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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (USA). His contributions to semiconductor industry include Administrative Quality Best Practices during his working years as a process engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in 6 countries and exposed to different cultures and knowledgeable in unrelated areas. This includes self-taught programming languages. Currently, he is contributing to Tourism in Myanmar by making his online Burmese lessons freely available and accessible to all.

Audio Pronunciation
Ah1 "a" in "art" with silent "rt"
Ah2 "ar" in "Argentina" with silent "r"
Ah3 "ar" in "Artist" with slilent "r"
De1 "de" in "deep" with silent "p"
De2 "de" as in "demote"; "demand"
De3 "dee" as in "deer"; "decent"
Ko1 "colt" with silent "lt"
Ko2 as in "co-author"; "cocaine"
Ko3 "cold" wit silent "ld"
Yu1 "u" in "Youth" with silent "th"
Yu2 "u" as in "university"; "utensil"
Yu3 "u" as in "user"; "Unix"
Shan1 as in "shunt" with silent "t"
Shan2 "shun" as in "chandelier"
Shan3 as in "shun"
Au1 as in "auction"
Au2 as in "Australia";"auditor"
Au3 as in "August"
May1 "maize" with silent "ze"
May2 "may" as in "May I?"
May3 "ay" in "amazing"
Sin1 "sink" with silent "k"
Sin2 "sin" as in "sincerely"
Sin3 "sin" as in "sinful"; "Singapore"
Un1 "aunt" with silent "t"
Un2 "un" in "understanding"; "umbrella"
Un3 "un" as in "under"
Meare1 "melt" with silent "lt"
Meare2 "mel" in "Melbourne" with silent "l"
Meare3 "mare" of "nightmare"
Tain1 "taint" with silent "t"
Tain2 "tain" as in "Captain"
Tain3 "tain" as in "maintain"
Bine1 "Bryant" without "r"
Bine2 as in "carbine"
Bine3 as in "combine"
Dome1 as in "don't"
Dome2 close to "dominate"
Dome3 as in "dome"
Toon1 "doont" in "couldn't"
Toon2 "mon" in "monastery"
Toon3 "oon" as in "cartoon"
Koun1 "count" with silent "t"
Koun2 "coun" in "counter-strike"
Koun3 "coun" as in "counsel"
ate cake, jade, eight, paid, bake
et wet, set, mad, yet
oot cook, put, look
out out, south, mouse, doubt
ike/ite sight, pipe, night, dice, like
ut up, nut, sucks
oat oat, coat, goat, soak
it it, pit, sit
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Lesson 13: Somewhere in Time

Myanmar has three seasons | ya2-thi2. MP3 Audio File Rainy season | mo3 ya2-thi2 MP3 Audio File starts from mid June. Rain and thunderstorms are heaviest around July and tapered off towards the end of August. A short dry month is followed by a Cooler "tourist" Season | hsoun3 ya2-thi2 MP3 Audio File starting from around late September till February. Then comes the romantic Summer months | nway2 ya2-thi2 MP3 Audio File when the old brown leaves fall away, and new flowers start to blossom in tall "Padauk" trees. This is the time of the year when male Asian Koel birds | Oat Au3 MP3 Audio File sing their sweetest songs looking for mates to fill their dry, empty lives.

Myanmar Summer

Myanmar has three seasons (ya2-thi2). Rainy season (mo3 ya2-thi2) starts from mid June. Rain and thunderstorms are heaviest around July and tapered off towards the end of August. A short dry month is followed by a cooler "tourist" season (hsoun3 ya2-thi2) starting from around late September till February. Then comes the romantic summer months (nway2 ya2-thi2) when the old brown leaves fall away, and new flowers start to blossom in tall "Padauk" trees. This is the time of the year when male Asian Koel birds (Oat Au3) sing their sweetest songs looking for mates to fill their dry, empty lives. [38 seconds]

Posted by Naing Tinnyuntpu on Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Hlwan Paing | လွှမ်းပိုင် | hlwun3 pine2 & Bobby Soxer. Hlwan Paing
is one of the third generation of Myanmar hip-hop stars
who started his career in late 2006.

Somewhere in Time in Burmese

Three Seasons

Hot-Rainy-Cool (Sortable)
Hot Season nway2 ya2-thi2 --
Summer nway2 short form
Beginning of Summer nway2 u3 --
Rainy Season mo3 ya2-thi2 --
Rainy Season mo3 short form
Beginning of Monsoon mo3 u3 --
during Rainy Season mo3-dwin3 --
Cool Season hsoun3 ya2-thi2 --
Cool Season hsoun3 short form
Beginning of Cool Season hsoun3 u3 --
during Cool Season hsoun3-dwin3

Time Expressions in Burmese

a-chain2 - time MP3 Audio File

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Sortable)
day before yesterday ta1-myan2 nay1 --
yesterday ma1-nay1 --
yesterday ma1-nay1 dome3-gah1 yesterday + at that time
today ya1-nay1 (literary)
today de2-nay1 (colloquial) this + day
tomorrow ma1-net-pfyan2 --
the day after tomorrow dtha1-bet-kha2 --
three days after today pfain3-hnweare3-kha2 --
Morning to Midnight (Sortable)
morning nun2-net (literary)
morning ma1-net (colloquial)
every morning ma1-net tine3 morning + every
dawn ah2-yone2 (literary)
dawn ma1-net nay2 ma1 htwet khin2 morning before sun rises
early in the morning ma1-net sau3-sau3 morning + early
8 O'clock in the morning ma1-net shit na2-yi2 morning + 8 + clock
mid-day nay1 leare2 day + middle
noon moon3 teare1 chain2 (literary)
noon nay1-leare2 hseare1 hna1 na2-yi2 (colloquial) 12 noon
afternoon moon3 lweare3 (literary)
afternoon nay1 leare2 (colloquial) day + middle
evening nya1-nay2 night + sun
every evening nya1-nay2 dine3 night + sun + every
when the sun is down nya1-nay2 zoun3 night + sun + askew
sunset time nya1-nay2 khin3 (literary)
sunset time nay2 win2 chain2 (colloquial) sun+ go in +time
7 O'clock in the evening nya1 khoon2 na1 na2-yi2 night + 7 + clock
night nya1 --
last night ma1-nay1 nya1 yesterday + night
when the night falls nya1 kja1 yin2 night + when the time comes
every night nya1 dine3 night + every
all night ta1 nya1 lone3 one + night + suffix "all"
just before midnight nyin1 u3 yan2 (literary)
midnight dtha1-goun2 yan2 (literary)
midnight nya1 dtha1-goun2 (colloquial)
wee hours after midnight mo3 thout yan2 (literary)
Days of Week
day nay1 --
Sunday ta1-nin3-ga1-nway2 --
Monday ta1-nin3-la2 (nay1) (nay1) can be omitted.
Tuesday in2-ga2(nay1) --
Wednesday boat-da1-hu3 (nay1) --
Thursday kja2-tha2-ba1-day3 --
Friday thout-kja2 --
Saturday sa1-nay2 --
Last Week, this week, next week
next Monday nout a-pup ta1-nin3-la2 nay1 next + week + Monday
2 weeks (fortnight) ago a-yin2 hna1 pup dome3-gah1 prior +2+ week+ ago
last week pyi3 kheare1-deare1 a-pup finished+been through+week
this week de2 a-pup this + week
this weekend de2 a-pup sa1-nay2 ta1-nin3-ga1-nway2 this + week + Saturday + Sunday
next week nout a-pup next + week
2 weeks from now nout hna1 pup next + 2 + week
3 weeks from now nout thone3 pup next + 3 + week
Last month, this month, next month
lat month a-yin2 lah1 dome3 gah1 previous + month + at that time
this month de2 la1 next + 2 + month
next month nout la1 next + month
2 months from now nout hna1 la1 next + 2 + month
3 months from now nout thone3 la1 next + 3 + month
Last Year, this year, next year
last year pyi3 kheare1-deare1 hnit finished+been through+year
last year ma1 hnit dome3 gah1 last yeat + at that time
this year de2 hnit this + year
next year nout hnit next + year
2 years from now hna1 hnit kja2-yin2 2 + year + "when that long"
3 years from now thone3 hnit kja2-yin2 3 + year + "when that long"
life time ya2-thet-pan2 (literary)
life time ta1-thet lone3 one + life + all around
forever hta2-wa1-ra1 (literary)
past a-tate ka2 la1 (literary)
in the past a-yin2 dome3 gah1 (colloquial)
present myet-hmout ka2-la1 (literary)
present pyit-soat-pan2 (literary)
right now ya1-khu1 (literary)
right now a-khu1 (colloquial)
at this moment de2 a-chain2 hma2 this + time + at
future a-na2-gut (literary)
future noun2 ka2-la1 future + period (literary)
next time nout kja1 yin2 next + "when fall on"
later kha1-na1 nay2 a short while + stay
till next time (not now) nout kja1 hma1 next + to fall+ till then
Telling the time
hour na2-yi2 clock
6 hours(duration) chout na2-yi2 6 + clock
6 AM ma1-net chout na2-yi2 morning + 6 + clock
6 PM nya1-nay2 chout na2-yi2 evening + 6 + clock
half past 6 chout na2-yi2 khweare3 6 + clock + half
6:15 chout na2-yi2 hseare1-nga3 6 + clock + 10 + 5
6:35 chout na2-yi2 thone3 zeare1-nga3 6 + clock + 3 + 10 + 5
6:45 chout na2-yi2 lay3 zeare1-nga3 6 + clock + 4 + 10 + 5
quarter to 7 khoon2 na1 na2-yi2 mut-tin3 7 + clock + quarter to
How long will it take?
It will take 6 hours. chout na2-yi2 kja2 meare2 6 + clock + duration + will
It will take 10 minutes. hseare2 ma1-nit kja2 meare2 10 + minute + duration + will be
It will take 10 seconds. hseare2 set-kun1 kja2 meare2 10 + second + duration + will be
Fast or slow?
(It's) slow. hnay3 deare2 slow + confirmation
(It's) fast. myan2 deare2 fast + confirmation
When did that happend?
Not long ago (in the form of an answer.) thate ma1 kja2 thay3 bu3 very + not + long + yet + negative
Not long ago (in the form of a statement.) khu1-na1 dome3 gah1 just now + at that time
just now khu1 lay3 din2 ---
a few hours ago. ta1 na2-yi2, hna1 na2-yi2 lout dome3-gah1 1 hour + 2 hour + enough + at that time
How often? (Sortable)
sometimes ta1-kha2-ta1-lay2 (colloquial)
occasionally yan2-pfun2-yan2-kha2 (literary)
from time to time ta1-kha2-ta1-yan2 (literary)
often ma1-kja2-kha1-na1 not + long + a short while
frequently kha1-na1-kha1-na1 (colloquial)
seldom ta1-kha2-ta1-lay2 hma1 (colloquial)
never beare2 dau1 hmya1 (literary)
never beare2 dau1 hma1 (colloquial)
all the time ta1 chain2 lone3 (colloquial) one + time + "all"
always hta2-wa1-zin2 (literary)
always a-myeare3 (colloquial)
hourly ta1-na2-yi2 da1-jain2 1 + hour + 1 + frequency
daily nay1 zin2 (literary)
weekly ta1-but-ta1-kha2 1 + week + 1 + time
fortnightly hna1-pup ta1-kha2 2 + week + 1 + time
monthly ta1-la1 ta1-kha2 1 + month + 1 + time
yearly ta1-hnit ta1-kha2 1 + year + 1 + time
anniversary hnit-pup-leare2 nay1 year + around + day

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