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Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကို | ko2 - male title MP3 Audio File
  2. ကြို | kjo2 - pick someone up MP3 Audio File
  3. ခိုး | kho3 - steal MP3 Audio File
  4. ဆိုး | hso3 - bad MP3 Audio File
  5. နိုး | no3 - wake up MP3 Audio File
  6. ပို့ | po1 - send someone off MP3 Audio File
  7. မိုး | mo3 - rain MP3 Audio File
  8. မြို့ | myo1 - city; town MP3 Audio File
  9. လို | lo2 - need MP3 Audio File
  10. ဟို | ho2 - that MP3 Audio File

Lesson 43: Burmese words with vowel 'O'

The list of Burmese words with the vowel 'O' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

With a few exceptions, most words in this sound group will be spelled with | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top and | ta1-choun3-ngin2 below the character or consonant modified character. The words will be in the second tone.

The exceptions are spelled with extra ယ် | ya1 thut, or ဟ် | ha1 thut, or လ် | la1 thut appended to the right.

To change into the first tone from the second tone, add | out-myit. To change into the third tone from the second tone, add | shay1 ga1 pout.

If you are looking for more complete entries, please refer to Myanmar English Dictionary.

Oh1 - Oh2 - Oh3 | အို့ - အို - အိုး

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကို | ko2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) polite title "Mr." in front of male Burmese names.

    As a Burmese teenager enters adulthood, his title changes from မောင် | moun2 to ko2. When he gets to about the age of 30, people start to call him with the title ဦး | u3 in professional life. But, friends and people of about the same age continue to address each other with informal ကို | ko2 word well into the old age until death.

    (2) elder brother as in အစ်ကို | a-ko2 or ကိုကို | ko2 ko2 with more warmth (term of endearment.)

    Other Usages:

    ကိုကာကိုလာ | ko2-ka2 ko2-la2 MP3 Audio File - Coca-Cola.

    ကိုကိုး | ko2-ko3 - cocoa.

    ကိုကင်း | ko2-kin3 - cocaine.

    ကိုဓဥပဒေ | ko2-da1 u1-ba1-day2 - code of law.

    ကိုလိုနီ | ko2-lo2-ni2 - colony.v ကိုလိုနီစနစ် | ko2-lo2-ni2 sa1-nit - colonialism.

    ကိုလံဘီယာ | ko2-lun2-be2-ya2 - Colombia.

  2. ကို | go2; go2 MP3 Audio File (1) to. Examples:

    ဒီကိုလာ | de2 go2 la2 - Come here. (here + to + come).

    သူ့ကိုဒါပေးလိုက်။ | thu1 go2 da2 pay3 lite - give this to him.

    (2) definitely; must. E.g., နိုင်ကိုနိုင်ရမယ်။ | nine2 go2 nine2 ya1 meare2 - We definitely must win.

  3. ကိုး | ko3; ko3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) Number nine and numbers with nine.

    ၉ - ကိုး | ko3 MP3 Audio File - 9.

    ၉၀ - ကိုးဆယ် | ko3 zeare2 MP3 Audio File - 90.

    ၉၀၀ - ကိုးရာ | ko3 ya2 MP3 Audio File - 900.

    ၉၀၀၀ - ကိုးထောင် | ko3 htoun2 MP3 Audio File - 9,000.

    ၉၀၀၀၀ - ကိုးသောင်း | ko3 dthoun3 MP3 Audio File - 90,000.

    (2) rely on.

    သူ့ကိုအားကိုးရတယ်။ | thu1 go2 ah3 ko3 ya1 deare2 - (I or we) rely on him.

    (3) make reference to as in ကိုးကား | ko3 ka3.

    (4) worship or to have faith in as in ကိုးကွယ် | ko3 gweare2.

    ဘာကိုးကွယ်လဲ။ | ba2 ko3 gweare2 leare3 - What's your religion? What do you believe in?

    Other usages:

    ကိုးရိုးကားရား | ko3-yo3 ka3-ya3 - in clumsy and awkward manner.

    ကိုးလိုးကန့်လန့် | ko3-lo3 kun1-lun1 MP3 Audio File - obstructively; contrarily.

  4. ကိုယ် | ko2; ko2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) body; torso as in ကိုယ်ခန္ဓာ | ko2 khan2-da2.

    (2) [Colloquial] self descriptive term 'I'. (See lesson 4 for details.)

    ကိုယ်ကျိုးအတွက် | ko3 jo3 a-twet - for self-interest; selfish striving for the benefit of oneself.

    ကိုယ်ခံပညာ | ko2 gun2 pyin2-nya2 - self-defence.

    ကိုယ်ချင်းစာတရား | ko2-jin3-za2 ta1-ya3 - the ability to feel the suffering of others as if one's own suffering; consideration for others; sympathy.

    ကိုယ်စား | ko2-za3 - on behalf of someone.

    ပိုင်ရှင်ကိုယ်စား ဆောင်ရွက်ပေး နေတာပါ။ | pine2-shin2 ko2-za3 hsoun2-ywet pay3 nay2 da2 ba2 - I am doing this service on behalf of the owner.

    ကိုယ်စားလှယ် | ko2-za1-leare2 - representative.

    လူကိုယ်တိုင်လာပြီး ဆိုင်းထိုးပါ။ | lu2 ko2-dine2 la2 pyi3 hsine3-hto3 ba2 - Please come and sign (the document) in person.

    ကိုယ်တိုင်ကိုယ်ကျ | ko2-dine2 ko2-ja1 - (do something) personally with satisfaction and in full control of the situation. The word has a hint of စိတ်တိုင်းကျ | sate tine3 kja1 - as one wishes and whimsical desires.

    မိမိတို့၏ အိမ်ရှေ့မှောက်၌ ကိုယ်တိုင်ကိုယ်ကျ လှုဒါန်းနိုင်ပါပြီ။ | mi1-mi1 doh1 e1 ain2 shay1-hmout hnite ko2-dine2 ko2-ja1 hlu2-dun3 nine2 ba2 byi2 - You can make the donation in front of your own home by yourself to your satisfaction.

    ကိုယ်တုံးလုံး | ko2 tone3-lone3 - naked; in the nude; unclothed.

    ကိုယ်တွေ့ | ko2 dway1 - personal experience.

    ကိုယ်ထူကိုယ်ထ | ko2-htu2 ko2-hta1 - without government's subsidy; with one's own initiative.

    ကိုယ်ပူ | ko2 pu2 - have fever. (body + hot).

    ကိုယ်ပူနေတယ်။ | ko2 pu2 nay2 deare2 - (He/she/I) have a fever.

    ကိုယ်ပိုင် | ko2 bine2 - private as in ကိုယ်ပိုင်ကျောင်း | ko2-bine2 kjoun3 - private school.

    ကိုယ်လုံးကိုယ်ပေါက် | ko2-lone3 ko2-bout - female body shape; physique.

    ကိုယ်လုံးကိုယ်ပေါက် လှတယ်။ | ko2-lone3 ko2-bout hla1 deare2 - (She has) a nice, sexy body.

    ကိုယ်ဝန် | ko2-woon2 - pregnancy.

  5. ကျို | kjo2 MP3 Audio File - heat up water or liquid until it boils up.

    နွားနို့ကျိုလိုက်။ | nwa3-no1 kjo2 lite - Simmer the milk to a boil.

  6. ကျို့ | kjo1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) disgrace oneself by submissive behavior; lower one's dignity; suck-up to someone as in အောက်ကျို့ | out kjo1.

    ဘာဖြစ်လို့ အောက်ကျို့ပြီး ဆက်ဆံနေရတာလဲ။ | ba2-pfyit-lo1 out kjo1 pyi3 hset-hsun2 nay2 ya1 da2 leare3 - Why must you kotow yourself to this person?

  7. ကျိုး | kjo3 MP3 Audio File - break; be broken into two or more pieces.

    ကျိုးအောင်ချိုးလိုက်။ | kjo3 oun2 cho3 lite - break it apart. (break it in order to be broken where ချိုး | cho3 is the verb 'break something'.)

    ကျိုးတိုးကျဲတဲ | kjo3-doe3 kjeare3-deare3 - sparsely; here and there; not close to each other; not densely located.

  8. ကြို | kjo2; kjo2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) prior to; pre; (do something) in advance as in ကြိုတင် | kjo2 tin2.

    ကြိုပြီးပြင်ဆင်ထား။ | kjo2 pyi3 pyin2-hsin2 hta3 - Get prepared in advance.

    မူကြိုကျောင်း | mu2-jo2 kjoun3 - pre-school; kindergarten.

    (2) pick up someone, which involves going to the place in advance and wait for someone to arrive or to come out; meet and greet.

    ကလေး ကျောင်းပို့၊ ကျောင်းကြို | kha1-lay3 kjoun3-po1 kjoun3-jo2 - the act of sending a child to school and picking up after school.

    ကြိုဆို | kjo2-zo2 - bid welcome; greet upon arrival; receive an important visitor.

    ရန်ကုန်မြို့မှ လှိုက်လှဲစွာ ကြိုဆိုပါ၏။ | yan2-gome2-myo1 hma1 hlite-hleare3 zwa2 kjo2-zo2 ba2 e1 - Yangon welcomes you wholeheartedly.

  9. ကြို့ | jo1 MP3 Audio File - expell gas throught the mouth.

    ကြို့ထိုး | jo1 hto3 - hiccup.

  10. ကြိုး | kjo3; kjo3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) rope; cord.

    ကြိုးကိုင် | kjo3 kine2 - manipulate and control like a puppet master. kjo3 ghine2 - someone behind who is controlling.

    ကြိုးစင်တင် | kjo3-zin2 tin2 - send someone to gallows.

    ကြိုးဆွဲချ | kjo3 zweare3 cha1 - commit suicide by hanging.

    ကြိုးတံတား | kjo3 da1-da3 - suspension bridge.

    ကြိုးနီစနစ် | kjo3-ni2 sa1-nit - red-tapes in government bureaucracy.

    ကြိုးမဲ့ကြေးနန်း | kjo3 meare1 kjay3-nun3 - wireless.

    ကြိုးမိန့်ပေး | kjo3 main1 pay3 - pass death sentence by hanging.

    (2) make an effort; work diligently as in ကြိုးစားအားထုတ် | kjo3-za3 ah3-htoat.

    ကြိုးစားပန်းစား | kjo3-za3 pan3-za3
    ကြိုးကြိုးစားစား | kjo3-jo3 za3-za3 MP3 Audio File - diligently; - (strive) with great effort by putting in hardwork.

  11. ကြိုး | jo3 MP3 Audio File

    ကြိုးကြာငှက် | jo3-ja2 hnget - crane, large bird with a long neck and long legs.

    ကြိုးကြာနီ | jo3-ja2 ni2 - flamingo.

  12. ခို | kho2; kho2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) pigeon.

    (2) take shelter or refuge.

    မှီခို | hmi2 kho2 - depend on someone. hmi2-go2 - dependent.

    ခိုလှုံခွင့် | kho2-hlone2 gwin1 - asylum.

    တည်းခိုခန်း | teare3-kho2 gun3 - guest house.

  13. ခိုး | kho3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) steal. (2) do something stealthily (and illegally) to avoid detection.

    ခိုးကြောင်ခိုးဝှက် | kho3-joun2 kho3-whet - stealthily; suspiciously behind covers.

    ခိုးချ | kho2 cha1 - cheat in the exams by copying; plagiarize.

    ခိုးပြေး | kho3 pyay3 - elope.

    ခိုးသားဓါးပြ | kho3-dtha3 da1-mya1 - robbers, bandits, thieves, burglars and the like.

    Other usage:

    ခိုးလိုးခုလု | kho3-lo3 khu1-lu1 - with discomfort in the mind.

  14. ချို | jo2 MP3 Audio File - horn or antlers of animals.

  15. ချို | cho2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) Sweet (taste). E.g., ချိုတယ် | cho2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - It's sweet.

    ချိုချဉ်ကြော် | cho2-chin2 jau2 MP3 Audio File - sweet & sour fried vegetable with the choice of pork, chicken, or prawns.

    (2) pleasant (voice).

    ချိုချိုသာသာ | cho2-cho2 tha2-dtha2 MP3 Audio File - pleasantly in manner of speaking.

    (3) be inexpensive.

    ဈေးချိုတယ်။ | zay3 cho2 deare2 - It's inexpensive.

    (4) part of some Burmese names (both male and female).

  16. ချို့ | cho1 MP3 Audio File - be deficient as in ချို့တဲ့ | cho1 teare1.

    ချို့ယွင်း | cho1 ywin3 - be defective; be faulty.

  17. ချိုး | cho3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) break a stick or stick-like objects.

    (2) fold a piece of paper.

    စက္ကူကို အလယ်ကချိုးပါ။ | set-ku2 go2 a-leare2 ga1 cho3 ba2 - Fold the paper into half (along the middle).

    (3) take a bath as in ရေချိုး | yay2 cho3. MP3 Audio File

  18. ချိုး | jo3 MP3 Audio File - dove.

    ချိုးကပ် | jo3 kut - crust from overcooked food to get stuck inside the pot.

  19. ခြိုး | cho3 MP3 Audio File

    ခြိုးခြံ | cho3 chan2 - be thrifty; be economical.

  20. ဂိုး | go3 MP3 Audio File - [English] goal. (can be used for soccer related words only, and not in the other sense like 'aim' and 'purpose'.)

    ဂိုးတိုင် | go3 dine2 - goal post.

    ဂိုးသမား | go3 dtha1-ma3 - goalkeeper.

  21. ဂြိုဟ် | jo2 MP3 Audio File - planet.

    ဂြိုဟ်ကောင် | jo2 goun2 - trouble-maker.

    ဂြိုဟ်တု | jo2 du1 - Satellite that orbits around the planet. (planet + imitation).

  22. ငို | ngo2 MP3 Audio File - cry as in ငိုကြွေး | ngo2 kjway3.

  23. ငြိုး | hnyo3 MP3 Audio File - harbor a grudge as in ရန်ငြိုးထား | yan2 hnyo3 hta3.

  24. စို | so2; so2 MP3 Audio File - wet; get wet.

    စိုထိုင်း | so2-htine3 -be humid; be moist.

  25. စိုး | so3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) to rule; govern.

    အစိုးရ | a-so3-ya1 - government.

    (2) to worry; be anxious as in စိုးရိမ် | so3 yain2.

  26. ဆို | hso2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) say something.

    ဆိုပါဦး။ | hso2 ba2 ome3 - Go on, what do you have to say?

    ဆိုရိုးစကား | hso2-yo3 za1-ga3 - traditional saying; proverbs.

    ဆိုရင် | hso2-yin2 - [colloquial] in that case.

    ဆိုလိုရင်း | hso2-lo2-yin3 - the bottom line; essence; central meaning.

    ဆိုလျှင် | hso2-hlyin2 - [literary] in that case.

    ဆိုသော် | hso2-dthau2 - [literary] if; in that case.

    (2) sing as in သီချင်းဆို | tha1-chin3 hso2. MP3 Audio File

    Other Usages:

    ဆိုနာ | so2-na2 - sonar.

    ဆိုနီ | so2-ni2 - Sony.

    ဆိုမာလီယာ | hso2-ma2-li2-ya2 - Somalia.

    ဆိုဖာ | hso2-pfa2 - sofa.

    ဆိုရှယ်လစ် | hso2-sheare2-lit - Socialist.

    ဆိုရှယ်လစ်စနစ် | hso2-sheare2-lit sa1-nit - Socialism.

    ဆိုရှယ်လစ်သမ္မတမြန်မာနိုင်ငံ | hso2-sheare2-lit tha1-ma1-da1 myan2-ma2 nine2-ngan2 - [old name] Socialist People's Republic of the Union of Burma.

  27. ဆို့ | hso1 MP3 Audio File - to blockade; to block; to obstruct as in ပိတ်ဆို့ | pate-hso1.

    စီးပွားရေး ပိတ်ဆို့မှု | si3-bwa3-yay3 pate-hso1-hmu1 - economic sanctions.

  28. ဆိုး | hso3 MP3 Audio File - bad as in ဆိုးရွား | hso3-ywa3.

  29. ညို | nyo2 MP3 Audio File - brown as in အညိုရောင် | a-nyo2 youn2.

  30. ညို့ | nyo1 MP3 Audio File

    ညို့သကျည်း | nyo1-dtha1-ji3 - shin.

  31. ညှို့ | hnyo1 MP3 Audio File - put a spell; charm over with charisma; hypnotize.

    ညှို့ဓာတ် | hnyo1 dut - charisma; sex appeal.

There are some who have personal charm and charisma to put the spell on people. And, there are those who can put the spell on the Internet. For example, I can spell ညှို့ | hnyo1, meaning to hypnotize in Myanmar Language and put it on the Internet just like this. If you don't have a keyboard or a touchpad, a magic wand sometimes comes in handy to hypnotize a smaller group of people.


There are some who have personal charm and charisma to put the spell on people. And, there are those who can put the spell on the Internet. For example, I can spell ညှို့ | hnyo1 meaning to hypnotize in Myanmar Language and put it on the Internet just like this. If you don't have a keyboard or a touch-pad, a magic wand sometimes comes in handy to hypnotize a smaller group of people. [25 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Eint Chit | အိမ့်ချစ် | ain1 chit and Jade Dragon Dancer Group
  1. ညှိုး | hnyo3 MP3 Audio File - wither and fade as in ညှိုးနွမ်း | hnyo3 noon3.

  2. တို | toh2 MP3 Audio File - short as opposed to long for things.

    (Note: cannot be used as 'short' person as opposed to 'tall' person. Use ပု | pu1 instead.)

    တိုတိုတုတ်တုတ် | toh2-doh2 toat-toat - briefly; concisely.

    တိုလီမိုလီ | toh2-li2 mo2-li2 - miscellaneous items.

  3. တို့ | toh1 MP3 Audio File - (1) touch lightly. (2) dip in sauce.

    တို့စရာ | toh1 za1-ya2 - fresh or boiled vegetables and green fruits served with dipping sauce made with fish gravy ငါးပိရည် | nga1-pe1 yay2.

  4. တို့ | doh1; doh1 MP3 Audio File - (1) [colloquial] 'I'; 'we'.

    တို့လည်းဒီလိုပဲ။ | doh1 leare3 de2-lo2 beare3 - (I am/ We are) in the same situation.

    (2) Plural form of 'I', 'you', 'he' to mean 'we', 'you guys', 'they'.

    ငါတို့၊ မင်းတို့၊ နင်တို့၊ သူတို့ | nga2-doh1, min3-doh1, nin2-doh1, thu2-doh1 - We, you, you, and they.

    'We' may or may not be inclusive of the person being spoken to. In general, doh1 can be used to transform words that describe human beings to plural form. E.g., မိတ်ဆွေတို့ | mate-hsway2 doh1 - friends.

    Another plural word dway2 used for objects as well as people may be added after doh1. E.g., သူတို့တွေ | thu2-doh1 dway2 - they.

  5. တိုး | toe3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) shove and push to move around in places packed with people, such as on the bus.

    ကြိတ်ကြိုတ်တိုး | kjate-kjate toe3 - be over-crowded with full capacity and full participation as in festivals, celebrations, and sold-out concerts. (The word 'crowded' is put in more positive light.)

    (2) move forward as in အရှေ့တိုး | a-shay1 toe3 - move to the front a bit.

    (3) compete among others.

    ကုမ္ပဏီအကြီးတွေ ကြားထဲ မတိုးနိုင်ဘူး။ | kone2-pa1-ni2 a-kji3 dway2 ja3 hteare3 ma1-toe3 nine2 bu3 - We cannot compete with big companies.

    This word is slightly different from the word ယှဉ်ပြိုင် | shin2 pyine2 in a sense that the competition is already ahead in the game. The later is more applicable for sports.

    (4) increase as in နှစ်ဆတိုး | hna1-hsa1 toe3 - increase by two folds.

    တိုးတက် | toe3 tet - improve; become developed.

    တဖြည်းဖြည်း တိုးတက်လာပြီ။ | ta1-pfyay3-byay3 toe3 tet la2 byi2 - The country is gradually improving.

    ဖွံ့ဖြိုးတိုးတက် | pfwin1-byo3 toe3-tet - develope.

    တိုးတိုး | toe3 toe3 - opposite of loudly.

    တိုးတိုးပြော | toe3 toe3 pyau3 - Hush! Don't speak so loud.

  6. ထို | hto2; hto2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] that.

    ဤယောက်ျား နှင့် ထိုမိန်းမ | e2 yout-kja3 hnin1 hto2 main3-ma1 - this man and that woman.

    ထိုမှတစ်ပါး | hto2 hma1 da1-ba3 - with the exception of that; except that.

  7. ထို့ | hto1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] conjunctions and follow-ups to the previous statements.

    ထို့ကြောင့် | hto1-joun1 - Therefore.

    ထို့နောက် | hto1 nout - Next.

    ထို့ပြင် | hto1 pyin2 - In addition; Moreover.

  8. ထိုး | hto3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) poke with a stick or stick-like object.

    တုတ်နဲ့ထိုး | doat neare1 hto3 - poke with a stick.

    (2) jab, thrust, stab with a dagger, knife, or sharp object.

    ဓားနဲ့ထိုး | da3 neare1 hto3 - stab with a knife.

    (3) give an injection with a needle as in ဆေးထိုး | hsay3 hto3.

    (4) sign a (signature) as in လက်မှတ်ထိုး | let-hmut hto3. MP3 Audio File

    (5) punch with the fist as in လက်သီးထိုး | let-thi3 hto3.

    (6) play chess and checkers. E.g., ကျားထိုး | kja3 hto3 - play checkers.

    (7) strike a bell, or to play violin as in ခေါင်းလောင်းထိုး | khoun3-loun3 hto3 - ring a bell.

    (8) shine with headlight, flashlight, etc. as in မီးထိုး | mi3 hto3.

    (9) be in the direct sunlight or moonlight as in နေထိုး | nay2 hto3 - sunlight to fall on something.

    (10) make a bet in gambling and play a game of chance with money. E.g., ထီထိုး | hti2 hto3 - play lottery.

    ထိုးစစ်ဆင် | hto3 zit hsin2 - make an attack in war or in sports and games.

    ဖြတ်ထိုးဉာဏ် | pfyat-hto3 nyan2 - wit; creative mind; ability to think out of the box; quick thinking; intelligence associated with pattern recognition and capability to respond quickly to a given situation using a new method.

  9. ဒို | doh2 MP3 Audio File

    ဒိုမီနီကန်သမ္မတနိုင်ငံ | doh2-mi2-ni2-kun2 tha1-ma1-da1 nine2-ngan2 - Dominican Republic.

  10. ဒို့ | doh1 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] (see တို့ | doh1.)

  11. နို့ | no1; no1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) breast.

    နို့တိုက် | no1 tite - breast feed.

    နို့တိုက်သတ္တဝါ | no1-tite dtha1-da1-wa2 - mammal.

    နို့သီး | no1-dthi3 - nipple; teat.

    (2) milk.

    နွားနို့ | nwa3 no1 - cow's milk. Related words:

    နို့စိမ်း | no1 zain3 - evaporated milk.

    နို့ဆီ | no1 zi2 - sweetened condensed milk.

    နို့မှုန့် | no1 hmone1 - milk powder.

    နို့နှစ်ရောင် | no1-hnit youn2 - cream color.

    နို့အေးချောင်း | no1 ay3 joun3 - ice lollipop on stick, which is more commonly called ရေခဲချောင်း | yay2 geare3 joun3.

    (3) spout of kettle.

    (4) sap of plants inside the nutshell. E.g., အုန်းနို့ | ome3 no1 - coconut milk.

    (5) [colloquial] If that is the case.

  12. နိုး | no3 MP3 Audio File - wake up from sleep.

    နိုးပြီလား | no3 byi2 la3 - Wake up already?

    (This is a greeting in the morning, and different from 'Are you awake?' in the middle of the night.)

    နိုးကြားဖျတ်လတ် | no3-kja3 pfyut-lut - be vigilant.

    နိုးနိုးကြားကြား | no3-no3 kja3-ja3 MP3 Audio File - vigilantly.

  13. နှိုး | hno3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) awaken someone.

    ၄နာရီ နှိုးပေးပါ။ | lay3 na2-yi2 hno3 pay3 ba2 - Please wake me up at 4.

    (2) start the engine.

    ကားစက်နှိုးထား။ | ka3 set hno3 hta3 - Start the ignition and keep the engine running.

  14. ပို | po2; po2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) extra; spare for emergency.

    နည်းနည်းပိုထည့်။ | neare3-neare3 po2 hteare1 - Put some extra.

    (2) something redundant; unnecessary item as in အပို | a-po2.

    အပိုအလုပ် မလုပ်နဲ့။ | a-po2 a-loat ma1-loat neare1 - Don't do what is not necessary.

    Other Usages

    ပိုကာ | po2 ka2 - poker card game.

    ပိုစတာ | po2 sa1-ta2 - poster.

    ပိုပို | po2 po2 - name of a famous elephant in Yangon zoo; name of a female singer.

    ပိုလီယိုရောဂါ | po2-li2-yo2 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - polio.

    ပိုလို | po2-lo2 MP3 Audio File - polo.

    ဝါတာပိုလို | wa2-ta2 po2-lo2 MP3 Audio File - waterpolo.

  15. ပို့ | po1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) send someone or something somewhere; to see someone off.

    အီးမေးလ်ပို့ | e-may3 po1 MP3 Audio File - send email.

    ဘူတာရုံ ပို့ပေးပါ။ | bu2-da2-yone2 po1 pay3 ba2 - Please take me to the train station.

    (2) support.

    ဇာတ်ပို့ | zut po1 - supporting actor or actress.

    ပို့ဆောင်ရေး | po1-hsoun2-yay3 - transportation.

    ပို့ဆောင်ရေး ဝန်ကြီးဌာန | po1-hsoun2-yay3 woon2-ji3 hta2-na1 - ministry of transportation.

  16. ပိုး | po3; po3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) insect; germ.

    ပိုးကောင် | po3 goun2 - small insect.

    ပိုးစုန်းကြူး | po3 sone3 kju3 - firefly.

    ပိုးလောင်း | po3 loun3 - larva.

    ပိုးလောက်လမ်း | po3 lout-lun3 - mosquito larva.

    ပိုးသတ်ဆေး | po3 thut hsay3 - insecticide.

    ပိုးဟပ် | po3 hut - cockroach.

    ပိုးအိမ် | po3 ain2 - cocoon.

    ရောဂါပိုးမွှား | yau3-ga2 po3-hmwa3 - germs that can cause disease and health issues.

    (2) maggot.

    အသီးပိုးထိုးနေပြီ။ | a-thi3 po3 hto3 nay3 byi2 - There are maggots in the fruit.

    (3) silk worm.

    (4) carry on one's back.

    ကျောပိုးအိတ် | kjau3-po3 ate - backpack.

    (5) make advances; to woo a girl.

    Other usage:

    ပိုးလိုးပက်လက် | po3-lo3 pet-let - in sprawling position on one's back.

  17. ပျို | pyo2 MP3 Audio File - unmarried man or woman.

    အပျို | a-pyo2 - maiden.

    လူပျို | lu2 byo2 - bachelor.

  18. ပျို့ | pyo1 MP3 Audio File - nauseated.

    ပျို့အန်ချင်လာပြီ။ | pyo1 un2 chin2 la2 byi2 - I feel like vomiting. I want to throw up.

  19. ပျိုး | pyo3 MP3 Audio File - sow seeds.

    စိုက်ပျိုးရေး | site pyo3 yay3 - agriculture.

    ပျိုးခင်း | pyo3 ghin3 - nursery of seedlings.

  20. ပြို | pyo2 MP3 Audio File - buildings to collapse.

    တိုက်ပြိုသွားပြီ။ | tite pyo2 thwa3 byi2 - The building has collapsed.

    မြေပြို | myay2 pyo2 - be swallowed up in a landslide.

  21. ဖို | pfo2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) male as in အဖို၊ အမ | a-pfo2 a-ma1 - male, female.

    The word has a wider application than အထီး | a-hti3 - male animal. a-pfo2 can be staminate plants, male animal, human male, or positive element, such as the positive terminal of the battery.

    ဖိုမဆက်ဆံခြင်း | pfo2-ma1 hset-hsun2 jin3 - the same as လိင်ဆက်ဆံခြင်း | lain2 hset-hsun2 jin3 and ကာမဆက်ဆံခြင်း | ka2-ma1 hset-hsun2 jin3 - sexual intercourse.

    (2) bellows used by alchemists and blacksmiths.

    ဖိုထိုး | pfo2 hto3 - perform experiments on chemicals and metals with the aim of attaining supernatural powers.

    ပေါင်မုန့်ဖို | poun2-mone1 pfo2 - bakery.

  22. ဖို့ | pfo1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) fill up the depression in the ground with earth to make even as in မြေကြီးဖို့ | myay2-ji3 pfo1.

    (2) heap all the blames on someone as in အပြစ်ဖို့ | a-pyit pfo1.

  23. ဖို့ | pfo1 MP3 Audio File ; bo1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) for.

    ဒါငါ့ဖို့ | da2 nga1 bo1 - That's for me.

    (2) in order to.

    ဥပုသ်စောင့်တာ ဘာကြောင့်လဲ၊ နိဗ္ဗာန်ရဖို့ပဲ။ | u1-boat-soun1 da2 ba2 joun1 leare3, nate-bun2 ya1 bo1 beare3 - Why observe the eight Buddhist precepts? -- in order to reach Nibbana.

  24. ဖိုး | pfo3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) affectionate term in front of Burmese male names.

    (2) cost; price; value; worth as in တန်ဖိုး | tan2 bo3.

    ဖိုးဖိုး | pfo3 pfo3 - see the correct spelling bo3 for grandfather.

  25. ဖြို | pfyo2 MP3 Audio File - demolish; destroy as in ဖြိုခွဲ | pfyo2 khweare3.

  26. ဖြိုး | pfyo3 MP3 Audio File - abundant; bountiful; profuse.

    ဖွံ့ဖြိုး | pfwin1-pfyo3 - developed.

    ပြည်ထောင်စု ကြံ့ခိုင်ရေးနှင့် ဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးပါတီ | pyi2-doun2-zu1 kjan1-khine2-yay3 hnin1 pfwin1-pfyo3-yay3 pa2-ti2 - Union Solidarity and Development Party - a major political party in Myanmar.

  27. ဗိုလ် | bo2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) lieutenant in the armed forces.

    (2) prefix or suffix for different ranks of officers in the armed forces.

    စစ်ဗိုလ် | sit bo2 - general term for the officer in the armed forces.

    ဗိုလ်ကြီး | bo2 ji3 - captain.

    ဗိုလ်မှုး | bo2 hmu3 - major; lieutenant commander.

    ဗိုလ်မှုးကြီး | bo2-hmu3 ji3 - colonel (army); captain (navy).

    ဗိုလ်မှုးချုပ် | bo2-hmu3 joat - brigadier general.

    ဗိုလ်ချုပ် | bo2 joat - major general (army); rear admiral (navy).

    ဗိုလ်ချုပ်ကြီး | bo2-joat ji3 - general (army); admiral (navy).

    ဗိုလ်ချုပ်မှုးကြီး | bo2-joat hmu3 ji3 - senior general.

    ဗိုလ်သင်တန်းကျောင်း | bo2 thin2-dun3 kjoun3 - officer training school.

    (3) champion in sport and competition.

    ဗိုလ်စွဲ | bo2 sweare3 - become a champion.

    ဗိုလ်လုပွဲ | bo2 lu1 bweare3 - final in the match.

    ဗိုလ်ကျ | bo2 kja1 - behave like a bully.

    ဗိုလ်လုပ် | bo2 loat - boss around.

    Other usage:

    ဗိုလ်စားပဲ | bo2 za3 peare3 - snowpea.

  28. ဗျို့ | byo1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) [colloquial] response to the call by male.

    မောင်ဘရေ၊ ဗျို့။ | maun2-ba1 yay2 .... byo1 - Maung Ba, where are you? I am here.

    (2) [colloquial] ending word voiced out to be heard, or to stress the feeling tone.

    သွားပြီဗျို့။ | thwa3 byi2 byo1 - Where are you? I am leaving now.

  29. ဘို | bo2 MP3 Audio File - [slang] white man or woman; Westerner.

    ဘိုမ | bo2 ma1 - white woman.

  30. ဘို့ | bo1 MP3 Audio File - hump of bull or camel.

  31. ဘိုး | bo3 MP3 Audio File or pfo3 MP3 Audio File - grandfather, or someone who is old enough to be a grandfather. Examples:

    အဘိုးအို | a-pfo3 o2 - old man.

    ဘိုးဘိုး | pfo3-pfo3 - [colloquial] - grandpa.

    ဘိုးစဉ်ဘောင်ဆက် | bo3-zin2 boun2-zet - for generations (through the lineage of grandfathers.

    Other Usage: ဘိုးလင်း | bo3 lin3 MP3 Audio File - [Sports] bowling.

  32. မို | mo2 MP3 Audio File

    မိုနာကို | mo2-na2-ko2 - Monaco.

  33. မို့ | mo1; mo1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) protrude out; raised surface; emboss.

    (2) [colloquial] because; the reason 'why'.

  34. မိုး | mo3 MP3 Audio File - rain.

    မိုးရွာနေတယ်။ | mo3 ywa2 nay2 deare2 - It's raining.

    မိုးကာ | mo3 ga2 MP3 Audio File - raincoat.

    မိုးကာအင်္ကျီ | mo3-ga2 ain3-ji2 - raincoat.

    မိုးကြိုး | mo3 jo3 - lightning.

    မိုးကြိုးပစ် | mo3 jo3 pyit - lightning strike.

    မိုးကြိုးလွှဲ | mo3 jo3 hlweare3 - lightning rod.

    မိုးခါးရေသောက် | mo3-ga3 yay2-thout - [Proverbs] "Drink bitter rain like everyone else" similar to "When in Rome, do what Romans do."

    မိုးခေါင် | mo3 khoun2 - experience drought.

    မိုးချုန်း | mo3 chone3 - sound of thunder.

    မိုးခို | mo3 kho2 - take shelter from rain.

    မိုးခိုသား | mo3-kho2 dtha3 - Sirloin portion of beef (lower part untouched by rain.)

    မိုးတိတ် | mo3 tate - rain to stop.

    မိုးတွင်း | mo3 dwin3 MP3 Audio File - rainy season. (mid June to mid August.)

    မိုးနှင်း | mo3 hnin3 - sleet; mixture of rain and snow.

    မိုးနှောင်း | mo3 hnoun3 - near the end of rainy season.

    မိုးပေါက် | mo3 bout - rain drop.

    မိုးဖွား | mo3 pfwa3 - small rain drops at the start of drizzle.

    မိုးဖွားလေးတွေကြလာပြီ။ | mo3 pfwa3 lay3 dway2 kja1 la2 byi2 - It's started drizzling.

    မိုးဖွဲ | mo3 pfweare3 - drizzle.

    မိုးမိ | mo3 mi1 - caught in the rain.

    မိုးရာသီ | mo3 ya2-dthi2 MP3 Audio File - rainy season (monsoon).

    မိုးရေ | mo3 yay2 - rainwater.

    မိုးရေချိန် | mo3 yay2-jain2 - measurement of rainfall in inch or centimeter.

    မိုးရွာ | mo3 ywa2 - falling of the rain.

    မိုးလေဝသ | mo3-lay2 wa1-tha1 - weather and meteorological conditions.

    မိုးလေဝသပညာ | mo3-lay2-wa1-tha1 pyin2-nya2 - meteorology.

    မိုးလေဝသနှင့်ဇလဗေဒပညာရှင် | mo3-lay2-wa1-tha1 hnin1 za1-la1-bay2-da1 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - meteorologist.

    မိုးသီး | mo3 dthi3 - hailstone.

    မိုးသက်မုန်တိုင်း | mo3-thet mone2-dine3 - rainstorm.

    မိုးဥတု | mo3 u1-tu1 - rainy season.

    မိုးဦး | mo3 u3 MP3 Audio File - beginning of rainy season.

    မိုးအေး | mo3 ay3 - temperature drops and feel cold due to rain.

    မိုးအုံ့ | mo3 ome1 - cloudy with overcast.

    မိုး | mo3 MP3 Audio File - sky as in မိုးကောင်းကင် | mo3 koun3-gin2.

    မိုးကုပ်စက်ဝိုင်း | mo3-goat set-wine3 - horizon.

    မိုးကျရွှေကိုယ် | mo3-ja1 shway2-go2 - [popular expression] Someone appointed to a key government post not because of expertise, merit or through internal promotion as a result of years of experience, but through powerful political connections. The "golden body" appears suddenly out of nowhere as though dropped from the sky.

    မိုးချုပ်ချိန် | mo3-choat jain2 - dusk.

    မိုးဆွေငှက် | mo3-zway2 hnget - Asian Swallow.

    မိုးပေါ်မော့ကြည့်။ | mo3 pau2 mau1 kji1 - Look up the sky.

    မိုးလင်းချိန် | mo3-lin3 jain2 - dawn.

    မိုးသောက်ကြယ် | mo3-dthout kjeare2 - morning star.

    မိုးသောက်ချိန် | mo3-dthout chain2 - [literary] dawn.

    မိုးသောက်ယံ | mo3-dthout yan2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] wee hours after midnight.

  35. မိုး | mo3 MP3 Audio File - part of some female Burmese names.

  36. မျို | myo2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) swallow; eat hastily without chewing and gobble the food down.

    မျိုချလိုက် | myo2 cha1 lite - swallow it down.

    (2) suppress temotions as in မျိုသိပ် | myo2 thate.

  37. မျိုး | myo3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) type; kind (for objects).

    ဒါမျိုး လိုချင်တယ်။ | da2 myo3 lo2 chin2 deare2 - I want something like this.

    (2) species, strain, race for plants, animals, and living beings.

    ဘာလူမျိုးလဲ။ | ba2 lu2-myo3 leare3 - What ethnic tribe do you belong to? (This phrase can be used to ask the race as in "Are you Chinese, Korean, or Japanese?")

    မျိုးချစ်စိတ် | myo3-chit zate - patriotism.

    မျိုးဆက် | myo3 zet - generation as in "people of my generation".

    ၈၈မျိုးဆက်ကျောင်းသားများ | shit-hseare1-shit myo3-zet kjoun3-dtha3 mya3 - 88 Generation Students. - University students involved in 1988 uprising and pro-democracy movement led by student leaders including Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, Ko Jimmy, Nilar Thein, and Mie Mie. It was an important chapter in Burmese history.

  38. မြို့ | myo1 MP3 Audio File - city; town. E.g., ရန်ကုန်မြို့ | yan2-gome2 myo1 - the city of Yangon.

    မြို့တော် | myo1 dau2 - capital city.

    မြို့တော်ဝန် | myo1 dau2 woon2 - mayor.

    မြို့နယ် | myo1 neare2 - township.

    မြို့ရိုး | myo1 yo3 - city wall.

  39. မှို | hmo2 MP3 Audio File - (1) mushroom; fungus; mold.

    မှိုခြောက်ပန်းခြောက် | hmo2-jout pan3-jout - ingredients for making chicken vermicelli soup that includes dried mushroom with dried lily flower stalks, and dried seaweed.

  40. မှို့ | hmo1 MP3 Audio File - substance like cotton-wool inside the hard-shell covered seed of a type of tree used for staffing pillows and mattresses.

  41. ယို | yo2; yo2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) leak; drip.

    ခေါင်မိုးယိုနေတယ်။ | khoun2-mo3 yo2; nay2 deare2 - the roof is leaking. Water is dripping from the roof.

    (2) fruit jam.

    ယိုတစ်ပုလင်း | yo2 da1-ba1-lin3 MP3 Audio File - a jar of jam.

    သရက်ယို | tha1-yet yo2 - mango jam ( snacks prepared with mangoes, sugar and spices.)

  42. ယိုး | yo3 MP3 Audio File - accuse as in ယိုးစွပ် | yo3 soot.

    Other usage:

    ယိုးဒယား | yo3-da1-ya3 - Thai.

  43. ရို | yo2 MP3 Audio File

    ရိုသေလေးစား | yo2-thay2 lay3-za3 - respect.

    ရိုရိုသေသေ | yo2-yo2 thay2-dthay2 MP3 Audio File - with care; with respect.

  44. ရိုး | yo3; yo3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) simple and uncomplicated.

    ရိုးရိုးလေးပဲ။ | yo3-yo3-lay3 beare3 - It's nothing fancy.

    (2) honest.

    ရိုးတယ် | yo3 deare2 MP3 Audio File - He or she is honest.

    ဒီလူရိုးသားတယ်။ | de2 lu2 yo3-tha3 deare2 - This man is honest.

    ရိုးရိုးတန်းတန်း | yo3-yo3 tan3-dun3 - without deceit and conceit; straightforward and unassuming.

    (3) naive; simpleton. ဒီလူရိုးအတယ်။ | de2 lu2 yo3 ah1 deare2 - He is not very intelligent.

    (4) be used to something for so long that it is nothing new.

    လာမဖြီးနဲ့၊ ဒါမျိုးရိုးနေပြီ။ | la2 ma1-pfyi3 neare1, da2 myo3 yo3 nay2 byi2 - Don't come and bluff me. I am used to this kind of bullshit.

    ရှေးရိုးဓလေ့ထုံးစံ | shay3-yo3 da1-lay1 htone3-zun2
    ရိုးရာ | yo3-ya2 - traditional practices.

    မြန်မာ့ရိုးရာအက | myan2-ma1 yo3-ya2 a-ka1 - Myanmar traditional dance.

    ရိုးရာလှေလှော် | yo3-ya2 hlay2-hlau2 MP3 Audio File - [Sports] traditional boat rowing.

    Other usage:

    ရိုးတိုးရိပ်တိပ် | yo3-doe3 yate-tate - faintly.

What's the future of Myanmar Traditional dance? Its rhythms seem to get stuck in the slow lane of the 70's socialist era road to the doom while Myanmar youth today have grown used to the faster drum beats. Should it be re-branded as a classic for the elite few, for pantheon of rich and the famous like Western Opera and Ballet to be enjoyed with Champagne dances and Caviar lunch? Of course, you can be served with traditional လက်ဖက်သုတ် | la1-pfet thoat, pickled tea leaves salad and Myanmar Beer instead.

Have no doubt. It does have a future, not only for the rich and the famous, but also for the poor and the dull. Yes, we can! We can bring Myanmar Traditional dance to the 21st. century and beyond. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Or, should I say: သာဓု သာဓု သာဓု | Tha2 du1 ... Tha2 du1... Tha2 du1.

Dance by Nan Su Yati Soe | နန်းဆုရတီစိုး | nun3-hsu1 ya1-ti2 so3. Sung by Zaw Pai | ဇော်ပိုင် | zau2 pine2. Song Written by Min Zaw | မင်းဇော် | min3 zau2 [41 seconds]

Myanmar Traditional Dance

What's the future of Myanmar Traditional dance? Its rhythms seem to get stuck in the slow lane of the 70's socialist era road to the doom while Myanmar youth today have grown used to the faster drum beats. Should it be re-branded as a classic for the elite few, for pantheon of rich and the famous like Western Opera and Ballet to be enjoyed with Champagne dances and Caviar lunch? Of course, you can be served with traditional လက်ဖက်သုတ် | la1-pfet thoat, pickled tea leaves salad and Myanmar Beer instead. Have no doubt. It does have a future, not only for the rich and the famous, but also for the poor and the dull. Yes, we can! We can bring Myanmar Traditional dance to the 21st. century and beyond. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Or, should I say: သာဓု သာဓု သာဓု | Tha2 du1 ... Tha2 du1... Tha2 du1. Dance by Nan Su Yati Soe | နန်းဆုရတီစိုး | nun3-hsu1 ya1-ti2 so3. Sung by Zaw Pai | ဇော်ပိုင် | zau2 pine2. Song Written by Min Zaw | မင်းဇော် | min3 zau2 [41 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Friday, June 10, 2016
  1. ရိုး | yo3 MP3 Audio File - bone as in အရိုး | a-yo3.

    အမဲရိုး | a-meare3 yo3 - beef bone.

  2. ရှို့ | sho1 MP3 Audio File - burn; set fire.

    အမှိုက်ပုံမီးရှို့ | a-hmite-pone2 mi3-sho1 - burn a pile of rubbish.

    ရှို့မီး | sho1 mi3 - arson.

  3. ရှိုး | sho3 MP3 Audio File - [English] show-off by dressing up as in ရှိုးထုတ် | sho3 htoat.

  4. လို | lo2 MP3 Audio File - need; want.

    ဘာလိုလဲ။ | ba2 lo2 leare3 - What do you need?

    လိုရင်း | lo2-yin3 - the main point.

    လိုရင်းကို တိုတိုရှင်းရှင်း ပြောပါ။ | lo2-yin3 go2 toh2-toh2 shin3-shin3 pyau3 ba2 - Please speak concisely to the point.

    လိုလိုမည်မည် | lo2-lo2 meare2-meare2 - just in case something is needed.

    လိုလိုမည်မည် ပိုက်ဆံအပို ယူလာခဲ့ပါ။ | lo2-lo2 meare2-meare2 pike-hsun2 a-po2 yu2 la2 kheare1 ba2 - Please bring extra cash just in case (we might need it.)

    လိုအပ် | lo2 ut - what is necessary; require.

    လိုအပ်တာကို ဆောင်ရွက်ပေးပါ။ | lo2 ut da2 go2 hsoun2-ywet pay3 ba2 - Please do whatever necessary.

    လိုလား | lo2-la3 - want; desire. (Note: This is not a question word. The same word could mean, 'Do you need it?' )

    အဖျက်သမား၊ တို့မလိုလား။ | a-fyet-tha1-ma3 doh1 ma1-lo2-la3 - We condemn saboteurs.

  5. လို့ | lo1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) particle word to describe experience.

    စားလို့ကောင်းတယ် | sa3 lo1 koun3 deare2 MP3 Audio File It's delicious! (Lit: the experience of eating this is good.)

    (2) as; as regard to this.

    ဒါစက်ဘီးလို့ ခေါ်တယ် | da2 set-bain3 lo1 khau2 deare2 MP3 Audio File This is called "bicycle".

    (3) particle used in questions to ask reasons.

    ဘာဖြစ်လို့လုပ်တာလဲ | ba2 pfyit lo1 loat da2 leare3 MP3 Audio File Why did you do it?

  6. လိုး | lo3 MP3 Audio File - [vulgar] fuck; to have sex.

    (Note: There is only a slight tone difference between lo2 | want or need, and this vulgar word, so care must be taken when asking the question: လိုချင်လား။ | lo2 chin2 la3 "Do you want it?" in the correct tone.)

  7. သို | tho2 MP3 Audio File

    (1) store something as in သိုလှောင် | tho2 hloun2.

    (2) suppress one's feelings and emotions as in သိုသိပ် | tho2 thate.

  8. သို့ | dtho1; dtho1 MP3 Audio File

    (1) [literary] postpositional marker "to".

    သို့၊ စာတည်း | dtho1: sa2 de3 - To: the editor.

    (2) [literary] particle "in such a manner".

    ဤသို့ဖတ်ပါ။ | e2 dtho1 pfut ba2 - Pronounce like this.

    (3) [literary] prefix for several conjunction words.

    သို့ပေမဲ့ | dtho1 pay2 meare1
    သို့ရာတွင် | dtho1 ya2 dwin2 - however; but.

    သို့ဖြစ်ပါ၍ | dtho1 pfyit ba2 yway1
    သို့ဖြစ်သောကြောင့် | dtho1 pfyit dthau3 joun1 - therefore.

    သို့ဖြစ်လျှင် | dtho1 pfyit hlyin2 - in that case.

    သို့ဖြစ်သော်လည်း | dtho1 pfyit dthau2 leare3
    သို့သော်လည်း | dtho1 dthau2 leare3 - despite; in spite of.

    သို့မဟုတ် | dtho1 ma1-hote - or.

  9. သိုး | tho3 MP3 Audio File - sheep.

    သိုးကလေး | tho3 ga1-lay3 - lamb.

    သိုးထီး | tho3 hti3 - ram.

    သိုးထိန်း | tho3 dain3 - shepherd.

    သိုးမ | tho3 ma1 - ewe.

    သိုးမွေး | tho3 mway3 - wool.

    သိုးသား | tho3 dtha3 - lamb; mutton.

  10. သိုး | tho3 MP3 Audio File

    (1) food to become stale.

    ထမင်းသိုးသွားပြီ။ | hta1-min3 tho3 thwa3 byi2 - the rice has become stale.

    (2) fall into deep sleep and usually late into the morning.

    သိုးနေအောင်အိပ်တယ်။ | tho3 nay2 oun2 ate deare2 - He sleeps late into the morning and can't wake him up.

  11. ဟို | ho2 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] "that".

    ဟိုဒင်း | ho2 din3
    ဟိုဟာ | ho2 ha2 - that thing.

    ဟိုဒင်းရှိလား။ | ho2 din3 shi1 la3 - Is .... (that person) there? ( A phrase when one cannot immediately recall the name, where ho2 din3 is substituted.)

    ဟိုမှာ။ | ho2 hma2 - there!

    Other usage:

    ဟိုတယ် | ho2 teare2 - [English] hotel.

  12. ဟိုး | ho3 MP3 Audio File - Halt ; Stop!

  13. အို | o2 MP3 Audio File - old; aged.

    အိုမင်းရင့်ရော် | o2-min3 yin1-yau2 - ripe old age.

    Other Usages:

    အိုဇုန်း | o2-zone3 - ozone.

    အိုလံပစ် | o2-lun2-pyit - Olympics.

    အိုအေစစ် | o2-ay2-sit - oasis.

  14. အိုး | o3 MP3 Audio File - pot.

    ထမင်းအိုး | hta1-min3 o3 - rice pot.

    အိုးခွက် | o3 gwet - kitchen utensils.

    အိုးတစ်လုံး | oh3 ta1-lone3 MP3 Audio File - a pot.

    အိုးပျက်အိမ်ပျက် | o3-byet ain2-byet - broken family.

    အိုးဝေ | o3 way2 - cry of peacock.

    အိုးအိမ် | o3 ain2 - home; house.