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Naing Tinnyuntpu Naing Tinnyuntpu is no stranger to systematic and efficient approach. He came from manufacturing environment with Bachelor's and Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (USA). His contributions to semiconductor industry include Administrative Quality Best Practices during his working years as a process engineer with Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. Born and raised in Yangon, he has lived in 6 countries and exposed to different cultures and knowledgeable in unrelated areas. This includes self-taught programming languages. Currently, he is contributing to Tourism in Myanmar by making his online Burmese lessons freely available and accessible to all.

Audio Pronunciation
Ah1 "a" in "art" with silent "rt"
Ah2 "ar" in "Argentina" with silent "r"
Ah3 "ar" in "Artist" with slilent "r"
De1 "de" in "deep" with silent "p"
De2 "de" as in "demote"; "demand"
De3 "dee" as in "deer"; "decent"
Ko1 "colt" with silent "lt"
Ko2 as in "co-author"; "cocaine"
Ko3 "cold" wit silent "ld"
Yu1 "u" in "Youth" with silent "th"
Yu2 "u" as in "university"; "utensil"
Yu3 "u" as in "user"; "Unix"
Shan1 as in "shunt" with silent "t"
Shan2 "shun" as in "chandelier"
Shan3 as in "shun"
Au1 as in "auction"
Au2 as in "Australia";"auditor"
Au3 as in "August"
May1 "maize" with silent "ze"
May2 "may" as in "May I?"
May3 "ay" in "amazing"
Sin1 "sink" with silent "k"
Sin2 "sin" as in "sincerely"
Sin3 "sin" as in "sinful"; "Singapore"
Un1 "aunt" with silent "t"
Un2 "un" in "understanding"; "umbrella"
Un3 "un" as in "under"
Meare1 "melt" with silent "lt"
Meare2 "mel" in "Melbourne" with silent "l"
Meare3 "mare" of "nightmare"
Tain1 "taint" with silent "t"
Tain2 "tain" as in "Captain"
Tain3 "tain" as in "maintain"
Bine1 "Bryant" without "r"
Bine2 as in "carbine"
Bine3 as in "combine"
Dome1 as in "don't"
Dome2 close to "dominate"
Dome3 as in "dome"
Toon1 "doont" in "couldn't"
Toon2 "mon" in "monastery"
Toon3 "oon" as in "cartoon"
Koun1 "count" with silent "t"
Koun2 "coun" in "counter-strike"
Koun3 "coun" as in "counsel"
ate cake, jade, eight, paid, bake
et wet, set, mad, yet
oot cook, put, look
out out, south, mouse, doubt
ike/ite sight, pipe, night, dice, like
ut up, nut, sucks
oat oat, coat, goat, soak
it it, pit, sit

Ordinal numbers are usually used up to the third. For example, to describe the floor levels in buildings, the first, second, and third are used. After the third, people usually say လေးထပ် | lay htut instead of စတုတ္ထထပ် | za1-doat-hta1 htut. In school books, the 9th grade is called နဝမတန်း | na1-wa1-ma1 dun3 meaning 9th grade, but in conversation, people usually say ကိုးတန်း | ko3-dun3 which means grade 9.

1st - First ပထမ | pa1-hta1-ma1
2nd - Second ဒုတိယ | du1-ti1-ya1
3rd - Third တတိယ | tut-ti1-ya1
4th - Fourth စတုတ္ထ | za1-doat-hta1
5th- Fifth ပဉ္စမ | pyin2-sa1-ma1
6th - Sixth ဆဋ္ဌမ | hsut-hta1-ma1
7th - Seventh သတ္တမ | thut-ta1-ma1
8th - Eighth အဋ္ဌမ | ut-hta1-ma1
9th - Ninth နဝမ | na1-wa1-ma1
the 10th - tenth ဒသမ | dut-tha1-ma1

Zero, minus, decimal, fractional numbers, percentage % points & basic mathematical terms in Burmese | သုည ၊ အနုတ် ၊ ဒသမ ၊ အပိုင်းဂဏန်း ၊ ရာခိုင်နှုန်း နှင့် သင်္ချာ ဝေါဟာရများ

Burmese word for zero is သုည | thone2-nya1. MP3 Audio File In upper Myanmar, temperature in celsius could drop below zero at night in cool seasons. သုညအောက် | thone2-nya1 out means sub zero. အပူချိန် | a-pu2 chain2 means temperature. You can say အပူချိန် သုညအောက် ရှိတယ် | a-pu2 chain2 thone2-nya1 out shi1 deare2 to mean the temperature is >sub-zero. MP3 Audio File

If you want to be more precise, you can use အနုတ် | a-hnoat | minus figures. အနုတ် နှစ် ( -၂) | a-hnoat hnit means minus 2. အပူချိန် အနုတ် နှစ် ( -၂) ရှိတယ် | a-pu2 chain2 a-hnoat hnit shi1 deare2 means the temperature is minus 2 (-2°C). MP3 Audio File

Minus 2 in this case is the အနိမ့်ဆုံး | a-nain1-zone3 | the lowest MP3 Audio File temperature. အမြင့်ဆုံး | a-myin1-zone3 | the highest MP3 Audio File temperature in the same region could reach above 95°F.

Decimal numbers are expressed digit by digit after point | ဒသမ | dut-tha1-ma1. MP3 Audio File The word dut-tha1-ma1 also refers to the ordinal number tenth.

For example,

သုံးဆယ့် | thone3-zeare1 -- 30+
လေး | lay3 -- 4
ဒသမ | dut-tha1-ma1 -- point
သုံး | thone3 -- 3
လေး | lay3 -- 4
ငါး | nga3 -- 5

means 34.345. MP3 Audio File

Try to think in terms of piles - ပုံ | pone2 of items to remember the fractional numbers - အပိုင်းဂဏန်း | a-pine3 ga1-nun3. Suppose you have four piles - ၄ ပုံ | lay3-pone2 of sugar, and you offer me 3 piles - ၃ ပုံ | thone3-pone2 out of 4, you are giving me ၃/၄ | lay3-pone2 thone3-pone2, or three quarter (¾). MP3 Audio File

What about proportions? If you divide a big pile into 15 piles, and give 5 people in the ratios of 5:4:3:2:1, the first person gets 5 piles and the last person only gets 1 pile. In Burmese, the ratio is called အချိုး | a-cho3.

So, ၂ : ၁ | hnit a-cho3 tit MP3 Audio File is 2 is to 1, 2 to 1 ratio, or (2:1).

You can use the above pone2 word to describe any fractional numbers. However, if you have two pone2 and given away one pone2, it is better to use the word တစ်ဝက် | ta1-wet, which means half | (½). တစ်ဝက်တိတိ | ta1-wet ti1-ti1 MP3 Audio File means exactly half the amount. တစ်ဝက်နီးပါး | ta1-wet ni3-ba3 MP3 Audio File means almost half. တစ်ဝက်ကျော် | ta1-wet kjau2 MP3 Audio File refers to over the half amount.

If you don't know the exact numbers, you can give approximate | ခန့်မှန်းခြေ | khan1-hmun3-chay2 numbers. When you say, ခန့်မှန်းခြေ ၁၀၀၀ | khan1-hmun3-chay2 ta1-htoun1, MP3 Audio File it means approximately 1,000 or 1000 plus-minus 10 ( 1000±10), which could go either way.

When you say the average life expectancy of male population is 65 in this town, you are referring to ပျမ်းမျှ | pfyan3-hmya1, MP3 Audio File which is the mean mu (μ) in normal bell-curve distribution.

When I start using strange Greek alphabets like α, β confidence levels, Χ Chi-Square distributions, arrival rate λ and so on, I am using a branch of mathematics known as ကိန်းဂဏန်း | kain3 ga1-nun3 | Statistics.

If I try to solve simultaneous equations with not so strange alphabets like 3X + 4Y + 5Z= 0, I need the knowledge of အက္ခရာ သင်္ချာ | et-kha1-ya2 thin2-cha2, where အက္ခရာ | et-kha1-ya2 means alphabet, and သင်္ချာ | thin2-cha2 means math. So, Burmese word for Algebra is အက္ခရာ သင်္ချာ | et-kha1-ya2 thin2-cha2. There is no Burmese word for Calculus though.

How about this? 1+1 = 10. Illogical? That's the logic behind the digital world, and နည်းပညာ | ni3-pyin2-nya2, Information Technology (IT).

If the probability of rain within 24 hours is 60%, you say ခြောက်ဆယ် ရာခိုင်နှုန်း | chout-hseare2 ya2-khine2-hnome3, MP3 Audio File where ရာခိုင်နှုန်း | ya2-khine2-hnome3 means percentage.

Suppose the quality level of your production reaches six sigma (6σ), the defective level is very low, and you have achieved almost zero defect. In previous decades, customers were quite happy with

ကိုးဆယ့်ငါး | ko3-zeare1 nga3 -- 95
ဒသမ | dut-tha1-ma1 -- point
ငါး | nga3 -- 5
ရာခိုင်နှုန်း | ya2-khine2-hnome3 -- percent MP3 Audio File

= (95.5%) quality level based on the sampling plan, but that is not good enough in this day of tough competition.

You can use the word ရာခိုင်နှုန်းပြည့် | ya2-khine2-hnome3 pyay1 to refer to 100%. This term is usually used to indicate the support that politicians hope to get from the people. ပြည့် | pyay1 means "filled up" or "full amount".

So, those are the basic
အပေါင်း | a-poun3 - plus (+), MP3 Audio File
အနုတ် | a-hnote - minus (-), MP3 Audio File
အမြှောက် | a-hmyout - multiplication (×) MP3 Audio File and
အစါး | a-sa3 - division (÷) MP3 Audio File of
သင်္ချာ | thin2-cha2 - mathematics MP3 Audio File in Burmese.

What are the measure words? When you say "a glass of water", or "a cup of tea", "glass" and "cup" are measure words, also known as numerical classifiers. Burmese, just like the Chinese, has several of those measure words for different types of nouns (objects, concepts, people, and animals, etc.) that do not have English equivalents.


List of Numerical Classifiers /အရေအတွက်ပြ ဝေါဟာရများ (Sortable)
a person လူ တစ်ယောက် | lu2 ta1 yout
two persons လူ နှစ်ယောက် | lu2 hna1 yout
30 comrades ရဲဘော် သုံးကျိပ် | yeare3-bau2 thone3 jate
a crowd of people လူအုပ် တစ်အုပ် | lu2 oat ta1 oat
a herd of cattle နွား တစ်အုပ် | nwa3 ta1 oat
a swarm of bees ပျား တစ်အုပ် | pya3 ta1 oat
one animal တိရစ္ဆာန် တစ်ကောင် | ta1-rate-hsun2 ta1 goun2
a dog ခွေး တစ်ကောင် | khway3 ta1 goun2
two dogs ခွေး နှစ်ကောင် | khway3 hna1 koun2
a litter of puppies ခွေးသားပေါက် တစ်အုပ် | khway3-tha3-pout ta1 oat
three birds ငှက် သုံးကောင် | hnget thone3 goun2
four fishes ငါး လေးကောင် | nga3 lay3 goun2
a shoal of fish ငါးအုပ် တစ်အုပ် | nga3 oat ta1 oat
a plane လေယျာဉ်ပျံ တစ်စီး | lay2-yin2-pyan2 ta1 zi3
a boat; a ship သင်္ဘော တစ်စီး | thin3-bau3 ta1 zi3
a bicycle စက်ဘီး တစ်စီး | set-bain3 ta1 zi3
a car ကား တစ်စီး | ka3 ta1 zi3
a house အိမ် တစ်လုံး | ain2 ta1 lone3
a tree သစ်ပင် တစ်ပင် | thit-pin2 ta1 bin2
a bundle of sticks ထင်း တစ်စည်း | htin3 ta1 zi3
a bundle of mustard မုန်ညင်း တစ်စည်း | mone2-hnyin3 ta1 zi3
a pair of shoes ဖိနပ် တစ်ရန် | pfa1-nut ta1 yan2
an umbrella ထီး တစ်ချောင်း | hti3 ta1 choun3
a shirt အင်္ကျီ တစ်ထည် | ain3-ji2 ta1 hteare2
a pair of trousers ဘောင်းဘီ တစ်ထည် | boun3-bi2 ta1 hteare2
a watch နာရီ တစ်လုံး | na2-yi2 ta1 lone3
a light bulb မီးလုံး တစ်လုံး | mi3-lone3 ta1 lone3
a computer ကွန်ပျူတာ တစ်လုံး | koon2-pyu2-ta2 ta1 lone3
a radio ရေဒီယို တစ်လုံး | radio ta1 lone3
a TV set တီဗီ တစ်လုံး | TV ta1 lone3
a hat ဦးထုပ် တစ်လုံး | oat-htoat ta1 lone3
a book စာအုပ် တစ်အုပ် | sa2-oat ta1 oat
a piece of paper စာရွက် တစ်ရွက် | sa2-ywet ta1 ywet
a pack of cards ဖဲထုပ် တစ်ထုပ် | pfeare3-htoat ta1 htoat
a pencil ခဲတံ တစ်ချောင်း | kheare3-dun2 ta1 choun3
a knife ဓား တစ်ချောင်း | da3 ta1 choun3
a pot အိုး တစ်လုံး | oh3 ta1 lone3
a pair of chopsticks တူ တစ်စုံ | tu2 ta1 zone2
a chair ထိုင်ခုံ တစ်လုံး | htine2-khone2 ta1 lone3
a table စားပွဲ တစ်လုံး | za1-bweare3 ta1 lone3
a cup of tea လက်ဖက်ရည် တစ်ခွက် | la1-pfet-yay2 ta1 khwet
a slice of bread ပေါင်မုန့် တစ်ချပ် | poun2-mone1 ta1 chut
a jar of jam ယို တစ်ပုလင်း | yo2 ta1 ba1-lin3
a glass of beer ဘီယာ တစ်ခွက် | be2-ya2 ta1 khwet
a bottle of Whisky ဝီစကီ တစ်ပုလင်း | wit-sa1-ki2 ta1 ba1-lin3
a plate of rice ထမင်း တစ်ပန်းကန် | hta1-min3 ta1 ba1-gun2
an order of rice noodle မုန့်ဟင်းခါး တစ်ပွဲ | mone1-hin3-kha3 ta1 bweare3
a packet of noodles ခေါက်ဆွဲ တစ်ထုပ် | khout-hsweare3 ta1 htoat
a bunch of grapes စပျစ်သီး တစ်ခိုင် | za1-byit-thi3 ta1 khine2
a bunch of banana ငှက်ပျောသီး တစ်ဖီး | hnga1-pyau3-thi3 ta1 pfe3
a banana ငှက်ပျောသီး တစ်လုံး | hnga1-pyau3-thi3 ta1 lone3
an apple ပန်းသီး တစ်လုံး | pan3-thi3 ta1 lone3
a kernel of corn ပြောင်းဖူး တစ်စေ့ | pyoun3-pfu3 ta1 zi1
an ear of corn ပြောင်းဖူး တစ်ဖူး | pyoun3-pfu3 ta1 pfu3
a bar of soap ဆပ်ပြာ တစ်တောင့် ( ခဲ ) | hsut-pya2 ta1 doun1 or (kheare3)
a heap of rubbish အမှိုက်ပုံ တစ်ပုံ | a-hmite-pone2 ta1 bone2
a chain of events အဖြစ်အပျက် တစ်ခု | a-pfyit-a-pyet ta1 khu1
a song သီချင်း တစ်ပုဒ် | tha1-chin3 ta1 boat
a story ပုံပြင်လေး တစ်ခု | pone2-pyin2-lay3 ta1 khu1

Lesson 12: Learn to say, "I earn $ 123,456,789 a second!" | ၁၂၃၄၅၆၇၈၉ စသည့် အခြေခံ သင်္ချာ နိယာမ နှင့် အခြား မြန်မာ့အကြွား နည်းပညာများ

Many Burmese people seem to be fascinated with နံပါတ် | nun2-but | numbers. MP3 Audio File Even in this modern day with scientific knowledge, it is not unusual for Myanmar people to consult astrologers and choose the most auspicious dates for important personal occasions and business undertakings. Some have even developed their own "system" to predict the winning lottery numbers!!

10,000, 5000, 1000, 500 and 200 Kyat Notes

Here's a tip to prevent you from the culture shock. In a recent edition of the Lonely Planet's Myanmar Travel, one of the authors noted that Myanmar people tend to exaggerate with numbers. Perhaps, this is the culture where losing credibility is deemed not so important as in some other parts of the world. To be fair, let's face it. You will always find people who like to brag a little.

ADDED NOTE: This article was first written sometime back in late 2011 or early 2012. As for bragging people in Yangon, it still stands correct (at least for some), as mentioned in one of Burmese Proverbs and Traditional Sayings.

ကြွား | kjwa3 means to brag.

ဒီ | de2 -- this
ကောင် | koun2 -- reference to a guy or an animal
င ကြွား | nga1-kjwa3 -- braggart
ပဲ | beare3 -- affirmation ending word

ဒီကောင် ငကြွားပဲ | de2 koun2 nga1-kjwa3 beare3 -- What a braggart!

If you look at it from the positive angle, this is freedom like nowhere else in the world. You are free to exaggerate all you want (about yourself, that is) -- regardless of what you say is true or not. That's why the spoken language is called စကား | za1 ga3 MP3 Audio File where ကား | ka3 MP3 Audio File in a sense means to exaggerate. The tradition probably goes back to generations -- long before "spin-doctors" came onto the stage of American politics.

In any case, earning 123,456,789 dollars a second is a bit too much -- just a tiny bit too much. How about 123,456 kyats a month? We will learn to say 1,2,3 up to 99,999,999 in Burmese. In case you don't know, "9" was considered a lucky number by a late well-known Burmese individual. In those days, Burma had strange currency denominations such as 45 kyats and 90 kyats, which had the digits all add up to number 9.

Reference Tables for Burmese Numerals

First, let's start with the very basic from 1 to 9.

Numbers from 1 to 9 (Sortable)
1-9 ↑↓ Myanmar Script ↑↓ Pronunciation ↑↓
1 ၁ - တစ် MP3 Audio File tit
2 ၂ - နှစ် MP3 Audio File hnit
3 ၃ - သုံး MP3 Audio File thone3
4 ၄ - လေး MP3 Audio File lay3
5 ၅ - ငါး MP3 Audio File nga3
6 ၆ - ခြောက် MP3 Audio File chout
7 ၇ - ခုနစ် MP3 Audio File khoon2-nit
8 ၈ - ရှစ် MP3 Audio File shit
9 ၉ - ကိုး MP3 Audio File ko3

To say 1,2,3 in the multiple of 10's such as 10,20,30, etc., the general format is to add the word ဆယ် | hseare2 after 1,2,3. However, there are slight changes in the pronunciations of 1,2 and 7 in the spoken language. There is no change in spelling.

NOTE: the word hseare2 MP3 Audio File may sound like zeare2 MP3 Audio File for 30, 40, 50 and 90. In general, if you have trailing zero's after, 3,4,5 and 9, people soften the consonant when spoken.
Numbers from 10 to 90
10X Myanmar Script Pronunciation
10 ၁၀ - တစ်ဆယ် MP3 Audio File ta1-hseare2
20 ၂၀ - နှစ်ဆယ် MP3 Audio File hna1-hseare2
30 ၃၀ - သုံးဆယ် MP3 Audio File thone3-zeare2
40 ၄၀ - လေးဆယ် MP3 Audio File lay3-zeare2
50 ၅၀ - ငါးဆယ် MP3 Audio File nga3-zeare2
60 ၆၀ - ခြောက်ဆယ် MP3 Audio File chout-hseare2
70 ၇၀ - ခုနစ်ဆယ် MP3 Audio File khoon2-na1-hseare2
80 ၈၀ - ရှစ်ဆယ် MP3 Audio File shit-hseare2
90 ၉၀ - ကိုးဆယ် MP3 Audio File ko3-zeare2

To say 1,2,3 in the multiple of 100's such as 100, 200, 300, etc., the general format is to add the word ရာ | ya2 MP3 Audio File after 1,2,3. Note the similarities with the 10's in the pronunciation of 1,2 and 7.

Numbers from 100 to 900
100X Myanmar Script Pronunciation
100 ၁၀၀ - တစ်ရာ MP3 Audio File ta1-ya2
200 ၂၀၀ - နှစ်ရာ MP3 Audio File hna1-ya2
300 ၃၀၀ - သုံးရာ MP3 Audio File thone3-ya2
400 ၄၀၀ - လေးရာ MP3 Audio File lay3-ya2
500 ၅၀၀ - ငါးရာ MP3 Audio File nga3-ya2
600 ၆၀၀ - ခြောက်ရာ MP3 Audio File chout-ya2
700 ၇၀၀ - ခုနစ်ရာ MP3 Audio File khoon2-na1-ya2
800 ၈၀၀ - ရှစ်ရာ MP3 Audio File shit-ya2
900 ၉၀၀ - ကိုးရာ MP3 Audio File ko3-ya2

To say 1,2,3 in the multiple of 1000's such as 1000, 2000, 3000, etc., the general format is to add the word ထောင် | htoun2 MP3 Audio File after 1,2,3.

Numbers from 1,000 to 9,000
1,000X Myanmar Script Pronunciation
1,000 ၁၀၀၀ - တစ်ထောင် MP3 Audio File ta1-htoun2
2,000 ၂၀၀၀ - နှစ်ထောင် MP3 Audio File hna1-htoun2
3,000 ၃၀၀၀ - သုံးထောင် MP3 Audio File thone3-htoun2
4,000 ၄၀၀၀ - လေးထောင် MP3 Audio File lay3-htoun2
5,000 ၅၀၀၀ - ငါးထောင် MP3 Audio File nga3-htoun2
6,000 ၆၀၀၀ - ခြောက်ထောင် MP3 Audio File chout-htoun2
7,000 ၇၀၀၀ - ခုနစ်ထောင် MP3 Audio File khoon2-na1-htoun2
8,000 ၈၀၀၀ - ရှစ်ထောင် MP3 Audio File shit-htoun2
9,000 ၉၀၀၀ - ကိုးထောင် MP3 Audio File ko3-htoun2

Just remember the four zero's word in Burmese. It is called သောင်း | thoun3. MP3 Audio File Note that it is pronounced in the 3rd tone. Don't confuse this word with the thousand, ထောင် | htoun2, MP3 Audio File which is in the second tone.

If you are used to expressing those numbers in terms of thousands in your language, you will need to re-adjust the learning. Try to see 2,0000 figure instead of 20,000.

NOTE: thoun3 MP3 Audio File can be soften to dthoun3 MP3 Audio File for 30,000, 40,000, 50,000, and 90,000.
Numbers from 10,000 to 90,000
10,000X Myanmar Script Pronunciation
10,000 ၁၀၀၀၀ - တစ်သောင်း MP3 Audio File ta1-thoun3
20,000 ၂၀၀၀၀ - နှစ်သောင်း MP3 Audio File hna1-thoun3
30,000 ၃၀၀၀၀ - သုံးသောင်း MP3 Audio File thone3-dthoun3
40,000 ၄၀၀၀၀ - လေးသောင်း MP3 Audio File lay3-dthoun3
50,000 ၅၀၀၀၀ - ငါးသောင်း MP3 Audio File nga3-dthoun3
60,000 ၆၀၀၀၀ - ခြောက်သောင်း MP3 Audio File chout-thoun3
70,000 ၇၀၀၀၀ - ခုနစ်သောင်း MP3 Audio File khoon2-na1-thoun3
80,000 ၈၀၀၀၀ - ရှစ်သောင်း MP3 Audio File shit-thoun3
90,000 ၉၀၀၀၀ - ကိုးသောင်း MP3 Audio File ko3-dthoun3

The higher numbers are expressed in သိန်း | thain3. Remember, it has five trailing zero's. It is used as a base for even higher numbers in the multiple of 10, 100, and 1000 to that base.

The usage of သိန်း | thain3 in the unit one hundred thousand is comparable to "lakh" often used with units of money in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong.

Place the word thain3 after the numbers from 1 to 19. တစ်သိန်း | ta1-thain3 means, 1,00000 = 100,000 = one hundred thousand in English.

ဆယ်သိန်း | hseare2-thain3 means 10X the thain3 = 10,00000 = 1,000,000 = one million in English.

Place the word thain3 before the numbers from 20 onwards. For example, သိန်းနှစ်ဆယ် | thain3 hna1-hseare2 means 20X the thain3 = 20,00000 = 2,000,000 = 2 million in English.

သိန်းတစ်ထောင် | thain3 ta1-toun2 means 1000X the thain3 = 1000,00000 = 100,000,000. One thousand thain3 is one hundred million.

If you have numbers with 3,4,5,9, and 10 in front the zero, you may hear people soften the words to sound like dthain3.

Higher Numbers from 100,000 to 100,000,000
100,000X Myanmar Script Pronunciation
100,000 = 1,00000 ၁၀၀၀၀၀ - တစ်သိန်း MP3 Audio File ta1-thain3
1,000,000 = 10,00000 ၁၀၀၀၀၀၀ - ဆယ်သိန်း MP3 Audio File hseare2-dthain3
1,500,000 = 15,00000 ၁၅၀၀၀၀၀ - ဆယ့်ငါးသိန်း MP3 Audio File hseare1-nga3 dthain3
1,800,000 = 18,00000 ၁၈၀၀၀၀၀ - ဆယ့်ရှစ်သိန်း MP3 Audio File hseare1-shit thain3
2,000,000 = 20,00000 ၂၀၀၀၀၀၀ - သိန်းနှစ်ဆယ် MP3 Audio File thain3 hna1-hseare2
4,000,000 = 40,00000 ၄၀၀၀၀၀၀ - သိန်းလေးဆယ် MP3 Audio File thain3 lay3-zeare2
10,000,000 = 100,00000 ၁၀၀၀၀၀၀၀ - သိန်းတစ်ရာ MP3 Audio File thain3 ta1-ya2
100,000,000 = 1000,00000 ၁၀၀၀၀၀၀၀၀ သိန်းတစ်ထောင် MP3 Audio File thain3 ta1-htoun2

So, how would you say 654321 in Burmese? Here is a formula. You always start with the highest multiple of 10X. The above number has 6 digits (with the place for 5 trailing zeros), so start with သိန်း | thain3. It is pretty much straight forward as shown below:

ခြောက်သိန်း | chout-thain3 -- 6,00000 +
ငါးသောင်း | nga3-dthoun -- 50000 +
လေးထောင် | lay3-htoun2 -- 4000 +
သုံးရာ | thone3-ya2 -- 300 +
နှစ်ဆယ့် | hna1-hseare1 -- 20 +
တစ် | tit -- 1

654,321 = ၆၅၄၃၂၁

There is one small detail. The word ဆယ် | "seare2", which is used for 10X as in 10, 20, 30 .... 80, 90 is pronounced in the first tone as ဆယ့် | seare1 when it is followed by a single digit number from 1 to 9 such as in the above example.

Numbers between 10 and 100 with non-zero last digit

သုံးဆယ့် | thone3-zeare1 - - 30 +
လေး | lay3-- 4

ခြောက်ဆယ့် | chout-hseare1- - 60 +
ရှစ် | shit -- 8

ကိုးဆယ့် | ko3-zeare1 -- 90 +
ကိုး | ko3-- 9

34 - 68 - 99 ( ၃၄ ၊ ၆၈ ၊ ၉၉ ။ )

OK, quiz time! How would you then say "11"?

That was a trick question. No, it's not

ta1-hseare1 -- 10 +
tit -- 1

In spoken Burmese, just omit ta1 in ta1-hseare1 (10 +) for numbers from 11 to 19 like examples below:

ဆယ့် | hseare1 -- 10 +
တစ် | tit -- 1

ဆယ့် | hseare1 -- 10 +
ငါး | nga3 -- 5

ဆယ့် | hseare1 -- 10 +
ကိုး | ko3 -- 9

11 - 15 - 19 ( ၁၁ ၊ ၁၅ ၊ ၁၉ ။ )

Numbers from 11 to 19
11-19 Myanmar Script Pronunciation
11 ၁၁ - ဆယ့်တစ် MP3 Audio File hseare1-tit
12 ၁၂ - ဆယ့်နှစ် MP3 Audio File hseare1-hnit
13 ၁၃ - ဆယ့်သုံး MP3 Audio File hseare1-thone3
14 ၁၄ - ဆယ့်လေး MP3 Audio File hseare1-lay3
15 ၁၅ - ဆယ့်ငါး MP3 Audio File hseare1-nga3
16 ၁၆ - ဆယ့်ခြောက် MP3 Audio File hseare1-chout
17 ၁၇ - ဆယ့်ခုနစ် MP3 Audio File hseare1 khoon2-nit
18 ၁၈ - ဆယ့်ရှစ် MP3 Audio File hseare1-shit
19 ၁၉ - ဆယ့်ကိုး MP3 Audio File hseare1-ko3

Millions and Billions

သန်း | thun3 is the word for "million". ခြောက်သန်း | chout-thun3 means six million. However, in the business world, you will hear people speak in terms of သိန်း | thain3 figure with 5 zero's instead. Six million is sixty သိန်း | thain3, or သိန်းခြောက်ဆယ် | thain3 chout-hseare2. And, people usually round up the big numbers so you don't need to worry about saying the smaller numbers that follow the thain3 number such as htoun2 and ya2.

Present Myanmar government uses the term bi2-la1-yan2 "Billion" to announce the budget and expenses. This ဘီလီယံ | bi2-la1-yan2 is the American usage of billion equivalent to one thousand million. I need to clarify this because the British billion is a million million, and Americans call this a trillion.

The Burmese language newspaper "The Mirror" uses the term ဘီလီယံနာ | bi2-la1-yan2-na2 for billionaire.


A million million or a trillion is a difficult concept to visualize. Let's see how many zero's behind it.

1,000,000 = 1 million
10,000,000 = 10 million
100,000,000 = 100 million
1,000,000,000 = a billion (1,000 million)
10,000,000,000 = 10 billion
100,000,000,000 = 100 billion
1,000,000,000,000 = a trillion (1,000 billion)

The Burmese language uses the English loaned word Trillion as ထရီလီယံ | hta1-ri2-li2-yan2. For example, for the fiscal year 2015-2016, Myanmar government tax revenue is estimated to be 6.387 trillion | ၆ ဒသမ ၃၈၇ ထရီလီယံ | chout dut-tha1-ma1 thone3 shit khoon2 hta1-ri2-li2-yan2 Kyat.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Use of English loaned word 'Trillion' does not mean that Burmese language lacks words for very large numbers. There are words with Pali origin: ကုဋေ | ga1-day2 means ten millions. ကုဋေကဋာ | ga1-day2 ga1-da2 refers to millions and millions or 'zillions'. The less known word for American Trillion is ပကောဋိ | pa1-kau3-de1. However, those old words are not used in today's business world.

"Half" Numbers

There is one other common usage that you should know. ခွဲ | khweare3 MP3 Audio File means half. In terms of math, there is an additional half value to the multiplier. For example, ငါးသောင်းခွဲ | nga3 dthoun3 khweare3 means 55000. Let's do some math:

ငါး | nga3 means 5

သောင်း | thoun3 means you need to multiply by 10000. ( 5 * 10000 = 50000)

ခွဲ | khweare3 refers to the half of whatever multiplier you use, in this case, (1/2 * 10000= 5000).

Add this 5000 to 50000. (50000+5000= 55000)

So, ခွဲ | khweare3 is the same as "half" in English when you say "A million and a half."

Another example on "half" numbers

ခြောက်သိန်းခွဲ | chout thain3 khweare3 means 6,50000.

သိန်း | thain3 means you need to multiply by 1,00000. ( 6 * 1,00000 = 6,00000)

ခွဲ | khweare3 refers to the half of the multiplier you use; in this case, (1/2 * 1,00000= 50000).

Add this 50000 to 6,00000. (6,00000 + 50000 = 6,50000)

A Review of numbers big and small

Selected Numbers from 1 to 6 Million (Sortable)
English ↑↓ Burmese Pronunciation ↑↓
1 tit
2 hnit
3 thone3
4 lay3
5 nga3
6 chout
7 khoon2-nit
8 shit
9 ko3
10 ၁၀ ta1-hseare2
15 ၁၅ hseare1-nga3
200 ၂၀၀ hna1-ya2
3000 (3,000) ၃၀၀၀ thone3-htoun2
40000 ၄၀၀၀၀ lay3-dthoun3
500000 (5,00000) ၅၀၀၀၀၀ nga3-dthain3
6000000 (60,00000) ၆၀၀၀၀၀၀ thain3 chout-hseare2
6000000 (6,000,000) ၆၀၀၀၀၀၀ chout-thun3

Now it's about time to exaggerate a little

So, finally, you should be able to say that you earn 123,456 kyats (a second, a minute, or whatever exaggeration you preferred.)

တစ်သိန်း | ta1 thain3 -- 1,00000 +
နှစ်သောင်း | hna1 thoun3 -- 20000 +
သုံးထောင် | thone3 htoun2 -- 3000 +
လေးရာ | lay3 ya2 -- 400 +
ငါးဆယ့် | nga3 seare1 -- 50 +
ခြောက် | chout -- 6
ကျပ် | kjut -- Kyat
တစ် စက္ကန့် | ta1 set-kun1 -- 1 second
ရတယ် | yah1 deare2 -- to receive + affirmative.

တစ်သိန်း နှစ်သောင်း သုံးထောင် လေးရာ ငါးဆယ့် ခြောက်ကျပ် တစ်စက္ကန့် ရတယ် | ta1-thain3 hna1-thoun3 thone3-htoun2 lay3-ya2 nga3-seare1 chout kjut ta1 set-kun1 yah1 deare2