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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (USA). His contributions to semiconductor industry include Administrative Quality Best Practices during his working years as a process engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in 6 countries and exposed to different cultures and knowledgeable in unrelated areas. This includes self-taught programming languages. Currently, he is contributing to Tourism in Myanmar by making his online Burmese lessons freely available and accessible to all.

Audio Pronunciation
Ah1 "a" in "art" with silent "rt"
Ah2 "ar" in "Argentina" with silent "r"
Ah3 "ar" in "Artist" with slilent "r"
De1 "de" in "deep" with silent "p"
De2 "de" as in "demote"; "demand"
De3 "dee" as in "deer"; "decent"
Ko1 "colt" with silent "lt"
Ko2 as in "co-author"; "cocaine"
Ko3 "cold" wit silent "ld"
Yu1 "u" in "Youth" with silent "th"
Yu2 "u" as in "university"; "utensil"
Yu3 "u" as in "user"; "Unix"
Shan1 as in "shunt" with silent "t"
Shan2 "shun" as in "chandelier"
Shan3 as in "shun"
Au1 as in "auction"
Au2 as in "Australia";"auditor"
Au3 as in "August"
May1 "maize" with silent "ze"
May2 "may" as in "May I?"
May3 "ay" in "amazing"
Sin1 "sink" with silent "k"
Sin2 "sin" as in "sincerely"
Sin3 "sin" as in "sinful"; "Singapore"
Un1 "aunt" with silent "t"
Un2 "un" in "understanding"; "umbrella"
Un3 "un" as in "under"
Meare1 "melt" with silent "lt"
Meare2 "mel" in "Melbourne" with silent "l"
Meare3 "mare" of "nightmare"
Tain1 "taint" with silent "t"
Tain2 "tain" as in "Captain"
Tain3 "tain" as in "maintain"
Bine1 "Bryant" without "r"
Bine2 as in "carbine"
Bine3 as in "combine"
Dome1 as in "don't"
Dome2 close to "dominate"
Dome3 as in "dome"
Toon1 "doont" in "couldn't"
Toon2 "mon" in "monastery"
Toon3 "oon" as in "cartoon"
Koun1 "count" with silent "t"
Koun2 "coun" in "counter-strike"
Koun3 "coun" as in "counsel"
ate cake, jade, eight, paid, bake
et wet, set, mad, yet
oot cook, put, look
out out, south, mouse, doubt
ike/ite sight, pipe, night, dice, like
ut up, nut, sucks
oat oat, coat, goat, soak
it it, pit, sit

Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကူ | ku2 - help MP3 Audio File
  2. တူ | tu2 - look alike MP3 Audio File
  3. ပု | pu1 - short MP3 Audio File
  4. ပူ | pu2 - hot MP3 Audio File
  5. ဖြူ | pfyu2 - white MP3 Audio File
  6. မူး | mu3 - dizzy; drunk MP3 Audio File
  7. ယူ | yu2 - take MP3 Audio File
  8. လူ | lu2 - man MP3 Audio File
  9. သူ | thu2 - he; she MP3 Audio File
  10. ဦး | u3 - Mr. MP3 Audio File

Lesson 38: Burmese words with vowel 'U'

`Michael Aris and Aung San Suu Kyi

The list of Burmese words with the vowel 'U' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

Except for the stand-alone character | u1, the words in this category are spelled with | ta1-choun3-ngin2 below the character to get the first tone, and | hna1-choun3-ngin2 to get the second tone.

To further change into the third tone, add an additional | shay1-gah1-pout at the right side.

For the stand-alone character | u1, the third tone is possible by adding | lone3-ji3-tin + downward curved sun2-khut inside lone3-ji3-tin. | shay1-ga1-pout is then added at the right to spell ဦး | u3, which means, 'Mr.'.

U1 - U2 - U3 | ဥ - အူ - ဦး

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကု | ku1 - MP3 Audio File treatment to cure disease or illness. E.g., ဆရာဝန်ခေါ်ပြီး ဆေးကုရတယ်။ | hsa1-ya2-woon2 khau2 pyi3 hsay3 ku1 yah1 deare2 - (we) had to call a doctor for treatment. Related Words:

    1. ကုသ | ku1-tha1 - give treatment.
    2. ကုထုံးပညာရှင် | ku1 htone3 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - therapist.

    Other Usages:

    1. ကုဋေ | ka1 day2 - ten million.
    2. ကုလသမဂ္ဂ | ku1 la1 tha1 met ga1 - United Nations.
    3. ကုလား | ka1 la3 - Indo-Arayan people of Indian sub-continent and generally refer by some to people who are not Mongoloids.

    4. ကုလားထိုင် | ka1 la1 htine2 - chair.
    5. ကုလားဖန်ထိုး | ka1-la1-pfun2 hto3 - shuffle playing cards.
    6. ကုသိုလ် | ku1 dtho2 - merit.

  2. ကူ | ku2 - MP3 Audio File (1) to help. E.g., ကူပါဦး | ku2-ba2-ome3 MP3 Audio File or ကူညီပေးပါဦး | ku2-nyi2 pay3 ba2 ome3 MP3 Audio File - Please help me! (2) chirp; tweet or a call of the bird such as that of a cuckoo. Other Usage: ကူဝိတ် | ku2 wate - Kuwait.

  3. ကူး | ku3 - MP3 Audio File (1) to cross the road. E.g., လမ်းကူးဖို့လိုတယ်။ | lun3 ku3 pfo1 lo2 deare2 - You need to cross the road. (2) to make a copy or photocopy as in မိတ္တူ ကူး | mate-tu2 ku3 - MP3 Audio File E.g., ဒါကိုမိတ္တူကူးပေးပါ။ | da2 go2 mate-tu2 ku3 pay3 ba2 - Please photocopy this for me. (3) To swim as in ရေ ကူး | yay2 ku3. MP3 Audio File E.g., ရေကူးတတ်သလား။ | yay2 ku3 tut tha1 la3 - Do you know how to swim? (4) to change or transform into something new. E.g., နှစ်သစ်ကူး | hnit thit ku3 - New Year. (5) transmission of contagious disease as in ကူးစက်ရောဂါ | ku3 set yau3-ga2 - MP3 Audio File - contagious disease. E.g., ရောဂါကူးလိမ့်မယ်။ | yau3-ga2 ku3 lain1 meare2 - You will get the disease. (Be careful with unhygienic food, etc..) Related Word:

  4. ကျူ | kju2 MP3 Audio File - (1) A type of reed. E.g., ကျူထရံ | kju2 hta1-yan2 - wall of a hut made of reed matting. (2) [English] cue used in billiards as in ကျူတံ | kju2 tan2.

  5. ကျူး | kju3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to trespass; to transgress as in ကျူးကျော် | kju3 kjau2. E.g., ကျူးကျော်မြေ | kju3 kjau2 myay2 - the land where squatters are built. (2) to break the law as in ကျူးလွန် | kju3 loon2. (3) to sing as in သီကျူး | thi2 kju3. Other Usage: ကျူးဘား | kju3 ba3 - Cuba.

  6. ကြူ | kju2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to be fragrant as in သင်းကြူ | thin3 kju2. E.g., ရနံ့သင်းကြူသော နှင်းဆီးပန်း။ | ya1-nun1 thin3 kju2 dthau3 hnin3-hsi2 pan3 - sweet-scented rose. (2) part of female Burmese names as in ကြူကြူခိုင် | kju2 kju2 khine2 - Kyu Kyu Khine.

  7. ကြူး | kju3 MP3 Audio File - unrestrained. ဒီလူအစားကြူးတယ်။ | de2 lu2 a-sa3 kju3 deare2 - This man is unrestrained in taking food.

  8. ခု | khu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) single digit number as in ခု၊ ဆယ်၊ ရာ၊ ထောင် | khu1, hseare2, ya2, htoun2 - 1X, 10X, 100X, 1,000X. (2) measure word used for objects. E.g., ဘယ်နှခုရှိလဲ။ | beare2 hna1 khu1 shi1 leare3 - How many units are there? (3) to secure, raise, prop up, or support with a block. E.g., ကားဘီးကို အုတ်ခဲနဲ့ခုထား။ | ka3-bain3 go2 oat-kheare3 neare1 khu1 hta3 - Block the wheel of the car with the brick. (4) offended. E.g., သူစိတ်ခုသွားတယ်။ | thu2 sate khu1 thwa3 deare2 - He was offended. (5) resist; defend as in ခုခံ | khu1 khan2. (6) mid-way as in ခုလတ် | khu1-lut. E.g., လမ်းခုလတ် | lun3 khu1-lut - during the journey.

  9. ခု | khu1 MP3 Audio File - [colloquial] now; at the present time as in အခု | a-khu1 MP3 Audio File - right now. E.g., အခု လာခဲ့မယ်။ | a-khu1 la2 kheare1 meare2 - I will come now. Releted words:

    1. ခုနတုန်းက | khu1-na1 dome3 gah1 MP3 Audio File - Not long ago.
    2. ခုလေးတင် | khu1-lay3-din2 MP3 Audio File - just now.
    3. ခုထက်ထိ | khu1-htet-hti1 - till now.
    4. အခုတလော | a-khu1-ta1-lau3 - recently; lately.

  10. ခု | khoon2 - as in ခုနစ် | khoon2 nit - seven.

  11. ခူ | khu2 - MP3 Audio File caterpillar (larva of butterfly or moth.)

  12. ခူး | khu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to pluck fruits, flowers or leaves from a tree. (2) to scoop cooked rice from rice cooker into individual plates. E.g., ထမင်းခူးထားတယ်။ | hta1-min3 khu3 hta3 deare2 - The meal is ready!

  13. ချူ | chu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to pluck fruits or flowers using တံချူ | da1-ju2 - a long bamboo pole with its tip cut into a slot for twisting branches. (2) to swindle money from someone for ongoing basis. ဒီကောင် အဘွားကြီးဆီက ပိုက်ဆံချူစားနေကြပဲ။ | de2 koun2 a-pfwa3-ji3 hsi2 gah1 pike-hsan2 chu2 sa3 nay2 ja1 beare3 - That fellow is cheating money from the old woman as usual. (3) jingle bell made of bamboo for bulls and horses. (4) to be frequently ill as in ချူချာ | chu2 cha2 . (5) to use enema as in ဝမ်းချူမယ်။ | woon3 chu2 meare2 - We will use enema.

  14. ဂူ | gu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) cave; cavern. (2) tomb.

  15. ဂျူ | ju2 as in ဂျူဒို | ju2-doe2 MP3 Audio File - Judo.

  16. ဂျူး | ju3 MP3 Audio File -(1) Jewish people also known as ယဟူဒီ | ya1-hu2-de2 . (2) a type of edible root as in ဂျူးမြစ် ju3 myit.

  17. စု | su1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to live or contribute as a group, or to collect into a pile. Examples:

    1. ပုလင်းအခွံတွေစုထား။ | pa1-lin3 a-khoon2 dway2 su1 hta3 - Save the empty bottles.
    2. စုပြီးဝယ်ကြတယ်။ | su1 pyi3 weare2 ja1 deare2 - to purchase something as a group.
    3. စုစုပေါင်း | su1 su1 poun3 - the sum.

    (2) to save money. E.g., ပိုက်ဆံကောစုမိရဲ့လား။ | pike-hsan2 gau3 su1 mi1 yeare1 la3 - Did you manage to save money? (3) part of female Burmese names as in အောင်ဆန်းစုကြည် | oun2-hsun3 su1-kji2 - Aung San Suu Kyi, 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate. (See left column.)

  18. စူ | su2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to protrude out. E.g., စူဆောင့်ပြနေတယ်။ | su2-hsoun1 pya1 nay2 deare2 - to show resentment or dislike by protrusion of the lips ( to pout) and stamping on the ground.

  19. စူး | su3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to be penetrated by a sharp object such as a thorn. E.g., ခြေထောက်ဆူးစူးနေတယ်။ | chay2-htout hsu3 su3 nay2 deare2 - There's a thorn in the foot. (2) inability to see due to glaring light. ကားမီးက မျက်စိစူးသွားတာပဲ။ | ka3 mi3 gah1 myet-si1 su3 thwa3 da2 beare2 - the headlights of the car are so blinding to the eyes. (3) tingling or pricking sensation in the mouth caused by carbonated drinks. E.g., စပရိုက်ကအတော်စူးတယ်။ | sa1-pa1-yite gah1 a-tau2 su3 deare2 - Sprite gives pricking (soda) sensation. (4) high-pitched sharp voice as in အသံစူးတယ်။ | a-thun2 su3 deare2 - sharp vocal.

  20. ဆု | hsu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) prize; reward. E.g., သူပထမဆုရတယ်။ | thu2 pa1-hta1-ma1 hsu1 yah1 deare2 - He has got the first prize. (2) to pray as in ဆုတောင်း | hsu1 toun3.

  21. ဆူ | hsu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to reach the boiling point. E.g., ရေနွေးအိုးဆူနေပြီ။ | yay2-nway3-oh3 hsu2 nay2 byi2 - Water in the kettle is boiling. (2) to scold. E.g., ဆရာဆူလိမ့်မယ်။ | hsa1-ya2 hsu2 lain1 meare2 - Teacher will scold us. (3) less common usage for plump; fat. (4) measure word for number of pagodas or sacred items. E.g., ဘုရားကိုးဆူ | pfa1-ya3 ko3 hsu2 - nine pagodas. Other Usages:

    1. ဆူဒန် | hsu2 dun2 - Sudan.
    2. ဆူရီနမ် | hsu2 yi2 nun2 - Suriname.

  22. ဆူး | hsu3 MP3 Audio File - thorn; spike. E.g., သံဆူးကြိုး | thun2 hsu3 kjo3 - barbed wire. Other Usage: ဆူးပုပ်ရွက် | hsu3-boat-ywet - MP3 Audio File - Concinna leaves.

  23. တု | tu1 MP3 Audio File - to imitate. E.g., အတုအပ သတိထားပါ။ | a-tu1-a-pa1 tha1-di1 hta3 ba2 - Beware of imitation.

  24. တူ | tu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to be the same; to resemble; identical. E.g., ဒါနဲ့ဒါအတူတူပဲ။ | da2 neare1 da2 a-tu2-tu2 beare3 - Those two are alike. (2) nephew အာဂျင်တီးနား | ah2 jin2 ti3 na3 - Argentina. (3) hammer. (4) chopsticks as in တူ တစ်စုံ | tu2 ta1 zone2 MP3 Audio File - a pair of chopsticks. Other Usages:

    1. တူနီးရှား | tu2 ni3 sha3 - Tunisia.
    2. တူမ | tu2 ma1 - niece.
    3. တူရကီ | tu2 ya1 ki2 - Turkey.

  25. တူး | tu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) burned from overcooking. E.g., အမဲသားဟင်း တူးသွားပြီတော့။ | a-meare3-tha3 hin3 tu3 thwa3 byi2 tau1 - [colloquial, female] The stewed beef has burned black! (2) to dig the earth.

  26. ထု | htu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to bang with hammer, fist, etc.. (2) to throw with a stone. E.g., ကားမှန်ခဲထုခံရတယ်။ | ka3 hmun2 geare3 htu1 khan2 yah1 deare2 - Someone smashed the car's windshield with a stone. (3) to chisel off wood or stone to make sculptures. (4) to defend the accusation as in ထုချေ | htu1 chay2. (4) masses as in ပြည်သူလူထု | pyi2-thu2 lu2 htu1 - the people.

  27. ထူ | htu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) thick. E.g., အင်္ကျီထူထူဝတ်။ | ain3-ji2 htu2-htu2 woot - wear thick clothes. (2) to help someone to stand up. E.g., ထူပေးပါ။ | htu2 pay3 ba2 - Please give me a hand to stand up. (3) to develop a country as in တိုင်းပြည်ကိုထူထောင်ရန် | tine3-pyi2 go2 htu2-htoun2 yan2 - to build the country.

  28. ထူး | htu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to differ from norm especially in positive ways. E.g., ထူးခြားသော | htu3 cha3 dthau3 - exceptional. (2) to answer the call. E.g., ခေါ်ရင် ’ဗျာ’ လို့ထူးပါ။ | khau2 yin2 'bya2' lo1 htu3 ba2 - Please answer 'Bya2' ('Yes', male term) when called.

  29. ဒု | du1 MP3 Audio File - abbreviation of ဒုတိယ | du1-ti1-ya1 MP3 Audio File - second; second in command. E.g., ဒု-သမ္မတ | du1 thun2-ma1-da1 - vice president. ဒုတိယထပ် | du1-ta1-ya1 htut MP3 Audio File - second floor.

  30. ဒူး | du3 MP3 Audio File - knee. E.g., ဒူးပွန်းသွားတယ်။ | du3 poon3 thwa3 deare2 - I have bruises in my knee. Other Usage: ဒူးရင်းသီး | du3-yin3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Durian.

  31. နု | nu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) soft and tender. (2) vegetables, leaves, fruits, and buds of flowers before ripen. (3) young; youthful look. (4) light in color as in အစိမ်းနုရောင် | a-sain3 nu1 youn2 - light green color. (5) [slang] inexperienced as opposed to ဝါရင့်သူ | wa2 yin1 thu2 - old-timer. E.g., မင်းနုပါသေးတယ်။ | min3 nu1 ba2 thay3 deare2 - You are still young, kid. (in the sense: "Don't try to double-cross me the old hand.") (6) part of female Burmese names as in မေသန်းနု | may2 than3 nu1 - May Than Nu.

  32. နူ | nu2 MP3 Audio File - afflicted with leprosy.

  33. နူး | nu3 MP3 Audio File - tender; cooked until tender. E.g., အမဲသားဟင်း မနူးသေးဘူး။ | a-meare3-tha3 hin3 ma1 nu3 thay3 bu3 - The stewed beef is not tender yet.

  34. ပု | pu1 - MP3 Audio File (1) short in stature. ဒီလူအရပ်ပုတယ်။ | de2 lu2 a-yut pu1 deare2 - That man is short in stature. (2) part of uncommon Burmese names as in ကိုပု | ko2 pu1 - Ko Pu.

  35. ပူ | pu2 - MP3 Audio File (1) warm weather; hot in temperature. E.g.,

    1. ပူလား | pu2 la3 MP3 Audio File - Is it hot?
    2. မပူဘူး | ma1 pu2 bu3 MP3 Audio File - It's not hot.
    3. ပူတယ် | pu2 deare2 MP3 Audio File - It is hot.
    4. ဟင်းရည်ပူတယ်။ | hin3-yay2 pu2 deare2 - The soup is hot.

    (2) pepper hot. Use different word for chili. E.g., ငရုတ်ကောင်းပူတယ်၊ ငရုတ်သီးစပ်တယ်။ | nga1-yoat-goun3 pu2 deare2. nga1-yoat-thi3 sut deare2. - Pepper powder is hot. Chili is hot. (3) anxious E.g., နောင်ရေးအတွက် စိတ်ပူတယ်။ | noun2 yay3 a-twet sate pu2 deare2 - I am worried about the future. (4) to pester constantly to get something, or to get something done as in ပူဆာ | pu2 za2. (5) bulge; swell outwards as in beer-belly or during pregnancy. Examples:

    1. ဒီမိန်းမဗိုက်ပူနေတယ်။ | de2 main3-ma1 bite pu2 nay2 deare2 - That woman is pregnant.
    2. ပူစည်ဖောင်းထဲ လေမှုတ်ထည့်။ | pu2-si2-boun3 hteare3 lay2 hmoat hteare1 - Blow air inside the balloon.

    Other Usage:

    ပူဒီနာ (ပူစီနံ) | pu2-di2-na2 (pu2-si2-nun2) - MP3 Audio File - Mint.

  36. ပူး | pu3 - MP3 Audio File (1) guinea-pig. (2) to be joined or stuck together. (3) be possessed by the supernatural powers and spirits as in နတ်ကတော်ကို နတ်ပူးနေတယ်။ | nut-ga1-dau2 go2 nut pu3 nay2 deare2 - The medium is in contact with the spirit "nat".

  37. ပျူ | pyu2 - MP3 Audio File (1) Tibet-Myanmar language and the people who spoke that language in ancient Pyu civilization (the city of Pyay in present day Myanmar) around 400AD. (2) used as spelling for the English word 'computer' :ကွန်ပျူတာ.

  38. ပြု | pyu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to do; to act for certain meritorious deeds. Examples:

    1. သာသနာပြု | tha2-tha1-na2 pyu1 - missionary.

    2. ကျောင်းပြု၍လှု၏။ | kjoun3 pyu1 yway1 hlu2 e1 - built a monastery as a charity and donated it to the community of monks.

    3. ငါးပါးသီလပြုကျင့်ကြပါ။ | nga3-ba3 thi2-la1 pyu1-kjin1 ja1 ba2 - Please practice and live by the five precepts.

    4. ပြုခြင်းပြ ကြိယာ | pyu1-chin3-pya1 kri1-ya2 MP3 Audio File - A type of Burmese verb that describes the presence or existence of something.

    (2) to take someone as a wife or a husband as in သူနှင့်အိမ်ထောင်ပြုသည်။ | thu2 hnin1 ain2-htoun2 pyu1 dthi2 - married to him. (3) to become; to assume the role as in ရှင်ပြု | shin2 pyu1 - to become a novice monk. (4) to take care; to attend to someone as in ပြုစု | pyu1-zu1. Related word: သူနာပြု | thu2-na2-pyu1 - nurse.

  39. ပြူ | pyu2 MP3 Audio File - to jut out; to stick out the head. E.g., ပြတင်းပေါက်ကနေ ခေါင်းမပြူပါနဲ့။ | bya1-din3-pout gah1 nay2 goun3 ma1 pyu2 ba2 neare1 - Please don't stick your head out of the window.

  40. ပြူး | pyu3 MP3 Audio File - bulging eyes as in မျက်ပြူး | myet pyu3.

  41. ဖု | pfu1 MP3 Audio File - a bump; a lump as in အဖုအကျိတ် | a-pfu1 a-kjate - bumps and lumps in the body.

  42. ဖူ | pfu2 MP3 Audio File - to be sufficient as in ဖူလုံ | pfu2 lone2.

  43. ဖူး | pfu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to visit a pagoda as in ဘုရားဖူး | pfa1-ya3 pfu3. E.g., ကျိုက်ထီးရိုးသို့ ဘုရားဖူးထွက်ကြစို့။ | kjite-hti3-yo3 dtho1 pfa1-ya3 pfu3 htwet ja1 zo1 - Let's visit Kyaikhtiyo. (2) behold with veneration as in ဖူးမြော်မာန်လျှော့ | pfu3 hmyau2 mun2 shau1 - to let go the pride and worship. (3) bud as in ငှက်ပျောဖူး | nga1-pyau3 pfu3 - banana buds (edible after cooking.) (4) had done before; had been there, had prior experience. E.g., ပုဂံရောက်ဖူးလား။ | ba1-gun2 yout pfu3 la3 - Have you been to Bagan? (5) to treat with indulgence as in ဖူးဖူးမှုတ် | pfu3-pfu3 hmoat. E.g., မိဘက ဖူးဖူးမှုတ်ထားသော ကလေး | mi1-ba1 gah1 pfu3-pfu3 hmoat hta3 dthau3 kha1-lay3 - a pampered child.

  44. ဖြူ | pfyu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) white; fair skin. E.g., ဒီအမျိုးသမီး အသားအတော်ဖြူတယ်။ | de2 a-myo3-tha1-mi3 a-tha3 a-tau2 pfyu2 deare2 - That lady has a pretty fair complexion. (2) porcupine as in ဖြူကောင် | pfyu2 koun2. (3) part of female Burmese names as in ဖြူဖြူ | pfyu2 pfyu2 - Phyu Phyu.

  45. ဖြူး | pfyu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) without impediments. ဖြူးဖြူးဖြောင့်ဖြောင့် ရောက်သွားတယ်။ | pfyu3-pfyu3-pfyoun1-pfyoun1 yout thwa3 deare2 - the journey was smooth-sailing. (2) to sprinkle salt, etc.. ဆားဖြူးပြီး ငရုတ်ကောင်းခတ်လိုက်။ | hsa3 pfyu3 pyi3 nga1-yoat-goun3 khut lite - Sprinkle some salt and put some pepper powder. (3) breezy. E.g., လေကလေး တဖြူးဖြူးနဲ့ပဲ။ | lay2-ga1-lay3 ta1 pfyu3-pfyu3 neare1 beare3 - It's quite breezy here!

  46. ဘု | bu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) a bump. (2) rude. Examples:

    1. ဒီလူဘုကြတယ်။ | de2 lu2 bu1 kja1 deare2 - That man is rude.
    2. ဘုပြောတယ်။ | bu1 pyau3 deare2 - speaks disagreeably.

  47. ဘူ | bu2 MP3 Audio File - the number with zero in it, or the number divisible by 10 avoided by some superstitious people. Other Usages:

    1. ဘူတာရုံ | bu2-da2-yone2 MP3 Audio File - train station.
    2. ဘူတန် | bu2 tan2 - Bhutan.

  48. ဘူး | bu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) marrow (vegetable); melon; gourd as in ဘူးသီး | bu3 thi3. MP3 Audio File (2) bottle; container. Examples:

    1. ရေဘူး | yay2 bu3 - water bottle.
    2. ထမင်းဘူး | hta1-min3 bu3 - lunch box.
    3. စည်သွတ်ဘူး | si2 thoot bu3 - preserved food in tin can.

    (3) [colloquial] negative ending word. E.g., မဟုတ်ဘူး။ | ma1 hote bu3 - incorrect.

  49. မု | mu1 as in

    1. မုဒိတာ | mu1-di1-ta2 - MP3 Audio File - empathy; sympathetic joy.
    2. မုသာဝါဒ | mu1-tha2-wa2-da1 - false speech; a lie.
    3. မုသာဝါဒ သတင်း | mu1-tha2-wa2-da1 dtha-din3 - fake news.
    4. မုသား | mu1-tha3 - false speech; a lie.

    1. မုချ | moat-cha1 - surely; definitely; beyond doubt.
    2. မုဆိုး | moat-hso3 - hunter.
    3. မုဒိန်း | ma1-dain3 - rape; sexual assault.
    4. မုယော | ma1-yau3 - barley.

  50. မူ | mu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to bring one's mind and or body to a particular direction. Examples:

    1. သတိမူ | tha1-di1 mu2 - to be attentive.
    2. ရန်မူ | yan2 mu2 - to make hostilities.
    3. မျက်နှာမူ | myet-hna2 mu2 - to face in the direction of.

    (2) base; foundation. basis; fundamental reference point; policy. Examples:

    1. မူလ | mu2 la1 - origin.
    2. မူလတန်းကျောင်း | mu2-lah1-dun3 kjoun3 MP3 Audio File - primary school.
    3. - - - ပေါ်မူတည်တယ်။ | - - - - pau2 mu2-ti2 deare2 - depends on xxxx.
    4. မူကြမ်း | mu2 jan3 - draft of the proposed law in the parliament.

    (3) part of female Burmese names as in မူမူ | mu2 mu2 - Mu Mu.

  51. မူး | mu3 MP3 Audio File - (1) dizzy. E.g., ခေါင်းမူးတယ်။ | goun3 mu3 deare2 - I feel dizzy. (2) to get drunk as in အရက်မူး | a-yet mu3 . E.g., ဒီလူအရက်မူးနေတယ်။ | de2 lu2 a-yet mu3 nay2 deare2 - This man is drunk. Related Words:

    1. မူးရစ်ဆေးစွဲခြင်း | mu3 yit hsay3 hsweare3 chin3 MP3 Audio File - drug addiction.
    2. မူးယစ်ဆေးဝါး | mu3 yit hsay3 wa3 - narcotics; drugs.
    3. မူးဝေခြင်း | mu3 way2 chin3 MP3 Audio File - giddiness.

Don't drink and drive. Also, don't drink and dance! This video is not what it seems. The entertainer is just acting out the Myanmar traditional ကိုကြီးကျော် | ko2-ji3 kjau2 dance.

Myanmar Ko Gyi Kyaw Dance

Burmese people know how to have fun during Mid April New year and Water Festival season. Government wanted to reduce the holidays from 10 days to 5 but had to revert back. Have less fun. Don't build private rooms behind Stages please. Don't spice food and drinks with drugs. If you must, use sugar or salt instead. Also, no selling of alcohol around the pavilions and stages. But will the traditions go away easily?

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Wednesday, 12 April 2017
  1. မြူ | myu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) fog; mist. (2) tiny particles as in အဏုမြူဗုံး | a-nu1-myu2 bone3 - atomic bomb.

  2. မြူး | myu3 MP3 Audio File - to be in high spirit; playful.

  3. မှု | hmu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) something serious as in အမှု | a-hmu1 - a legal case. (2) used with the negative | ma1 to mean disregard or insignificant. E.g., ဒါလောက်တော့ မမှုဘူး။ | da2 lout dau1 ma1 hmu1 bu3 - That doesn't bother me. I don't take it seriously.

  4. မှုး | hmu3 MP3 Audio File - suffix or attachment used for head of the department and high ranking army officers. Examples:

    1. ညွှန်ကြားရေးမှုး | hnyoon2-kja3-yay3 hmu3 - director.
    2. ဗိုလ်မှုးကြီး | bo2 hmu3 ji3 - colonel.

  5. မြှူ | hmyu2 MP3 Audio File - to entice and tempt as in မြှူဆွယ် | hmyu2 hsweare2.

  6. ယု | yu1 - MP3 Audio File part of Burmese names as in စန်းယု | san3 yu1 - San Yu (male) and ယုဇန | yu1 za1 na1 Yuzana (female). Other usages:

    1. ယုယ | yu1-yah1 - tender care.
    2. ယုယုယယ | yu1-yu1-yah1-yah1 MP3 Audio File - tenderly.

  7. ယူ | yu2 - MP3 Audio File to take; to accept. Examples:

    1. ဒါယူမလား။ | da2 yu2 ma1 la3 - Do you want to take this? Do you like this?
    2. ယူမလား | yu2 ma1 la3 MP3 Audio File - Do you want to take it?
    3. ယူမယ် | yu2 meare2 MP3 Audio File - I will take it.
    4. ယူဆ | yu2 hsa1 - to form an opinion = to take the facts + to weigh in the mind.
    5. အနား ယူ | a-na3 yu2 - MP3 Audio File to take a rest.

    Other Usages:

    1. ယူကရိန်း | yu2 ka1 yain3 - Ukraine.
    2. ယူဂန္ဓာ | yu2 gun2 da2 - Uganda.

  8. ရူ | yu2 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. ရူပ | yu2-pa1 - physical form; appearance.
    2. ရူပဗေဒ | yu2-pa1 bay2-da1 - physics.
    3. ရူပက္ခန္ဓာ | yu2-pa1 khan2-da2 - [Buddhism] matter aspects of mind and matter; body sense organs such as eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin.

  9. ရူး | yu3 - MP3 Audio File insane; crazy.

  10. ရှု | shu1 MP3 Audio File - to look at; see. E.g., ဤသို့ရှုပါ။ | e2 dtho1 shu1 ba2 - Please see this link.

  11. ရှူ | shu2 MP3 Audio File - to breath; to inhale; to smoke opium or drugs. E.g., ဆေးခြောက်ရှူ | hsay3 chout shu2 - to smoke marijuana.

  12. ရှူး | shu3 MP3 Audio File - to taper off. E.g., အဖျားရှူးသွားတယ်။ | a-pfya3 shu3 thwa3 deare2 - to taper off towards the end of a rod, etc.; broken promises.

  13. လု | lu1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to rob. (2) suffix to mean 'almost' or 'nearly'. E.g., အခုလောက်ဆို သူရောက်လုပြီ။ | a-khu1 lout hso2 thu2 yout lu1 byi2 - He should almost be there by now.

  14. လူ | lu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) man; male (2) person or people in general as in ပြည်သူလူထု | pyi2-thu2 lu2 htu1 - the people. (3) rise of smoke as in မီးခိုးတလူလူ | mi3-kho3 ta1-lu2-lu2 (4) part of male Burmese names as in လူမင်း | lu2 min3 - Lu Min. Related words:

    1. လူကြီး | lu2-ji3 - adult.
    2. လူကြီးမင်း | lu2-ji3-min3 MP3 Audio File - gentleman.
    3. လူကြုံ | lu2-jone2 - A person who helps to do courier service to deliver items to relatives living in a different town or in an another country. This is a very common way to send gifts and presents.

    4. လူ ငှား | lu2 hnga3 MP3 Audio File - hire people.
    5. လူဆိုး | lu2-zo3 - a bad person.
    6. လူတစ်ယောက် | lu2 ta1 yout MP3 Audio File - a person.
    7. လူတော် | lu2-dau2 - an excpetional person, usually highly educated person.
    8. လူထု | lu2-du1 - the people; the voters.
    9. လူနာ | lu2-na2 - patient (who is unwell.)
    10. လူနာတင်ကား | lu2-na2 tin2 ka3 - ambulance.
    11. လူနေမှုအဆင့်အတန်း | lu2-nay3-hmu1 a-hsin1 a-tan3 - standard of living.
    12. လူနည်းစု | lu2 neare3 zu1 - minority of people.
    13. လူနှစ်ယောက် | lu2 hna1 yout MP3 Audio File - two persons.
    14. လူပျို | lu2-byo2 - bachelor.
    15. လူပြက် | lu2-byet - comic relief on the stage who tells jokes.
    16. လူမမာ | lu2 ma1-ma2 - someone who is unwell and in poor health.
    17. လူမိုက် | lu2 mite - a thug; someone who made bad decisions.
    18. လူများစု | lu2 mya3 zu1 - majority of people.
    19. လူမျိုး | lu2 myo3 - race; nationality.
    20. လူမျိုးစု | lu2 myo3 zu1 - ethnic group.
    21. လူမွဲ | lu2 mweare3 - poor person who is living below poverty line.
    22. လူယုတ်မာ | lu2 yoat ma2 - evil and despicable person.
    23. လူရိုး | lu2-yo3 - simple and unpretentious person; someone who lacks sophistication.
    24. လူရိုးလူအ | lu2-yo3 lu2-ah1 - naive and stupid person.
    25. လူရွှင်တော် | lu2-shwin2-dau2 - comedian.
    26. လူလည်ကြ | lu2-leare2 kja1 - deceive and cheat.
    27. လူလိမ် | lu2-lain2 - swindler; a liar.
    28. လူလိမ္မာ | lu2-lain2-ma2 - a person with good traits and character who will not do bad things.

    29. လူဝင်မှုကြီးကြပ်ရေး | lu2-win2-hmu1 kji3-kjut-yay3 - Immigration Office or relating to that department.

    30. လူသိရှင်ကြား | lu2-thi shin2-ja3 - make public (usually of private affairs.)
    31. လူသတ်မှု | lu2-thut-hmu1 - homicide.
    32. လူဦးရေ | lu2-o3-yay2 - population.

    Other Usage:

    လူဇင်ဘတ် | lu2 zin2 but - Luxembourg.

  15. လူ့ | lu1 MP3 Audio File - pertaining to people and humanity as in လူ့ကျင့်ဝတ် | lu1-kjin1-woot - ethics; morality.

လူ | lu2 refers to a man or a person. လူလည် | lu2 leare2 is a clever and a shrewd person who also happens to be a swindler, a cheater, a deceiver, a charlatan, a scammer, a double-crosser, a con man, a trickster and a liar who will make you to believe something that is not true. "Be careful, there are con men all around," the lyric says. "Oh my God! Let me protect you from all those con men. Come closer to me. I'll hold you by your waist, and we'll be happy together, of course..." We the Burmese People have lu2 leare2, where လည် | leare2 means to spin, long before there are spin-doctors in American politics.

Swindlers All Around

(လူ | lu2) refers to a man or a person. (လူလည် | lu2 leare2) is a clever and a shrewd person who also happens to be a swindler, a cheater, a deceiver, a charlatan, a scammer, a double-crosser, a con man, a trickster and a liar who will make you to believe something that is not true. "Be careful, there are con men all around," the lyric says. "Oh my God! Let me protect you from all those con men. Come closer to me. I'll hold you by your waist, and we'll be happy together, of course..." We the Burmese People have lu2 leare2, where (လည် | leare2) means to spin, long before there are spin-doctors in American politics. ဟဲလေး | heare3 lay3 and Star International Dance Group [37 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Wednesday, May 25, 2016
ဟဲလေး | heare3 lay3 and Star International Dance Group
  1. လူး | lu3 MP3 Audio File - smear; to spread with. E.g., ပေါင်မုံ့ကို ထောပတ်လူး။ | poun2-mone1 go2 htau3-but lu3 - spread butter over the bread.

  2. လှူ | hlu2 MP3 Audio File - to donate; to sacrifice one's life for the country.

  3. ဝူ | wu2 asin ဝူရှုး | wu2-shu3 MP3 Audio File - [Sports] Wushu.

  4. သု | thu1 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. သုည | thone2-nya1
    2. သုတ | thu1 ta1 - knowledge; male Burmese name.
    3. သုတေသန | thu1-tay2-tha1-na1 - research.
    4. သုတေသီ | thu1-tay2-thi2 MP3 Audio File - researcher.
    5. သုသာန် | thoat-thun2 - cemetery.

  5. သူ | thu2 MP3 Audio File - (1) he; she. E.g.,

    1. သူတောင်မသိဘူး | thu2 down2 ma1 thi1 bu3 MP3 Audio File - Even he/she doesn't know.
    2. သူပဲ | thu2 beare3 MP3 Audio File - That's him!
    3. သူဘာပြောလဲ | thu2 ba2 pyau3 leare3 MP3 Audio File - What did he say?
    4. သူဘယ်သူလဲ။ | thu2 beare2 thu2 leare3 - Who is she?

    [plural] သူတို့ | thu2-doh1 MP3 Audio File - they, them, theirs.

    (2) the person who does something as in ဝယ်သူ | weare2 thu2 - the person who buys = customer. (3) suffix to indicate female. E.g., ကျောင်းသူ | kjoun3 thu2 - female student.

    Other Usages:

    1. သူခိုး | tha1-kho3 - thief.
    2. သူငယ်ချင်း | tha1-ngeare2-jin3 MP3 Audio File - friend.
    3. သူစိမ်း | da1-zain3 - stranger.
    4. သူဌေး | tha1-htay3 MP3 Audio File - rich man; boss.
    5. သူတော်ကောင်း | thu2-dau2-goun3 - virtuous person.
    6. သူတောင်းစား | tha1-doun3-za3 - beggar.
    7. သူနာပြု (ဆရာမ) | thu2-na2-pyu1 hsa1-ya2-ma1 MP3 Audio File - nurse.
    8. သူပုန် | dtha1-bone2 - rebel; terrorist.
    9. သူရဲကောင်း | tha1-yeare3-goun3 - hero.
    10. သူလျှို | tha1-sho2 - spy.

  6. သူ့ | thu1 MP3 Audio File - him; her; his; himself; herself. Examples:

    1. သူ့ကား | thu1 ka3 MP3 Audio File - His car.
    2. သူ့ကိုဒါပေးလိုက်။ | thu1 go2 da2 pay3 lite - Give this to him.
    3. သူ့ကိုပဲပေး | thu1 go2 beare3 pay3 MP3 Audio File - Give it to him only.

    4. သူ့ကြောင့် ဒီလိုဖြစ်ရတာ | thu1 joun1 de2 lo2 pfyit yah1 ta2 MP3 Audio File - Something like this happens because of him.

    5. သူ့ဆီသွား | thu1 hsi2 thwa3 MP3 Audio File - Go to him.
    6. သူနဲ့သူ့တူ | thu2 neare1 thu1 tu2 MP3 Audio File - He and his nephew.
    7. သူ့ဟာသူလုပ်ပါစေ။ | thu1 ha2 thu2 loat ba2 zay2 - Let him do by himself.

  7. ဟု | hu1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] declare as; says that. E.g., သူလုပ်မည်ဟု ပြောသည်။ | thu2 loat myi2 hu1 pyau3 thi2 - He said that he will do it.

  8. ဟူ | hu2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] (1) declare as; says that. (2) 'every' as in ဟူသမျှ | hu2-tha1-hmya1. E,g., လူဟူသမျှ တစ်နေ့သေရဦးမည်။ | lu2 hu2-tha1-hmya1 ta1-nay1 thay2 yah1 ome3 myi2 - Every man must die one day. (3) reference to; known as. E.g., မင်းကိုနိုင် ဟူသောအမည်ဖြင့် လူသိများကြသည်။ | Min3-ko2-nine2 hu2 dthau3 a-myi2 pfyin1 lu2 thi1 mya3 ja1 dthi2 - He is well-known by the name "Min Ko Naing".

  9. | u1 MP3 Audio File - (1) egg; to lay egg; roe. (2) suffix for some bulb shaped vegetables as in မုန်လာဥ | mone2-la2 u1 - carrot. Other usages:

    1. ရာသီဥတု | ya2-thi2 u2-tu1 - climate; weather.
    2. ဥဒါန်း | u1-dun3 - words of historical significance and remembrance handed down from generation to generation as in E.g., ဥဒါန်းမကျေ | u1-dun3 ma1-kjay2 - forever remembered.

    3. ဥပစာ | u1-pa1-sa2 - metaphor.
    4. ဥပဒေ | u1-pa1-day2 - law.
    5. ဥပဓိရုပ် | u1-pa1-di1 yoat - facial features of men which is judged by people whether he is educated and respectable.

    6. ဥပမာ | u1-pa1-ma2 - example.
    7. ဥပဒ် | u1-but - harm. E.g., ဥပဒ်ပေးနိုင်တယ်။ | u1-but pay3 nine2 deare2 - can be harmful.

    8. ဥပုသ် | u1-boat - Sabbath; eight Buddhist precepts. E.g., ဥပုသ်စောင့်သောနေ့ | u1-boat soun1 dthau3 nay1 - the day of Sabbath where eight Buddhist precepts are observed.

    9. ဥမင်လိုဏ်ခေါင်း | u1-min2 hline2-goun3 - tunnel.
    10. ဥယျာဉ် | u1-yin2 - garden.
    11. ဥယျာဉ်စိုက်ပျိုးရေး | u1-yin2 site pyo3 yay3 MP3 Audio File - horticulture.
    12. ဥရုဂွေး | u1 yu1 guay3 - Uruguay.
    13. ဥရောပ | u1-yau3-pa1 - Europe.
    14. ဥဩဆွဲသံ | oat-au3 hsweare3 thun2 - sound of sirens.

  10. အူ | u2 MP3 Audio File - (1) intestine. Related Words:

    1. အူကျရောဂါ | u2-kja1 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - hernia.
    2. အူမကြီး | u2-ma1-ji3 MP3 Audio File - large intestine.
    3. အူသိမ် | u2-thain2 MP3 Audio File - small intestine.
    4. အူအတက် | u2 a-tet MP3 Audio File - appendix (at the tip of large intenstine.)

    (2) howling. E.g., ခွေးတွေ အူနေကြတယ်။ | khway3 dway2 u2 nay2 ja1 deare2 - The dogs are howling. (3) ringing in the ears. E.g., နားအူနေတယ်။ | na3 u2 nay2 deare2 - I have ringing in the ears. (4) stupid; not smart. E.g., အူကြောင်ကြောင်ကောင်ပဲ။ | u2-kjoun2-kjoun2 koun2 beare3 - idiot! Other Usage: အူရီဒူး | u2 yi2 du3 - Ooredoo, the third telecommunication company from Qatar offering mobile phone and Internet services in Myanmar.

  11. ဦး | u3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to be ahead of others. E.g., အရင်ဦးအောင် လုပ်ထား။ | a-yin2 u3 oun2 loat hta3 - Do it ahead of others. (2) beginning of period, activity, sequence. E.g., မိုးဦး | mo3 u3 - beginning of the rainy season (3) head of the body as in

    1. ဦးခေါင်း | u3 goun3 - head.
    2. ဦးထုပ် | oat-htoat MP3 Audio File - hat.

    (4) head of a group, department, organization, etc.. E.g., အိမ်ထောင်ဦးစီး | ain2-htoun2 u3-zi3 - head of the household. (5) Title "Mr". E.g., ဦးသန့် | u3 thun1 - U Thant of Burma who served as the third Secretary General of the United Nations from 1961 to 1971. (6) part of male or female Burmese names especially for the first-born as in

    • တင်မောင်ဦး | tin2 moun2 u3 - Tin Maung U (male),
    • သီတာဦး | thi2 da2 u3 - Thida Oo (female).