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Top 10 Words for Beginners

  1. ကြီး | kji3 - big; large MP3 Audio File
  2. ကြည့် | kji1 - look MP3 Audio File
  3. စီး | si3 - ride MP3 Audio File
  4. ဒီ | de2 - this; here MP3 Audio File
  5. နီး | ni3 - near MP3 Audio File
  6. ပြီး | pyi3 - finish; done MP3 Audio File
  7. မီ | hmi2 - in time; can reach MP3 Audio File
  8. ရှိ | shi1 - have MP3 Audio File
  9. သိ | thi1 - know MP3 Audio File
  10. သီး | thi3 - fruit MP3 Audio File

Lesson 37: Burmese words with vowel 'E' or 'I'

Burmese words with 'E' in English Romanization can also be expressed with 'I' variant for most words without ambiguity. For example, 'De2' in the second tone should be pronounced 'de' and 'ji3' in the third tone is pronounced 'jee'. On the other hand, romanization with 'e' does not look natural for certain words.

Vowel 'I' seems to be a better choice for many words except for consonants 'b', 'd', 'h', 'w' as there are already 'i' sounding existing English words 'bi', 'di', 'hi' and 'wi'. Whenever a word is spelled with 'i', it should be read with 'e' sound.

Except for the two stand-alone characters | e1 and | e2 in the literary form, most words in this sound group are spelled with either | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top of the character, or with ည် | nya1-thut.

In rare cases, ဉ် | nya1-ga1-lay3-thut is used.

If the word has the character, or the consonant modified character with | lone3-ji3-tin2 on top, it will be in the first tone. E.g., ထိ | hti1 means to touch.

To get the second tone, add a curved down line inside the lone3-ji3-tin2 called | sun2-khut. E.g., ထီ | hti2 -means lottery.

To further change into the third tone, add a | shay1-ga1-pout on the right side. E.g., ထီး | hti2 - means umbrella.

If the word is spelled with ည် | nya1-thut, it will be in the second tone. E.g., ကြည် | kji2 means clear.

To change into the first tone from the second tone, add | out-myit. E.g., ကြည့် | kji1 means to look.

To change into the third tone from the second tone, add a | shay1-ga1-pout on the right side instead. E.g., ကြည်း | kji3 - means infantry.

There are rare exceptions where two pronunciation are possible. E.g., စေ့ can be either pronounced si1 or say1.

The list of single syllable Burmese words that end with the vowel 'E' sound are given below in Burmese alphabetical order in the same sequence as in Myanmar dictionary.

E1 - E2 - E3 | အိ - အီ - အီး

MP3 Audio File

  1. ကျိ | kji1 MP3 Audio File - slippery and slimy stuff as in ချွဲကျိကျိ.

  2. ကျီ | kji2 MP3 Audio File - granary; barn.
  3. ကျီး | kji3 MP3 Audio File - crow; also called ကျီးကန်း | kji3 gun3.

  4. ကျည် | kji2 MP3 Audio File - (1) natural cavity of the bamboo stalk used as container as in ကောက်ညှင်းကျည်တောက် | kout hnyin3 kji2 dout - glutinous rice cooked and baked inside bamboo cavity. (2) bullet used in firearm as in ကျည်ဆန် | kji2 hsun2. (3) pestle as in ကျည်ပွေ့ နှင့် ဆုံ | kji2-bway1 hnin1 hsone2 - pestle and mortar used for grinding seeds, garlic, chili, etc..

  5. ကြီး | kji3, MP3 Audio File or pronounced ji3 MP3 Audio File when used as suffix. - (1) big. (2) larger in number or greater in degree. (3) elders. (4) emphasis as in ရုပ်ဆိုးဆိုးကြီးပါလား။ | yote hso3 hso3 ji3 ba2 la3 - so ugly! (5) part of male Burmese names as in ကိုကိုကြီး | ko2 ko2 ji3 - Ko Ko Gyi. Related word: ကြီးကြီး | kji3-kji3, MP3 Audio File - elder sister of parent (big aunty). (6) supervise as in ကြီးကြပ် | kji3 kjut. ကြီးကြပ်ရေးမှုး | kji3-kjut-yay3 hmu3, MP3 Audio File - supervisor.

  6. ကြေး | ji3 MP3 Audio File - (1) [literary] dirt and impurities as in ရေချိုးသောအခါကြေးတွန်းပါ။ | yay2 cho3 dthau3 a-kha2 ji3 toon3 ba2 - Rub off the dirt when taking a bath. (2) [literary] fussy. E.g., ဤအမျိုးသမီးသည်ကြေးအလွန်များ၏။ | e2 amyo2-tha1-mi3 dthi2 ji3 a-loon2 mya3 e1 - This lady is extremely fussy. ( also see colloquial ဂျီး | ji3.)

  7. ကြည် | kji2 MP3 Audio File - (1) delighted. (2) [slang] to get along well as in ဆော်နဲ့ကြည်တယ်။ | hsau2 neare1 kji2 deare2 - to have a good relation with a girl. (3) pure, clear, and free from impurities as in ရေကြည်ရာ မြက်နုရာ | yay2 kji2 ya2, myet nu1 ya2 - where the water is clear and grass is green. (4) part of both male and female Burmese names as in အောင်ဆန်းစုကြည် | oun2 hsun3 su1 kji2 - Aung San Suu Kyi.

  8. ကြည့် | kji1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to look as in

    1. ကြည့်ကြသေးတာပေါ့ | kji1 ja1 thay3 ta2 pau1 MP3 Audio File - We will see about that.
    2. ကြည့်ချင်သေးတယ် | kji1 chin2 thay3 deare2 MP3 Audio File - I still want to take a look!
    3. ကြည့်ပါဦး | kji1 ba2 ome3 MP3 Audio File - Take a look!
    4. ကြည့်ရအောင် | kji1 yah1 oun2 MP3 Audio File - Let me have a look!
    5. ဟိုမှာကြည့် | ho2 hma2 kji1 MP3 Audio File - Look over there!

    (2) to watch as in တီဗွီ ကြည့် | ti2-bwi2 kji1 MP3 Audio File - watch TV. ရုပ်ရှင် ကြည့် | yoat-shin2 kji1 MP3 Audio File - watch movie. (3) to take care; to look after. E.g., ကလေးကြည့်ထားပေးပါ။ | kha1-lay3 kji1 hta3 pay3 ba2 - Please look after the baby for a while. (4) to try out something as in စမ်းကြည့် | sun3-kji1 MP3 Audio File - Why don't you try and see what happens? စားကြည့်ရအောင် | sa3 kji1 yah1 oun2 - Let me try this to see how it tastes. (5) appears to be something as in ကြည့်ရတာ ---- | kji1-yah1-ta2 xxxx MP3 Audio File - seems like xxxx.

  9. ကြည်း | kji3 MP3 Audio File - (1) land route. (2) infantry. (3) [literary] anguish as in နာကြည်းသည်။ | na2 kji3 dthi2 - has caused emotional distress.

  10. ချိ | chi1 MP3 Audio File - 'able to withstand' usually used in combination with in negative form to mean 'unbearable' as in မခံချိမခံသာ | ma1 khan3 chi1 ma1 khan2 tha2 - try to maintain composure while bearing the discomfort under intense verbal attack.

  11. ချီ | chi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to pick up and embrace. (2) to snitch as in အသားကျီးချီသွားပြီ။ | a-tha3 kji3 chi2 thwa3 byi2 - the meat was swiped away by a crow. (3) gives the idea of large amount of money with a certain base reference as in သိန်းချီပြီးကုန်တယ်။ | thain3 chi2 pyi3 kone2 deare2 - The expenses were in the region of hundreds of thousand. (4) to march forward as in ချီတက်လာကြပြီ။ | chi2 tet la2 ja1 byi2 - they have marched forward. Other Usage: ချီလီ | chi2 li2 - Chile.

  12. ချီး | chi3 MP3 Audio File - to praise in as ချီးကျူး | chi3 kju3 or ချီးမွမ်း | chi3 moon3.

  13. ချေ | ji2 MP3 Audio File - a type of deer.

  14. ချေ | chi2 MP3 Audio File also chay2 - [colloquial] figurative sense as in သေရချေရဲ့။ | thay2 yah1 chi2 yeare1 - That's it. I am dead.

  15. ချေ | chi2 - MP3 Audio File to sneeze as in နှာချေချောင်းဆိုး | hna2-chi2 choun3-hso3 - sneeze and cough.

  16. ချေး | chi3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to borrow as in ပိုက်ဆံချေးထားတယ်။ | pike-hsan2 chi3 hta3 deare2 - I have borrowed money from someone. (2) to lend money as in ပိုက်ဆံချေးပေးပါ။ | pike-hsan2 chi3 pay3 ba2 - Please lend me some money. (3) feces.

  17. ချဉ်း | chi3 MP3 Audio File - to approach as in ချဉ်းကပ် | chi3 kut.

  18. ချည် | chi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) threads to weave into fabric such as cotton or silk. ချည်ထည်ရက်လုပ်ငန်း | chi2-hteare2 yet loat-ngan3 MP3 Audio File - textile industry. (2) to tie with rope, thread, string, etc.. (3) back and forth reciprocating action as in သွားချည်လာချည် ခေါက်တုံ့ခေါက်ပြန် | thwa3-chi2-la2-chi2 khout-tone1-khout-pyan2 - back and forth coming and going.

  19. ချည့် | chi1 MP3 Audio File - weak and frail. E.g., ဒီကြောင်ချည့်နေတယ်။ | de2 kjoun2 chi1 nay2 deare2 - This cat looks frail.

  20. ချည်း | chi3 MP3 Audio File - separately; exclusively; one kind or one type only. E.g., အရည်ချည်းပဲထည့်။ | a-yay2 chi3 beare3 hteare1 - Put only gravy.

  21. ခြည် | chi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) rays of light as in နေရောင်ခြည် | nay2 youn2 chi2 - sunlight. (2) measure word for jewelry.

  22. ဂျီ | ji2 as in ဂျီဩမေတြီ | ji2 au3 may3 hta-ri2 - geometry.

  23. ဂျီး | ji3 - MP3 Audio File (1) [colloquial] dirt and impurities as in ရေချိုးရင်ဂျီးတွန်းပြီးချိုးပါ။ | yay2 cho3 yin2 ji3 toon3 pyi3 cho3 ba2 - Rub off the dirt when taking a bath. (2) [colloquial] fussy. E.g., ဒီမိန်းမဂျီးအရမ်းများတယ်။ | di2 main3-ma1 ji3 a-yan3 mya3 deare2 - that woman is very fussy.

  24. ငြိ | nyi1 MP3 Audio File - (1) entangle and be caught such as cloth on the thorn. (2) to have a brush with the law as in ဥပဒေနှင့်ငြိစွန်းသည်။ | u1-pa1-day2 hnin1 nyi1 soon dthi2 - breaking the law. (3) emotional attachment between lovers.

  25. ငြီး | nyi3 MP3 Audio File - to get bored as in ငြီးငွေ့လာပြီ။ | nyi3 ngway1 la2 byi2 MP3 Audio File - I've started to get bored.

  26. စိ | si1 - MP3 Audio File(1) scrutinize as in စိစစ် | si1-sit. (2) finely crushed as in စိစိမွမွ | si1-si1-mwa1-mwa1.

  27. စီ | si2 - MP3 Audio File(1) to arrange items in orderly fashion. (2) to queue up. E.g., ဟိုမှာတန်းသွားစီပါ။ | ho2 hma2 tan3 thwa3 si2 ba2 - Go over there and line up. (2) each. E.g., ငှက်ပျောသီး တစ်ယောက် နှစ်လုံးစီ ခွဲယူကြပါ။ | hnga1-pyau3-thi3 ta1-yout hna1-lone3 si2 khwere3 yu2 ja1 ba2 - Each person please take two bananas each. (3) to organize and plan as in စီမံ | si2-mun2. Related word: စီမံခန့်ခွဲ | si2-mun2 khan1-khweare3 MP3 Audio File - to manage and assign duties.

  28. စီး | si3, MP3 Audio File or zi3 MP3 Audio File in some case. (1) to go onboard vehicle, plane, boat, train, or to ride on a horse, bicycle, etc. for travel. E.g., ဘတ်စကား စီး | but-sa1-ka3 si3 MP3 Audio File - take a bus. စက်ဘီး စီး | set-bain3 si3 MP3 Audio File - ride a bicycle. မန္တလေးသို့ လေယာဉ်ပျံစီးသွားသည်။ | Mun3-da1-lay3 dtho1 lay2-yin2-pyan2 si3 thwa3 dthi2 - to take a flight to Mandalay. (2) to put on footwear such as slippers, shoes, etc. as in ဖိနပ် စီး | pfa1-nut-si3, MP3 Audio File - put on footwear. E.g., ဖိနပ်စီးပါ။ | pfa1-nut si3 ba2 - Please put on your shoes. (3) measure word to count the number of vehicles. E.g., ကားတစ်စီးဝယ်ထားတယ်။ | ka2 ta1 zi3 weare2 hta3 deare2 - I bought a car. (4) under assault. E.g., မြို့ကို သူပုန် ဝင်စီးသည်။ | myo1 go2 dtha1-pone2 win2 si3 dthi2 - The town came under attack by the rebels. (5) the flow of liquid such as water from higher to lower level. E.g., ရေတွေစီးဝင်လာပြီဟ။ | yay2 dway2 si3 win2 la2 byi2 ha1 - Oh my God! The water has rushed in!

  29. စီး | si3 MP3 Audio File - economy as in စီးပွားရေး | si3-bwa3-yay3. Related Words:

    1. စီးပွားရေးနှင့် ကူးသန်းရောင်းဝယ်ရေး ဝန်ကြီးဌာန | si3-bwa3-yay3 hnin1 ku3-thun3-youn3-weare2-yay3 woon2-ji3 hta2-na1 - Ministry of Commerce.

    2. စီးပွားရေးပညာရှင် | si3-bwa3-yay3 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - economist.
    3. စီးပွားရေးပိတ်ဆို့မှု | si3-bwa3-yay3 pate-hso1-hmu1 - economic sanctions.
    4. စီးပွားရေးလုပ်ငန်း | si3-bwa3-yay3 loat-ngan3 MP3 Audio File - business.
    5. စီးပွားရေးသမား | si3-bwa3-yay3 tha1-ma3 MP3 Audio File - businessman.
    6. စီးပွားရှာ | si3-bwa3 sha2 - find means to earn money.

  30. စေ့ | si1 MP3 Audio File also pronounced say1 - (1) come up to specified number. E.g. စေ့ရဲ့လားရေကြည့်ပါ။ | si1 yeare1 la3 yi2 kji1 ba2 - Please count to make sure it's all there. (2) to reach the allotted time. E.g., ရပ်တော့၊ အချိန်စေ့သွားပြီ။ | yut dau1, a-chain2 si1 thwa3 byi2 - Stop! Time's up! (3) tight fitting; to close as in တံခါးစေ့ထားလိုက်။ | da1-ga3 si1 hta3 lite - Please shut the door.

  31. စေး | si3 MP3 Audio File also pronounced say3 - stickiness which is desired in some types of food. E.g., တညင်းသီးစေးရဲ့လား။ | da1-nyin3-thi3 si3 yeare1 la3 - Are the djenkol beans sticky and good?

  32. စည် | si2 MP3 Audio File - (1) busy and alive with activities of a teeming crowd. E.g., ဒီနေ့လူအတော်စည်တာပဲ။ | de2 nay1 lu2 a-tau2 si2 ta2 beare3 - What a busy day today! (2) drum. (3) barrel; keg. E.g., မြန်မာစည်ဘီယာ ရမယ်။ | myan2-ma2 si2 be2-ya2 yah1 meare2 - Myanmar draft beer is available here. (4) part of male Burmese names as in စည်သူ | si2 thu2.

  33. စည်း | si3 MP3 Audio File or zi3 MP3 Audio File for some words - (1) fence as in ခြံစည်းရိုး | chan2-si3-yo3 . (2) code of conduct; discipline as in စည်းကမ်း | si3-kun3 . E.g., စည်းနဲ့ကမ်းနဲ့နေပါ။ | si3 neare1 kun3 neare1 nay2 ba2 - Please make a habit of cleanliness, tidiness and orderliness. (3) musical timing; beat as in စည်းချက်ဝါးချက်ညီတယ်ဟေ့။ | si3-chet wa3-chet nyi2 deare2 hay1 - Hey, the beat is cool, man! (4) similar objects such as logs, hair, vegetables, etc. tied together; measure word to count such piles. E.g. မုန်ညင်း တစ်စည်း ဘယ်လောက်လဲ။ | mone2-hnyin3 ta1-zi3 beare2 lout leare3 - How much is a bunch of mustard? Other usage: စည်းစိမ် | si3-zain2 - wealth; luxury.

  34. ဆီ | hsi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) oil. ဆီချက်ခေါက်ဆွဲ | hsi2-jet khout-hsweare3 MP3 Audio File - Fried rice with crispy fried garlic in oil with minced pork or chicken and spring onion topping. (2) place or direction as in သူ့ဆီသွား။ | thu1 hsi2 thwa3 - Go to him. (3) suitable as in ဆီလျော်သင့်တော် | hsi2-hlyau2 thin1-dau2.

  35. ဆီး | hsi3 MP3 Audio File - urine. E.g., ဆီးသွားချင်တယ်။ | hsi3 thwa3 chin2 deare2 - polite word used to be excused to go to the bathroom or ask for the direction of the toilet. Related words:

    1. ဆီးကျိတ်ကင်ဆာ | hsi3-kjate kin2-hsa2 MP3 Audio File - prostate cancer.
    2. ဆီးခုံ | hsi3-khone2 MP3 Audio File - pelvis.
    3. ဆီးချိုရောဂါ | hsi3 cho2 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - diabetes.
    4. ဆီးအိမ် | hsi3-ain2 MP3 Audio File - bladder.

    (2) to wrap a piece of fabric or towel around body as in သူထဘီကို ရင်ရှားဆီးပြီး ထွက်လာ၏။ | thu2 hta1-main2 go2 yin2-sha3 hsi3 pyi3 htwet la2 e1 - she came out with a piece of sarong wrapped up to her cleavage level. (3) snow flakes as in ဆီးနှင်း | hsi3 hnin3 . (4) to prohibit as in ဥပဒေအရ တားဆီးပိတ်ပင်သည်။ | u1-pa1-day2 a-yah1 ta3-hsi3 pate-pin2 dthi2 - prohibited by law. (5) to bid welcome and greet upon arrival as in တေဇလူငယ်များသည် သမ္မတအား ဆီးကြိုကြသည်။ | tay2-za1 lu2-ngeare2 mya3 dthi2 thun2-ma1-da1 ah3 hsi3 kjo2 ja1 dthi2 - The president was received by a welcoming throng of Boy Scouts. Other Usage: ဆီးရီးယား | hsi3 yi3 ya3 - Syria.

  36. ဆီး | zi3 MP3 Audio File - plum; jujube. E.g., ဆီးသီး | zi3 the3 - plum fruit. ဆီးဖျော်ရည် | zi3 pfyau2-yay2 MP3 Audio File - Prune juice.

  37. ဆွိ | hswe1 as in မေဆွိ | may2 hswe1 - May Sweet (Well known female Myanmar Singer of the 80's).

  38. ဆွီ | hswe2 as in

    1. ဆွီတီဟုမ်း | hswe2 ti2 home3 - Sweety Home, Myanmar Furniture Brand Name.
    2. ဆွီဒင် | hswe2 din2 - Sweden.

  39. ဇိ | zi1 MP3 Audio File - throat; another word for လည်စေ့ | leare2 zi1.

  40. ဇီ | zi2 as in

    1. ဇီရာ | zi2-ya2 MP3 Audio File - Cumin.
    2. ဇီဝဓာတု | zi2-wa1 da2-tu1 - organic chemistry; biochemistry.
    3. ဇီဝဓာတုဗေဒပညာရှင် | zi2-wa1 da2-tu1 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - biochemist.
    4. ဇီဝဗေဒ | zi2-wa1 bay2-da1 - biology.
    5. ဇီဝဗေဒပညာရှင် | zi2-wa1-bay2-da1 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - biologist.

  41. ဇီး | zi3 MP3 Audio File - gestation period in animals such as cows, pigs, etc.. Other Usage: ဇီးကွက် | zi3 gwet - spotted owl.

  42. ညီ | nyi2 MP3 Audio File - younger brother. Related Words:

    1. ညီ၊ ညီမများ။ | nyi2, nyi2-ma1 mya3 - younger brothers and sisters.
    2. ညီမ | nyi2 ma1 MP3 Audio File - younger sister.
    3. ညီမလေး | nyi2 ma1 lay3 MP3 Audio File - younger sister (little sister.)
    4. ညီလေး | nyi2-lay3 MP3 Audio File - younger brother (little brother.)
    5. ညီအစ်ကို | nyi2 a-ko2 MP3 Audio File - brothers (both males).
    6. ညီအစ်ကိုမောင်နှမ | nyi2 a-ko2 moun2 hna1-ma1 MP3 Audio File - siblings (mix boy/girl).
    7. ညီအစ်မ | nyi2 a-ma1 MP3 Audio File - sisters (both females).

    (2) even level as in flat surface. (3) equal as in ညီတူမျှတ | nyi2 tu2 hmya1 ta1 - equally; fairly. ညီမျှခြင်း | nyi2 hmya1 chin3 - [math] equal to symbol: = . (4) united as in ညီတူညာတူ | nyi2 tu2 nya2 tu2 - in unison. (5) part of male Burmese names as in ညီညီ | nyi2 nyi2 - Nyi Nyi.

  43. ညဉ့် | nyi1 MP3 Audio File or nyin1 - {literary] another word for | nya1 - night. Related words:

    1. ညဉ့်နက်ချိန် | nyi1-net chain2 - late in the night.
    2. ညဉ့်နက်သန်းခေါင် | nyi1-net tha1-goun2 - around midnight.
    3. ညဉ့်ဦးယံ | nyin1-u3-yan2 - nightfall.

  44. ညည်း | nyi3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to complain about difficulties in one's life as in ညည်းညူ | nyi3 nyu2. E.g., ဒီမိန်းမ တစ်ချိန်လုံး ညည်းပြနေတာပဲ။ | de2 main3-ma1 ta1-chain2-lone3 nyi3 pya1 nay2 ta2 beare3 - This woman is grumbling all the time. (2) to address "you" to a younger female which has a derogatory tone.

  45. ညှိ | hnyi1 MP3 Audio File - to ignite; to light up. E.g., စီးကရက် မီးညှိပေးပါ။ | si3-ka1-rat mi3 hnyi1 pay3 ba2 - Please light (my) cigarette. (2) to make even level. E.g., မြေကြီးညီအောင်ညှိပါ။ | myay2-ji3 nyi2 oun2 hnyi1 ba2 - Please level the ground even. (3) dealings and negotiations for win-win situation အချင်းချင်းညှိလို့ရပါတယ်။ | a-chin3-chin3 hnyi1 lo1 yah1 ba2 deare2 - Let's make a deal. (4) to look up for comparison or reference as in ကျမ်းဂန်နဲ့ ညှိဖို့လိုလိမ့်မယ်။ | kjan3-gun2 neare1 hnyi1 pfo1 lo2 lain1 meare2 - We'd better consult the reference book.

  46. ညှီ | hnyi2 MP3 Audio File - the smell of uncooked fish as in ငါးညှီစော်နံတယ်ဗျို့။ | nga3 hnyi2 sau2 nun2 deare2 byo1 - Pew! What a rotten smell of fish!

  47. တိ | ti1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to trim as in ဆံပင်ဒီနား နည်းနည်းတိပေးပါ။ | za1-bin2 de2-na3 neare3 neare3 ti1 pay3 ba2 - Please trim the hair a bit here. (2) to be exact as in တိတိကျကျလုပ်စမ်းပါကွာ။ | ti1-ti1-kja1-kja1 loat sun3 ba2 kwa2 - Darn! Please be exact, will you? Other Usage: တိဘက် | ti1 bet - Tibet.

  48. တီ | ti2 MP3 Audio File - (1) earthworm as in တီကောင် | ti2 koun2 . (2) great great grandchildren. (3) to invent as in တီထွင်သူ | ti2 htwin2 thu2 MP3 Audio File - inventor. Other Usages:

    1. တီဗီ တစ်လုံး | TV ta1 lone3 MP3 Audio File - a TV set.
    2. တီဘီရောဂါ | ti2-be2 yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - tuberculosis.

  49. တီး | ti3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to play musical instrument as in စန္ဒရားတီးတတ်သလား။ | sun3-da1-ya3 ti3 tut tha1 la3 - Can you play piano? (2) to strike. E.g., တီးထည့်လိုက်။ | ti3 hteare1 lite - Give him a punch! Other Usages:

    1. တီးလုံး | ti3 lone3 - tune of the song; melody.
    2. တီးဝိုင်း | ti3 wine3 - musical band with various instruments.

  50. တည် | ti2 MP3 Audio File - (1) found; to establish, to build as in တည်ထောင် | ti2-htoun2 . E.g., ကုမ္ပဏီတည်ထောင်သောနှစ် | kone2-pa1-ni2 ti2-htoun2 dthau3 hnit - the year company was founded. (2) solemn, dignified facial expression. (3) [colloquial] expressionless, unsmiling, and unfriendly as in ခပ်တည်တည်ပဲ။ | khut ti2 ti2 beare3.

  51. တည်း | ti3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to edit as in စာတည်း | sa2 de3 - editor. (2) [literary] ending word of sentence often used at the end of story similar to "And, they lived happily ever after. The end."

  52. ထိ | hti1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to touch; to be in contact with. E.g., သစ်ပင် ဓာတ်ကြိုးနဲ့ထိနေတယ်။ | thit-pin2 dut-kjo3 neare1 hti1 nay2 deare2 - The tree is in contact with the electrical line. (2) hurt; wounded as in ထိခိုက်ဒဏ်ရာရသူများ | hti1-khite dun2-ya2 yah1 thu2 mya3 - those injured and wounded. (3) to suffer a loss or to incur expenses as in အခွန်တော့ထိပါပြီ။ | a-khoon2 dau1 hti1 ba2 byi2 - We are going to be hit by a huge tax on this! (4) to be effective as in ထိထိမိမိ | hti1-hti1-mi1-mi1 or ထိထိရောက်ရောက် | hti1-hti1-yout-yout.

  53. ထီ | hti2 MP3 Audio File - (1) lottery. E.g., ထီထိုးလိုက်ဦးမယ်။ | hti2 hto3 lite ome3 meare2 I'm going to buy a lottery ticket. ထီပေါက်သွားပြီ။ | hti2 pout thwa3 byi2 I won a lottery! (2) usually used in combination with to mean disrespect as in မထီလေးစား | ma1-hti2-lay3-za3 . E.g., မထီလေးစားမလုပ်နဲ့။ | ma1-hti2-lay3-za3 ma1 loat neare1 - Show some respect.

  54. ထီး | hti3 MP3 Audio File - (1) umbrella. E.g.,

    1. ထီး တစ်ချောင်း | hti3 ta1 choun3 MP3 Audio File - an umbrella.
    2. ထီးဆောင်း | hti3 hsoun3 MP3 Audio File - to use an umbrella.

    (2) tiered ornament on top of pagodas. (3) used with suffix to indicate male animal. E.g., အထီးလား၊ အမလား။ | a-hti3 la3 a-ma1 la3 - male or female? (4) used with prefix to describe solitude as in အထီးကျန်ဘဝ | a-hti3-kjan2 ba1-wa1 - lonely life.

  55. ဒီ | de2 MP3 Audio File - (1) [colloquial] this. E.g., ဒီလိုမျိုး။ | de2 lo2 myo3 - something like this. (2) [colloquial] here or this. E.g.,

    1. ဒီကနေဘယ်လို သွားမလဲ | de2-gah1-nay2 beare2 lo2 thwa3 ma1-leare3 MP3 Audio File - How do I go from here?

    2. ဒီကိုလာ။ | de2 go2 la2 - come here!
    3. ဒီနားမှာအိမ်သာရှိလား | de2-na3-hma2 ain2-tha2 shi1 la3 MP3 Audio File - Is there a toilet around here?

    4. ဒီမှာ | de2 hma2 MP3 Audio File - here.
    5. ဒီဟာပါ သယ်ပေးဦး | de2 ha2 ba2 theare2 pay3 ome3 MP3 Audio File - Please help me carry this, too.

    6. ဒီအချိန်မှာ | de2 a-chain2 hma2 MP3 Audio File - at this moment.

    (3) tide caused by gravity of the moon as in ဒီရေ | de2 yay2 . E.g., ဒီရေတက်လာပြီ။ | de2 yay2 tet la2 byi2 - The tide has arisen. Other Usages:

    1. ဒီဇိုင်း | de2-zine3 - design.
    2. ဒီဇိုင်းဆွဲသူ | de2-zine3 hsweare3 thu2 MP3 Audio File - designer.

  56. ဒွိ | dwi1 MP3 Audio File - (a) complete set as in ဒွိစုံသင်္ကန်း | dwi1-sone2 thin2-gun3 - a complete set of two piece robe for a Buddhist monk consisting of သင်းပိုင် and ဧကသီ . (2) hermaphrodite having both male and female sex organs as in ဒွိလိင် | dwi1 lain2.

  57. နိ | ni1 MP3 Audio File as in

    1. နိကာယ် | ni1 keare2 - [Buddhism] Nikaya; a category of Sutta in Buddhist Scripture.
    2. နိဂုံး | ni1 gome3 - conclusion.
    3. နိဂုံးချုပ် | ni1 gome3 choat - make a conclusion.
    4. နိဒါန်း | ni1 dun3 - introduction; preface.
    5. နိမိတ် | na1-mate - omen.
    6. နိမိတ်ပြ | na1-mate pya1 - showing signs of the future event.
    7. နိမိတ်ဖတ် | na1-mate pfut - read or interpret the signs of the future event.
    8. နိယာမ | ni1-ya2-ma1 - principle; law of nature.
    9. နိရောဓသစ္စာ | ni1-yau3-da1 thit-sa2 - [Buddhism] Noble Truth of Cessation of Suffering.

  58. နီ | ni2 MP3 Audio File - (1) red color. (2) part of Burmese names more common in female as in နီလာ | ni2 la2 - Sapphire (precious stone in the shade of blue color.) Other Usage: နီပေါ | ni2 pau3 - Nepal.

  59. နီး | ni3 MP3 Audio File - near. E.g., နီးလား၊ ဝေးလား။ | ni3 la3, way3 la3 - near or far?

  60. နည်း | ni3 MP3 Audio File - (1) method; procedure; system as in နည်းလမ်း | ni3-lun3 MP3 Audio File - methodology. E.g., ဘယ်နည်းနဲ့မှ မဖြစ်နိုင်ဘူး။ | beare2 ni3 neare1 hma1 ma1-pfyit nine2 bu3 - No way! That's impossible! နည်းပြဆရာ | ni3 pya1 hsa1-ya2 MP3 Audio File - coach. နည်းပညာ | ni3 pyin2-nya2 - technology. နည်းပညာလုပ်ငန်း | ni3-pyin2-nya2 loat-ngan3 MP3 Audio File - info tech business. (2) [literary] sentence ending question word equivalent to colloquial လဲ | leare3 . E.g., အဘယ်ကြောင့်နည်း။ | a-beare2 joun1 ni3 - Why?

  61. နှီး | hni3 MP3 Audio File - (1) a layer of something spread over a surface. (2) a thin strip of cane or bamboo used for making mats, furniture, baskets, etc.. (3) to be close as in ရင်းနှီး | yin3 hni3 . E.g., သူနဲ့ရင်းနှီးလား။ | thu2 neare1 yin3-hni3 la3 - Do you know him well? (4) a piece of fabric to hold hot cooking pots and pans as in လက်နှီး | let hni3 . (5) to discuss and exchange ideas as in နှီးနှောဖလှယ်ပွဲ | hni3-hnau3 pfa1-leare2 pweare3 - conference.

  62. ပိ | pi1 MP3 Audio File - to be pressed down and trapped under something. Other usages:
    1. ပိစိကွေး | pi1-si1-kway3 - tiny.
    2. ပိပိရိရိ | pi1-pi1 yi1-yi1 - professional act that is neat or hard to detect, for example, when lying.

  63. ပီ | pi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) speak clearly with the correct accent.(2) distinct; clear; genuine characteristics. E.g., ယောက်ျားပီသ | yout-kja3 pi2-tha1 - manly as opposed to sissy. Other Usage: ပီရူး | pe2 yu3 - Peru.

  64. ပြီ | byi2 MP3 Audio File - has reached certain state, level, or condition as in

    1. ရောက်ပြီ။ | yout byi2 MP3 Audio File - We are there.
    2. မောပြီလား | mau3 byi2 la3 MP3 Audio File - Are you tired already?
    3. မောပြီ | mau3 byi2 MP3 Audio File - I am tired already.

  65. ပြီး | pyi3 MP3 Audio File - to finish; come to an end. E.g.,

    1. ပြီးခဲ့တဲ့ အပတ် | pyi3 kheare1-deare1 a-pup MP3 Audio File - last week (the week that was over.)
    2. ပြီးခဲ့တဲ့ နှစ် | pyi3 kheare1-deare1 hnit MP3 Audio File - last year (the year that was over.)
    3. ပြီးပြီ။ | pyi3 byi2 MP3 Audio File - Done!
    4. မပြီးသေးဘူး | ma1 pyi3 thay3 bu3 MP3 Audio File - It's not done yet; I haven't done yet.

  66. ပြည် | pyi2 MP3 Audio File also pronounced pyay2 - (1) country; suffix used after the name of some countries as in မြန်မာပြည် | myan2 ma2 pyi2 - Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. (2) Volumetric measurement for grains. E.g., ဆန်တစ်ပြည် ဘယ်လောက်လဲ။ | hsun2 ta1 byi2 beare2 lout leare3 - How much for 1 pyi of rice (approximately 10 inch X 9 inch X 2 inch by volume in a plastic bag.) (3) pus; ulcer as in ပြည်တည်အနာ | pyi2 teare2 a-na2 MP3 Audio File E.g., အနာပြည်တည်နေပြီ။ | a-na2 pyi2 teare2 nay2 byi2 - The pus has formed in the wound. (4) part of male Burmese names as in ပြည်စိုး | pyi2 so3 - Pyi Soe. Other usages:

    1. ပြည်ကြီးငါး | pyi2-ji2-nga3 MP3 Audio File - Squid.
    2. ပြည်ကြီးငါးကြော် | pyi2-ji3-nga3 kjau2 MP3 Audio File - Deep fried Squid.
    3. ပြည်ထဲရေးဝန်ကြီးဌာန | pyi2-deare3-yay3 woon2-ji3 hta2 na1 - Ministry of Home Affairs.
    4. ပြည်ထောင်စု | pyi2-doun2-su1 - Union as in Union of Myanmar; United as in United States of America.

    5. ပြည်ထောင်စုနေ့ | pyi2-doun2-su1 nay1 - Union Day
    6. ပြည်နယ် | pyi2-neare2 - Province or State.
    7. ပြည်နှင်ဒဏ် | pyi2 hnin2 dun2 - deportation; exile.
    8. ပြည်ပကုန်သွင်းသူ | pyi2 pa1 kone2 thwin3 thu2 MP3 Audio File - importer.
    9. ပြည်ပဖြန့်ချိသူ | pyi2-pa1 pfyun1-chi2 thu2 MP3 Audio File - overseas distributor.
    10. ပြည်သူပိုင် | pyi2 thu2 pine2 - state-owned property; nationalized.
    11. ပြည်သူလူထု | pyi2 thu2 lu2 du1 - the people.
    12. ပြည်သူ့လွှတ်တော် | pyi2 thu1 hloot tau2 - the Parliament.

  67. ပြည့် | (See pyay1) - full.

  68. ပြည့် | pyi1 MP3 Audio File as in ပြည့်တန်ဆာ | pyi1-da1-za2 MP3 Audio File - prostitute.

  69. ဖိ | pfe1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to press down; to weigh down. E.g., စာရွက်ကို တစ်ခုခုနဲ့ဖိထား။ | sa2-ywet go2 ta1-khu1-khu1 neare1 pfe1 hta3 - Press down the paper with something. (2) to dominate the other team in the game as in ကွင်းတစ်ဝက် ဖိထားတယ်။ | kwin3 ta1-wet pfe1 hta3 deare2 - The ball is mostly in the defending side of the field. (3) whole-heartedly as in အလုပ်ကိုဖိလုပ်။ | aloat go2 pfe1 loat - work hard with full determination. (4) pressure as in ဖိအား | pfi1 ah3.

  70. ဖီ | pfe2 MP3 Audio File - defiant as in ဖီဆန် | pfe2 hsun2. Other Usage: ဖီဂျီ | pfi2 ji2 - Fiji.

  71. ဖီး | pfe3 MP3 Audio File - (1) plump as in ဝလို့ဖီးလို့ပါလား။ | wah1 lo1 pfe3 lo1 ba2 la3 - You have gained a lot of weight! (2) measure word "bunch" used for counting bananas. E.g., ငှက်ပျောသီးတစ်ဖီး ဘယ်လောက်လဲ။ | hnga1-pyau3-thi3 ta1 pfe3 beare2 lout leare3 - How much is a bunch of banana?

  72. ဖြီး | pfyi3 MP3 Audio File or ဖီး | pfe3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to comb or brush the hair as in ခေါင်း ဖြီး | goun3 pfe3 MP3 Audio File E.g., ခေါင်းအရင်ဖြီးလိုက်ဦး။ | goun3 a-yin2 pfe3 lite ome3 - Comb your hair first. Note: "head" is used in place of "hair". (2) to dress up, groom, put on the make-up, etc., to beautify oneself as in ဖြီးလိမ်းပြီးသွားပြီလား။ | pfe3 lain3 pyi3 thwa3 byi2 la3 - Have you done grooming yourself? (3) to bluff as in လာမဖြီးစမ်းပါနဲ့။ | la2 ma1-pfyi3 sun3 ba2 neare1 - Don't bluff; Don't bullshit me.

  73. ဗိ | bi1 as in ဗိသုကာပညာရှင် | bi1-thu1-ka2 pyin2-nya2-shin2 MP3 Audio File - architect.

  74. ဗီ | be2 or ve2 as in

    1. ဗီဇ | be2-za1 - character or trait of a person; seed or gene.
    2. ဗီဇာ | be2-za2 - [English] Visa.
    3. ဗီတာမင် | be2-ta2-min2 - [English] Vitamin.
    4. ဗီဒီယို | be2-de2-yo2 - [English] Video.
    5. ဗီယက်နမ် | be2 yet nun2 - Vietnam.

  75. ဗြိ | byi1 as in ဗြိတိန် | byi1 tain2 - Britain.

  76. ဘိ | bi1 as in

    1. ဘိလိယက်နှင့် စနူကာ | bi1 li1 yet hnin1 sa1-nu2-ka2 MP3 Audio File - Billiards & Snooker.
    2. ဘိလပ် | Bi1-lut - England (from Hindi word Wilayat. Used by people old enough to remember World War II and a generation after them.)

  77. ဘီ | be2 MP3 Audio File - great great grandfather; father of great grandfather ဘေး | bay3. Other Usages:

    1. ဘီစကွတ် | be2-sa1-koot - [English] biscuit.
    2. ဘီယာ | be2-ya2 MP3 Audio File - [English] beer.
    3. ဘီယာ တစ်ခွက် | be2-ya2 ta1 khwet MP3 Audio File - a glass of beer.
    4. ဘီလူး | ba1-lu3 - giant; ogre.

  78. ဘီး | be3 MP3 Audio File - comb. E.g., ခေါင်းကိုဘီးနဲ့ဖြီးပါ။ | goun3 go2 be3 neare1 pfyi3 ba2 - Comb you hair with a comb. Note: "head" is used in place of "hair".

  79. မိ | mi1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to be caught as in သူခိုးကိုလက်ပူးလက်ကြပ်မိသွားသည်။ | tha1-kho3 go2 let-pu3-let-kjut mi1 thwa3 dthi2 - The thief was caught red-handed. (2) actions said or done with consequence, or fear of consequence as in ဘာစားမိလို့လဲ။ | ba2 sa3 mi1 lo1 leare3 - What did you happen to eat (which results in stomach ache, etc..) (3) effectiveness due to good wire contact or tightness as in ဘရိတ်သိပ်မမိချင်ဘူး။ | ba1-yate thate ma1 mi1 chin2 bu3 - The brake is not working well. (4) part of female Burmese names as in မိခိုင် | mi1 khine2 - Mi Khine. Other usages:

    1. မိခင် | mi1-khin2 - [formal] mother.
    2. မိဖုရား | mi1-pfa1-ya3 - Queen who is wife of the King.
    3. မိဘ | mi1-ba1 MP3 Audio File - parents = mother + father.
    4. မိဘမဲ့ | mi1-ba1 meare1 - orphan.
    5. မိထွေး | mi1-dway3 MP3 Audio File - step mother.
    6. မိမွေးဖမွေး | mi1-mway3 pfa1-mway3 - in the nude (as in the state of newly born).
    7. မိရိုးဖလာ | mi1 yo3 pfa1 la2 - practice that is in accordance with tradtion.
    8. မိသားစု | mi1-tha3-zu1 MP3 Audio File - family.

  80. မီ | mi2 MP3 Audio File commonly pronounced as hmi2 - MP3 Audio File (1) within reach. E.g., လက်လှမ်းမီရဲ့လား။ | let hlun3 hmi2 yeare1 la3 - Can you reach it by hand? (2) to make it in time. E.g., အချိန်မီပါ့မလား။ | a-chain2 hmi2 pa1 ma1 la3 - Do you think we will make it in time? (3) to call cats for feeding as in မီမီမီမီ | mi2 mi2 mi2 mi2 - pussy, pussy, pussy. (4) part of female Burmese names as in မီမီတင် | mi2 mi2 tin2 - Mi Mi Tin. Other Usages:

    1. ကီလိုမီတာ | ki2-lo2 mi2 ta2 - [English] kilometer.
    2. မီတာ | mi2 ta2 - [English] meter for measurement; basic international unit of length.
    3. မီလီဂရမ် | mi2-li2 ga1-run2 - [English] milligram.
    4. မီလီမီတာ | mi2-li2 mi2 ta2 - [English] millimeter.

  81. မီး | mi3 MP3 Audio File - (1) fire. E.g., မီး။ မီး။ မီး။ | mi3 mi3 mi3 - Fire! fire! fire! Related words:

    1. မီးကုန်ယမ်းကုန် | mi3-kone2 yan3-kone2 - all-out effort or attack (lit: until fire and gun powder runs out.

    2. မီးခြစ် | mi3 chit - lighter or matches.
    3. မီးတောင် | mi3 toun2 - volcano.
    4. မီးထွန်းပွဲ | mi3 htoon3 pweare3 - lighting festival around October or November.
    5. မီးပုံးပျံ | mi3 bone3 pyan2 - hot-air balloon.
    6. မီးဖို | mi3 bo2 - stove or fire place for cooking.
    7. မီးဖိုချောင် | mi3 bo2 joun2 - kitchen.
    8. မီးရထား | mi3 yet hta3 - train.
    9. မီးရှို့ | mi3 sho1 - to burn or set fire on something.
    10. မီးလောင်ဖု | mi3 loun2 pfu1 MP3 Audio File - blister.
    11. မီးလောင်ဒဏ်ရာ | mi3-loun2 dun2-ya2 MP3 Audio File - burn.
    12. မီးသင်္ဂြိုဟ် | mi3 dtha1-jo2 - cremate.
    13. မီးသတ်ကား | mi3 thut ka3 - fire engine.
    14. မီးသတ်ပိုက် | mi3 thut pike - fire host.
    15. မီးသတ်သမား | mi3-thut tha1-ma3 MP3 Audio File - firefighter.

    (2) light. E.g., မီးထွန်းလိုက်။ | mi3 htoon3 lite - turn on the head-lights. မီး ပိတ် | mi3 pate MP3 Audio File - switch off the light. မီးဖွင့် | mi3 pfwin1 - turn on the light. (3) electricity supply. မီးပြန်လာပြီဗျို့။ | mi3 pyan2 la2 byi2 byo1 - The electricity has back on. Related words:

    1. မီးကြိုး | mi3 jo3 - electric cord.
    2. မီးခလုတ် | mi3 kha1-loat - electric light switch.
    3. မီးချောင်း | mi3 joun3 - fluorescent light.
    4. မီးစက် | mi3 zet - electricity generator usually run by gasoline.
    5. မီးတိုင် | mi3 tine2 - lamp post.
    6. မီးပူ | mi3 bu2 - electric iron.
    7. မီးပြတိုက် | mi3 pya1 tite - lighthouse.
    8. မီးလုံး | mi3 lone3 - light bulb.
    9. မီးလုံးတစ်လုံး | mi3-lone3 ta1 lone3 MP3 Audio File - a light bulb.
    10. မီးသမား | mi3 tha1-ma3 MP3 Audio File - electrician.

    Other Usages:

    1. မီးစုန်းဓာတ် | mi3 sone3 dut - phosphorus.
    2. မီးယပ်ရောဂါ | mi3-yut yau3-ga2 MP3 Audio File - menstrual disorder.
    3. မီးယပ်သားဖွားဆရာဝန် | mi3-yut tha3-pfwa3 hsa1-ya2-woon2 MP3 Audio File - gynaecologist.

  82. မည် | myi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) [literary] reference to the future, and counterpart to the colloquial မယ် | meare2 . E.g., သူလာမည်။ | thu2 la2 myi2 - He will come. (2) [literary] Who? E.g., အသင်မည်သူနည်း။ | a-thin2 myi2 thu2 ni3 Who are you?

  83. မည့် | myi1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] reference to people, objects, etc. in future tense that is counterpart of colloquial မယ့် | meare1 . E.g., သွားမည့်ပုဂ္ဂိုလ် မည်သူနည်း။ | thwa3 myi1 poat-ko2 myi2 thu2 ni3 - Who is the gentleman leaving?

  84. မြီ | myi2 MP3 Audio File - debt as in ကြွေးမြီ | kjway3 myi2.

  85. မြီး | myi3 MP3 Audio File - tail; the same as အမြီး | a-myi3. Other Usage: မြီးရှေ | myi3 shay2 MP3 Audio File - Pork Rice Noodle(mixian).

  86. မြည် | myi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) formation of sound. E.g., ဘယ်ကအသံမြည်နေတာလဲ။ | beare2 gah1 a-thun2 myi2 nay2 ta2 leare3 - Where is the noise coming from? (2) to grumble as in မြည်တွန်တောက်တီး | myi2-toon2-tout-ti3 . E.g., အဘွားကြီး မြည်တွန်တောက်တီး နေပြန်ပြီ။ | a-pfwa3-ji3 myi2-toon2-tout-ti3 nay2 pyan2 byi2 - The old woman is grumbling again.

  87. မြည်း | myi3 MP3 Audio File - (1) to taste a sample of food. E.g., မြည်းကြည့်ပါဦး။ | myi3 kji1 ba2 ome3 - try this. (2) donkey.

  88. မှီ | hmi2 (audio) - (1) to lean on. E.g., ခေါင်းအုံးကိုကျောမှီပြီးထိုင်။ | goun3-ome3 go2 kjau3 hmi2 pyi3 htine2 - lean back on the pillow. (2) to be dependent on as in မှီခို | hmi2 kho2 - dependent. (3) to make reference to as in မှီငြမ်းကိုးကား | hmi2 nyan3 ko3 ka3 . (4) to take nourishment from as in မှီဝဲစားသောက် | hmi2 weare3 sa3 thout . (5) to take shelter for dwelling in as မှီတင်းနေထိုင် | hmi2 tin3 nay2 htine2.

  89. မှီး | hmi3 MP3 Audio File - an object or a person that is a base for မှီ | hmi2 . E.g., အဘိဓာန်ကိုမှီးထားသည်။ | a-bi1-dun2 go2 hmi3 hta3 dthi2 - Dictionary was used as a reference.

  90. ရိ | yi1 MP3 Audio File - worn and torn. E.g., အဝတ်တွေလည်း ဟောင်းနွမ်းဆွေးရိကုန်ပြီ။ | a-woot dway2 leare3 houn3-noon3-hsway3-yi1 kone2 byi2 - My clothes have become ragged, old, worn and torn.

  91. ရီ | yi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) dizziness accompanied by blurred vision. (2) part of both Burmese male and female names as in လှရီ | hla1 yi2 - Hla Yi.

  92. ရည် | yi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to aim at. E.g., ရည်ရွယ်ချက် | yi2 yweare2 chet - objective; purpose; intention. ရည်စူး | yi2 su3 - in memory of; dedicate to. (2) prefix for juice; liquid. E.g., ကြံရည်ရမည်။ | kjan2-yay2 yah1 myi2 - Sugar cane juice is available.

  93. ရည်း | yi3 MP3 Audio File - intend with strong desire. ရည်းစား | yi3-za3 - girlfriend or boyfriend. E.g., ရည်းစားမထားနဲ့။ | yi3-za3 ma1 hta3 neare1 - Don't think about getting a girlfriend or boyfriend.

ရယ် means to laugh. ရယ်တာပေါ့ roughly means "I find you amusing and you make me laugh".

You make me laugh

Word list with Vowel "E" or "I". ရယ်တာပေါ့ (yi2 ta2 pau1) in Burmese roughly means "You are amusing and you make me laugh". The new generation of song lyric writers added interesting new twist to the old satirical chant in the water festival. [17 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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  1. ရယ် | yi2 MP3 Audio File - Also pronounced yeare2 with different meaning. (See yeare2.) - to laugh. E.g., ရယ်စရာကောင်းတယ်။ | yi2 sa1-ya2 koun3 deare2 - very funny. မရယ်ပါနဲ့။ | ma1 yi2 ba2 neare1 - Don't laugh.

  2. ရှိ | shi1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to exist; to be there. ဆရာရှိလား။ | hsa1-ya2 shi1 la3 - Is teacher there? တစ္ဆေသရဲဆိုတာ တကယ်ရှိလား။ | ta1-hsay2 tha1-yeare3 hso2 da2 da1-geare2 shi1 la3 - Are there really such things as ghosts? ရှိခြင်းပြ ကြိယာ | shi1-chin3-pya1 kri1-ya2 MP3 Audio File - A type of Burmese verb that describes the presence or existence of something. (2) to be in possession of; to have; to own. E.g., သူ့မှာကားရှိတယ်။ | thu1 hma2 ka3 shi1 deare2 - He has a car (and assumes he owns it.) (3) to have reached certain state, time, or condition. E.g., ၅ နာရီခွဲ ရှိသွားပြီ။ | nga3 na2-yi2 khweare3 shi1 thwa3 byi2 - It's already 5:30.

  3. လီ | li2 MP3 Audio File - (1) measure word for frequency or number of times. E.g., ၃ x ၄ = ၁၂ (သုံးလေးလီ ဆယ့်နှစ်) | thone3 lay3 li2 hseare1 hnit - 3X4=12 (three times four is twelve.) (2) to fabricate facts; to lie as in လီဆယ် | li2 zeare2.

  4. လီး | li3 MP3 Audio File - [vulgar] reference to penis; dick; cock. Myanmar Language Newspapers avoid this word for Chinese Surname with the same sound by spelling it in the second tone as လီ | li2.

  5. လှီး | hli3 MP3 Audio File - to slice; to cut with a knife. E.g., ဓါးနဲ့လှီး။ | da3 neare1 hli3 - slice with a knife.

  6. ဝိ | wi1 as in

    1. ဝိနည်း | wi1 ni3 - Code of Conducts for the Buddhist Monks [Pali: Viyana].
    2. ဝိပဿနာ | wi1 pup tha1 na2 MP3 Audio File - Insight Meditation [Pali: Vipasana].
    3. ဝိဘတ် | wi1 but MP3 Audio File - postpositional marker.

  7. ဝီ | wi2 as in

    1. ဝီစကီ | wi2-sa1-ki2 - [English] Whisky.
    2. ဝီစကီ တစ်ပုလင်း | wit-sa1-ki2 ta1 ba1-lin3 MP3 Audio File - a bottle of Whisky.
    3. ဝီစီ | wi2-si2 - [English] Whistle; a small wind instrument that produces whistling sound.
    4. ဝီစီမှုတ် | wi2-si2 hmoat - to blow a whistle.

  8. ဟိ | he1 as in ဟိမဝန္တာ | he1-ma1-woon2-ta2 - Himalayas.

  9. ဟီ | he2 as in ဟီလယံ | he2-la1-yan2 - [English] Helium.

  10. ဟီး | he3 - huge and imposing. Other Usage: ဟီးနိုး | he3-no3 - Hino [a Japanese auto brand].

  11. သိ | thi1 MP3 Audio File - (1) to know as in to recognize. E.g., ဒီလူကိုသိလား။ | de2 lu2 go2 thi1 la3 - Do you know him? (2) to understand. E.g., ဪ.. သိပြီ။ | au2.. thi1 byi2 - Oh, I know now! Got it! (2) perceptive of the social responsibilities and duties. E.g., ဒီကောင်မသိတတ်ဘူး။ | de2 koun2 ma1-thi1 tut bu3 - That fellow is irresponsible. (3) obvious as in သိသာ | thi1 dtha2 E.g., သိသာပါတယ်။ | thi1 dtha2 ba2 deare2 - It's obvious.

  12. သီ | thi2 MP3 Audio File - (1) to temporarily hold and secure with safety pin or to stitch by using thread and needle before sewing. တွယ်အပ်နဲ့ ခဏသီထားလိုက်။ | tweare2 ut neare1 kha1-na1 thi2 hta3 lite - Use safety pin to hold it for a while. (2) string together items such as Jasmine flowers into a garland. (3) to sing, a song, or a singer as in

    1. သီချင်းဆို | tha1-chin3-hso2 MP3 Audio File - sing a song.
    2. သီချင်းဆိုမယ် | tha1-chin3 hso2 meare2 MP3 Audio File - I am going to sing.
    3. သီချင်း တစ်ပုဒ် | tha1-chin3 ta1 boat MP3 Audio File - a song.
    4. သီချင်း တစ်ပုဒ်ဆိုမယ် | tha1-chin3 ta1 boat hso2 meare2 MP3 Audio File - I am going to sing a song.

    5. သီဆိုသူ | thi2 hso2 thu2 - sung by; vocalist; singer.

    (4) part of female Burmese names as in သီတာ | thi2-da2 - Thida. Other Usages:

    1. သီရိလင်္ကာ | thi2 yi1 lin2 ka2 - Sri Lanka.
    2. သီဟိုဠ်စေ့ | thi2-ho2-si1 MP3 Audio File - Cashew nut.

  13. သီး | thi3 MP3 Audio File - fruit as in သီးစုံဖျော်ရည် | thi3-sone2 pfyau2-yay2 MP3 Audio File - Fruit juice. (2) suffix used after fruits. Common fruits in the market:

    1. ကျွဲကောသီး | kjweare3-gau3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Grapefruit / Pomelo.
    2. ကြက်မောက်သီး | kjet-mout-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Rambutan.
    3. ငှက်ပျောသီး | hnga1-pyau3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Banana.
    4. စပျစ်သီး | za1-byit-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Grapes.
    5. တည်သီး | teare2-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Persimmon.
    6. ထောပတ်သီး | htau3-but-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Avocado.
    7. ဒူးရင်းသီး | du3-yin3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Durian.
    8. နာနတ်သီး | na2-nut-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Pineapple.
    9. ပန်းသီး | pan3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Apple.
    10. ဖရဲသီး | pfa1-yeare3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Watermelon.
    11. မင်းကွတ်သီး | min3-goot-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Mangosteen.
    12. လိမ္မော်သီး | lain2-mau2-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Orange.
    13. သင်္ဘောသီး | thin3-bau3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Papaya.
    14. သစ်တော်သီး | thit-tau2-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Asian Pear.
    15. သရက်သီး | tha1-yet thi3 MP3 Audio File - mangoes.
    16. အုန်းသီး | ome3-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Coconut.
    17. ဩဇာသီး | au3-za2-thi3 MP3 Audio File - Custard Apple.

    (2) to choke while drinking as in သီးသွားတယ်။ | thi3 thwa3 deare2.

  14. သည် | dthi2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] When used after the noun or pronoun, it is like the English verb "to be", "is", "am". When used at the end of the sentence, it is equivalent to colloquial တယ် | deare2 - an affirmation word. When used in front of the noun, it means "this", and equivalent to colloquial ဒီ | de2. Example: သည်ပစ္စည်းသည် ရှားကုန်ပစ္စည်း ဖြစ်သည်။ | dthi2 pyit-si3 dthi2 sha3-kone2-pyit-si3 pfyit dthi2 - This product is a rare commodity.

  15. သည့် | dthi1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] 'that which is'; similar to သော | dthau3. E.g., မကောင်းသည့် စကား | ma1-koun3 dthi1 za1-ga3 - the speech that is bad.

  16. အိ | e1 MP3 Audio File - (1) soft and tenderness of flesh or meat. E.g., ဝက်သားဟင်းက အဆီနဲ့အိနေတာပဲ။ | wet-tha3-hin3 gah1 a-hsi2 neare1 e1 nay2 da2 beare3 - The pork with the layer of fat is so tender! (2) part of female Burmese names as in အိအိမွန် | e1 e1 moon2 - E E Moon.

  17. | e1 MP3 Audio File - [literary] ending word of the sentence "to be" similar to သည် | dthi2 . E.g., ခွေးဟောင်နေ၏။ | khway3 houn2 nay2 e1 - The dog is barking.

  18. အီ | e2 MP3 Audio File - the food is eaten until full or so frequently that one is satiated and no longer wants to eat it. E.g., တော်ပြီ၊ အီသွားပြီ။ | tau2 byi2... e2 thwa3 byi2 - I have enough of this. Other Usages:

    1. အီကွေဒေါ | e2 kway2 dau3 - Ecuador.
    2. အီဂျစ် | e2 jit - Egypt.
    3. အီတလီ | e2 ta1 li2 - Italy.
    4. အီရတ် | e2 yut - Iraq.
    5. အီရန် | e2 yan2 - Iran.
    6. အီသီယိုးပီးယား | e2 thi2 yo3 pi3 ya3 - Ethiopia.

  19. | e2 MP3 Audio File - [literary] this. E.g., ဤအရာဝတ္ထု | e2 a-ya2-woot-htu1 - this object.

  20. အီး | e3 MP3 Audio File - impolite word for လေလည် | lay2 leare2 - to break wind. E.g., အီးပေါက်တာ ဘယ်သူလဲဟေ့။ | e3 pout ta2 beare2 thu2 leare3 hay1 - Hey, who farted?