိဘူး။ | hin2, ba2 ji3 leare3 ma1-thi1 bu3 - Oh, dear! What is this big thing?

  144. ဟင်း | hin3 MP3 Audio File - dishes that is served in lunch or dinner. E.g., ကြက်သားဆီပြန်ဟင်း | kjet-tha3 hsi2-pyan2 hin3 - curry chicken. Related words:

    1. ဟင်းခါး | hin3 kha3 - soup with pepper in it.
    2. ဟင်းခတ်အမွှေးအကြိုင် | hin3-khut a-hmway3 a-kjine2 MP3 Audio File - Spices.
    3. ဟင်းချို | hin3 jo2 - soup with vegetables (without pepper hot taste.)

    4. ဟင်းစပ်တည့် | hin3 sut teare1 - dishes that complement one another when served together. For example, in Western dinner, red wine goes well with red meat, and white wine with fish. In Burmese lunch, ထမင်းသုပ် | hta1-min3 thoat goes well with ဟင်းချို | hin3 jo2 - vegetable soup.

    5. ဟင်းနုနယ် | hin3-nu1-neare2 MP3 Audio File - Spinach.
    6. ဟင်းသီးဟင်းရွက် | hin3-thi3 hin3-ywet - vegetables.
    7. ဟင်းရည် | hin3-yay2 MP3 Audio File - Soup.

  145. အင် | in2 MP3 Audio File - (1) strength as in အင်အား | in2 ah3. Related words:

    1. အင်တိုက်အားတိုက် | in2-dite ah3-dite - enthusiastically with all might.
    2. အင်တင်တင် | in2-tin2-tin2 - half-heartedly.
    3. အင်မတန် | in2-ma1-tan2 - [colloquial] very.

    (2) [literary] quality; feature; characteristic. E.g., ဤငါးအင် | e2 nga3 in2 - these five characteristics. Other usages:

    1. အင်ကြင်း | in2 jin3 - a type of timber tree; tall hardwood tree
    2. အင်ဂိုလာ | in2 go2 la2 - Angola.
    3. အင်ဂျင် | in2-jin2 - [English] engine.
    4. အင်ဂျင်နီယာ | in2-jin2-ni2-ya2 - [English] engineer.
    5. အင်ဂျင်ဝိုင် | in2-jin2-wine2 - [English] engine oil.
    6. အင်ဒိုနီးရှား | in2 do2 ni3 sha3 - Indonesia.
    7. အင်တာနက် | in2-ta2-net - [English] Internet.
    8. အင်တာနက်ဆိုင် | in2-ta2-net hsine2 MP3 Audio File - Internet Cafe.

  146. အင် | IN2 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. အင်္ဂါ | IN2-ga2 MP3 Audio File - anatomical parts.
    2. အင်္ဂါဂြိုဟ် | IN2-ga2 jo2 - Mars (planet).
    3. အင်္ဂါနံ | IN2-ga2 nun2 - [astrology] names of people that start with characters စ၊ ဆ၊ ဇ၊ ဈ၊ ည။.
    4. အင်္ဂါနေ့ | IN2-ga2 nay1 - Tuesday.
    5. အင်္ဂါဇာတ် | IN2-ga2 zut MP3 Audio File - genital; male sexual organ; female sexual organ; vulva.

  147. အင့် | in1 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] expression when handing out something to someone. E.g., အင့်၊ ဒီမှာယူ။ | in1, de2 hma2 yu2 - Here, take this.

  148. အင်း | in3 MP3 Audio File - (1) [colloquial] affirmation word. E.g., Question: ဟုတ်လား။ | hote la3 - Is that right? Answer: အင်း | in3 - Yes. (2) Natural pond or lake. E.g., အင်းလေးကန် | in3 lay3 kun2 - Inle Lake. ( Note: similar to ကန် | kun2, but the later can be man-made such as ရေကူးကန် | yay2 ku3 kun2 - swimming pool.)

  149. အင်း | IN3 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. အင်္ဂတေ | IN3-ga1-day2 - cement.
    2. အင်္ဂလိပ် | IN3-ga1-late - English.
    3. အင်္ဂလိပ်စကား | IN3-ga1-late za1-ga3 - English (spoken form). E.g., အင်္ဂလိပ်စကား ပြောတတ်သလား | in3-ga1-late za1-ga3 pyau3 tut tha1-la3 MP3 Audio File - Can you speak English?

    4. အင်္ဂလိပ်စာ | IN3-ga1-late sa2 - English (written form).

    Alternative pronunciation: AIN3 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. တိုက်ပုံအင်္ကျီ | tite-pone2 ain3-ji2 MP3 Audio File - Burmese-style Men's jacket.
    2. ရှပ်အင်္ကျီ | shut ain3-ji2 MP3 Audio File - shirt.
    3. အင်္ကျီ တစ်ထည် | ain3-ji2 ta1 hteare2 MP3 Audio File - a shirt.
    4. အင်္ကျီလက်တို | ain3-ji2 let-toh2 MP3 Audio File - short-sleeves shirt.
    5. အင်္ကျီလက်ရှည် | ain3-ji2 let-shay2 MP3 Audio File - long-sleeves shirt.